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Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill 1021

Big Oil Is Going All-Out to Fight Climate Rules in Build Back Better 1021

How the U.S. Could Slash Climate Pollution by 2030 - 0821

80% Clean Energy Standard for 2030 - Achievable with Massive Benefits 0821

With Global Warming Getting Worse, Urgent Action Is Needed - Scientists 0821

Biden Administration Wants Financial Sector to Face Up to Climate Risk 0321

Puget Sound Energy Plan Sets Conflict over Gas 0321

Carbon Capture Coalition Statement on the Reintroduction of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act 0221

Charting a Path towards Net-Zero - US Leadership in CO2  Removal Is Important 0221

Fed Creates Climate Committee 0121

Former Trump Adviser Opens GOP Climate Shop 0718

Michael Bloomberg Says President Trump Can Be a 'Great Leader' if He Accepts Climate Deal 0318

Former Trump Aide Calls Paris Climate Accord ‘a Good Republican Agreement’ 0218

Environmental Activists Are Suing Governments over Climate Change and Winning 0218

Who's Still Fighting Climate Change?  The U.S. Military 0217

How US Climate Plan Can Follow China and Europe - or Not 0815

Health Groups Praise Obama Plan on Coal, Saying It Will Save Lives 0815

Weather Channel Confronts Republicans on Climate Change 0615

‘Stand-up Economist’ Turns to Humor to Help Save the Planet 0115

In 2014, US Climate Movement Grew in Grassroots, But Lost Ground in Congress 1214

Texas ‘Miracle' Fuels Economic Boom - & Climate Change That May End It 1214

Faith Groups Divided over God’s Role in Climate Change, Natural Disasters 1114

Pacific Command Won't Wait on Politics to Plan for Climate Change Challenges 0814

Religious Conservatives Embrace Pollution Fight 0714

Court Ruling May Reverberate on ‘Social Cost’ of Carbon 0714

WV Editorial - Climate Change Deniers Ignore Real Devastating Dangers 0714

Climate Science Drops the Crystal Ball 0514

U.S. Says It Won’t Back New International Coal-Fired Power Plants 1013

Evangelical Scientists Urge Congress to Reduce Carbon Emissions 0713

Letter to Congress on Climate Change, by Evangeical Scientists 0713

Fast Food Chains Pursue Repeal of Renewable Fuel Mandate 0613

One Meteorologist's Conversion on Climate Change 0613

Climate Change Could Burn a Hole in the Government’s Finances - GAO 0213 

Defense Secretary Panetta Stresses Security Threat of Climate Inaction 0312

Obama Budget Cuts GHGs 0210 

Energy Policy Act of 2005 - a summary

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