Warming Doubles Tree-Killing Beetles 0312 - Map below from US Forest Service, not just beetles.  The 3 graphs show affected areas by pest species on vertical axis, using a logarithmic scale.

Misc. - Body, Shape Changes, etc


Sperm Count, Concentration, and Speed Suffer under Extreme Heat 0424

Shrinking Bodies, Growing Wings - Climate Change’s Effect on Birds 0523

‘Re-Wilding’ Parts of the Planet Could Have Big Climate Benefits 0323

Animals and People Are Clashing More Often, Thanks to Climate Change 0223

Climate Change Makes Its Presence Felt in the Amazon’s Shrinking Fish 0223

Less Attractive, Less Picky - How Mating Is Changing in a Hotter World 1122

Warming Winters Are Increasing Fertilizer Runoff and Polluting Waterways 1022

How Extreme Heat Could Wreck Cities 0822 - infrastructure mostly, in detail

Sea Life May Downsize with Ocean Warming, with Challenging Impacts 0822

Climate Change Might Be Shrinking Amazonian Birds 0122

Global Heating Linked to Early Birth and Damage to Babies’ Health 0122

Amazonian Birds Are Shrinking in Response to Climate Change 1221

Animals of the Future 1121 - reshape & resize, mostly smaller

Animals' Limbs Are Stretching and Warping due to Climate Change 0921

The Effects of a Warmer World Are Visible in Animals’ Bodies 0921

Pristine Lake Tahoe Shrouded in Smoke from Threatening Fire 0821

Global Warming 55 Million Years Ago Could Hint at Our Scorching Future 0821- Methane hydrates from the ocean floor unleashed average global surface tremperatues 11°C hotter than today.  Consequences included hungrier insects, oceanic extinctions, rapid evolution, shrinking mammals, and strange new rains (water vapor transport from equator to poles) and danger zones, as ocean oxygen levels plummeted.

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Hotter Worlds Cut Humans’ Size − and Their Brains? 0721

US Wildfires’ Increasing Toll on Wildlife 0721

Fertility Loss Looms for Many Species, due to Climate Change 0521

Midge Fossils Show They Too Are Larger in Colder Climates 0521 - Similar to large mammals, they shrink as climate warms.

Climate Change Is Leading to Premature Births in the Brazilian Amazon 0321

Rising Temperatures Driving a Shift to All-Female Sea Turtle Populations 1220

Why Bees Aren’t Having Sex in the Heat 0520

For These Bears in the Ukraine, It's Too Warm to Hibernate 1219

Birds Are Shrinking.  These Scientists Say It’s a Result of Global Warming. 1219

Climate Crisis Reducing Land’s Ability to Sustain Humanity, Says IPCC 0819

The Surprising Interplay between Climate Change and Fertility 0519

Sea Turtles Are Being Born Mostly Female due to Warming.  Will They Survive? 0419

Increasing Temperatures from Climate Change May Harm Babies' Hearts 0119

Climate Change, Stressors Will Alter Boy to Girl Baby Ratios 0119

Up to 93% of Green Turtles Could Be Female by 2100, due to Climate Change 1218

Climate Change Likely to Make Us Stupider 1218

Climate Change Might Lower Salaries 1217

7 Surprising Effects That Climate Change Will Throw Us 1117

9 Reasons Global Warming Is Great, According to a Texas Republican 0717

Climate Change Could Turn Africa's Sahel Lush and Green in Our Lifetimes 0717

When It’s Hot, Plants Become a Surprisingly Large Source of Air Pollution 0517

As the Planet Gets Hotter, Some Mammals May Get Smaller 0317

Reindeer Shrink in Arctic, as Climate Changes 1216

Save the Animals, Save the Planet? 0816 - Restoring predators can restore balance among plant species in ecosystems.

Secret World under the Snow Is in Trouble 0116

Earth Has Lost 1/3 of Arable Land in Past 40 Years 1215

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth 0915

Economists Warn of Less (Human) Sex on a Warmer Planet 1115

Global Warming, Evolution Are Clipping Bees' Tongues 0915

Another Side Effect of Climate Change and El Niño Events?  Shorter Human Kids. 1114

‘Green Revolution’ Brings Greater CO2 Swings 1114

Mountain Goats Are Shrinking – a Lot – Due to Global Warming 1014

Climate Change Could Alter the Human Male-Female Ratio 0914

Warming Could Bring Snakes as Long as Buses, Horses the Size of Cats 1113

Tibet - Life on the Climate Front Line 0813 - also available elsewhere

Carbon Acidification Could Harm Great Lakes Wildlife 0713

In Mekong Delta, Rice Boom Has Steep Environmental Cost 0713

Floating Tubes Test Sea-Life Ecosystems’ Sensitivity to Acidification 0613

Warming Bad for Life in Freshwater Lakes and Rivers 0613

Measuring Plankton Decline 0213  

Wiping Out Top Predators Messes Up the Climate 0213  

Warming to Stratify Arctic Ocean 0213

Honey Harvest Devastated by Wet Summer 1012 

Warming Turns Tundra Shrubs into Trees 0612  

How Mild Winters Affect Environment Ecosystems 0112

Warming Alters River Ecosystems a Lot 1010  

Pollination Crisis in India 0910

Excess CO2 Starves Plants of Nitrogen Nutrients 0510

Section Map: Bio Impacts