Bio Impacts

Below are articles about impacts on the biosphere (beyond human food).  They are arranged in 10 major groups: Diseases, Extinctions, Severe Declines, Range Shifts, Timing Changes, Forests, Corals, Other Ocean Life, Pests, and Misc.  "Forests" has a sub-group, but Forest Fire articles are on the No Water page.  Acid ocean effects on life are found here and on the Water page.

     Month and year follow each article's name.  PDF files are so marked, after month and date, some with authors noted.  Within sections, more recent files appear above older files.

    Diagrams are generally immediately below the summary articles from which they were taken.

But the triple chart immediately below is taken from a February 2022 presentation by Dr. Brian von Herzen.

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Too Hot & Humid

     As Earth continues warming, more of it will become too hot and humid for humans to survive very long.  That portion now is very small - bits around the Persian Gulf on some summer afternoons - but it will grow.

     Heat stroke damages the brain & other organs.  It kills 10% of victims.  It often follows heat cramps, fainting, or heat exhaustion.  U.S. heat stroke rates were highest in Arizona (1.7 deaths per 100,000), Nevada (1.0) and Missouri (0.8).

     When conditions are too humid and hot, the body can no longer cool itself by sweating.  Heat stroke can follow quickly.

    Highest THI (95-100°F) at left is in S TX & E Baja.  THI 90-95°F in FL panhandle, SE of Yuma AZ & 40% of TX.  Some Category II (FL, some GA-AL-MS & AZ, most of TX), but no Category III (105-129°F) in the US this day.  Category III (THI 105-115°F) ocurred after noon in e.g., Baghdad, Manaus & Kolkata India.  Category IV prevailed on NW edge of Persian Gulf.

‘In Delhi I can see the climate catastrophe unfolding before my eyes.’ 1122

Climate Change Made Nepali Jobs in Qatar Building Stadiums More Dangerous 1122

Egypt’s Barren Fields Are Dire Bellwether for Climate Summit 1122

Extreme Heat Could Make Parts of Asia, Africa Uninhabitable in Decades 1022

England’s Hot Summer Pushed Excess Deaths in Elderly to New High 1022

Phoenix Could See Deadliest Year for Heat Deaths, after Sweltering Summer 1022

Chief Heat Officers Face Rising Temperatures — and Expectations 0922

Hotter, More Humid, but Cleaner - How LA’s Air Has Changed 0922

The US Is Measuring Extreme Heat Wrong 0922

Climate Change in Hong Kong Worsens Housing Crisis for City’s Poor 0922

China Reports ‘Most Severe’ Heat Wave and 3rd Driest Summer on Record 0922

The Heat Wave Crushing the West Previews Farmworkers’ Hot Future 0922

Hotter Summer Nights Affect Everything from Death Rates to Crop Yields to Firefighting 0822

Far More People Die from Heat than We Know 0822 - under-diagnosed

Why the Middle East May Be Too Hot to Live In by 2100 - 0822 - High humidity near the ocean.  Damn hot is even more true in the future, across the Middle East.

Climate Change Is a Secret Driver of Inflation 0822 - work days lost to heat are a driver of higher prices.

100 Million Americans Will Be in ‘Extreme Heat Belt’ by the 2050s 0822

Iraq Broils in Dangerous 120° Heat as Power Grid Shuts Down 0822

The Year Summer Got Serious 0722

UPS Drivers Push for Air Conditioning as Temperatures Soar- ‘People are dropping weekly.’ 0822

High Temperatures Linked to Child Malnutrition in West Africa 0822

Beavers Are Heat Wave Heroes 0722

Brutal Heat from Phoenix to Boston Triggers Alerts for 100 Million 0722

Alarm, as Fastest Growing US Cities Risk Becoming Unlivable from Climate Crisis 0722

London’s Scorching Tube Raises Alarm over Europe’s Brutal Heat 0722

The Year Summer Got Serious 0722

Sweltering Streets - 100s of Homeless Die in Heat 0622

Extreme Heat and Humidity Kill 1,000s of Cattle in Kansas 0622

Climate Change Is Forcing Schools to Close Early for ‘Heat Days’ 0622

Extreme Heat Linked to Rise in US Death Rates 0522

How Marine Heat Waves in Hawaii Have Ripple Effects All the Way to Arizona 0522

India’s Heat Waves Are Testing the Limits of Human Survival 0522 

Below right, a 35°C wet-bulb temperature (gray) is lethal.  It depends highly on relative humidity.

Extreme Heat Is a Disease for Cities.  Treat It That Way. 0422

Migrant Workers Suffer Heat Stress during Ramadan in Arabian Gulf 0422

India’s Frequent Heat Waves a Reminder of Climate Change Impacts 0322

Extreme Heat Threatens Health in India and Elsewhere 0322

Boiling behind Bars - Texas Prisons without Air Conditioning to Get a Lot Hotter 0222

Heatstroke in Pets Likely to Rise due to Climate Change 0222

One of the World’s Wealthiest Oil Exporters Is Becoming Unlivable 0122

Heat, No Food, Deadly Weather - Climate Change Kills Seabirds 1221

In a Warming World, Deforestation Turns the Heat Deadly, Borneo Study Finds 1121

1 Billion People to Face Deadly Heat Stress if World Warms 2°C 1121

London’s Tube Could Turn Unbearably Hot, Stations Flooded by Climate Change 0921

The Dire Impact of Extreme Heat on Outdoor US Jobs 0821


OSHA Refuses to Step In as Workers Languish in Extreme Heat 0821

Effects of Extreme Heat on 10s of Millions of Americans 0821

Lethal Wet Bulb Temps above 35°C in Persian Gulf, India, etc. 0721 [95°F]

Haj Pilgrims Face Growing Heat Stroke Risks with Global Warming 0721

Extreme Heat Triggers Mass Die-Offs and Stress for Wildlife in the West 0721

US Workplace Injuries Caused by Heat Are Severely Undercounted 0721

What Record Heat Threat at Tokyo Olympics Means for Future Sporting Events 0721

Hotter and Drier - Deforestation and Wildfires Take a Toll on the Amazon 0721

Biden Administration, Workers Grapple with Heat Threats from Climate Change 0721

How Rising Temperatures Threaten Workers from Nicaragua to Nepal 0721

‘Heat Dome’ Probably Killed 1 Billion Marine Animals on Canada Coast 0721

If You’re Poor, You’re Even Hotter during the Heat Wave 0721 - Lack of money for air condtioners or electricity to run them.  Also homelss people

100s Believed Dead in Heat Wave, Despite Efforts to Help 0721

Pacific Northwest’s Deadly Summer Augurs More Heat Waves, Deaths to Come 0721

Extreme Heat Is Killing People in Arizona’s Mobile Homes 0721

Canada Is a Warning - More and More of World Will Soon Be Too Hot for Humans 0621

No One Was Prepared for the Northwest Heat Wave, Especially Not the Animals 0621

Historic Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Has Killed 100s in US, Canada in a Week 0721

100s of Deaths across Canada, Pacific Northwest, amid Unrelenting Heat Wave 0721

Too Hot to Live - Millions Worldwide Will Face Unbearable Temperatures 0621 - A MUST read: long, detailed and wide-reaching.

Farmworkers Lack Protection from Deadly Heat 0621

What Do More & Earlier 90° Days, Rising Health Toll, Say about Climate Change? 0621

More than 1/3 of Heat Deaths Are Tied to Climate Change 0521

Heat Wave Deaths Set to Soar as UK Summers Become Hotter 0521

Impact of ‘Climate Racism' in the US - Redlining and Urban Heat Islands 0521

Miami's New Chief Heat Officer Urges US to Fight Climate Change’s Silent Killer 0521

Extreme Heat Risks Often Underestimated, Left Out of Major Climate Reports 0521

As Climate Changes, So Will Exercise Habits 0321

Global Warming’s Deadly Combination - Heat and Humidity 0321

Projections of Tropical Heat Stress Constrained by Atmospheric Dynamics 0321

Global Heating Pushes Tropical Regions towards Limits of Human Livability 0321

Arizona’s Heat Deaths Shattered the Record Last Year 0131

Dangerous Heat, Unequal Consequences 0121 - AZ and FL, take 2 on study; more on adaptation

In Florida, Worsening Heat Puts More People at Risk 0121 - FL - take 1 on study

Hotter Planet Already Poses Fatal Risks, Health Experts Warn 1220

Heat Waves Caused Record Deaths as Britain Struggled with Coronavirus 1120

Heat Waves May Be Bad for Your Pregnancy 1120

Climate Change Will Make Parts of the U.S. Uninhabitable. But Americans Are Still Moving There. 1120

Hotter Days Widen Racial (Air Conditioning) Gap in U.S. Schools 1020

We Made This Heat, Now We Cool It 0920

US Cities Could See 13-30 x More Extreme Heat Days by 2100, vs Early 2000s 0820

Rising Temps Could Kill Millions a Year by 2100 - 0820 annually, 73 per 100,000 people - take 1

Rising Temperatures Will Cause More Deaths than All Infectious Disease 0820 - take 2

Life and Death in Our Hot Future Will Be Shaped by Today’s Income Inequality 0820 - take 3

Cities Are Becoming Climate Death Traps 0720

Summers Could Become ‘Too Hot for Humans’ 0720

Humid Heat Extremes on the Rise 0720

Future of the Human Climate Niche Portends Moving 1/3 of Humans to Cooler Areas 0620

The Emergence of Heat and Humidity Too Severe for Human Tolerance 0520

Deadly Heat Is Killing Americans - A Decade of Climate Inaction Puts Lives at Risk 0620

South Asia’s Twin Threat - Extreme Heat and Foul Air 0520

Red Alert for Northern Siberia as Heat Shocks Threaten Life on Tundra 0520

Lethal Wet-Bulb Temperatures Are Already Happening in a Few Places 0520 - recent past

Billions Could Live in Extreme Heat Zones Within Decades 0520 - nearish future, take 1

In 50 Years, Many Densely Populated Areas Could be Too Hot for Humans 0520- nearish future, take 2

With Temperatures Rising, Can Animals Survive the Heat Stress? 0320

Rising Temperatures Put More US Workers at Risk of Dying from Heat 0120

Arizona Military Base Will Be Hardest Hit by Climate Change 1119

If Emissions Continue, India Could See 1 Million Heat Deaths a Year 1119

Record 2019 Heat Wave Linked to Climate Change Killed 1,500 People in France 0919

Climate Change Isn’t an Intangible Future Risk.  It’s Heat Is Here, Killing Us Now. 0819

Extreme Heat Doesn’t Stop the Mail – Even at the Cost of Postal Workers’ Health 0819

U.S. Soldiers Falling Ill and Dying in the Heat, as Climate Warms 0719

Extreme Heat Is Changing Sports, from the Olympics to Local Events 0719

Are Parts of India Becoming Too Hot for Humans? 0719

A Heat Wave Tests Europe’s Defenses.  Expect More. 0719

Texas Prisoners in Growing Danger of Dying from No Air Conditioning 0719

California Is So Hot that Mussels Cook in Their Shells and Highways Buckle 0719

1,000s Could Perish Annually in US if Global Heating Not Curbed 0619

Sudden Uptick in Chronic Kidney Disease due to More Extreme Heat? 0519

Global Warming Will Increase Heat-Related Death and Disease 1118

Climate Change Will Raise Health Risks Even Higher for Florida Outdoor Workers 1018

'It can’t get much hotter ...  can it?'  How Heat Became a National US Problem 0818

Halfway to Boiling - the City at 50°C - 0818

Adding Up the Cost of Climate Change in Lost Lives 0818

Study Sees Dramatic Rise in Heat Wave Deaths by 2080 - 0718

Chinese Most at Risk of Death from Deadly Heat Waves 0718

Large Area of China Could Soon Be Virtually Uninhabitable, as Deadly Heat Waves Become More Intense 0718

'Unprecedented' Japan Heat Wave Kills 65 People in a Week 0718 - 1,000s of hospitalizations

Climate Change Is Cooking Our Workforce 0718

In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable 0718

How Heat Waves Can Kill People in Cooler Climates 0718

The Global Heat Wave That's Been Killing Us 0718

Over 1 Billion People Struggle to Stay Cool as Earth Warms 0718

Workers Can Overheat Dangerously at Temperatures below Official Limits 0718

What Happens to Your Body when Heat Waves Kill 0718

Why Hot Summer Nights Getting Hotter Is a Health and Wildfire Risk 0718

Farmers Unable to Cope with Shocks Induced by Climate Change 0518 - Pakistan

Precarious Life of Texas Farmworkers Becomes Riskier with Warming 0418

Are We Ready for the Deadly Heat Waves of the Future? 0418

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity - Really 0118 

How Much Heat Can the Body and Mind Take? 0917

Silent Killer - Sweltering Planet Braces for Deadly Heat Shocks 0917

This Is How Your World Could End - Too Hot for Humans 0917

Deadly Heat Waves Becoming More Common, due to Climate Change 0817 - European Comm., take #1

Weather Disasters to Impact 2 out of 3 Europeans by 2100, Study Says 0817 - European Comm., take #2

How Extreme Could Temperatures Become in Texas? 0817

Climate Change to Cause Humid Heat Waves Killing Even Healthy People 0817 - MIT lead author, take #2

Warming to Boost Deadly Humidity Levels across South Asia 0817 - MIT lead author, take #1

Climate Change Is Killing Us Right Now 0717

Australia Could Suffer from Droughts, Heat Waves as the Tropical Zone Expands 0717

Deadly Heat Waves Could Endanger 3/4 of Mankind by 2100, Up from 1/3 Now 0617

Extreme Heat Wave Days Already Hitting Poorer Nations More than Rich 0317

Why India Is Becoming a Drier, Hotter and Angrier Country 1116

Indian Salt Producers Cope with 48°C Heat 0916

By 2085, Most Cities Could Be Too Hot for the Summer Olympics 0816

Why It’s Hotter Nights, More Than Hotter Days, That Make Heat Waves Dangerous 0816

Soaring Temperatures Will Make It Too Hot to Work, Cost Over $2 Trillion by 2030 - 0716

Climate Change Is Making Farm Work More Dangerous than It Already Is 0716

Sweltering China Tries to Dole Out Subsidies for Working in High Heat 0716

As Temperatures Climb Across the USA, Workers Will Suffer 0716

Without Emissions Cuts, Summer Heat Will Get Even Deadlier 0616 - Africa is hit soonest, hardest.

Africa’s Most Vulnerable Face an Even Hotter Future 0516

Parts of India Ban Daytime Cooking after 100s Die from Heat Wave and Fire 0416

Deadly Heat Wave Is Shattering All-Time Records in Southeast Asia and India 0416

Rising Heat at Work Is Major New Climate Threat 0416

How Indians Are Coping with a Dangerously Hot Summer 0416

South Asian Workers in Gulf Fear Rising Temperature 1215

Heat Stress - the Next Global Public Health Crisis? 1115

Global Warming Could Make Hajj Impossible Later This Century 1015 - take 1

Intolerable, Unimaginable Heat Forecast for Persian Gulf 1015 - take 2

Australian Climate Turns Up Heat on Tennis Stars 0915

California Heat Puts Farm Workers at Risk 0915

Heat Waves Are on the Rise in Algeria, Due to Climate Change 0815

Surge In ‘Danger Days’ Just around the Corner 0815 
     Portland, ME, Flint, MI & Rochester, NY are set to each go from 0 danger days to more than 60 / year by 2050.                                              See tables below.

Warming Threatens Our Productivity.  More Could Lead to Endless Recession. 0815  Heat stress from 2°C warmer cuts output more than the 2007-9 recession, permanently.

Iran City Hits Suffocating Heat Index of 165°F, near World Record 0715  115°F, 90°F dew point.  Almost as bad in nearby places and days.

The Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity 0615  At a wet-bulb termperature (see table at left) over 80°F, a physically active person has trouble maintaining core body temperature and risks overheating.  A sedentary person who is naked and in the shade will run into the same problem at a wet-bulb temperature of 92°F.  A wet-bulb temperature of 95°F is lethal after about 6 hours.

Pakistan Heat Wave - Death Toll over 800 in Sindh 0615

Heat Wave in Pakistan's Sindh Province Leaves 120 Dead 0615

The Climate Context for India’s Deadly Heat Wave 0615                                                                              

Las Vegas 48, Astoria OR 8, Missoula MT 11.

Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity 0615

Global Warming May Not Be So Great for Plant Life, after All 0615 - gain range near poles, but lose far more in tropics

The Heat and Death Toll Are Rising in India.  Is This a Glimpse of Earth’s Future? 0515 - 1,800 people as of May 30

Excessive Heat Threatens Future of Australian Outdoor Summer Sport 0215

Aging Population to Compound Deadly Effects of Worsening Heat Waves 1114

Climate Change Threatens Newest Prescription for Children - Time Outdoors 0914

With Heat and Humidity, Areas Will Become Unsuited for Outdoor Activity 0614

Heat Waves Are the Deadliest Extreme Weather Event - CDC 0813

As Temperatures Rise, Lancaster Farmers Cool Their Cows 0713

Rising Temperatures Increase Health Risks 0513

Warming Will Cut Human Work Capacity - Hugely! 0213   The great heat would make human work capacity drop 37% by 2100 during the hottest summer months.  Sustained work would become impossible in the lower Mississippi Valley - worse than Bahrain today.  Heat and humidity in Washington DC would be worse than in New Orleans in summer today.  Even New York City heat stress would exceed today's Bahrain level by 2200.  The effect could be reduced, but not eliminated, by stabilizing CO2 levels soon.

Home Air Conditioning Cut Early Deaths on Hot Days by 80% 1212

Climate Downgrade - Heat Stress 1112

     In September 2011, Jim Hansen said "If we stay on with business as usual, the southern U.S. will become almost uninhabitable.”

Heat Wave Temps to Soar: LA 117°F etc. 0708

Heat in the Heartland - Climate Change and Economic Risk in the Midwest - Risky Business / Grayson 0115 - PDF, 58 pp

     Days above 95°F will roughly triple. (See Figure 1, partly excerpted below.)  This includes 75-100 such days a year for southern Illinois (Carbondale, Cairo, Vincennes, plus Decauter) and more than half of Missouri (St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, Joplin, Sedalia, Rolla, Poplar Bluff, Hannibal, etc.)  It also includes Evansville IN and sliver of Ohio between Portsmouth and Marietta and Iowa north of Hannibal.  This is almost as hot as Las Vegas.
     The Midwest in particular will experience rising temperatures, in terms of warmer winters more than unbearable summers. But by the end of the century, the average Midwesterner will likely see 22 to 77 days per year over 95°F, compared to only 3, on average, over the past 30 years. 


     There is a 5% (or more) chance that 125-150 days a year will exceed 95°F in much the same area (plus Terre Haute and Jasper IN and Effingham IL, but minus Hannibal and Sedalia MO).  See the rest of Figure 1 in the report.

     These compare to 114 days above 95°F for Las Vegas in 2014, 95 such days in 2013, and 115 in 2012.  The southern Midwest can become hotter than Las Vegas by the end of the century (or a little later), if current emission trends continue.

     Below at right, Category II probably corresponds to green in the colored table above (THI 90-104°F), Category III to yellow (105-129°F), and Category IV to red (130°F +).

     Below, based on current emission trends (maps from Figure 3 in the report), summers in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana grow hotter by 2100 than Texas and Arizona ones today.  Iowa and Ohio ones grow as hot as Texas ones now.  Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin summers grow almost as hot.




     At right, heat stroke days will increase dramatically by the end of the century, from none now.  Most of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana would suffer 40-60 days a year of dangerous heat: as bad (hot and humid) as anywhere in Texas.  Ohio and Iowa would see 30-50 such days a year.
     Worse, all of Illinois - and most of Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana - would experience 10-25 days a year of extremely dangerous heat: hotter (wet bulb) than anywhere in Texas.
     In fact, “On our current path, the Midwest will likely see an average of as many as 3 days per year of Category IV conditions, which have never been experienced in the U.S. to date.”











GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Diseases - Infectious (1 or 2 Carriers)

In Temperate Nepal, Climate Change Paves Way for Tropical Dengue Fever 1022

New Tick Diseases Brought Here by Climate Change Are Difficult to Diagnose 0622

As Animals Migrate due to Climate Change, 1,000s of New Viruses Will Hop from Wildlife to Humans.  Mitigation Won’t Stop Them. 0622

Climate Crisis May Fuel Future Pandemics 0422 - Zoonotic diseases, such as covid, transferred from animal to humans, increase as interactions rise with humans expanding their habitat.

As Australia’s Climate Changes, a Tropical Disease Advances 0422

North Carolina Hurricanes Linked to More Gastrointestinal Illness among Poor 0322

What to Expect from the World’s 6th Mass Extinction 0122 - more pandemics

Climate Change Could Let Valley Fever Spread across More of Western U.S. 0122

Brain-Eating Amoeba Moving North across America.  Climate Change at Work? 1020

Global Warming Could Make Viruses Harder to Kill 0920

A Heat Wave, the Coronavirus - Double Spikes of Risk Hit Communities 0720

Scientists Thought Summer Heat Would Slow COVID-19.  It Hasn’t.  Why? 0720

How a Warming Climate Could Affect the Spread of Diseases like COVID-19 - 0420

Climate Change Could Push Ebola into Untouched Regions 1019

Diseases like West Nile, EEE and Flesh-Eating Bacteria Are Flourishing due to Climate Change 1019
     Chronic kidney disease too, featuring kidney stones

As the Climate Shifts, Central America Confronts a Deadly Dengue Outbreak 0819

Untreatable Form of Lyme Disease Could Hit 2 Million Americans by 2020 - 0419

Europe at Risk from Spread of Tropical Insect-Borne Diseases 0419

Climate Change Could Expose 1 Billion More People to Mosquito-Borne Diseases 0319

Climate Change Could Increase Food-borne Illness, by Energizing Flies 0219

Higher Average Temperatures Linked to Chikungunya Risk in India 0918

How Climate Change May Be Contributing to Spread of West Nile Virus 0918

Tropical Disease Outbreaks Are Growing Threat in Europe, as Temperatures Rise 0818

Keeping Global Warming to 1.5° Could Spare Millions Pain of Dengue Fever 0518

A Warming Climate May Produce More Drug-Resistant Infections 0518 -   2-4% more for 10°C warmer

Mosquito Season Could Grow Longer and More Unhealthy, Especially in Miami 0518

Mosquito- and Tick-Borne Diseases Are Rising in the U.S. 0518

Why You Need to Know about Mice, Ticks, Warm Weather and Lyme Disease 0617

Diseases Hidden in Ice are Waking Up 0517

Drought Dramatically Worsens Deadly West Nile Virus Epidemics in U.S. 0217

Warming Climate May Limit Lyme Disease's Spread in Parts of the U.S. 0117

El Niño on a Warming Planet May Have Sparked the Zika Epidemic 1216

As Earth Warms, Possible Diseases in Permafrost Become a Bigger Worry 1016 - anthrax, via reindeer

Global Warming Linked to Rise in Waterborne Illnesses 0816

Scientists Tease Out Climate Change’s Role in Zika Spread 0816
          Brazil’s drought -> (open) home water storage -> mosquito breeding grounds

Climate Change Will Make Us Sicker and Make Our Food Less Nutritious 0416

More Heat Means More Diarrhea 0316

Climate Change May Have Helped Spread Zika Virus 0216

Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Live in Almost Half of US Counties 0116

Dengue Fever Cases in Hawaii Spike over the Holidays 1215

Dengue Epidemics Linked to High Temperatures in Southeast Asia 1015

Dengue Cases in India at 5-Year High 0915

The New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Warming Helps Mosquito & Tick Disease Carriers, Poison Ivy, Ragweed Flourish 0815

Stomach Bugs Increasing at a Coast near You?  Thank Climate Change. 0815

Lyme Disease Is Spreading 0715

  immediately below - habitat suitable for Lyme disease tick.   

Mosquitoes Could Bring UK Deadly Tropical Diseases as Warming Kicks In 0315

Plague Resurgence Follows Destruction of Forests 0315

Climate Change Poised to Make Infectious Disease Outbreaks More Frequent 0215

Climate Change Could Bring More Disease, Crop Damage, Fires to Colorado 0215

Deadly Japanese Encephalitis Surges in Northeast India 0115

UN Researchers Say Dengue Fever Could Spread to Europe 1214

Risk of Dengue Increases Due to Climate Change, City Growth 1214

Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change 1214

More Than Ebola, Other Tropical Diseases Pose Growing Threat to U.S. 1114

Climate-Driven Migration Increasing Disease (Lalaazar) Burden in Ethiopia 1114

West Nile Virus Cases Surging in California's Bay Area 1014

India Dengue Fever Cases 300 x Higher than Officially Reported 1014

West Nile Virus Infections Slam California 0914

Could Climate Change Cause Deadly Epidemics? 0814

Is Climate Change Key to Spread of Ebola? 0814

UK Cities Becoming Mosquito-Friendly Habitats 0514

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Climate Clues as Dengue Fever Spreads in US 1113

Why Dengue and Yellow Fever Could Be Coming to a City Near You 1113

Climate May Play a Role in the Distribution and Prevalence of Blindness 1113

Thailand Suffers Worst Dengue Epidemic in More Than 20 Years 1013

India Battles Dengue Fever Outbreak 1013

Dengue Fever Present in Florida at a Pretty Serious Level 0913

Ragweed Thrives with Climate Change 0913

West Nile Virus Season to Last Longer as Climate Changes 0913

Predicting India's Vector-borne Diseases in Climate Change Era 0913

Dengue Fever Epidemic Is Public Health Emergency in Central America 0813

Infectious Disease Could Become More Common in a Warmer World 0813

Brain-Eating Amoeba Case Linked to Warm Water 0813

Rise of Bloodsucking Insects You Can't Just Swat Away 0713

West Nile Virus Outbreaks Will Flare Up, Experts Say 0713

In the Eye of the Tiger (Mosquito) 0613

Tropical Diseases Have Come to America 0613

Fever Hits Thousands in Parched West Farm Region 0513

Climate Changes Could Bring Malaria to the UK 0513

Deadly Spread of Diarrhea Linked to Longer Droughts in Africa 0413

Ocean Heat Can Predict Malaria Outbreaks in India 0313

Warmer Winters Spawn Stronger Flu Outbreaks 0113

Record West Nile Virus Outbreak Follows Record Summer Heat 0812

Climate Change May Boost Frog Disease Chytridiomycosis 0812

Climate Change Called Greatest Health Challenge 0509

Dramatic Rise in Malaria, Dengue Fever 1108

Warming Oceans Breed Tropical Bacteria in Northern Europe 0712

Cutting Rain Forest Doubles Malaria 0610

GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Diseases - General & Multiple

Climate Impacts Have Worsened Vast Range of Human Diseases 0822

Climate Change Is Having Widespread Health Impacts 0919

Climate Change Could Raise Risk of Deadly Fungal Infections in Humans 0719

U.S. Medical Groups Warn Candidates That Climate Change Is a 'Health Emergency'

Cascading Health Risks from the Changing Climate 1118

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health 1018

Mosquitoes Carrying Zika, Other Deadly Viruses Could Breed in 75% of US 0917

Climate Change Is Already Making People Sicker 0917

These Infections Are Likely to Get Worse as Climate Changes 0817

American's Health Hurt By Global Warming, Doctors Say 0317

Critical Condition - Health Experts Sound the Climate Alarm 0217

EPA’s Case for Climate Action – Improve Public Health 0516

The New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Climate Change Threatens 50 Years of Progress in Global Health 0615

Climate Change Set to Take Major Toll on Economy, Children's Health 0515

Climate Change a Risk to Australians’ Health 0415

Iowa Scientists Point to Health Effects of Climate Change 1014

Cutting Carbon Emissions Would Have Almost Immediate Health Benefits 0914

6 Ways Climate Change is Making Us Sick 0914

Tackling Climate Change Presents a 'Golden Opportunity' For Public Health 0914

WHO - Climate Change Is Major Threat to Human Health 0814

Climate Change's Health Toll - We Can Save Millions of Lives, Even Now 0814

UN Experts Call for Action to Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risks 0814

Health Benefits of Reducing Emissions Outweigh Costs Involved 0814

Warming Report Sees Violent, Sicker, Poorer Future 1113

Climate Becoming a Health Priority 0813

Expert Brings Public Health into Climate Change 0813

How Will Global Warming Affect the Spread of Disease? 0813

Australia Faces Increased Risk of Disease from Climate Change 0813

As Arctic Ice Melts, Disease Spreads 0613

Climate Change May Bring More and New Diseases 0313

Climate Change Action Averts Health Crisis 1109

Rapid Climate Change Risks Health of Billions 1109 

Climate-Driven Health Catastrophe Ahead 0909

Climate Change Called Greatest Health Challenge 0509

Warming Spreads 12 Deadly Diseases 1008: Avian influenza, babesiosis, cholera, ebola, intestinal & external parasites, Lyme disease, plague, red tides, Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis, and yellow fever.

More Tropical Diseases 0496

Diseases - Animal & Plant

Bees Increasingly Stressed by Climate Change over the Past 100 Years 0822

Climate-Driven Disease Compromises Seagrass Health 1221

Climate Change Spurs Deadly Virus in Frogs in the U.K. 0519

Warm-Weather Plague Killed over Half of Endangered Saiga Antelopes in 3 Weeks 0118

Threat of Moose-Killing Tick Infestation Looms, as Far-North Climate Warms 0517

As Earth Warms, Possible Diseases in Permafrost Become a Bigger Worry 1016 - anthrax in reindeer

Loon's Malaria Death Seen as Sign of Climate Change 0416

Fungal Diseases Are Surging, Threatening Species around the World 0316

Climate Change and Pets - More Fleas, More Heartworm 0216

Reindeer at Risk of Disease as Climate Change Boosts Tick Numbers 1215

Toxic Algae Is Killing Sea Lions, Shows No Sign of Diminishing 0815

What to Know About the Record Toxic Algae Lapping Up on the West Coast 0815

Scientists Fear Toxic Algae Bloom Spreading on Pacific Coast 0815

North American Moose Dying in Droves, as Warming Fuels Disease, Pests 0515

As Climate Warms, More Outbreaks of Disease for Sea Life 1114

Diseases Destroy British Trees 0713

Warming Inflicts New Diseases on Britain's Livestock, Crops 0613

As Arctic Ice Melts, Disease Spreads 0613

Diseases - Non-Infectious & Health Problems

Climate Change Is Making Pollen Season Even Worse across the U.S. 0322

Health Risks to Children Mount as Temperatures Rise 0122

As Temperatures Rise, So Does Risk of Kidney Disease 0122

Why Aren’t More Companies Saving Money by Reducing Methane Emissions? 0521

The Life-Altering Effects Heat Is Having on American Children 0221

Pediatricians See Climate Change Impacts, from Asthma to Premature Births 0221

Achoo!  Climate Change Is Lengthening Pollen Season in U.S. 0221

Wildfires Are Getting Worse.  So Is the Deadly Smoke They Bring with Them 1219

Australian Fires Pushed Sydney's Air Quality 12 x Above 'Hazardous' Levels 1219

Indonesian Wildfires Created Respiratory Problems for Nearly 1 Million People 0919

Medications Can Raise Heat Stroke Risk.  How Can Doctors Do as Earth Warms? 0819

Wildfire Smoke Is Here to Stay 0619

Sudden Uptick in Chronic Kidney Disease due to More Extreme Heat? 0519

Millions More Americans Breathing Dirty Air as Planet Warms 0419

This Is How Climate Change Takes a Toll on the Heart 0319

Due to Wildfires, California Now Has the Most Polluted Cities in the World 1118

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health 1018

Puerto Rico Struggles with Jump in Asthma Cases Post-Maria 0618

How Surging Wildfire Smoke Is Affecting Climate and Health 0518

'Allergy Explosion' across Much of the US Linked to Climate Change 0518

Rising CO2 Emissions May Increase Global Iron Deficiency Risk 0517

Doctor - to Fight Asthma, Fight Global Warming 0317

Hot Days in Early Pregnancy May Be Potential Risk for Congenital Heart Defects 0117

Climate Change to Increase Hay Fever 0816

Climate Change Is Bad for Your Kidneys 0616 - Cause = dehydration, which is more common as temperatures rise

EPA’s Case for Climate Action – Improve Public Health 0516

Elevated CO2 Levels Directly Affect Human Cognition 1015

Climate Change May Speed Spread of Asthma 0415

Obama Presents Climate Change as Hazard to Your Health 0415

Hay Fever Season Becoming Longer, More Intense with Climate Change 0215

Another Reason to Fear Climate Change - You May Get Worms 0115

Beijing's Air Pollution Is Shaving Up To 16 Years Off Chinese People's Lives 0114

Cold Kills More than Heat, CDC Says; Other Researchers Say Maybe Not 0814

Hotter Summers Mean More Health Risks In Urban Heat Islands 1013

Central Valley Farm Workers Still Vulnerable to Heat-Related Illness 0713

Wildfire Smoke a Rising Health Concern with Climate Change 0613

Diseases - Misc.

Earth’s Fresh-Water Resources at Risk 0115

Warming Climate Begins to Taint Europe's Blood Supplies 0913

As Temperatures Rise, Damaging Ozone Expected to Increase 0713


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.


Climate Change Threatens Emperor Penguins with Extinction 1022

Nearly All Marine Species Face Extinction if Carbon Emissions Don’t Drop 0822

Up to 1 in 6 U.S. Tree Species Is Threatened with Extinction 0822

Nearly All Marine Species Face Extinction if Carbon Emissions Don’t Drop 0822

Climate Endgame - Risk of Human Extinction ‘Dangerously Under-Explored’ 0822

Our Empty Oceans - Scottish Team’s Research Finds that Atlantic Plankton All but Wiped Out in Catastrophic Loss of Life 0722

As Animal Seed Dispersers Go the Way of the Dodo, Forest Plants Are at Risk 0422

Climate Change Is on Track to Wipe Out Most Ocean Life 0422

Ocean Animals Face a Mass Extinction from Climate Change 0422

What to Expect from the World’s 6th Mass Extinction 0122 - more pandemics, declines of pollinators & soil microorganisms, and, with vthem, food

1 in 5 of Europe’s Bird Species Slipping towards Extinction 1021

Virtually All Emperor Penguin Colonies Doomed for Extinction by 2100 - 0821

Climate Change Could Drive Komodo Dragons to Extinction 0321

Almost 1/4 of All Freshwater Fish Species Are in Peril, Thanks to Humans 0221

Science Warns World of ‘Ghastly’ Future Ahead 0121

Top Scientists Warn of 'Ghastly Future of Mass Extinction', Climate Disruption 0121

40% of World’s Plant Species at Risk of Extinction 0920

A ‘Crossroads’ for Humanity - Earth’s Biodiversity Is Still Collapsing 0920

Most Polar Bears to Disappear by 2100, Study Predicts 0720

Mass Extinctions Are Accelerating, Scientists Report 0620 - 543 known extinctions in the last 2 decades.  That’s 100 times the background rate.  515 more terrestrial species, or 1.7%,half with populations under 250 individuals, are likely to go extinct in the next 2 decades.

As Ice Melts, Emperor Penguins March toward Extinction 0520

Nature’s Dangerous Decline ‘Unprecedented’; Species Extinction Rates ‘Accelerating’ 0420

Plant and Animal Species at Risk of Extinction 0320

With Temperatures Rising, Can Animals Survive the Heat Stress? 0320

1/3 of Plants and Animals Risk Mass Extinction in 50 Years 0220

Severe Drought, Other Climate Impacts Drive the Platypus toward Extinction 0220

Earth's Most Biodiverse Ecosystems Are Facing Collapse 0120 - tropical forests and coral reefs

1/3 of Tropical Africa’s Plants Are at Risk of Extinction 1119

More than Half of Native European Trees Face Extinction 0919

What Are Mass Extinctions, and What Causes Them? 0919 - 4 out of 5 were due to great CO2 outgassing from volcanic events (120,000 to 800,000 cubic miles of eruptions over millennia).  The 5th, the most recent, was mostly by an asteroid.  They wiped out 75-90% of species on Earth.   252 Mya was the worst, with the only great insect wipeout.  96% of marine species went extinct, sea surface temperatures were up to 104°F (40°C) 1.5 My later, and 76% of dissoved oxygen disappeared.

The Animals That Will Survive Climate Change 0819 - reproduce often, non-specialized diets, smaller, mobile, tolerate heat, alter mating season, etc.

Climate Change Outruns Evolution 0719 - Rate of climate change over next century will be ~10,000 times as fast as observed rate of species change over time.

Global Warming Is Pushing Pacific Salmon to the Brink of Extinction 0719

Ocean Carbon Tipping Process, Point, and Peril 0719

‘Frightening’ Number of Plant Extinctions Found in Global Survey 0619

Human Society under Urgent Threat from Loss of Earth's Natural Life 0519

1,200 Species across the World Face 'Almost Certain Extinction' 0319

1/3 of Arabian Gulf Marine Life Could Be Extinct by 2090 - 0219

Extinction Too May Be Far Worse than Thought 1218 - cascades from keystone species

When History’s Worst Climate Catastrophe Struck the World's Oceans 1218

Ancient African Mammal Extinctions Caused by Climate Change, Not Humans 1118

Climate Change Reduces Male Fertility, Could Help Drive Extinction 1118

Climate Change Is ‘Escalator to Extinction' for Mountain Birds 1018

Global Warming Is Pushing Alpine Animals to Mountain Peaks - and Extinction 0918

8 Bird Species Are 1st Confirmed Avian Extinctions This Decade 0918

Climate Change Could Kill Off Bees, Northwestern Study Finds 0618

1 in 5 British Mammals at Risk of Extinction 0618

Biomass Study Finds People Are Wiping Out Wild Mammals 0518

As Climate Change Takes Hold by 2050, Bees Will Be the 1st to Fall 0418

Climate Change Threatens 1,000s of Species in Our Lifetime 0318

Magma Burning Coal May Have Caused Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction 0318

World’s Great Forests Could Lose Half of All Wildlife as Planet Warms 0318

World's Worst-Ever Extinction Event ‘Caused by UV Radiation' 0218

Will Chocolate Be among the Foods That Go Extinct due to Climate Change? 0118 - vrious foods, plus, bees decline

Trophy Hunting May Drive Extinctions, due to Climate Change 1117

High Marine Extinction Risk by 2100 - 1017

Earth May Be Close to 'Threshold of Catastrophe’ 1017 - rates of carbon additions now vs in previous extinctions

Climate Change May Represent “Existential" Threat to Humanity - Scripps 0917

Future of Oldest Tree Species on Earth in Peril 0917

Monarch Butterflies in Western U.S. Risk Extinction 0917

Climate Change Could Wipe Out 1/3 of Parasite Species 0917

Climate Change, Sewage, Fertilizers Could Trigger Mass Ocean Extinction 0817

Proposed Colombia Dam Threatens to Wipe Out Endangered Plants, Disrupt River 0717

How Climate Change Strangled a Jurassic Ocean Ecosystem 0717

Past Extinctions Point to a Current and Future Biodiversity Crisis 0717

6th Mass Extinction - the Era of ‘Biological Annihilation’ 0717 - current steep rates of habitat loss, population declines

Burning Fossil Fuels Almost Ended All Life on Earth 0717 - closest analog of today, but we are changing climate 10 x faster.  It is a tour thru the geological record of Earth’s greatest extinction “event” 250-252 million years ago.  Magma then erupted to become the Siberian Traps, enough to cover the USA 1 km deep, THRU vast coal beds - the other fossil fuel event.

Warmer Climate Raises Extinction Risk 0617

Extinction Looming for Most of California’s Salmon and Trout 0517

Climate Change Plays a Role in Growing List of Species at Risk 0517

More than 1/4 of UK Birds Face Extinction Risk or Steep Decline 0417 - turtle dove and Atlantic puffin included

1,000s of Tree Species Are at Risk of Extinction 0417

Half of the World's Species Could Become Extinct by 2050, Biologists Say 0217

Act Now, before 47% of Mammal and 24% of Bird Species Are Lost to Global Warming 0217

Surprising Number of Species Going Extinct in Their Usual Homes 1216

Climate Changing Too Fast for Species 1116

Butterflies Could Be About to We Wiped Out by Extreme Weather 1016

Global Warming Could Kill Off Good Bacteria, Hurting Ecosystems’ Achilles Heel 1016

The Biggest Animals in the Ocean Are More Likely to Go Extinct 0916

Warming Climate Expected to Squeeze Out Arctic Bird Habitat 0816

Mass Extinction Has a Tipping Point 0716 - Ancient plankton communities began changing in important ways up to 400,000 years before massive die-offs ensued.

Over 1/3 of North American Bird Species in Danger of Extinction 0516 - Ocean & tropical forest birds are threatened most.

The Quest to Protect Threatened Amphibian Species 0516 1/3 of amphibian species threatened.  160 already disappeared.

1 in 5 of World's Plant Species at Risk of Extinction 0516

Climate vs. Primate - Dawn of Extinction? 0316

Dealing with Climate Change in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest 0116

More than Half the Amazon Tree Species Are at Risk of Extinction 1115

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth 0915

Changing Climate Could Even Oust the Oriole from Baltimore 0915

Global Extinction Rates - Why Do Estimates Vary So Wildly? 0815

Andes' Migrating Trees Are Moving towards Extinction 0815

During Mass Extinction, No Species Safe 0815

Abrupt Climate Change May Have Doomed Mammoths and Other Megafauna 0715

Humans Are Causing Catastrophic Ecosystem Shifts 0615

Earth is in the Midst of a Man-Made Extinction Event Not Seen for 65 Million Years 0615 

1 in 6 of World's Species Faces Extinction from Climate Change 0415

Acidic Oceans Helped Fuel Greatest Extinction 0415

Did Climate Change Kill This Hoosier Butterfly? 0315

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says 0115

Mass Die-offs of Fish, Birds, Mammals Increasing 0115

13 Species We Might Have to Say Goodbye to in 2015 - 0115

Earth Faces 6th ‘Great Extinction’ 1214

Animal Extinctions From Climate Rival End of Dinosaurs 1114

Growth, Global Warming Threaten African Species 0714

Warming Could Bring Snakes as long as Buses, Horses the Size of Cats 1113

Acid Rain, Ozone Depletion Contributed to Greatest Extinction 1113

82% of California Native Fish Risk Extinction 0513

Fast-Moving Climate Zones Speed Extinction 0413

Ancient Extinction Has Ominous Lessons for Today 0313  

Dead Zones Warming Extinguished Most Species 180 Mya 0213

Mass Extinction Forecast with 6°C Warming 0113

Ice Age Warmth Repeatedly Wiped Out Local Lemmings 1112

Extreme Global Warming Caused Largest Extinction Ever 1012

900 Tropical Bird Species Could Go Extinct by 2100 0312

Antarctic Warming Plummets Krill, Penguin Populations 0411

Up to 50% to Go Extinct in 100 Years 0111

20% of Animal Species Slide to Extinction 1010

1/5 of Plants Near Extinction 0910

Warming Drives Lizards to Extinction 0510

Extinction Rates, Today vs History - May 0110 - PDF

     Graph at left is from Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Synthesis (2005), via May, 2010 - above.

Caption:     "Species extinction rates, expressed as extinctions per 1,000 species per 1,000 years.  The fossil record tells us that, in the distant past, less than one mammal went extinct every 1,000 years.  In the recent past, the number of extinctions has increased 3 orders of magnitude higher than that of the fossil records."
     That is, mammal extinction rates are hundreds of times (200-500 x) background rates.

2°C Warming Means 20% of Species Extinct 1209

1/3 of Species Now Face Extinction, Take 1 - 1109 - of assessed species: 70% of plants, 21% of mammals, 12% of birds, 30% of amphibians, 37% of freshwater fish, 35% of invertebrates.

Over 1/3 of Species Assessed Face Extinction, Take 2 - 1109

Warming Drives Caribou to Extinction 1009

Warming Like Today's Caused Greatest Extinction 1108

6th Great Extinction 0307  Climate has played a critical role in past fluctuations of biodiversity levels.  Among the 5 recognized mass extinction events -- Ordovician, Devonian, Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous -- at least 4 are correlated to climate change….  "For the Permian, the greatest mass extinction on record, … global warming ... produced temperatures 1 - 30°C (18-54°F) higher than today.  It wiped out 95% of ocean life forms and almost 75% of terrestrial species."

Extinctions from Warming 0705

     Only 3 of the 21 large animal species found around San Diego near the end of the most recent ice age are still found there.

     5 more are still found elsewhere.  

     But 62% are now extinct, in only about 10,000 years.

(Signs from San Diego Zoo)





GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Severe Population Declines, 1

Frogs vs. Climate Change - How Long Can They Stand the Heat? 1122

Alaska Cancels Snow Crab Season amid Population Declines 1022

Wild Animal Populations Averaged Decline of Almost 70% since 1970 - 1022

Marine Heat Waves Could Wipe Out Fish Stocks 1022

Wildlife Is Recovering in Europe After Decades of Conservation 0922

Mass Death of Sequoias Is the Harbinger of Earth Systems Collapse 0822

Climate Change Likely Caused Alaska Snow Crab Decline 0622

Climate Change Threatens Bird Populations in National Wildlife Refuge System 0622

Winter Ticks Wiped Out Nearly 90% of Moose Calves in Part of Maine in 2021 - 0522

As Animal Seed Dispersers Go the Way of the Dodo, Forest Plants Are at Risk 0422

Climate Change, Big Agriculture Combine to Threaten Insects 0422

Climate Change Killing Off Biocrusts, Soil Organisms Critical to Arid Ecosystems 0422 - especially lichens

Even the Cactus May Not Be Safe from Climate Change 0422

Salmon Travel Deep into the Pacific.  As It Warms, Many ‘Don’t Come Back.’ 0322

Drought, Climate Change Will Worsen Human Conflicts with Elephants 0222

Plants Face Tough Climate Challenges as Seed-Dispersing Animals Decline 0222

Climate Change Adaptation Puts Patagonian Penguins in Peril 0122

How the Speed of Climate Change Is Unbalancing the Insect World 0122

We Saved the Puffins.  Now a Warming Planet Is Unraveling that Work. 0122

Warmer, Oxygen-Poor Waters Threaten World’s ‘Most Heavily Exploited’ Fish 0122

Climate Crisis Pushes Albatross ‘Divorce’ Rates Higher 1121

Rising Temperatures Overcook Bumblebees' Brunch 1121 - Microbe growth in nectar speeds up with warmer temperatures. Bumblebees prefer intermediate levels of microbes in nectar.

Silent Earth - Averting the Insect Apocalypse 1121

Maine Bird Species May Become Extinct in Our Lifetime as Climate Warms 1121

Wildlife and Plant Species Decline 'a Crisis' 0921

Polar Bears Are Inbreeding, as Climate Change Melts Away Arctic Ice 0921

What Happens when Millions – or Billions – of Sea Animals Die on One Day? 0821

Montana’s Famed Trout under Threat as Drought Intensifies 0721

Extreme Heat Triggers Mass Die-Offs and Stress for Wildlife in the West 0721

Fighting to Save, Kelp Forests,  the Ocean’s Most Important Carbon Capture System 0721

Lakes Are Losing Oxygen—and Their Inhabitants Are in Danger 0621

As Climate Warms, a Rearrangement of World’s Plant Life Looms 0621

Shrinking Sea Meadows Store More Carbon than Forests.  How Much Is Left? 0421

Polar Bears Forced to Forage Bird Eggs as Warming Shrinks Hunting Grounds 0421

Global Warming Disrupted Pacific’s Ecological Dance of Urchins, Sea Stars, Kelp.  Otters Help Restore Balance. 0321

‘There's no ice’ - Warming Seas Chill Quebec’s Seal Tourism 0321

Warming Oceans Mean Smaller Baby Sharks Struggle to Survive 0321

Arctic Ice Loss Forces Polar Bears to Use 4 X as Much Energy to Survive 0221

More Problems Reported as Gulf of St. Lawrence Continues to Warm 0221 - impacts on scallops

Canada Jay Numbers in South Ontario Falling due to Climate Change 0221

Science Warns World of ‘Ghastly’ Future Ahead 0121

Climate Change Cuts Number of Humpback Whale Calves in North-West Atlantic 0121

Insect Populations Suffering Death by 1,000 Cuts 0121

Warming Oceans May Be Choking Off Oxygen to Starfish, ‘Drowning’ Them 0121

Growth Rings in Tundra Shrubs Reveals Spread of Arctic `Browning’ alongside 'Greening' 0121

Logging and Climate Change Decimate Steelhead Trout in B.C. River 1120

British Columbia’s Seamounts Are Becoming Uninhabitable 1020

Wildlife in ‘Catastrophic Decline' due to Human Destruction, Scientists Warn 0920

Rising Water Temperatures Threaten Fish Populations 0820

Many Freshwater Fish Species Have Declined by 76% in Less than 50 Years 0720

Climate Change Will Make World Too Hot for 60% of Fish Species 0720

Global Heating Will Make It Much Harder for Tropical Plants to Germinate 0720

Climate Change Is Accelerating Mass Die-Offs in Marine Mammals 0620

Mangrove Forests Won't Survive Expected Sea-Level Rise by 2050 if CO2 Emissions Aren't Reduced 0620 - If sea level rise doubles from current rate of 3 mm / year, to 6-7 mm a year, mangrovesw will drown.  In other times, they would move inland with the changing shoreline.  But human “development” (structures and beaches) will prvent them moving inland to follow the changing shoreline.

Unchecked Global Warming Could Collapse Whole Ecosystems in 10 Years 0420

The Planet’s Largest Ecosystems Could Collapse Faster than We Thought 0320

Bees May Struggle in Winds Caused by Global Warming 0220

Climate Change is Decimating the Chinstrap Penguins of Antarctica 0220

Bumblebees Are Dying across North America and Europe as Climate Warms 0220

Koala Mittens and Baby Bottles - Saving Australia’s Animals After Fires 0120

Climate Change Hitting Top U.S. Fishery in the Arctic - NOAA 1219

In Sweden’s Arctic, Ice atop Snow Leaves Reindeer Starving 1219

Munich Study Confirms Severe Decline in Insect Populations of Germany 1019

Emaciated Grizzly Bears in Canada Increase Concerns over Depleted Salmon Population 1019

Warming Climate Is Making Baby Sea Turtles Almost All Girls 1019

Climate Change Is Sapping Nutrients from Our Food, so Global Crisis Possible 0819

North America Has Lost 3 Billion Birds (29%) in 50 Years 0919

Climate Change Is Reducing Mating Behavior among Some Birds 0919

How Long Before These Salmon Are Gone?  ‘Maybe 20 Years’ 0919 - to local extinction?

The Water Is So Hot in Alaska, It's Killing Large Numbers of Salmon 0819

More Right Whales Dying Off Canada, as Climate Change Disrupts Food Sources 0819

Extreme Weather Damaged Nearly Half Australia's Marine Ecosystems since 2011 - 0719

Many Animals Can’t Adapt Fast Enough to Climate Change 0719

The Return of the Caribou 0719

Warmer Waters, Less Oxygen, Threaten Large Invertebrates in the Arctic 0619

Warming May Reduce Sea Life 17% - 0619

Arctic Melt - Threat to Plankton beneath the Ice 0619

The Great Insect Dying - Vanishing Act in Europe and North America 0619

Climate Change Threatens to Water Down Brazilian Cerrado’s Rich Biodiversity 0619

100s of Puffins Are Starving to Death because of Climate Change 0519

Human Society under Urgent Threat from Loss of Earth's Natural Life 0519

Endangered Species by Type

Global Warming Is Hitting Ocean Species Hardest, Including Fish for Food 0419

Warming Seas Are Devastating to Dolphin Survival 0419

Global Warming Could Decimate Fish Supplies and Fuel Migration 0219

Current Massive Insect Decline Could Have ‘Catastrophic' Environmental Impact 0219

Massive Starfish Die-Off Tied to Global Warming Devastates Kelp Forests 0119

Insect Collapse - ‘We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems’ 0119

Climate Change Could Crash These Important Fisheries 1118

Biodiversity Collapse Imminent in World’s Tropics 1118

'So Many Bears' - Draft Plan Says Nunavut Polar Bear Numbers Unsafe 1118

Humanity Has Wiped Out 60% of Animal Populations since 1970 - 1018 - WWF update from 50% (2014) and 30% (2008)

‘Hyper-Alarming’ Study Shows Massive Insect Loss 1018

Climate Change Is Killing Antarctica's Ancient Moss Beds 0918

Study Finds Widespread Degradation, Deforestation in African Woodlands 0818

Sweden's Reindeer at Risk of Starvation after Summer Drought 0818

Turn Up The Heat, Turn Down Ocean Productivity 0518

Biomass Study Finds People Are Wiping Out Wild Mammals 0518

Honeybees May Be Dying in Larger Numbers due to Climate Change 0518 compounding other factors (mites, pesticides)

Climate Change on Track to Cause Major Insect Wipeout, Scientists Warn 0518

Dangerous Biodiversity Decline Threatens Livelihoods, Food and Water Security 0318

Marine Heat Wave Set Off 'Carbon Bomb' in World's Largest Seagrass Meadow 0318

In Iceland, Global Warming Is No Longer a Joke 0318

Almost All Sea Turtles Born in Florida Are Female.  Here’s Likely Why. 0318

Antarctica's King Penguins 'Could Disappear' by 2100 - 0218

Seagrass Meadows Are Vital, but in Serious Decline 0218

Decline in Krill Threatens Antarctic Wildlife, from Whales to Penguins 0218

Warm-Weather Plague Killed over Half of Endangered Saiga Antelopes in 3 Weeks 0118

Australia's Severe Heat Is Affecting the Sperm of the Bird Population 0118

GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Severe Population Declines, 2

The Impact of Global Warming in the Land of Santa Claus 1217

Disappearing Sea Ice Could Lead to Collapse of Vital Polar Food Chain 1217

Changes to the Ocean’s Micro Creatures Could Have Macro Effects 1117

As Oceans Warm, the World’s Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear 1117

Pacific Ocean Warm ‘Blob’ Appears to Take Toll on Alaska Cod 1117

Arctic Sea Change 1017

Insect Numbers, in Dramatic Plunge, Portends 'Ecological Armageddon' 1017

As Seas Warm, Whales Face New Dangers 1017

Warming Planet Is Hazard to Fish, via Increased Salinity and Algal Blooms 0917

Warming Seas Endanger Antarctic Ecosystem, and Billion-Dollar Fishing Industry 0717

Global Warming Threatens North Carolina's Bees 0717

Threat of Moose-Killing Tick Infestation Looms, as Far-North Climate Warms 0517

Climate Change Could Drive Coastal Food Webs to Collapse 0417

How "Godzilla" El Niño Affected Tropical Fish in Low-Oxygen Zone 0417

Disastrous 2016 Shows Butterflies Are ‘Failing to Cope' with Climate Change 0417

More than 1/4 of UK Birds Face Extinction Risk or Steep Decline 0417 - turtle dove and Atlantic puffin included

Climate Change Impacting ‘Most’ Species on Earth, Down to Their Genomes 0417

Climate-Driven Species on the Move Are Changing (Almost) Everything 0417

Grassland Lab Warming Raises Species Loss Alarm 0317

Australian Mangrove Forest over 1000 Kilometers ‘Died of Thirst' 0317

Ticks, Thriving in Warm Weather, Take a Ghastly Toll on New England Moose 0117

Record-Breaking Extreme Weather in Australia in 2016 Devastates Ecosystems 0117

Climate Change Could Have Devastating Impact on Global Fisheries 1216

In the Polar Bear Capital of the World, the Snow Has Gone 1216

Polar Bear Numbers to Plunge by 1/3, as Sea Ice Melts 1216

Over 80,000 Reindeer Deaths In Russia Linked to Retreating Arctic Sea Ice 1116

Wildlife Populations Plunge Almost 60% since 1970 - WWF 1016

San Francisco Bay Ecosystem Collapsing, as Rivers Diverted 1016

1.5 Billion Birds Missing from North American Skies Is ‘Alarming’ 0916

Turning up the Heat to Push Many Australian Plants to the Brink 0916

Soaring Ocean Temperature Is ‘Greatest Hidden Challenge of Our Generation' 0916

All Aflutter - Extreme Weather Threatens Mexico's Monarch Butterflies 0816

Arctic Fish Populations Changing as Ice Dwindles 0816

The Blob - How Marine Heat Waves Are Causing Unprecedented Climate Chaos 0816

Mountain Biodiversity More Vulnerable to Climate Change than Earlier Reported 0816

World’s Longest Lake Is Being Depleted of Life as Waters Warm 0816

Wildlife Dying En Masse, as South American River Runs Dry 0716 - Pilcomayo in Paraguay, Bolivia

Sections of Great Barrier Reef Suffer Complete Ecosystem Collapse 0716 - Most fish populations plummet or vanish.

Climate Change Blamed for Mangrove Deaths 0716 along Australia’s northern coast

Ocean Warming due to Plankton Collapse 0616

The Quest to Protect Threatened Amphibian Species 0516 1/3 of amphibian species threatened; 160 already disappeared.

Climate Change and the Case of the Shrinking Red Knot Birds 0516

Polar Bears Losing Weight as Arctic Sea Ice Melts 0416

Is Climate Change Putting the World's Micro-Biomes at Risk? 0316

Climate vs. Primate - Dawn of Extinction? 0316

Chilean Salmon under Threat 0316

Scotland’s Native Insects at Severe Risk from Climate Change 0216

Climate Stirring Change beneath the Waves 0216

Decline in Bee Population is Putting Global Food Industry at Risk 0216

Scientists Link Massive Starfish Die-off to Warming Ocean 0216

'Major Decline' in Antarctic Penguin Population 0216

US Seafood Species Are Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change 0216

Phytoplankton Rapidly Disappearing from the Indian Ocean 0216

Warmer Indian Ocean Could Be 'Ecological Desert', Scientists Warn 0116 - Phytoplankton down up to 20%.

Pacific Shellfish Set for Price Hike, as Ocean Acidity Keeps Rising 0116

Starvation Suspected in Massive Die-off of Alaska Seabirds 0116

Dealing with Climate Change in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest 0116

Failing Phytoplankton, Failing Oxygen - Global Warming Could Suffocate Life on Earth 1215

US Wild Bee Numbers Decline, as Land Is Converted for Biofuel 1215

3/4 of the UK Butterfly Species Have Declined in the Last 40 Years 1215

Fish Stocks Are Declining Worldwide; Climate Change Is on the Hook 1215

Polar Bear Numbers to Fall, as Arctic Ice Shrinks 1115

Indonesia Blazes Threaten Endangered Orangutans 1115

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115

Collapse of New England’s Iconic Cod Tied to Climate Change 1015

Global Warming Puts Snow Leopards in a Bind 1015

Acorn Crop Dips as Climate Changes 1015

Warming Oceans May Threaten Krill, Cornerstone of the Antarctic Ecosystem 1015

Marine Population Halved since 1970 - 0915

Thousands of Salmon Die in Hotter-than-Usual Northwest Rivers 0715

Polar Bears Can't Adapt to Melting Arctic, Will Waste Away 0715

Tough Days for Salmon, as Fraser River Runs Hotter, Lower than Expected 0715

Polar Bears Face Steep Declines Because of Melting Sea Ice 0715

Climate Change Is Latest Threat for Struggling Bird Species – Red Knots 0615

Fish, Crabs Are Losing Homes as Oceans Lose Oxygen 0615

North American Moose Dying in Droves, as Warming Fuels Disease, Pests 0515

Climate Change Is Devastating Ohio's Beloved Birds 0515

Wild Animals in Drought-Stricken Western States Are Dying for a Drink 0515

Wildlife Decline May Lead to ‘Empty Landscape' 0515

History Lessons Highlight Climate Threat to Birds 0415 - population ebbs and flows over 2 million years

Out of Plaice - Popular UK Fish at Risk from Rising Temperatures 0415

Beyond Almonds - a Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought 0415

Hunters See Climate Changing Their Traditions 0415

Lemurs Losing Their Land to Climate Change 0215

California Sea Lion Crisis - Warmer Seas May Be to Blame 0215

Decreasing Range of California Pikas Linked to Climate Change 0215

Poor Outlook for Borneo's Mammals 0115

Mass Die-offs of Fish, Birds, Mammals Increasing 0115

Climate Change May Halve Giant Panda's Habitat by 2070 - 0115

Scientists Track Natural Responses to Climate Change 0115

Climate Changes, Habitat Loss Cited as Threats to 314 Bird Species 1214

Higher Temperatures May Result in Fewer Bees 1114

Britain's Migrating Birds Are Drastically Declining 1014

World Wildlife Populations Halved in 40 Years 0914 - about update of 2012 WWF report, just below

          (See many individual species graphs, below 2012 edition, farther below.)

Living Planet Report Update - WWF 0914 - PDF, 180 pp.  update of 2012 report farther below

     The global Living Planet Index (LPI) reveals a continual decline in vertebrate populations over the last 40 years. This global trend shows no sign of slowing down.  For this 10th edition of the Living Planet Report, the LPI methodology has been updated and fine-tuned to give a better representation of the global distribution of vertebrate species.
     The weighted LPI (LPI-D) shows that the size of populations (the number of individual animals) decreased by 52% from 1970 to 2010.  This 52% includes 56% declines in tropical populations and 36% in temperate zone populationss.  It includes 39% declines for terrestrial species populations, 76% for fresh water ones, and 39% for marine ones.  Populations in protected areas declined only 18%.
     For terrestrial species, habitat loss to human land use – notably agriculture, cities and energy – is the major threat.  For freshwater ones, habitat loss and fragmentation, connectivity (water level changes from dams, irrigation, etc.), pollution, and invasive species are the threats.  For marine ones, stability followed a steep drop to till the mid-80s, with the largest declines in the tropics and Southern Ocean.

    This is a steeper decline than the 28% reported in the previous edition, when data from North America and Europe  – where long-term trend information has been more readily available –  dominated the global LPI.

     The LPI is calculated using trends in 10,380 populations of over 3,038 vertebrate species (fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals).  These species groups have been comprehensively researched and monitored by scientists and the general public for many years, meaning that a lot of data is available to assess the state of specific populations and their trends over time.



Common UK Birds, such as Sparrow and Skylark, Face Decline in Europe 1114

Half of North American Bird Species Threatened by Climate Change 0914

Massive Deaths in Northern Seabird Colonies Are Due to Climate, Ocean Changes 0814

Built for Survival, Birds Are in Trouble from Pole to Pole, from Toxins and Heat 0814

Suburbs, Farms, Plus Global Warming Threaten Wild Animals and Plants 0814

Wading Birds Declining in the UK 0714

Antarctic Fur Seals Feel Climate Impacts 0714

Growth, Global Warming Threaten African Species 0714

Warming Threat to Emperor Penguins 0614

Acid Ocean Is Dissolving Pteropod (Tiny Snail) Shells off U.S. West Coast 0414

Over 3/4 of Large Carnivores Are Now in Decline 0114

GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Severe Population Declines, 3

Predatory Development Threatens Brazil's Amazon - Marina Silva 1113

Jellyfish Winning the Fight for Food - Against Humans 1113

Climate Change Biggest Threat to Deer, Moose 1113

Precarious Future Looms for Canada’s Great Inland Delta 1113

Army of Volunteers Compiles Evidence of Climate Change in Alaska 1113

Climate Change Is Killing the Wolves of Isle Royale 1013

Warming Bolsters Alberta Grizzlies 1013

Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists 1013

UK's Natural Environment in Jeopardy, as Species Decline 1013

Koalas Face Huge Fall in Numbers as Climate Change Bites 1013

Warming Lake Superior Leaves Trout Less Able to Cope 1013

Climate Change Puts US Freshwater Fish at Risk 0913

Why Monarch Butterfly Numbers Are in Freefall 0713

updated from Brower et al., Insect Conser. & Diver., 5, 95, 2011

78% Drop in Coastal Fish Over 40 Years Off California 0713

Evolution Too Slow to Keep Up with Climate Change 0713

Birds Outpace Climate Change to Avoid Extinction 0713 

Common Plants, Animals Threatened by Climate Change 0513 

Amazon on Path to Lose 65% of Biomass by 2060 - 0513

Painted Turtles Set to Become All Female, Extinct 0513

Monarch Butterflies Drop Ominously in Mexico 0313

Climate Change a Threat to Wildlife 0113

Caribou Populations in Steep Decline 1212 

Marine Heat Wave Off West Australian Coast Kills Lots of Valuable Shelled Seafood 1212 

UK Birds Down 20% Since 1966 1112

Climate Change Is Killing Ground Squirrels 0812

Intense New England Rains Imperil Gulf of Maine’s Food Chain 0612

Warming Makes Minnesota Moose Population Plummet 0512 

Wild Populations Down 30% Since 1970 0512 summarizes the report below.

Living Planet Report - Biodiversity & Declines - WWF 2012 - PDF, 164 pp.     The 12 figures below show population changes for a few of more than 11,000 populations and species studied, around the world.  See 2014 update, above.

    Tigers:    Bengal '70-'10                                                Sumatran '78-'07                                                      Amur '75-'10                                        Malayan 1997-98

  Dolphins:   Amazon '99-'01                                       Irawaddy '97-'10                                         Baiji (China) '80-'10                            Yangtze Porpoise '88-'07

             European Otter '84-’04                            Wandering Albatross '72-'10                                 North Bluefin Tuna -71-'04                         Atlantic Cod  '61-'10

          The 5 figures below summarize thousands of species declines (and increases) across regions.













                     Latin America, x north Mexico                   India, Pakistan, SE China, SE Asia, Australia +

     The Global Living Planet Index, below, suggests that across the globe, vertebrate populations were on average 28% smaller in 2008 than they were in 1970. This is based on trends in the size of 9,014 populations of 2,688 mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian and fish species – many more than in previous editions of the Living Planet Report (WWF, 2006b; 2008b; 2010a).  Above, declines were greatest in tropics.

     Shading on this, and all Living Planet Index figures represents the 95% confidence limits surrounding the trend; the wider the shading, the more variable the underlying trend (WWF/ZSL, 2012).

Climate Changing Outlook for Harp Seals 0112

World's Ocean Life in Shocking Decline 0611

Heated Oceans Endanger Coral Reefs 0910

Bee Population Decline May Be Due to Warming 0910 

More Bird Population Destruction Predicted with Warming 0810  

Rapid Decline in Phytoplankton 0710

Mangroves Disappear Faster Than Land Forests 0710 

Polar Bears Face Rapid Tipping Point 0510 

Bio-Losses = 30% Animals, etc. Cost $121 Trillion 0510

Bio-losses = 30% Animals, 40% Corals 0510 - "Since 1970, we have reduced animal populations by 30%, the area of mangroves and seagrasses by 20%, and the coverage of living corals by 40%…  These losses are clearly unsustainable."

Ocean Dead Zone Off Oregon Blamed on Climate Change 1009

North Sea Cod Doomed 0909


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Range Shifts

The chart above is from the IPCC’s March 2014 AR 5 Impacts Summary.

How Increasing Wildfires Could Transform the Arctic 1122

A Caustic Shift Is Coming for the Arctic Ocean 1122

Climate Change Pits Goats Against Sheep in the American Rockies 1022

How Climate Change Is Driving Monkeys and Lemurs from Trees to the Ground 1022

US Farmers Face Plague of Pests as Global Heating Raises Soil Temperatures 0922

Big Climate Warning from One of the Gulf of Maine’s Smallest Creatures 0222

Flourishing Plants Show Warming Antarctica Undergoing ‘Major Change’ 0222 -zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus

Big Climate Warning from One of the Gulf of Maine’s Smallest Creatures 0222

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll 0122

Climate Change Helps Invasive Species Take Over Montana Trout Habitats 0122

We Saved the Puffins.  Now a Warming Planet Is Unraveling that Work. 0122

Climate Change Has Destabilized Earth’s Poles, Imperiling the Rest of the Planet 1221

Wildfires Are Accelerating Tree Migration from Climate Change 1121

Maine Bird Species May Become Extinct in Our Lifetime as Climate Warms 1121

Rising Arctic Temperatures Mean Migrating North No Longer Worth It for Many Species 1021

When West Coast Waters Warmed Up, They Brought New Species - to Stay 1021

Warm Waters Further Threaten Depleted Maine Shrimp Fishery 0821

Phytoplankton Blooms Hint at Changing Arctic Waters 0821

Here’s What Climate Change Will Mean for Bats 0721

As Climate Warms, a Rearrangement of World’s Plant Life Looms 0621

Pacific Heat Wave Had Lasting Impacts on Gulf of Alaska Marine Species 0421

Marine Species Increasingly Can’t Live at Equator, due to Global Heating 0421

Desert Creatures Survive Climate Change Underground 0221

Small Mammals Climb Higher in Colorado Rockies to Flee Warming 0221

Ocean Heating May Shrink the Breathable Ranges of Marine Animals 0920

Climate Change for Tropical Fisheries to Make Waves across the World 0820

Scientists Try Assisted Migration to Help Trees Survive Climate Change 0720

Arctic Battling Climate Change and Beavers 0720

Deep Ocean Will Be Warming Rapidly by 2050, Even if Global Emissions Decline 0520

Climate Change Is Turning the Snow in Antarctica Green with Algae 0520

Warming Seawater Will Push Antarctic Krill Farther South 0520

Warming Waters Are Altering Marine Life Abundance 0320

Drought-Hit Zimbabwe Readies Mass Wildlife Migration 1119

Massive Reorganization of Life across Earth’s Ecosystems, Study Finds 1019

Great Plains’ Ecosystems Have Shifted 365 Miles Northward since 1970 - 0719

Climate Change Threatens to Water Down Brazilian Cerrado’s Rich Biodiversity 0619

Climate Change is Altering the Composition of the World’s Plankton Communities 0519
     Zooplankton, notably the terribly common Foraminifera, shift 374 miles poleward on average.

Major Emperor Penguin Breeding Ground Gone Barren since 2016 - 0419

Why Did the Armadillo Cross the Road into Kansas?  Climate Change 0419

Caribou and Moose Move North to Survive 0319 - to the shores of the Arctic

Great Lakes Basin Warming Faster than Other Parts of the US 0319

Species by the Dozen Moved North during Marine Heat Waves 0319

Global Warming Could Decimate Fish Supplies and Fuel Migration 0219

Antarctica's Krill Shift South as Icy Waters Warm 0119

The Baltic Sea Offers a Preview of What’s to Come with Global Warming 1218

Sperm Whales Sighting in Arctic Is Sign of Changing Ecosystem 1118

Ocean Shock 1018

Phytoplankton Blooms Are Moving into New Territory in the Arctic Ocean 1018

Taller Plants Moving into Warmer Arctic 0918

Global Warming Is Pushing Alpine Animals to Mountain Peaks - and Extinction 0918

Climate Change Could Render Many of Earth’s Ecosystems Unrecognizable 0818

Areas Where Cold Temperatures Limit Plant Growth Are Shrinking 0818

As Water Temperatures Rise, Freshwater Jellyfish Found in British Canal 0818

Kelp Find Suggests Antarctica Not Isolated 0718

New Zealand Marine Heat Wave Brings Tropical Fish from 3,000 km Away 0518

Fish Species Forecast to Migrate 100s of Miles North, as U.S. Waters Warm 0518

How a Warming Climate Will Turn the Boundary Waters into a Barren Grassland 0418

As Climate Change Takes Hold by 2050, Bees Will Be the 1st to Fall 0418

In Iceland, Global Warming Is No Longer a Joke 0318

Beech Booming as Climate Changes.  That’s Bad for Forests. 0218

Impact of Warming Seas Felt by Northeastern Fisheries 0218

Arctic Sea Change 1017

Climate Change Is Disrupting the Birds and the Bees 0817

How Climate Change Could Be Making Polar Bears Healthier and More Dangerous 0617

Climate Emergency, as Fish Abandon Tropical Waters 0617

Thanks to Global Warming, Antarctica Is Beginning to Turn Green 0517

Drylands Will Suffer if World Reaches 2°C 0417

As Woody Shrubs Move North in a Warming Arctic, So Do Beavers 0417

Climate Change Impacting ‘Most’ Species on Earth, Down to Their Genomes 0417

Climate-Driven Species on the Move Are Changing (Almost) Everything 0417

Climate Change in the North Sea - Oysters In, Cod Out 0217

Warming Ocean Waters Off Alaska Bring Widespread Ecological Changes 0117

Climate Change Could Have Devastating Impact on Global Fisheries 1216

Terns Follow Record Warm Temperatures in ‘Shock' Migration to North of Alaska 0916

Melting Arctic Ice a Boon for Humpback, Minke Whales 0916

Soaring Ocean Temperature Is ‘Greatest Hidden Challenge of Our Generation' 0916

Arctic Fish Populations Changing as Ice Dwindles 0816

What Does Climate Change Mean for America’s $73 Billion Angling Industry? 0716

Australia's Vast Kelp Forests Devastated by Marine Heat Wave 0716

Fading Fishermen - a Historic Industry Faces a Warming World 0616 - Lobsters, cod, clams etc. move north, away from US

Climate Change Could Force Huge Migrations of People and Animals Living near the Equator 0616
     Suitable climates move outside the current tropics, which is 23° of latitude from the equator.  Long trips from equator.

How Fast Ocean Currents Will Help Plankton Survive Climate Change 0416

Global Warming Lets Moose Return to Alaskan Tundra for 1st Time since 1880 - 0416

There’s a Reason Some Birds Don’t Seem to Fly South for Winter Any More 0316

Climate Change Pushes Fish toward Poles, Threatening Food Source for Poor 0216

Climate Change Driving Species to the Earth's Poles Faster than Predicted 0216

Climate Change Is Leaving Native Plants Behind 0216

US Seafood Species Are Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change 0216

Dealing with Climate Change in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest 0116

Record High Arctic Temperatures in 2015 Having ‘Profound Effects' on Region 1215

Animals Are Showing Up in Really Strange Places.  Here’s Why. 1115

Climate Change Already Forcing World's Birds towards Poles 1115

Only 25% of Original Habitats Have Survived in East Himalayas - WWF 1015

Shell-Crushing Crabs Invade Antarctica, Abetted by Climate Change 0915

Changing Climate Could Even Oust the Oriole from Baltimore 0915

A Warmer North Pacific Is Staying Warmer, With Dramatic Impact on Marine Life 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Lobsters in New England Shift North as Ocean Gets Warmer 0815

Andes' Migrating Trees Are Moving towards Extinction 0815

Climate Vise is Squeezing Bumble Bees’ Range 0715

Climate Change Is Latest Threat for Struggling Bird Species – Red Knots 0615

Global Warming May Cause Largest Ocean Species Migration in 3 Million Years 0615

As Andes Warm, Deciphering the Future for Tropical Birds 0515

Massive Bird Invasions Linked to Climate Shifts 0515

Out of Plaice - Popular UK Fish at Risk from Rising Temperatures 0415

Hunters See Climate Changing Their Traditions 0415

Climate Change Could Be Good News for Gray Whales 0315

Sardines Swim Northern Waters to Keep Cool 0215

Climate May Have Flounder-Like Fluke on the Move 0215

Climate Change May Halve Giant Panda's Habitat by 2070 - 0115

Scientists Track Natural Responses to Climate Change 0115

Ocean Scientists Find Unusual Species Off California’s Coast 1214

Swedish Chardonnay, Anyone?  Warmer World Means More Nordic Wines 1114

Climate Change Could Shift Iconic Ohio Buckeyes’ Habitat to Michigan 1114

How New England Could Become Farmville Again 1114

Southern Birds May Be Moving into Your Winter Backyard 1014

Warmer Atlantic Widens Tropical Lionfish's East Coast Hunting Ground 0914

Lyme Disease Surges North, Canada Moves Out of Denial 0914

Lobsters Pack Up and Move North 0914

Gulf of Alaska Is Unusually Warm, and Weird Fish Are Showing Up 0914

Suburbs, Farms, Plus Global Warming Threaten Wild Animals and Plants 0814

Mangroves Already on the Move in Southwest Florida 0814

Kudzu That Ate the South Heads North, as Climate Changes 0714

Tropical Fish Cause Trouble as Climate Change Drives Them Toward the Poles 0714

Arctic Report Card - NOAA 1213 - PDF
     Satellite-based % change in vegetation greenness at the peak of the growing season in the Arctic between 1982-2012.

     Deepest brown is 25% decrease, deepest green is 25% increase.

     "Greener Arctic tundra of the recent past is likely to be the new normal."

     Map by NOAA, based on AVHRR data provided by Uma Bhatt, University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  December 12, 2013.

In New Jersey Pines, Trouble Arrives on 6 Legs 1213

Army of Volunteers Compiles Evidence of Climate Change in Alaska 1113

Southern Flying Squirrels Land in Canada 1013

Mosquitoes Are Worse This Summer in Parts of US 0813

Climate Change Drives Spread of Crop Pests 0913

Climate Change Pushing Marine Life Toward Poles 0813

Swamp Rats on the Move as Winters Warm 0813

As Temperatures Rise, Pests and Invasive Plants Thrive 0813

English Trees on the March, as Climate Change Collapses Seasons 0713 

Climate Change - Disequilibrium to Become Norm in Future Plant Communities 0713  

As Oceans Warm, Fish Are Finding New ZIP Codes 0513  

Looking for Love as the Climate Warms - Hybrid Species 0213  

Minnesota Moose Population Plummets 0213 

Invasive Insects Changing Antarctic Landscape 1212

Panda Range to Shrink with Warming 1112 

Tropical Ocean Getting Too Hot for Phytoplankton 1012 

Michigan Wildlife Migrates as Climate Warms 1012.   consistent with migratng gardening zones, below.

Climate Change Driving Australian Fish South 0812

Most Mammals Can't Move Range Fast Enough for Climate Change 0512  

Warming Outpaces Bird Migrations in Europe 0112  

To Flee the Heat, Animals Move North & Up 0811.  Below is range & projected, for 9-banded armadillo.

Warming Oceans Cause Largest Movement of Marine Species in 2 Million Years 0611 

Climate Risks Greater for Long Migratory Birds 0910 

Warming Drives Massive Walrus Migration 0810 

Ecosystem Migration 1209

Warming Shifts Bird Ranges North 0209 - summary of study just below

Birds and Climate Report - Audubon 0209 - PDF


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Timing Changes

How Climate Change Disrupts Fall Foliage 1022

Global Warming Causing Great Tit Birds to Hatch a Month Earlier 0422

How Climate Change Plays Havoc on Hibernating Animals 0222

Scientists Are Finding Solutions to Climate Change’s Threats to Our Food Security 0721 - Plants keep track of time of day by a combination of sunlight and temperature.  Rising temperatures throw off their circadian rhythm.

Arctic Tundra Will See an Earlier Green-Up and Longer Growing Seasons 0621

Record-Warm Arctic Summer Did Not Bring Joy to Wildlife 0820

Qamanirjuaq Caribou Adapt to Early Spring in Nunavut province, Canada 0520

In a Race Against Global Warming, Robins Are Migrating Earlier 0420

Mild Winter Spurs Bears to Emerge from Hibernation Earlier 0320

Spring Arrives Earlier than Ever Recorded in Southern US 0320

Climate Change May Be Making Deer Evolve to Give Birth Earlier 1119

Alpine Climate Change Is Disrupting Everything from How Water Flows to When Plants Flower 1019

Many Animals Can’t Adapt Fast Enough to Climate Change 0719

Climate Change Makes Berries Ripen Faster.  That's Bad News for Bears 0419

Great Lakes Basin Warming Faster than Other Parts of the US 0319

The Baltic Sea Offers a Preview of What’s to Come with Global Warming 1218

Climate Change is Moving New England’s Leaf Peeping Calendar 1018

Is It Time Yet?  Climate Change Disturbs Breeding and Nesting Season in Birds 0718

Looking for Signs of Global Warming?  They’re All around You. 0618

Unusually Hot Spring Threw Plants, Pollinators Out of Sync in Europe 0618

Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Peaking Early, due to Warmer March, Climate Change 0518

Seabirds Not Adapting to Shifting Climate 0418

Spring’s Early Arrival for Much of the US Is Gorgeous, but Concerning 0218

100s of UK Wildflower Species Found Blooming in Mid-Winter 0118

Spring Foliage Appearing Too Early in the Alps? 1217

California Birds Nesting Earlier to Try to Survive Global Warming 1117

Climate Change Is Making Winter Start Later and Later 1017

How Climate Change Canceled the Grizzly Salmon Run 0817

Why the Arctic’s Mosquito Problem Is Getting Bigger, Badder 0817

Climate Change Is Disrupting the Birds and the Bees 0817

Warmer Ocean Brings Changes to Rhode Island, Wreaks Havoc on Ecosystem 0617

Grassland Lab Warming Raises Species Loss Alarm 0317

U.S. Geological Survey Hails an Early Spring — and Ties It to Climate Change 0217

Early Flowering of Rhododendrons Signals Climate Change in Uttarakhand 0217

Himalayan Bloom Brings Spring Forward 0117

Climate Change Driving Birds to Migrate Early, Research Reveals 1216

Warming Triggers Early Algae Blooms, Potential Ripple Effects to Come 1016

Climate Change Is Causing Earlier Springs in National Parks 1016

Birds Beating Global Warming by Adjusting Their Egg-Laying Times 0516

Hunters See Climate Changing Their Traditions 0415

Signs of Spring 'Shifting' in Trees 0315

Hay Fever Season Becoming Longer, More Intense with Climate Change 0215

Yellowstone Grizzlies Exiting Winter Hibernation Early, Amid Mild Weather 0215

Warming Is Disrupting Critical Ecological Timing 0115

Scientists Track Natural Responses to Climate Change 0115

Is It Spring Already?  Frogspawn Seen in Cornwall 4 Months Early 1114

Earlier Spring, Later Fall Could Mean 240 Days of Summer 1114

     The end of the US growing season is when satellites see the overall greenness of foliage start to decline.

     This shows a trend for end of growing season 9 days later over 36 years.

CO2 Makes Growing Seasons Longer 0414

Early Springs Surprise Many Species 0414

Dull Leaf Hues Called Climate Change Omen 1113

Foliage Season Under Fire from Climate Change 1013

      The graph below is for England,
from Amano et al. (2010).

above uses data from Concord MA, starting with Thoreau journals ~1850, and Boston MA
from Polgar, C.A, R.B Primack, E. Williams, S. Stichter, and C. Hitchcock. 2013.  "The effect of temperature on the timing of the adult flight period of Lycenid butterflies in Massachusetts."  Biological Conservation 160: 25-31

Global Warming Threatens Hudson Bay Lowlands Arctic Refuge 1013

Can Long-Distance Migrating Shorebird Survive? 1013

Climate Change Leaves Hares Wearing The Wrong Colors 0913

Long Migrating Birds Are Climate Change Casualty 0713 

More Vultures, Fewer Swallows – Blame Climate Change 0613  

Climate Change Threatens New England Birds 0613  

Climate Change Keeping Early Birds from Getting Worms 0613  

A Science of Signs of Spring 0313 

Nature Adapts to Shifting Seasons 0213 

Spring Has Sprung Early in Orlando 0113

Earliest Blooms Recorded in US 0113  

Autumn Onset Comes Later in US 1012  

Delay of Bloom Blamed on Climate Change 0512  

Ecological Partnerships are Getting Out of Sync 0512 

Plants Flower Faster Than Climate Models Predict 0512  

Spring Arrives Earlier, Fall Comes Later 0312

     Table below is from IPCC, 2007.  Many-species studies found (averages of range endpoints used) 0.8, 1.6, 4.5, 2.5, 2.85, 4.4, 3.1, 3.15, 6.3, and 0.45 days per decade earlier blooms or arrivals.  Grand average of these is 3.0 days per decade earlier.

Arctic Plankton Blooming 50 Days Earlier than 14 Years Ago 0311  

Cuckoos Thrown Off by Climate Change 0910  

Flowering Plants Bloom Earlier with Warming 0410 - Average is about 3.5 days/decade earlier.

Earth Out of Sync - Earlier Springs, Later Falls 0310


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Forests - in Retreat

Below is an example from US Forest Service of projected US range loss - for sugar maple - with high emissions.
1 of MANY species, from  Habitat in 2100, but actual distribution will lag, as trees are long-lived.

Deforestation Is Pushing Amazon Rainforest to ‘Point of No Return’ 1122

How Does Forest Restoration in the U.S. Southwest Look with Climate Change? 1022

GT (Huge) Carbon Net Loss in Forests of Canada, Amazon & Australia + Permafrost 0922

Forest Loss in East Brazil Changes How Close the Amazon Is to a Tipping Point 0922

Climate Change Threatens Health and Survival of Urban Trees 0922

Mass Death of Sequoias Is the Harbinger of Earth Systems Collapse 0822

Wildfires Are Destroying California's Forest Carbon Credit Reserves 0822

'Staggering' Rate of Global Tree Losses from Fires 0822

How Deforestation Is Pushing the Amazon toward a Tipping Point 0722

Global Heating Has Caused Shocking Changes in Forests across the Americas 0822

Climate Change’s Impact Intensifies, Led by Arctic 0822 - Boreal forests are moving north, retreating from the south and advancing into the tundra.

Climate Change Is Warming Canada's Great Expanse of Boreal Forest, Bringing Greater Risk of Fire and Disease 0822 - ditto

‘In 10 Years, We Might Not Have Forests’ - DRC Struggles to Halt Charcoal Trade 0722

World’s Largest Trees Are Struggling to Survive Climate Change 0622 in Sequoia National Park

In an Increasingly Warmer World, Trees Are Not a Climate Change Cure-All 0522

Experts Fear These Forests Could Shift from Absorbing CO2 to Emitting It 0422

Massive Wildfires Helped Fuel Global Forest Losses in 2021 - 0422

The World Has Been Losing 10 Soccer Fields of Tropical Forest Per Minute 0422

Tropical Trees’ Growth and CO2 Intake Hit by More Extreme Dry Seasons 0422

Amazon Rainforest Hurtles toward a Tipping Point, Can't Recover from Droughts, Logging 0322

Lumber Prices Rose, in Part, due to Warmer Weather, Pine Beetles 0222

Unnatural Disasters Plague Canada's Forests, Half Our Tree Species May Disappear 0222

Tipping Points Passed? (4) Forests and the Amazon - a Faltering Carbon Sink 0122

Lumber Prices Are off the Rails Again.  Blame Climate Change. 0122

Tropical Forests Can Recover from Deforestation Remarkably Fast, if Near Forests 1221

Germany's Forest Fight 1221

Wildfires Are Erasing Western Forests.  Climate Change Is Making It Permanent. 1121

Sleeping Beauty's Forest Is Dying, Climate Crisis Faces Next German Chancellor 0921

Bolsonaro’s 1,000 km Amazon Railway Will Cause Climate Chaos. We Must Stop It 0721

Hotter and Drier - Deforestation and Wildfires Take a Toll on the Amazon 0721

As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Fears that without the Forest, We Don’t Have Life 0721

The Brazilian Amazon Is Burning, Again 0621

Trees Fell Faster since Companies, Governments Promised to Stop Felling Them 0521

Settlers Invade, Deforest Colombian National Parks at ‘Unstoppable Speed’ 0521

Latest Warning of Rainforest Turning into Savanna as Climate Warms 0321

Tropical Forest Destruction Accelerated in 2020 - 0321

Is This the End of Forests as We’ve Known Them? 0321

2/3 of Tropical Rainforest Destroyed or Degraded Globally 0321

As Amazon Forest-to-Savanna Tipping Point Looms, Solutions Remain Elusive 0221

Tropical Forests Can Take the Heat.  But Dryness?  Not So Much 1220

Brazil's Amazon - Deforestation Surges to 12-Year High 1120

Warming Planet Makes Northeastern Forests More Susceptible to Western-Style Wildfires 1120

Forest Degradation Outpaces Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon 1020

Amazon near Tipping Point of Switch from Rainforest to Savannah 1020

Climate Doesn’t Just Worsen Wildfires, It Hobbles Forests’ Ability to Recover 0920

Germany’s Forests Decimated by Insects, Drought 0720

‘Going in the Wrong Direction’ - More Tropical Forest Loss in 2019 - 0620

Amazon Deforestation Increases for 13th Straight Month in Brazil 0520

Climate Change, Deforestation Harm Old-Growth Forests 0520

Forests Are Vanishing More Slowly, but Not Slowly Enough 0520

Amazon Rainforest Reaches Point of No Return 0320

Record-High Global Tree Cover Loss Driven by Agriculture 0320

Deforestation Drivers by Type, Amount and Continent

Amazon Deforestation 'at Highest Level in a Decade' 1119

Climate Emissions from Tropical Forest Damage Underestimated by a Factor of 6 - 1019

Biggest Tropical Wetlands Ravaged by Fires in Brazil 1119

What Happens to Soil Microbes after Wildfire? 1019

Amazon Rainforest ‘Close to Irreversible Tipping Point' 1019

What Happens When the Amazon Forest Disappears? 1019 - savannah, fires more often, cerrado trees

Deforestation Is Worsening, 5 Years after Nations & Companies Vowed to Stop It 0919

What Would Happen if All the World’s Trees Disappeared? 0919 - Earth would become a vastly warmer planet (more than +12°C since industrial revolution began), whose mass extinctions may include humans.

Bolivian Wildfires Destroy 2 Million Hectares (8,000 Square Miles) of Forest 0919

‘It’s Really Close’ - How the Amazon Rainforest Could Self-Destruct 0819 - 20-25% deforestation would drive runaway dieback, fueld by ever less rainfall due to less forest.  19.3% is Brazil’s government’s estimate of deforestation.

Northern Ecuadorian Region Has Lost 61% of Forests 0919

The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia - A World of Fire 0819

Stability of Earth's Climate Depends on Amazonia 0819

Amazon Fires Could Accelerate Global Warming, Harm Biodiversity for Centuries 0819

Tree-Damaging Pests Pose ‘Devastating’ Threat to 40% of US Forests 0819

Charred Forests Not Growing Back as Expected in Pacific Northwest 0719

California’s Drought Killed Almost 150 Million Trees 0719

Climate Change Causes Growth Spurt Among Old Trees 0619

Some of Pennsylvania’s Iconic Tree Species Might Not Survive Climate Change 0619

Climate Change May Make trees Live Fast and Die Young 0519

Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West 0319 - take 1 on study

Climate Change Will Make a Walk in the Woods a Much Rarer Pleasure 0319 - take 2

Adapt to a Changing Amazon Now, or Pay Far Higher Price Later, Experts Say 1218

Haiti May Lose All Primary Forest by 2035, Mass Extinction Underway 1118

Grasslands May Be More Reliable Carbon Sinks than Forests in California 0718

Tracking the Shift of Tropical Forests from Carbon Sink to Source 0718

Brazil’s Political Storm Driving Amazon Deforestation Higher 0718

Tropical Forests Suffered Near-Record Tree Losses in 2017 - 0618

Could El Niño and Climate Change Spell the End for Tropical Forests? 0618

Tree Killing Fungi and Insects Increasingly Contribute to Climate Change 0518

Dwindling Desert Dust Spells Danger for the Amazon 0518

Climate Change, Wildfire, and the Future of Forests 0418 - Forests now often don’t regenertate after fires.  They need more heat-tolerant species or become savannahs and grasslands.  Forestys retreat upslope.

Half of Alberta's Boreal Forest Could Disappear from Fires and Climate Change 0318

12,000 Square Miles of Australian Forest to Be Lost in 15 Years 0318

Vermont Forests Vulnerable to Climate Change 0218

Beech Booming as Climate Changes.  That’s Bad for Forests. 0218

Carbon Pricing Could Save Millions of Hectares of Tropical Forest 0218

Australian Trees ‘Sweat' (without Photosynthesis) to Survive Extreme Heat Waves 0118

Some Forests Are Not Growing Back after Wildfires, Research Finds 1217

With Climate Change, Tree Die-Offs May Spread in the West 1217

How Climate Change Is Impacting the American West Right Now 1217

Mangroves Lack the Genetic Diversity to Adapt to Climate Change 1217

Why the Forest Carbon Sink Is Disappearing - Death by 1,000 Cuts 0917

Swiss Trees Swelter as Climate Warms 0817

A Nebraska-Sized Area of Forest Disappeared in 2015 - 0717

California Forests Failing to Regrow After Intense Wildfires 1216

Amazon Rainforest Destruction Is Speeding Up, When Earth Can Least Afford It 1216

Unhealthy Forests Affect Distant Ecosystems 1216

Mapping Shows Extent of Alaska Yellow-Cedar Die-off, Forecasts big Losses 1116

Why India Is Becoming a Drier, Hotter and Angrier Country 1116

Deforestation Forces Up Brazil’s Carbon Emissions 1116

Balsam Fir May Disappear in New Brunswick, Due to Climate Change 0916

Turning up the Heat to Push Many Australian Plants to the Brink 0916

Rising Temperatures Stunt Tree Growth 0816

Drought Shut Down Amazon Carbon Sink 0716

Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming 0516

Fort McMurray Blaze Set the Stage for Even Bigger, Hotter Wildfires 0516

Queensland's Mangrove Ecosystem Dying in Secret 0516

Let’s Save Uganda’s Disappearing Forests 0316

China's Success Regrowing Its Forests Has a Flip Side - Deforestation Elsewhere 0316

US Forests Struggle, as Drought and Climate Change Bite 0316

Africa’s Forests ‘Threatened by Palm Oil Rush' 0216

Drought’s Alarming Toll on California Forests 0216

California Drought Could Kill 58 Million Trees, Terrible News Future Water Supply 1215

Climate Change Could Cause a ‘Massive’ Tree Die-off in the US Southwest 1215 - 2°C is huge for trees.

More than Half the Amazon Tree Species Are at Risk of Extinction 1115

Forest Dieback Could Undermine U.S. Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions 1115

Indonesia Blazes Threaten Endangered Orangutans 1115

Climate Change, Wildfire Seen Transforming Northwest Forests 1015

US Forests Threatened, as Demand for Wood-Based Biofuels Grows 1015

Indonesian Fires Are Pouring Huge Amounts of Carbon into the Atmosphere 1015 - peat +.  CO2 > Germany's, Japan’s.

Alaskan Wildfires Could Make Global Warming Worse 1015.  Soils, permafrost too.

Rapid and Startling Decline of World’s Vast Boreal Forests 1015

Tinderbox of the World - the World’s Northern Forests 1015

Deforestation Halved over Past Decades 0915

Tree Loss Slows, but Covers Area Twice the Size of Portugal in 2014 - 0915

Northern Forests Face Onslaught from Heat and Drought 0815

Earth Is on Track to Lose an India-Sized Chunk of Tropical Forests by 2050 - 0815

Massive Wildfires Transform Siberian Paradise (by Lake Baikal) into Disaster Area 0815

The Forests of the World Are in Major Trouble 0815

Climate Change Is Forcing Boreal Forest to Tipping Point 0815

Haze Chokehold Spurring Efforts to Save Indonesia’s Forests 0815

Andes' Migrating Trees Are Moving towards Extinction 0815

Drought Damages Trees' Ability to Store Carbon 0715

Burning Olympics Rain Forest Raises Concern about Future 0715

Drought Kills 12 Million Trees in California's National Forests 0515

Global Warming Is Already Clobbering the Amazon 0415

Climate Change Threatens to Kill Off More Aspen Forests by 2050s - 0315

Pine Beetle Epidemic Spreads East Across Canada 0315

California’s Forests - Where Have All the Big Trees Gone? 0115

Moisture Shortfall, Heat Threaten Southwestern Forests 0115

The Southwest’s Most Important Number - Vapor Pressure Deficit 0115

Success of ‘Land Sparing' Will Depend on Global Economics, Regulations 1214

Beetles Ravaging Tucson's Big Pines 1214

Amazon Rainforest Losing Ability to Regulate Climate 1014

Amazon Deforestation Picking up Pace, Satellite Data Reveals 1014

Fewer Aspens in Colorado's Future 1014

Summer Heat, Invasive Insects Take Toll on Interior Alaska Birch Trees 1014

Climate Change affects Canada’s Northern Forests Faster than Global Average 0914

Brazil Says Amazon Deforestation Rate Up for First Time in Years 0914

Rockies' Pines, Firs Lose Majority of Habitat on Current Climate Path 0914

Canada Leads World in Forest Decline 0914

Will Iconic Sequoias Fall to Climate Change? 0814

Clearing in the Trees 0814 Congo, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Costa Rica
   See 4 measures at R: deforest in % & sq km / yr; forest cover in % & sq km.

Japanese Red Cedars, etc. to Replace Britain's Oaks, Due to Climate Change 0814

Another Key Forest on Brink of Depletion by Loggers, Charcoal Burners 0814

Canada’s Boreal Forests Are Burning – and Releasing Loads of Carbon 0714

Deforestation, Drought Push Amazon Toward Destruction by Fire 0414

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Sky-High Race Against Time for Amazon Biodiversity 1213

High Resolution Global Maps Show Increasing Forest Loss in Tropics 1113

Precarious Future Looms for Canada’s Great Inland Delta 1113

Key Mangrove Forest (in Bangladesh) Faces Major Threat from a Coal Plant 1013

Indonesia’s Forests Are Shrinking, Despite Reforms 1013

Global Warming Forecast for Amazon Rain Forest: Dry and Dying 1013

British Forests Under New Threat from Pests 1013

Saving the Great North Woods 1013

Deforestation Sparks Concern in Amazon 0813

   Brazil's deforestation rose 28% in 2012, from ~2,300 to 2,900 square miles.

Mega-Drought in US Southwest Is Bad Omen for Forests Globally 0613

Brazil Rain Forest Deforestation Leads to Seed Shrinkage 0513 

Sumatran Rainforest Will Mostly Disappear within 20 Years 0513

Climate Change Threatens Giant Sequoias 0313

Climate Change Thins Forests in Eastern US 0213  

How Warmed Trees Die of Thirst and Starve 1212 

Mighty Old Trees Are Perishing Fast 1212 

New England Hardwood Forests to Take Big Hit from Warming 1112 

Drought Puts Trees the World Over ‘At the Edge’ 1112 

Climate Change Killing Sahel Trees 1211

Insect Destruction of US Forests Rises 3-fold 0711  

Bugged Forests Bad for Climate 1210 

Steeper Decline of Mangrove Forests 0810 

Deforestation Takes 3 Stages per Patch 0810 

Aspens Die in West 1009

2°C Rise Would Trigger 20-40% Amazon Rainforest Die-off 0609

Amazon Forest Mostly Doomed 0309 

Forests Dying in US West from Climate Change 0109


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.

Forests - General

Forest Research Links Carbon Uptake and Water Use 0622

Climate, Carbon-Cycle Effects of Fossil-Fuel Use vs Deforestation Disturbances 0522

Across the Boreal Forest, Scientists Are Tracking Warming’s Toll 0122

As Extreme Fires Transform Alaska’s Boreal Forest, More Aspen and Birch Are Coming In.  That Can Slow Fires and Their Climate Impact 0421

Human-Driven Climate Change Is Changing the Colors of Fall Foliage 1020

Shorter Lifespan of Faster-Growing Trees Will Add to Climate Crisis 0920

Climate Change Is Hurting Forests' Ability to Filter Agricultural Nitrate Pollution 0419

Tropical Forest Canopies Get Hotter than Expected, Putting Wildlife at Risk 0818

Climate Change Is Making Trees Bigger, but Weaker 0818

American Trees Are Moving West, and No One Knows Why 0517

Drylands Greener with Forests than Previously Thought 0517

Canada’s Eastern Boreal Forest Could Become a Climate Change Refuge 0916

Warming Climate Causing Extensive Greening in Canada, Alaska 0616

China's Success Regrowing Its Forests Has a Flip Side - Deforestation Elsewhere 0316

China's Forest Conservation Program Shows Proof of Success 0316

Paris Climate Deal Could ‘Displace Millions of Forest Dwellers' 0216

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth 0915

How Global Warming May Make Forests Shorter and Scrubbier 0515

Is This the End of Autumn as We Know It? 1014 - focus on timing and brilliance of leaf color changes

Deforestation - Brazil is a Success Story for Conservation 0814

Once Resilient, Trees In US West Now More Vulnerable To Fires 0713

Agro Forestry Greatly Improves Food Security 0613 

Maine Scientists Envision Changing Forests 0513 

Climate Change Effects Already Felt in Amazon Rainforest 0413  

Tropical Forests to Be Resilient to Climate Change 0313  

Warming Bringing Big Changes to US Forests 0213  

Is the Amazon Rainforest Drying Out? 1212 

West Africa Forest Biomass Grows Despite Drought 0812  

New GHG Source ID's - Decay in Living Trees 0812  

Columbus Cut Atmospheric CO2 Levels 1011

Faster Nitrogen Cycle in Forests Slows Global Warming 1011  

Forests Have a Tipping Point 1011

Tropical Forests Re-Shaped by Climate Change 0211  

Amazon Forest Could Shrink 85% by 2100 - Jones 0510 - PDF of 25 slides
       Projection below for Amazon shows 59% forest loss over 2 centuries.

     Sub-polar projections show 12-21% forest gain with +5°C.                Temperate ones show 8% gain to 11% loss.

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Trees Advance in Warmer World 0809

Climate Change Could Shrink Amazon Rainforest 85% 0309

Drought Turns Amazon Rainforest to CO2 Emitter 0309


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.


To Grow Coral Reefs, Get Them Buzzed 1022 - Run small electric current (milli-amps) thru coral reefs being built

Most Great Barrier Reef Coral Studied This Year Was Bleached 0522

How Marine Heat Waves in Hawaii Have Ripple Effects All the Way to Arizona 0522

These Hawaiian Corals Could Hold the Secret to Surviving Warming Waters 0522

Great Barrier Reef Faces More Damage as Hot Seas Cause Bleaching 0322

Some Corals Can Be Conditioned to Tolerate Heat 0322

Rumors of This Coral’s Survival Were Greatly Exaggerated 0228

Mediterranean Corals Collapse under Relentless Heat 0222

Could the Red Sea’s Heat-Resilient Corals Restore the World’s Dying Reefs 0122

Great Barrier Reef Faces Frequent Extreme Coral Bleaching at 2°C Heating 1121

14% of World’s Coral Lost in Less than a Decade 1021

The Ocean Has Lost Half Its Coral Reef Coverage 0921

Coral Reefs Face Disaster from Climate Change if We Don’t Curb CO2 Emissions 0721

U.N. Says Great Barrier Reef Is in Danger.  Aussie Government Bitterly Disagrees. 0621

Corals Swap in Heat-Resistant Algae to Better Cope with Global Warming 0521

Global Warming’s Extreme Rains Threaten Hawaii’s Coral Reefs 0421

Great Barrier Reef Doomed, as Up to 99% of Coral at Risk 0401

Coral Survivors Show Some Cope Better with Heat Waves 1220

Scientists Say Florida Reefs Have Lost Nearly 98% of Coral 1120

Warming Has Killed 1/2 the Great Barrier Reef’s Coral.  It May Never Recover. 1020

Algae Transplant Could Protect Coral Reefs Threatened by Warming Seas 0520

Climate Crisis Pushes World's Tropical Coral Reefs to Near-Annual Bleaching? 0320

Great Barrier Reef Bleaching after Record Hot Month of Sea Temperatures 0320

Earth's Coral Reefs Could Be Gone by 2100 - 0220

Record Heat Thrusts Hawaii Corals into ‘New Era’ of Bleaching 1019

Some Corals May Be Able to Tolerate Climate Change by Changing Which Algae Live within Them 0919

Outlook for the Great Barrier Reef Is Now Very Poor, Aussie Government Says 0819

Marine Heat Waves Kill Coral Instantly 0819

Great Barrier Reef Hard Coral Cover Close to Record Lows 0719

As Ocean Temperatures Rise, Corals Are Steadily Moving Poleward 0719

'Death Blow' - Corals, Algae Don't Acclimatize to More Acidic Seas 0519

Great Barrier Reef Moving South as Scientists Watch from Space 0419

Climate Change  Is Battering the Great Barrier Reef.  It Might Only Get Worse. 0419

Some Corals Becoming Resilient to Rising Temperatures 0319

Great Barrier Reef Headed for ‘Massive Death’ to Start ‘Planetary Catastrophe’ 0818

Great Barrier Reef Imperiled as Heat Worsens Die-Offs 0718

Coral Reefs ‘Will Be Overwhelmed by Rising Oceans’ 0618 - Corals cannot build a reef higher as fast as seas will rise.

Coral Decline in Great Barrier Reef ‘Unprecedented’ 0618 in 30+ years of monitoring

Great Barrier Reef Has Had 5 Near-Death Experiences in the Past 30,000 Years 0518

Global Warming Has Changed the Great Barrier Reef ‘Forever,’ Scientists Say 0418 - Branched corals lose, compact ones remain - for now.

Coral Reefs at Risk of Dissolving as Oceans Get More Acidic 0218

Coral Reefs Are Bleaching Too Frequently to Recover 0118

Damage to Its Coral Reefs Has Made Florida More Vulnerable to Storm Surges 0917

240-Year-Old Nautical Maps Show Coral Loss Is Much Worse than We Knew 0917

World's Northernmost Coral Reef Bleached in Japan 0717

Floods, Reef Loss and Migration - Asia's Future on a Hotter Planet 0717

The Great Barrier Reef Is a Treasure Worth $42 Billion 0617

US Coral Reefs Are on Course to Disappear within Decades 0517

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Plan No Longer Achievable, due to Climate Change 0517

Loss of Coral Reefs from Warming Seas Could Cost $1 Trillion Globally 0417

Great Barrier Reef - 2/3 Damaged in ‘Unprecedented' Bleaching 0417

Coral Reefs' Only Hope Is Halting Global Warming, Study Says 0317

Global Coral Die-Off 0317

Great Barrier Reef Bleached for Unprecedented 2nd Year Running 0317

Coral Bleaching Kills 70% of Japan’s Biggest Coral Reef 0117

Great Barrier Reef Not Likely to Survive if Warming Trend Continues 1216

Why the Death of Coral Reefs Could Be Devastating for Millions of Humans 1116

Northern Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Damage Worse, Surveys Show 1016

Global Coral Bleaching Event Might Become New Normal, Expert Warns 0916

Climate Change Unleashes Ghostly Death on Great Barrier Reef 0916

Sections of Great Barrier Reef Suffer Complete Ecosystem Collapse 0716 - Most fish populations plummet or vanish.

Global Coral Bleaching Event to Hit U.S. Hard, with No End in Sight 0616

Coral Reefs Doing Better Than Expected in Many Areas 0616 - where they are not otherwise impacted by humans

Sad Truth - Great Barrier Reef May Never Rebound to Previous Health 0516

1/3 of Central, Northern Great Barrier Reef Corals Dead 0516

Coral Species May Find Respite from Bleaching More than 40 Meters Below 0516

India’s Coral Reefs Experiencing Widespread Bleaching 0516

Florida’s Coral Reef Is Disintegrating 0516

Coral Bleaching Spreads from Great Barrier Reef to Western Australia 0416

93% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef Is Bleaching 0416

Climate-Related Death of Coral around World Alarms Scientists 0416

Link between Fossil Fuels and Great Barrier Reef Bleaching Is Incontrovertible 0316

Severe Coral Bleaching Worsens in Most Pristine Parts of Great Barrier Reef 0316

Longest Global Coral Bleaching on Record Isn’t Over Yet 0216

Coral Bleach Impact 0216 - 25-30% mortality so far in Fiji during this El Niño

Christmas Island Corals Aren’t Just Bleaching from El Niño.  They’re Dying. 1215

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115 -
     Pteropods, a food webbase , can’t form shells.

Pacific Ocean Becomes a Cauldron 1115 - 3rd great cral bleaching event is under way.

Dramatic Worldwide Coral Bleaching Event Is Now Underway 1015

World's Richest Reef System Could Soon Succumb to Climate Change – WWF 0915

3rd Recorded Global Coral Bleaching Event May Be Underway 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Scientists Warn that 2°C Target Is Not Enough to Protect Corals, Marine Life 0815

Australia's Deep-Sea Coral Reefs Could Be Dead within 50 Years 0615

How Corals Could Survive a Warming Planet.  (But What about Acidity?) 0615

Global Warming Fuels Coral Killer 0215

Warmer Waters Help Starfish Thrive and Devour the Great Barrier Reef 0215

To Save Coral Reefs, First Save the Mangroves 0215

Genetically Modified Coral Could Help Save Reefs 0215

Something Really, Really Terrible Is About to Happen to Our Coral 0115    coral stress maps: 1998 below, 2015 below that

‘Doomed’ Corals to Face Worst Bleaching in Decades 1214

Great Barrier Reef Protection Plan ‘Ignores the Threat of Climate Change' 1014

Great Barrier Reef - 'a Massive Chemistry Experiment Gone Wrong’ 1014

Panama’s Coral Reefs Ringed with Threats 1014

Caribbean Coral Reefs ‘Will be Lost Within 20 Years’ 0714

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Coral Reefs Die as Ocean Water Warms and Turns Acid 0613 

Coal Boom Could Destroy Great Barrier Reef 0513

Particulates from Fossil Fuels Affect Coral Growth 0413

Warming Favors Soft Corals Over Hard Reef-Building Corals 0313

Australia's Coal to Destroy Great Barrier Reef 0313

Booming Coal Exports Threaten Great Barrier Reef 0213 

Caribbean Coral Reefs Ready to Shrink 0113

Half of Great Barrier Reef Coral Lost in Last 27 Years 1012 

World’s Coral Reefs Can No Longer Be Saved 0712 

Coral Reefs Move North 1111

Coral Reefs Head for Fishing & Climate Crisis 0211  

Coral Reef Future Is Bleak - Hoegh-Guldberg 0111 - PDF

Warming Kills Up to 80% of Corals in Indian Ocean 1010

Heated Oceans Endanger Coral Reefs 0910   Red high risk, blue low, yellow medium

See map of acid effect on coral reefs on Ocean Acidity section of Water page.

Coral Reef Deaths Soar in Record Ocean Heat 0710

Warming Slows Red Sea Coral Growth 0710

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Outlook Poor for Great Barrier Reef 0909

19% of Coral Reefs Gone, Rest Going 1208


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Pests. .Misc.

Aquatic Life - Ocean & Other

map from January 2018

Climate Change Is on Track to Wipe Out Most Ocean Life 0422

Ocean Animals Face a Mass Extinction from Climate Change 0422

Climate Change Speeds Up Sound in the Ocean.  That’s Bad for Marine Animals. 0422

Climate Crisis Is Suffocating the World’s Lakes 0621

Melting Ice in Arctic Linked to Bowhead Whales Holding Off Annual Migration 0421

British Columbia’s Seamounts Are Becoming Uninhabitable 1020 - falling oxygen levels as waters warm are the culprit

How Can We Minimize Harm from More Common & Intense Marine Heat Waves? 0820

Researchers Warn a Warming Ocean Threatens Giant Kelp Forests 0820

Climate Change Makes Some Fish Smaller, and Others Bigger 0420

Acid Oceans Are Shrinking Plankton, Fueling Faster Climate Change 0819

Warming May Reduce Sea Life 17% - 0619

Warmer Waters, Less Oxygen, Threaten Large Invertebrates in the Arctic 0619

Climate Change Forces Arctic Sea Animals to Shift Feeding Habits 0319

Crabs Are Adapting to Climate Change by Eating Methane-Filled Bacteria 0219

Venomous Sea Creatures on the Rise, Thanks to Climate Change 1018

Turn Up The Heat, Turn Down Ocean Productivity 0518

Octopuses May Go Blind as Climate Change Sucks Oxygen Out of the Ocean 0519

Fish Will Start Losing Sense of Smell as CO2 Levels Rise 0718

Scientists Confirm Florida-Sized Dead Zone in the Gulf of Oman 0418

'Game Changer' - New Vulnerability to Climate Change in Ocean Food Chain 0318

Seagrass Meadows Are Vital, but in Serious Decline 0218

Decline in Krill Threatens Antarctic Wildlife, from Whales to Penguins 0218

Death by Killer Algae 1117

As Oceans Warm, the World’s Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear 1117

Failing Phytoplankton, Failing Oxygen - Global Warming Could Suffocate Life on Earth 1215

Box Jellyfish Will Destroy Ocean Ecosystems by Gobbling Up the Food 0917

Warming Planet Is Hazard to Fish, via Increased Salinity and Algal Blooms 0917

Hot Spots in a Freezing Ocean Offer Lessons in Climate Change 0817

Where's the Kelp?  Warm Ocean Takes Toll on Undersea Forests 0817

Climate Change May Shrink the World’s Fish 0817

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Is the Largest Ever, Size of New Jersey 0817

Climate Change Will Worsen Nitrogen Runoff, Algae and Dead Zones 0717

Deep Sea Life Faces Dark Future due to Warming and Food Shortage 0217 - less food from above; triple whammy of less oxygen, more acid, and too warm (rate 1,000s of times what deep seas have seen)

Warmer Oceans Encouraging 2 New Phytoplankton Groups 0117

Pacific Warm Water “Blob” Contributed to a Record Toxic Algae Bloom 1216

Global Warming Alters Arctic Food Chain, with Unforeseeable Results 1116

Ocean Slime Spreading Quickly Across the Earth 0816

Warming Could Mean More Algae Blooms Like Florida’s 0716

Ocean Warming due to Plankton Collapse 0616

CO2 Causing 'Intoxication' of Ocean Fish Sooner than Expected 0116

Pacific Shellfish Set for Price Hike, as Ocean Acidity Keeps Rising 0116

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115

Marine Food Chains at Risk of Collapse, Extensive Oceans Study Finds 1015

Climate Change Could Push These Tiny Marine CyanoBacteria to Evolve - Irreversibly 0915

Great Barrier Reef Species More at Risk from Climate Change 0815

Too Warm, Too Few Fish - Health Warning for World’s Oceans 0815

Ocean Acidification Threatens Balance of Plankton Species - Why That Matters 0715

Tropical Fish Are Genetically Adapting to Cope with Warmer Waters 0715

Seaweed Might Have the Power to Make the Oceans Less Acidic 0515

Dead Zones - Where Animals Suffocate and Die - Found in Atlantic Open Waters 0415

The Changing Tide 0415

Lobster Growth Rates Declining 0415

Sea Urchins Work Overtime to Cope with Rising Ocean Acidity 0315

Climate Change Can Skew Fish Gender Ratios 0315

Massive Ocean Oxygen Loss from Melting Ice, Warming, 10-17 Millennia Ago 0115

Examining How Marine Life Might Adapt to Acidified Oceans 0514

Warmer Water Linked to More Mercury in Fish 1013

Algal Blooms Causing Concern in Northern Lakes 1013

Toxic Algal Blooms and Warming Waters: the Climate Connection 0913

Warming Lake Superior Prompts a Tribe to Try a New Fish 1013

As Antarctic Sea Ice Melts, Seaweed Smothers Seafloor 0813

Ocean Microbes Feel a Warming Climate’s Effects 0713  

78% Drop in Coastal Fish Over 40 Years Off California 0713

Jellyfish Surge in Mediterranean 0613

Slippery Slope to Slime 0413

Dead Zones Warming Extinguished Most Species 180 Mya 0213

Climate Change May Shrink Fish 0912

Ocean Acidification Threatens Food Security 0912  

Volcanic Vents Model CO2 Acid Future - 30% Biodiversity Loss 0212

UK Warming Replaces Cold-Water Fish with Warm 0911

Oceans Are Dying 0610

Fish Shrink Due to Climate Change 0709

Acid Ocean Thins Marine Shells 0409 

Warming Drives Jellyfish Explosion 0808

Warm Seas Hurt Plankton 1206 

Adding CO2 Damages Ocean Life 0706 

Acid Ocean Destroys Diatoms 0406


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Misc.

Toxic Algae

Florida Red Tides Getting Worse, May Be Hard to Control - due to Climate Change 0122

Toxic Algae Blooms Are Multiplying.  The Government Lacks a Plan to Help. 1021

Black Summer Bushfires Triggered Southern Ocean Algal Blooms Bigger than Australia 0921

Harmful Algal Blooms Come to Lake Superior, Once Believed Immune 0921

Another Red Tide Left 15 Tons of Dead Fish on Tampa Bay Shores.  More on Tap. 0721

Algal Blooms Target Sea Otter Hearts 0421

Massive Kamchatka Die-Off Threatens Bottom Dwellers, Endangered Sea Otters 1020

Lake Erie’s Toxic Green Slime is Getting Worse with Climate Change 0820

As Cape Cod Warms, Nightmare of Toxic Algae Plagues Its Ponds 0720

Rising Ocean Temperatures Intensify Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Levels in Southeast Alaska Waters 0819

Climate Change Could Worsen Foul-Smelling Algae on Mexican Tourist Beaches 0719

This Year’s Wild, Wet Spring Is Feeding Massive Blobs of Toxic Algae 0719

Algae Blooms Fed by Farm Flooding Add to Midwest's Climate Woes 0619

As Climate Warms, Algae Blooms in Drinking Water Supplies 0918

Algae Bloom in Lake Superior Raises Worries on Climate Change and Tourism 0918

How Climate Change Is Making ‘Red Tide’ Algal Blooms Even Worse 0818

Toxic Algae Spreads in Baltic Waters, in Biggest Bloom in Years 0818

Warming Drives Spread of Toxic Algae in US 0618

Toxic Algae Blooms Occurring More Often, May Be Caught in Climate Change Feedback Loop 0518

Death by Killer Algae 1117 - oceans

250,000 Football Fields of Green Algae Now Cover Lake Erie 1017

Climate Change Is Making Algal Blooms Worse 0417

Global Warming Could Bring Rise in Toxic Shellfish That Can Lead to Memory Loss and Potentially Kill 0117

Pacific Warm Water “Blob” Contributed to a Record Toxic Algae Bloom 1216

The Pacific Blob Caused an Unprecedented Toxic Algal Bloom; More Is Coming 0916

Toxic Algal Bloom Explodes in Chesapeake Bay This Summer 0916

Warming Could Mean More Algae Blooms Like Florida’s 0716

Toxic Algae May Become Common on British Columbia Coast 0316

Rising Lake Temperatures May Worsen Algae Blooms 1215

Heavier Rains Mean More Toxic Blooms for Lake Erie 0715

Flooding May Spur Algae in Lake Erie 0715

Algal Blooms Causing Concern in Northern Lakes 1013

Warming May Mean More Toxic Algae Blooms for Lake Erie 0413  

Harmful Algae Blooms Increase as World Lakes Warm 0113 

Other Pests

New Tick Diseases Brought Here by Climate Change Are Difficult to Diagnose 0622

As Animals Migrate due to Climate Change, 1,000s of New Viruses Will Hop from Wildlife to Humans.  Mitigation Won’t Stop Them. 0622

Rattlesnakes Thrive in California amid Increasingly Hot Temperatures 0522

Winter Ticks Wiped Out Nearly 90% of Moose Calves in Part of Maine in 2021 - 0522

Rains Drive Biggest South African Locust Infestation in Decades 0422

Lumber Prices Rose, in Part, due to Warmer Weather, Pine Beetles 0222

Climate Change Lets Mosquitoes Flourish and Feast in Los Angeles 0921

Grasshopper Swarms Overwhelm US West 0721

Thick Blanket of ‘Sea Snot’ Is Wreaking Havoc on Turkey’s Coast 0521

Ticks – and Tick-Borne Risks - Creep North as the Arctic Climate Warms 0421

Disease-Bearing Ticks Thrive as Climate Change Heats Up US 0820

Changing Climate Creates Ideal Conditions for Devastating Locust Swarms 0620

Jellyfish Are Causing Mayhem as Pollution, Climate Change See Numbers Boom 0119

Why the Arctic’s Mosquito Problem Is Getting Bigger, Badder 0817

How Global Warming Is Making the Nitrogen Problem Worse 0817

Exotic Ticks Appear to Be Establishing Themselves in Alaska 0816

Pests and Drought Hit Nigeria's Tomato Farms 0716

Argentina Scrambles to Fight Biggest Plague of Locusts in 60 Years 0116

In Warming Arctic, Mosquitoes May Live Long and Prosper 0915

The New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Pine Beetle Epidemic Spreads East Across Canada 0315

Hay Fever Season Becoming Longer, More Intense with Climate Change 0215

Earth’s Fresh-Water Resources at Risk 0115

'Ticked Off' Report Shows People Increasingly Bugged by Outdoor Pests 0814

In New Jersey Pines, Trouble Arrives on 6 Legs 1213

Jellyfish Winning the Fight for Food - Against Humans 1113

Killer Hornets Wreak Havoc in China 1013

Climate Change Making Poison Ivy Grow Bigger & Badder 0713

Climate Change Blamed for Growing Allergy Problems 0613 

Climate Change Linked to More Pollen, Allergies, Asthma 0513  

Locust Plagues Point to Climate Change’s Grim Future 0513  

Cicadas Swarming US East Coast Are Climate Change Veterans 0513  

Climate Change Raises Locust Threat 0313  

Global Warming Brings on More Pollen 0313  

Warming Doubles Tree-Killing Beetles 0312 - Map below from US Forest Service, not just beetles.  The 3 graphs show affected areas by pest species on vertical axis, using a logarithmic scale.

Pollen Allergies Soar as Temperature Rises 0410

Warming Has Boosted Insect Breeding 1209

Warming Drives Jellyfish Explosion 0808


GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests.


Warming Winters Are Increasing Fertilizer Runoff and Polluting Waterways 1022

How Extreme Heat Could Wreck Cities 0822 - infrastructure mostly, in detail

Sea Life May Downsize with Ocean Warming, with Challenging Impacts 0822

Climate Change Might Be Shrinking Amazonian Birds 0122

Global Heating Linked to Early Birth and Damage to Babies’ Health 0122

Amazonian Birds Are Shrinking in Response to Climate Change 1221

Animals of the Future 1121 - reshape & resize, mostly smaller

Animals' Limbs Are Stretching and Warping due to Climate Change 0921

The Effects of a Warmer World Are Visible in Animals’ Bodies 0921

Pristine Lake Tahoe Shrouded in Smoke from Threatening Fire 0821

Global Warming 55 Million Years Ago Could Hint at Our Scorching Future 0821- Methane hydrates from the ocean floor  unleashed average global surface tremperatues 11°C hotter than today..  Consequences included hungrier insects, oceanic extinctions, rapid evolution, shrinking mammals, and strange new rains (water vapor transport from equator to poles) and danger zones, as ocean oxygen levels plummeted.

Hotter Worlds Cut Humans’ Size − and Their Brains? 0721

US Wildfires’ Increasing Toll on Wildlife 0721

Fertility Loss Looms for Many Species, due to Climate Change 0521

Midge Fossils Show They Too Are Larger in Colder Climates 0521 - Similar to large mammals, they shrink as climate warms.

Climate Change Is Leading to Premature Births in the Brazilian Amazon 0321

Rising Temperatures Driving a Shift to All-Female Sea Turtle Populations 1220

Why Bees Aren’t Having Sex in the Heat 0520

For These Bears in the Ukraine, It's Too Warm to Hibernate 1219

Birds Are Shrinking.  These Scientists Say It’s a Result of Global Warming. 1219

Climate Crisis Reducing Land’s Ability to Sustain Humanity, Says IPCC 0819

The Surprising Interplay between Climate Change and Fertility 0519

Sea Turtles Are Being Born Mostly Female due to Warming.  Will They Survive? 0419

Increasing Temperatures from Climate Change May Harm Babies' Hearts 0119

Climate Change, Stressors Will Alter Boy to Girl Baby Ratios 0119

Up to 93% of Green Turtles Could Be Female by 2100, due to Climate Change 1218

Climate Change Likely to Make Us Stupider 1218

Climate Change Might Lower Salaries 1217

7 Surprising Effects That Climate Change Will Throw Us 1117

9 Reasons Global Warming Is Great, According to a Texas Republican 0717

Climate Change Could Turn Africa's Sahel Lush and Green in Our Lifetimes 0717

When It’s Hot, Plants Become a Surprisingly Large Source of Air Pollution 0517

As the Planet Gets Hotter, Some Mammals May Get Smaller 0317

Reindeer Shrink in Arctic, as Climate Changes 1216

Save the Animals, Save the Planet? 0816 - Restoring predators can restore balance among plant species in ecosystems.

Secret World under the Snow Is in Trouble 0116

Earth Has Lost 1/3 of Arable Land in Past 40 Years 1215

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth 0915

Economists Warn of Less (Human) Sex on a Warmer Planet 1115

Global Warming, Evolution Are Clipping Bees' Tongues 0915

Another Side Effect of Climate Change and El Niño Events?  Shorter Human Kids. 1114

‘Green Revolution’ Brings Greater CO2 Swings 1114

Mountain Goats Are Shrinking – a Lot – Due to Global Warming 1014

Climate Change Could Alter the Human Male-Female Ratio 0914

Warming Could Bring Snakes as Long as Buses, Horses the Size of Cats 1113

Tibet - Life on the Climate Front Line 0813 - also available elsewhere

Carbon Acidification Could Harm Great Lakes Wildlife 0713

In Mekong Delta, Rice Boom Has Steep Environmental Cost 0713

Floating Tubes Test Sea-Life Ecosystems’ Sensitivity to Acidification 0613

Warming Bad for Life in Freshwater Lakes and Rivers 0613

Measuring Plankton Decline 0213  

Wiping Out Top Predators Messes Up the Climate 0213  

Warming to Stratify Arctic Ocean 0213

Honey Harvest Devastated by Wet Summer 1012 

Warming Turns Tundra Shrubs into Trees 0612  

How Mild Winters Affect Environment Ecosystems 0112

Warming Alters River Ecosystems a Lot 1010  

Pollination Crisis in India 0910

Excess CO2 Starves Plants of Nitrogen Nutrients 0510

GO TO .Too Hot. .Disease 1. .2. .Extinct. .Decline 1. .2. .3. .Range ∆. .Timing ∆. .Forest: Retreat. .General. .Coral. .Ocean. .Pests. .Misc.