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2022-2024 Articles

New Kind of Power Company Aims to Put a Battery in Every Texas Home 0524

Compressed Air for Long-Duration Energy Storage Approaches Moment of Truth 0524

Florida P&L Doubles Planned New Storage to More than 4 GW over 10 Years 0424

Battery Storage Costs Could Fall Up to 40% by 2030 - IEA 0424

The World Is Our Battery 0424 - a bit on 5 energy storage technologies: compressed air, lifting weights (gravity), concentrated heat, freezing then melting ice, flywheels.  Capacity, duration, lifertime, pros & cons

Energy Storage for Grid Reliability Can Increase Carbon Emissions 0424 - in a grid that is heavy with coal

Solar-EV-Heat Pump Homes Buy Electricity When It’s Cheap, Sell When It’s Costly 0424

US Grid Connection Queues Jumped 27% to 2.6 TW in 2023, Led by Solar, Storage 0424

US Energy Storage Rises 4.2 GW in Q4 2023, Year’s Additions Up 90% over 2022 - 0324

US Energy Storage Rises 59% amidst the Era of EVs and Falling Lithium Prices 0324

The Largest US Solar + Storage Project Is Complete 0124

BYD, Other Battery Giants Bet on Sodium for EVs & Storage, Challenging Lithium 1123

World Energy Storage Capacity Forecast to Exceed 1 TeraWatt-hour by 2030 - 1023

Green Mountain Power Proposes Home Energy Storage for All Vermonters 1023

Sodium-Seawater Batteries for Long-Term Stationary Energy Storage 1023

US Energy Storage Capacity Additions Rise 161% in Q2, Set New Record 0923

Xcel Colorado’s $15 Billion Plan - Double Renewables, Add Gas & Energy Storage 0923

Bill Gates-Backed Startup Pilots Thermal Storage Battery to Help Heavy Industry 0923

Energy Vault in Gravity Energy Storage Agreement with US Renewable Developer 0823

G.M. Will Add Backup Power Function to Its Electric Vehicles 0823

California Grid Has Expanded Battery Storage 10-Fold in in 3 Years 0723

US DoE Lab Boosts Flow Battery Capacity, Life Using Starch Derivative 0723

EcoFlow Just Launched Plug-and-Play Solar + Storage for Apartments 0623

Fighting Climate Change With Hot Bricks, Factory by Factory 0623

US Battery Storage Rose by 52% Year over Year, to 10.8 GW by End of 2023 Q1 - 0523

Multiplying Solar and Battery Factories Put Net Zero in Closer Reach 0523

York Energy Storage to Build $2.1 Billion, 858-MW Pennsylvania Pumped Storage 0523

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Is It a Lake, or a Battery? A New Kind of Hydropower Is Spreading Fast. 0523

Company Builds Facility That Lifts and Lowers 24-Tonne Bricks to Store Energy 0423

Why Rust Is the Future of Very Cheap Batteries 0323

New 200-MW Texas Storage Facility Is Largest Merchant Battery in World 0323

U.S. Energy Storage Capacity to Increase Nearly 6 X in 5 Years 0323

Battery Bonanza Is Being Sparked by Coal’s Exit in Australia 0323

U.S. Energy Storage Made Record Gains Last Year 0323

Giant Water Battery in the Alps Could Revolutionize Energy Storage 0223

B2U Reaches 25 MWh Storage Capacity with Used Honda & Nissan EV Batteries 0223

Tesla’a Q4 Storage Deployments Rise 152% to 2.5 GWh 0123

Xcel to Install Multi-Day Storage at Retired Coal Plant Sites, Eyes Green Hydrogen 0123

Energy Storage Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Transmission, to Integrate Renewables 0123

This Giant Underground Battery Is a $1-Billion Clean Energy Solution 0123

Texas Project Will Use Wind to Make Hydrogen Fuel Out of Water 0123

California Wine Town to Fight Blackouts with Batteries, Hydrogen 0123

Batteries That Store Energy Using Rusting Iron Could Help Decarbonize the Grid 1222

New Battery Is Cheaper than Lithium-Ion, with 4 X the Capacity 1222

Developers, Power Plants to Boost US Battery Storage Nearly 4 X by 2026 – EIA 1222

Commitments for 57 GW of Long-Duration Energy Storage since 2019 - 1222

Vanadium Flow Batteries Could Leapfrog over Pumped Hydro for Long Duration Energy Storage 1122

Super-Hot Salt Could Be Coming to a Battery near You 1122

Thermal Energy Could Raise Global Long-Duration Storage to 8 TW by 2040 - 1122

Storing Renewable Energy in Hot Sand Provides Heat for Long Nordic Nights 1122

Inflation Reduction Act Will Drive Development of 111 GWh of Energy Storage 1022

World’s Largest Compressed Air Energy Storage Project Goes Online in China 1022

Texas Drives Record Growth in US Energy Storage Market in Q2 of 2022 - 0922

India Plans to Become Green Hydrogen Giant to Cut Energy Imports 0922

Britain Bets on Futuristic Batteries to Cut Dependence on Gas 0822

PG&E, Tesla Virtual Power Plant Delivers 16.5 MW to Stressed California Grid 0822

Sand “Batteries” Could Solve the energy Storage Challenge 0722

Mercedes Strikes 2nd-Life Battery Pact with Canadian Startup 0722

Tesla Megapacks Are About to Replace Hawaii’s Last Remaining Coal Plant 0622

Puerto Ricans Built the World’s Largest Renewable Peaker Plant.  Let’s Use It. 0622

How Ford’s Electric Pickup Can Power Your House for 10 Days 0522

Miracle Fuel Hydrogen Can Actually Make Climate Change Worse 0522 - Leaks.  Hydrogen (H2) is tiny.  1st, leaked hydrogen reacts with OH radicals in the air to make H2O, instead of OH reacting with CH4 (methane) to turn it into CO2, a far less intense greenhouse gas.  2md, H2 facilitates formation of ground-level ozone, another potent greemhouse gas. 3rd,  H2 leads to more water vapor, another important greenhouse gas, in the stratosphere.

Up to 5.9 GW of Battery Storage in Duke Energy’s Carolinas Carbon Cuts Plan 0522

Tesla Maintains 2030 Target of 1,500 GWh Annual Energy Storage Deployment 0522

These Batteries Work from Home 0522

California’s All-Renewable Moment Shows the Future of the Power Grid 0522

Instant Long Duration Energy Storage - Just Add CO2 0422

Battery Storage Load Shifts 6 GWh a Day on CAISO Grid; State of Charge Prices 0422

U.S. Earmarks $504 Million to Back World’s Largest Hydrogen Hub 0422

Battery Storage Costs Rise More than 20% in New York, as It Pursues 6 GW Goal 0422

U.S. Grid-Scale Storage Installations Tripled to a Record 3 GW in 2021 - 0322

Giant Renewables Leap with Capillary Electrolysis to Make Cheap Hydrogen 0322

Saudi Arabia to Start Building Green Hydrogen Plant in Neom 0322

Denmark Takes 1st Steps towards Green Hydrogen Economy 0322

San Antonio Taps Quidnet Energy to Build Big Underground Battery 0322

From Fertilizer to Fuel - Can ‘Green’ Ammonia Be a Climate Fix? 0122

Improving Compressed Air Energy Storage Efficiency via Chemical Reactions 0122

Goldman Sachs’s Record-Setting Investment in Long-Duration Energy Storage 0122

Bi-Directional Vehicle Batteries Will Enable Effective Decentralized Grid 0122

Philippines’ San Miguel to Switch Battery Storage On, as It Pushes Renewables 0122

2021 Articles

US Storage Market Breaks Records with 3.5 GWh of New Deployments in Q3 - 1221

A New CO2 Battery Can Halve the Cost of Solar Energy Storage 1221

S&P Projects Record 71 GW of New US Wind and Solar Installations in 2022 - 1121

Global Energy Storage Set to Nearly Triple in 2021 - Wood Mackenzie Forecast 1021

Iron Battery Breakthrough Could Eat Lithium’s Lunch for Stationary Storage 0921

Major California Battery Outage Highlights Energy Storage Risks 0921

Battery Technology Promises Much Faster Charging than Lithium-Ion Ones 0821 - between batteries and super-capacitors

Battery Storage is on a Growth Spurt That's About to Get Even Bigger 0821

These 3 Energy Storage Technologies Can Help Move Us to 100% Renewables 0821 - long discharge times, , solid electrolytes, storing sunlight as heat, renewable fuels (hydrogen, ammonia)

In California, the World’s Largest Battery Storage System Gets Even Larger 0921

Iron-Air Batteries - Huge Green-Energy Breakthrough, or Just a Lot of Hype? 0721

DOE Initiative Seeks to Drop Long-Duration Storage Cost 90% in a Decade 0721

Texas Adding Energy Storage Ahead of Risky Summer Months - S&P Analysis 0621

Connecticut Legislators Set 1 GW Energy Storage Target for End of 2030 - 0621

PG&E, BMW Smart-Charging Pilot Highlights Electric Vehicles as Grid Resource 0621

Could Ultra-Cheap Batteries Provide Lithium-Free Storage for Renewable Grid? 0521 - Split CO2 into C and O2 with surplus power, then recombine when more power is needed.

Move to Net Zero ‘Inevitably Means More Mining’ 0521 - including lithium & cobalt for batteries

Americas Poised to Lead $86 Billion Global Storage Market by 2025 - 0421

Tesla Moves to Only Sell Home Solar and Storage Together 0421

Using Hydrogen to Back Up the Grid 0421

Japan Bets on Hydrogen to Lift Its Ambitious Carbon-Neutral Plans 0421 - fuel power plants, industry, and transport

New Tech Mines Old Batteries for Critical Ingredients for Electric Vehicles 0421

Renewables + Batteries Offer Australia the Same Energy Security as Coal 0321

New York City’s Most Polluting Fossil Fuel Plants Can Retire by 2030, Thanks to Renewables, Storage 0321

Storage Deployments Shatter Records - Again - in Q4 2020 - 0321

Will Safer Batteries (LFPs) Finally Take Over the Home Storage Market? 0221 Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries are less flammable and don’t use materials are rare as cobalt, but take up more space.

When the Grid Goes Down, Can a Fleet of Batteries Replace It? 0221

Nevada Lithium Mine Kicks Off a New Era of Western Extraction 0221

Northern Norway Battery Maker Plans Giga-Factory, New York Stock Listing 0121

Asian Battery Makers Seize Expansion Opportunity in Europe, U.S. 0121

Why Batteries Are the Key to Biden’s Green Dreams 0121

Connecticut Regulators Want Utilities to Pay Customers to Sync Storage with Demand 0121

Data Centers Are Energy Hogs.  Could They Help Power the Grid? 0121

The Energy Storage Boom Has Arrived 0121

2019-2020 Articles

Hydrolysis Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology 1220

In Boost for Renewables, Grid-Scale Battery Storage Is on the Rise 1220

The Price of Electric Car Batteries Has Dropped 89% in 10 Years 1220

1,000s of California Homes to Be Linked for 550 MW Virtual Power Plant 1220

US Storage Deployments Shatter Record in Q3; 7.5 GW Projected by 2025 - 1220

Solar + Storage to Become Even Cheaper, but Seasonal Solutions Remain Key 1220

California Wants Its Imperial Valley to Be ‘Lithium Valley’ 1120

‘Super' Power from 100% Solar, Wind and Batteries Will Change the World 1120 (See "Rethinking Energy.... and diagram below.)

Could Green Hydrogen Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy? 1120

Tesla, with Record Q3 Solar and Storage Deployments, Promises to Reinvent Batteries 1020

Global Storage Heading to 741 GWh (18% of US Use) by 2030 - Wood Mackenzie 1020

Lucid Motors to Challenge Tesla in Residential, Utility-Scale Storage Markets 0920

Energy Storage for EV Charging Stations Can Lower Their Demand Charges 0820

This Cobalt-Free Battery Is Good for the Planet—and It Actually Works 0820

PG&E, Tesla Kick Off Behemoth Battery Energy Storage System 0820

New Mexico Approves 100% Solar + Storage to Replace San Juan Coal Plant 0720

Pumped Energy Storage at Sea Could Enable Full Transition to Renewable Power 0620

Vermont Regulators Approve Groundbreaking Home Energy Storage Programs 0620

Researchers Propose New Diamond Nanostructure for Efficient Energy Storage 0520

Energy Storage Deployments to Increase 7 x between 2019 and 2021 - 0320

GM's New Electric Car Battery Tops Tesla's 0320

US Storage Market Value to Surge 737% by 2024, due Mostly by Utility Projects 1219

Tesla's Australian Virtual Power Plant Propped up Grid during Coal Outage 1219

Battery Prices Fall Nearly 50% in 3 Years, Spurring More Electrification 1219

Salt River Project to Install Arizona's Largest Battery, Help Replace Giant Coal Plant 1119

As Electric Vehicles Age, Batteries Are Finding a 2nd Life 1119

In Search for Cheaper, Longer Energy Storage, Mountain Gravity Could Eventually Top Lithium-Ion 1119

Build a Better Battery for Wind and Solar Storage, and the Energy Sector Will Beat a Path to Your Door 0919 - Lithium-Ion, Solid State, Sodium-Sulfur, low Batteries: characteristics and developments

316 MW Project to Replace Gas Peakers Moves New York toward 3 GW Storage 0919

Los Angeles Approves Solar+Storage Project for under 2¢/kWh 0919 - 400 MegaWatts with 1,200 MWh battery

US Energy Storage Market Up Nearly 45%, 760+ MWh Interconnects in 2018 - 0819

Global Storage Deployments to Hit 2,850 GWh by 2040, Rising 122-Fold 0819

PNM Proposes Gas, Solar+Storage Mix as Cheapest Option to Replace San Juan Coal Plant 0719

Liquid-Air Storage Offers Cheapest Route to 24-Hour Wind and Solar 0719

Can Batteries Help Smooth Demand, Lower Utility Fees for EV Fast Chargers? 0619

Race for Potassium Batteries Heats Up 0519

New Thermal Battery Could Be a 'Game Changer' for Storing Renewable Energy 0419

Electricity Costs from Battery Storage down 76% since 2012- BNEF 0319

Rocky Mountain Power’s 600 Batteries for Apartments, EV Charging Hub, More 0319

Utilities ‘Driving’ US Solar-Storage Growth 0319

US Energy Storage Broke Records in 2018, but the Best Is Yet to Come 0319

Arizona Public Service to Install 850 MW of Storage, 100 MW of Solar 0219

Puerto Rico Energy Plan Calls For Huge Solar And Storage Investments 0219

In Lab Secrets, Tesla Is Talking about 20-Year Lithium Ion Batteries 0919

For combustion turbine ¢/kWh, divide $/kW-mo by 20 hours/mo?  For battery storage, divide by 40 hours?  For ¢/kWh, divide $/MWh by 10.

2018 Articles and earlier

US Storage Market to Reach 3.9 GW, $4.5B by 2023- Wood Mackenzie 1218

Storage from World's Largest Batteries Will Replace 3 PG&E Gas Plants 1118

Massachusetts Deploys Utility-Scale Flow Battery Energy Storage 0918

Lithium-ion Battery Deployments to Increase 800% from 2017 to 2022 - 0818

Scientists Create Battery That Refuels Electric Cars in Seconds 0818

The $3 Billion Plan to Turn Hoover Dam into a Giant Battery 0718 - giant pumped storage project

Study Quantifies Battery-Electric Bus Environmental Benefits 0718

New Battery Could Store Wind, Solar Electricity Affordably at Room Temperature 0718

Big Batteries at Data Centers Could Replace Power Plants 0718

PG&E to Replace 3 Gas Plants with World's Biggest Battery Projects 0718

New Cathode Material Can Triple Lithium-ion Battery Energy Density 0618

Musk Says Tesla Can Get Li-Ion Battery Cell Prices below $100/kWh This Year 0618

Highview Power Completes UK Plant to Test ‘Liquid Air’ Storage Technology 0618

Tesla Has Installed a Truly Huge Amount of Energy Storage 0618

Electric School Buses Can Be Backup Batteries For the US Power Grid 0518

South Australia's Grid Service Costs Slashed 90% by Tesla Battery 0518

Battery Energy Storage on Verge of Competing with Natural Gas Peakers 0518

New Manganese Battery Could Serve the Grid 0518

New Lithium-Air Battery Lasts 100s of Cycles Longer than Past Designs 0318

Nearly 1/3 of Planned Gas Peakers at Risk from Energy Storage 0318

The U.S. Just Hit a Major Energy Storage Milestone, in Great News for Solar 0318

Rechargeable Battery Weathers Extreme Cold Conditions 0318 - organic electrolyte doesn’t get more viscous till almost -84°C

Electric Vehicles Benefit More than Just Their Owners 0318 - sorage for grid to even out demand and when sun doesn’t shine and wind doesn’t blow

Battery Storage Could Boost Coal Consumption 0218 - in coal country

US Storage Market Could Reach 50 GW if Costs Keep Falling - Brattle 0218

Batteries Will Boost Yearly Solar Plant Output by 500 MWh, FPL Says 0218

APS to Install 50 MW, 135 MWh Solar-Shifting Battery 0218

Electric Cars Could Destroy the Electric Grid – or Fix It Forever 0218 - dangers of overloading substations

Car ‘Batteries on Wheels' Could Help Solve Renewable Energy's Storage Issue 0118

Tesla’s Enormous Battery in Australia, Just Weeks Old, Is Already Responding to Outages in ‘Record’ Time 1217

Solid State Magnesium Electrolyte Tested for Holy Grail of Battery Storage 1217

Electric Cars and Energy Storage Seen Arriving Early Next Decade 1117

Tesla Wins 100-Day Bet to Build 129 MWh Battery in Australia 1117

MIT Reveals a Battery That Stores Solar Energy to Make Heat for Later 1117

Energy Storage Could Hit 35 GW by 2025, New White Paper Says 1117

Using the Ocean for Future Energy Storage 1017 - pump up, fall down; compress air

Vestas, Windlab to Launch World's 1st Wind-Solar-Storage Project in Australia 1017

Tight Lithium Market Likely to Ease Up in Near Term, BNEF Says 1017

Cheap Sodium Salt Battery Could Shake Up Grid Storage 1017

Storms Spur $22 Billion Investment in Battery-Backed Grids 1017

Electric Car Owners ‘Can Drive for Free by Letting Energy Firms Use Battery' 1017

Pumped Hydro Storage ‘Could Make Australia Run on Renewable Energy Alone within 20 Years' 0917

Behind-the-Meter Storage Has Record Quarter - GTM-ESA 0917

Future of Electrical Energy Storage Solutions Holds No Lithium Supremacy 0917

Researchers to Revive 3,500-Year-Old Technology, Firebricks, for Energy Storage 0917

Silicon Fires Up Renewable Energy Revolution 0917 - storage in silicon

Tesla, Vestas Pair Up to Develop Ways to Combine Storage and Wind 0917

Big Energy Backs Hydrogen Power Storage 0917

Giant Batteries Help Renewable Energy Grow In New England 0917

After Electric Cars, What More Will It Take for Batteries to Change the Face of Energy? 0817

Alphabet [Google] Turns to Molten Salt to Store Clean Energy 0817

Tesla Batteries May Back Up Wind Farm Off Massachusetts Coast 0717

Australia Needs Tesla Battery to Prevent Summer Blackouts, Regulator Says 0717

States Betting on Giant Batteries to Cut Carbon 0617

China Is About to Bury Elon Musk in Batteries 0617

BMW Tests Electric Cars as Power Grid Stabilizers 0617

Tucson Electric Signs Solar + Storage PPA for ‘Less than 4.5¢/kWh’ 0517

Europe Is Building Its Own Battery Gigafactories 0517

Tesla, Green Mountain Power Roll Out $15/Month BTM Battery Program 0517

Storage, Renewables Could Replace New York's Indian Point Nuke 0517

Energy Storage - Weight Tips the Scales in America's Favor 0417

South Australia to Get $1 Billion Solar Farm and World's Biggest Battery 0317

“100% Renewable Energy” Will Require Nukes, CCS and/or Seasonal Storage 0317

Compact, Efficient System Stores Solar Energy in Liquids 0317

Kauai, Hawaiian island, Gets Renewable Energy Boost, Thanks to Tesla 0317

SDG&E, AES Start Up World's Largest Lithium Ion Battery Storage in California 0217

Age of the Giant Battery Is Almost Upon Us 0217 - long-term agreements now

Aluminum Battery with Urea Electrolyte Could Yield Low-Cost Energy Storage 0217

Tesla Moves beyond Electric Cars with New California Battery Farm 0117

Energy Storage Will Increase 40-fold in Developing Countries 0117

Why Surging Lithium Prices Haven't Stopped Falling Battery Energy Storage Costs 0117

Rise of Renewables Leads to Need for More Energy Storage Space 0117

Novel Liquid Battery Could Hold Potential for Unlimited Energy Storage 0117

Cryogenic Storage Offers Hope for Renewable Energy 1216

California Utility Regulators Are Turning Electric Vehicles into Grid Resources 1116

UK’s National Grid to Add 201 MW of Fast-Acting Batteries for Energy Storage 0816

Zinc-Ion Batteries Cut Costs for Grid Energy Storage 0816

Texas Startup's Big Energy Idea - Storing Electricity Underground 0816 - pressurize water into old oil wells, later release it

The New Green Grid - Utilities Deploy ‘Virtual Power Plants’ 0816

Tesla and SolarCity Boards Approve Acquisition 0816

New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Greatly Improves Energy Efficiency, Longevity 0716

Energy Storage System Combines Ultra-Capacitors with Batteries 0716

Australian Company Creates Hydrogen with Near-Zero Emissions 0716

MIT Researchers See a ‘Window of Opportunity' for Non-Battery Storage 0716 It will close within a few years.

Lithium-Ion Battery Prices Down 70%, Opening Up Storage Market Opportunities 0616

How Utilities Can Gain from the Coming Boom in Electric Vehicles 0616 - Use vehicles as grid storage and balancing.

Falling Cost of Solar and Wind Could Limit Energy Storage Profitability 0616

Energy Storage Market to Equal Rooftop Solar by 2028 - 0616

Why the Tesla Boom Could Be Very Good News for the Electric Grid 0616

The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity 0616 - Storage enables more renewables.

Tesla’s July 29 Gigafactory Grand Opening Date Is a Milestone 0516
    Powerwall batteries are built there now.  Ones for Model 3 sedan will be built there later.

Duke Rolls Out Long + Short Duration Hybrid Battery Storage System 0316

After Record Year, U.S. Energy Storage Forecast to Exceed 1 GW in 2019 - 0316

Your Home Water Heater May Soon Double as a Battery 0216

SolarCity’s Kaua’i Solar Plus Storage Project to Use Tesla Batteries 0216

By Fighting Rooftop Solar, Utilities Set Themselves Up for Worse to Come 0216 - Storage enables going fully off-grid.

Revenue for Utility-Scale Battery Storage to Grow 15 x by 2025 - 0116

Storage Market for Solar Systems to Hit $8 Billion by 2026 - 0116

Energy Storage Developer Orison Unveils Plug-and-Play Residential Storage 0116 - 40 pounds, 2.2 kWh for $2,000

Tesla Shifts Production to its Gigafactory, to Accommodate Powerwall Demand 0116

Technical Advances Drive Flow Batteries Closer to Mass Commercialization 0116

One Step Closer to Turning Water into Hydrogen Fuel, Affordably 0116

More than MegaWatts - New Metrics Reveal Energy Storage's Potential 1215

AES’ Huge (1 GWh) Deal Shows that the Battery Revolution Has Arrived 1215

Home Solar Battery Revolution an Economic and Emissions Game Changer 1215

Vermont Utility Teams with Tesla to Offer Home Battery Installment Plan 1215

PG&E Contracts for 75 MW of Energy Storage, on Its Way to 580 MW of Storage Capacity 1215

Solar Company Making a Profit from Poor Africans 1215 - $35 upfront + 45¢/day.  That's < the 75¢ / day cost of energy (60% kerosene) it replaces.  The kit includes a PV panel, a battery, 2 LED light bulbs, an LED flashlight, a cell phone charger & a rechargeable radio.  When the day’s 45¢ payment is made, a SIM card activates the battery.

Grid-Scale Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Prices Will Fall 50% by 2019 - 1115

Tesla Competitor Sonnenbatterie Unveils Community Solar-Storage System 1115

NRG Is Testing Vehicle-to-Grid Integration 1215

California Water Agency to Use Tesla Battery to Slash Peak Demand up to 14% - 1115

Kotzebue, Alaska Turns to Cold-Weather Battery Micro-Grid as Diesel Alternative 1115

This Could Be the Biggest Sign Yet That the Battery Revolution Is Here 1115

New Batteries Make Rapid Progress, but Market Expectations Move Faster 1015

Even after Dark, Vast Spanish Solar Plant Harnesses Sun's Power 1015

Want a Solar-Powered Home?  Here's a New Battery That Won't Ignite 0915

Hydrogen Economy Is Emerging from Excess Wind Power in Germany 0915

Spurred by Innovators like Tesla, the Energy Storage Business Is Growing Fast 0915

Massachusetts Tackles Holy Grail of Energy Storage 0715

Battery Revolution Will Let Us All Be Power Brokers 0715

Siemens to Open Plant to Turn Electricity from Wind into Hydrogen 0715

G.M. and Nissan Are Reusing Old Electric Car Batteries 0615

Tesla Partners With Battery Researcher to Lower Costs 0615

Energy Storage Battery Sales Take Off, to Smooth Power Demand on Grid 0515

Tesla's Battery Grabbed $800 Million in Its First Week 0515

Tesla Makes Itself the Center of the Energy-Storage Universe 0515

Tesla Ventures into Solar Power Storage for Home and Business 0515

Grid-Scale Batteries Make Rapid Inroads to Support Europe’s Power Grid 0415

Tesla’s Next Big Idea - Storing Power 0415

The Way We Power Our Homes May Be on the Verge of a Major Change 0415

Bendy Battery Promises Safe, Speedy Charging 0415 - Aluminum could replace lithium.

Solar Power, and Somewhere to Store It 0315

Waste-to-Energy Revolution Boosted by Bio-Battery Idea 0315

Tesla Home Battery Could Be in Production in 6 Months 0215

Super-Capacitor Makers Charge Ahead 0215

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 0115

Cambridge Company’s Battery May Give Grid a Boost 1214

Energy Storage Plans Gain Ground in California 1214

Texas Law May Short-Circuit an Advance in Storing Electricity 1214  Transmission company can’t sell electricity wholesale.

Smooth Operators - Grid-Scale Storage 1214

Why Elon Musk's Batteries Scare the Hell Out of the Electric Company 1214

New York City Tries to Cram in Some Energy Storage 1114

Power Storage Group Alevo Plans $1 Billion US Battery Plant 1014

Innovations in Energy Storage Provide Boost for Renewables 1014

Electric Cars Have Batteries.  Why Not Power Plants? 1014

Is There a Successful Energy Storage Technology on the Horizon? 1014

Energy for a Rainy Day, or a Windless One 1014

 How Lithium Battery Storage Costs Could Plunge Below $100/kWh - 1014

Giant Underground Reservoir Keeps Downtown Helsinki Air Conditioner- Free  1014

Storing Renewable Energy in a Thousand Basements 0914

New Face of Electricity - Large Scale Storage 0814

Stanford Researchers Claim Major Breakthrough in Lithium Battery Design 0714

Why Australian Households Are Desperate for Battery Storage 0714

Elon Musk Sees Nearly Unlimited Demand for Energy Storage 0514

A Better Battery 0414

Is This Flow Battery the Big Breakthrough for Renewable Energy? 0114

The Battery Storage System That Could Close Down Coal Power 1113

Battery-Stored Solar Power Sparks Backlash From Utilities 1013

California Adopts Nation’s 1st Energy Storage Plan 1013

Green-Energy Storage - The Next Big Thing 0913

Super-Capacitors Amp Up as an Alternative to Batteries 0813

Waste CO2 as Power Source, New Super-Capacitor & Hydrogen from Sunlight 0813

California Aims to 'Bottle Sunlight' in Energy Storage Push 0813

NH Firm Makes ‘Battery’ Out of Air, to Power Hundreds of Homes 0913

Finn Researchers Make Cheap Biofuel, US Ones Pull Hydrogen from Water 0813

Battery Seen as Way to Cut Heat-Related Power Losses 0713

Wood is Key Ingredient in Cheap Rechargeable Battery 0613

Better Batteries That Can Revolutionize Solar, Wind Power 0513

Process to Make Hydrogen to Make Renewable Energy Reliable 0313

Flow Batteries Could Back Up Future Grid 0313

Advanced Electricity Storage Overview 0910 - PDF

Lithium-Air (Rechargeable?) Makes for Cheaper, Lighter Car Batteries 0610 - Li-ion stores maximum of 110 Watt-hr / lb

Race to Develop Large Scale Storage 0909

Cheap H2O Split for Solar Storage 0808

Batteries for Power Grid 1007

Compressed Air Energy Storage 0606 - PDF

Flywheel Energy Storage 0506

     The top graph shows how a remote storage system works, as it is linked to renewable power generation.  The purple area is the key.  When it is above the line, it is charging from excess wind and solar generation, when it is below the line, it is discharging to make up for the lack of renewables.

Notice in the bottom graph how it smooths out the frequency issues for the local grid, which should operate at or close to 50 hertz.  The load, in gray, changes little from minute to minute. - from Bloomberg New Energy Finance in late 2016

Graph at bottom is from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, New Energy Outlook, June 2016

Section Map: Energy Use