Snow & Ice

Profound Changes Underway in Earth’s Oceans and Ice - What Warnings Mean 0821

Thawing Permafrost Has Damaged the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Threatens More 0721

Thawing Permafrost Prompts Denali National Park to Reimagine Its Future 0721

Water Is Disappearing in the West -- Not Just during Summer (Snow Droughts) 0721

‘There's no ice’ - Warming Seas Chill Quebec’s Seal Tourism 0321

Rising Heat and Snow-Bare Peaks Chill Nepal's Mountain Economy 0221

Mountains, Ice and Climate Change - a Recipe for Disasters 0221

Tiny Growth Rings Link Sea Ice Loss to Tundra ‘Greening’ and ‘Browning’ 1220

Declining Snow Cover in U.S. Northeast Will Have Major Impacts on Rivers 1120

Climate Change Is Making Winter Ice More Dangerous 1120

How Melting Glaciers Are Threatening Livelihoods in the Himalayas 0720

Mountain Regions Face Growing Hazards as Ice Melts, UN Climate Panel Warns  0919

'Snow Droughts' Are Coming for the American West 0819

On Thin Ice - How Climate Change is Shaping Winter Recreation 0119

Himalayan Glaciers Are Wasting Away, Threatening Mountain Communities 0518

Canada’s Outdoor Rinks Are Melting.  So Is a Way of Life. 0318

Dry Winters Cost the Ski Industry $1 Billion 0218

As Glaciers Melt, Tourism Dries Up in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca 0118

Massive Snowfall Increases among Alaska’s Highest Peaks Stuns Scientists 1217

The World’s Northernmost Town Is at Risk of Disappearing 1217

Switzerland Just Had the Worst Month for Skiing in 100 Years 0117

Despite Gloomy California Snowpack Survey, State Water Officials Are Optimistic 0117

In the Polar Bear Capital of the World, the Snow Has Gone 1216

Human-Caused Warming Drove 2015’s Record Snow Drought in West Coast States 1116

Yellowstone Snowmobile Season Will Shorten 0916

Radical Arctic Melt - ‘Extraordinary Years Have Become the Normal Years’ 0716

In Canada's Far North, Warm Weather Threatens Vital Ice Roads 1215

Alaska Highway Permafrost Vulnerable to Climate Change 0615

California’s Snowpack Is Now 0% of Normal 0515

As Ice Turns to Slush, Experts Foresee End to Outdoor Hockey in Canada 0315

Global Warming Could Make Blizzards Worse 0115

Scientists See Shrinking California Snowpack as a Harbinger 0115

On Kilimanjaro - 'We Were Climbing Ice That Isn’t Going to Be There Next Week' 0115

Great Lakes Ice Breaking All the Rules 1214

Climate Change Forces the Alps to Adapt by Moving Villages 1114

Climate Change Is Melting Away Nepal's Mountain Tourism 1113

Climate Change Threat to Australia’s $1.8 Billion Snow Industry 1013

Peru Snowstorms Spark State of Emergency in Andes 0913

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Creates Ripple Effects 0813 

As Glaciers Melt, Alps Lose Their Glue 0513 

Global Warming's Paradox- More Antarctic Sea Ice 0413

Global Warming Means a Greener Arctic 0413 

Greenland Grows More Veggies & Sheep 0313 

Alps Face a Warmer World – Bringing Huge Change 0313 

Accelerated Warming Driving Arctic into New Volatile State 1212 

LNG Tanker Ob River Attempts First Winter Arctic Crossing 1112 

Wake-Up Call in Arctic 0912 

New Normal in Arctic 1211 

Vanishing Glaciers Plague Bolivia 1209 

Kilimanjaro Snows Gone by 2022 1109 

Extra Weight from Meltwater May Trigger Earthquakes and Volcanoes 0909 

Himalayan Tragedy Awaits India 0308

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