2022-2024 Articles

US Midwest Spring Planting Is Delayed by Increasing Spring Rains 0524

Olive Oil Prices Climb as Production Falls to Lowest Levels in a Decade 0524

24+ Million Face Hunger, Water Shortages as Extreme Droughts, Floods Sweep Southern Africa 0424

Higher Temperatures Bring Higher Food and Other Prices 0324 - By 2060, the climate-triggered part of inflation should grow. Global food prices are predicted

to increase 2.2 to 4.3% annually, the study said. That translates to a 1.1 to 2.2% increase in overall inflation.

Climate Change, Extreme Weather & Conflict Exacerbate Global Food Crisis 0224

The World Is Quietly Losing the Land It Needs to Feed Itself 0224

Urban Farming Has a Surprisingly High Climate Toll 0124

As Extreme Weather Increasingly Threatens Crops, Taxpayers Pay the Price 1123

Disasters Cause $3.8 Trillion in Crop Losses over 30 Years – FAO 1023

Disease, Climate Change Cut Down Brazil's Orange Yields 1023

Blueberry Collapse in Peru - Analyzing Market Impact and Consequences 1023

Olive Oil Prices Reach Record Highs, as Spain’s Harvest Is Halved 1023

Food Prices Rise with Export Limits. Blame Climate Change, Ukraine War, Niño

Searing Heat Reshapes US Food Production 0923

Driest August in over a Century Risks Worsening India’s Grain Curbs 0823

Climate Change Is Helping Pests and Diseases Destroy Our Food 0823

Heavy Rains Devastate Crops in China’s Northeastern Grain Basket 0823

Olive Oil Industry in Crisis, as Europe’s Heat Wave Threatens Another Harvest 0723

Indian Culinary Must-Have, the Tomato, Is off the Menu, as Prices Jump 400% - 0723

What’s a Georgia Summer without Peaches? Not So Sweet 0723

Climate, Environmental Change Puts 90% of World's Marine Food at Risk 0623

The Climate Crisis Is Raising Your Grocery Bills 0423

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Plant Pandemics Threatening Global Food Supplies 0423

California’s Salmon Fishers Face Canceled Season 0423

Alaska’s Climate-Driven Fisheries Collapse Devastates Indigenous Communities 0323

With Climate Change, Crops Migrate North 1122

Egypt’s Barren Fields Are Dire Bellwether for Climate Summit 1122

Extreme Heat Is Stressing Cows, Jeopardizing Global Dairy Supply 1122

Africa’s Unreported Extreme Weather in 2022 and Climate Change 1022

West Africa Floods Destroy Crops, Worsening Hunger Fears 1022

Water Crisis Squeezes California Tomato Farmers, as Growing Costs Keep Rising 1022

‘The worst we’ve seen’ - Ranchers Threatened by Historic Heat and Drought 1022

Hotter Summers Are Baking the Water Out of Soil, at Unprecedented Rates 1022

Extreme Hunger on the Rise in the World’s Worst Climate Hot Spots 0922

US Farmers Face Plague of Pests as Global Heating Raises Soil Temperatures 0922

Horn of Africa Drought Places 22 Million People at Risk of Starvation 0822

Drought and Rising Prices Are Fueling Insecurity in Kenya 0822

Summer Nights Are Heating Up, Harming Crops and Livestock 0822

Heatflation - How Sizzling Temperatures Drive Up Food Prices 0722

Conflict, Climate Super-Charge Forces Behind African Famine, Food Insecurity 0622

49 Million People Face Famine as Ukraine War, Climate Disasters Intensify 0622

Climate Change Puts Agrivoltaic Projects in Northern Africa in the Spotlight 0522

A Heat Wave’s Lamented Victim - The Mango, India’s King of Fruits 0522

Crop Land ‘Deteriorating’ in Canada as Excess Rain Hinders Planting 0522

Climate Change Threatens China with Yet Another Deadly Flood Season 0522 - Flooding harms crops too.

Salt Scourge - The Dual Threat of Warming and Rising Salinity 0522

Wheat Can’t Catch a Break Right Now 0522 - war in Ukraine breadbasket, record heat in India, etc.

Heat to Scorch India’s Wheat Supplies, Adding Food-Shortage Worries to World 0522

Response to Rising Hunger Threatens Climate Goals 0422 - Further use of fossil fuels and an expansion of unsustainable agricultural practices could exacerbate the climate crisis and deepen poverty and food insecurity.

As Alaska Warms, Talkeetna Birch Tree Tappers Wrestle with Erratic Season 0422

China Faces Worst Crop Conditions Ever, due to Climate Change 0322

US Crop Insurance Payouts Rise Steeply, as Climate Change Worsens Droughts, Floods 0122

The Corn Belt’s Topsoil Loss Is Increasing Carbon Emissions, Lowering Yields 0122

How Climate Change Is Stunting Farm Production 0421

Warming Climate to Help California’s Voracious Pest and Hurt Its Nut Crops 0221 - Orangeworms attack almonds and walnuts.

Climate Change Worsens Child Malnutrition 0121

Swarm of Locusts May Blow into Brazil from Argentina 0720

New, Larger Wave of Locusts Threatens Millions in Africa 0420

Locust Swarms, Some 3 x New York City’s Size, Eat Their Way across Africa, Asia 0320

Wheat in Whitehorse - How Climate Change Helps Feed Canada's Remote Regions 0320

Focus on Food Helps Solve Climate Change 0220

Climate Change Linked to African Locust Invasion 0120

Higher Temperatures Driving 'Alarming' Levels of Hunger 1019

Climate Change Is Sapping Nutrients from Our Food, so Global Crisis Possible 0819

True Cost of Cheap Food Is Health and Climate Crises 0719

World Hunger Rises with Climate Shocks, Conflict and Economic Slumps 0719

Climate Change Compounds Hunger, Conflicts, German Aid Group Says 0619

Soggy Springs, Scorching Summers - More Heat Takes Toll on US Staple Crops 0619

Can We Grow Enough Seaweed to Help Cows Fight Climate Change? 0619

Lake Chad Farmers Pushed to ‘Tipping Point' in Climate Change Crisis 0519

Climate Change Is Already Hurting Fruit Breeders.  Consumers Are Next. 0319

Italy’s Olive Harvest Dropped 57% due to Climate Change 0319

Warming Waters Heat Up Fishing Costs along India’s Malabar Coast 0219

Food Shocks Becoming More Frequent Due to Extreme Weather, Conflict 0119

Climate Change Increases Crop Specialization Risks in Midwest 0119

Worry Grows - Climate Change to Quietly Steal Nutrients from Major Food Crops 1217

     drops in iron, zinc and protein as CO2 levels rise to ~560 ppm, except for the few C4 crops: corn, sorghum, etc.

Gannets Study Reveals Warm Water Lowers Nutritional Value of Fish and Squid 0718

Caffeine High?  Climate-hit Ethiopia Shifts Coffee Uphill 0618

Farmers Unable to Cope with Shocks Induced by Climate Change 0518

Maple Sugar Season Faces Mounting Climate Change Pressure 0318

In Iceland, Global Warming Is No Longer a Joke 0318

Impact of Warming Seas Felt by Northeastern Fisheries 0218

Global Warming Hits Tea industry Worldwide 0218

Soaring Popularity of Grass-Fed Beef May Hit Roadblock - Less Nutritious Grass 0118 - more CO2 yields less protein

How Climate Change Is Playing Havoc With Olive Oil (and Farmers) 1017

Climate Change Creating Food Shortages across the Pacific 1017

Farming in Alaska Is Increasingly Possible 0917

The Great Nutrient Collapse - More CO2 Yields Carbs Overdose 0917

‘Flash Drought’ Could Devastate Half the High Plains Wheat Harvest 0817

Global Warming Reduces Protein in Key Crops 0817

Climate Study Offers Warnings for Florida Farmers from Global Warming 0717

Obama Sees New Front in Climate Change Battle- Agriculture 0517

Climate Change to Blame for Flat-Lining Wheat Yield Gains - CSIRO 0317

Food Production in Syria Hits All-Time Low 1116

Climate Change Threatens Japan’s Agriculture 0816 - Growing zones move north.  Heat & drought in current zones.

How Southern Africa Is Coping with the Worst Global Food Crisis in 25 Years 0516

Unusual Heat Bakes Sri Lanka's Chicken Industry 0516

Climate Brings Hard Times for Tea 0416

Climate Change’s Floods & Droughts Threatening Philippines Food Security 0316

Global Warming Hits Rice Bowls 0316

Chilean Salmon under Threat 0316

Drought-Hit Ethiopia Needs Money for Seeds, as Rains Begin 0316

Pakistan’s Biggest Threat Isn’t Terrorism, It’s Climate Change 0316 - mostly droughts and floods, also sea level rise for flat Karachi

Climate Change Pushes Fish toward Poles, Threatening Food Source for Poor 0216

Decline in Bee Population is Putting Global Food Industry at Risk 0216

Russian Farmers Find Climate Change Nyet So Great 0216

Ample Grain Stocks Could Dampen Impact of El Niño / La Niña Shift 0216

Soil Productivity Cut by Climate Change, Making Societies More Marginal 0116

Cereal Harvests across the World ‘Fall by 10% in 50 Years’ 0116

Inside the Looming Food Crisis 0514

T. Richard et al., from Nielsen Persihables Group at Arizona State University, via Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2014

Severe Drought, Floods Destroy Crops in Papua New Guinea Highlands 0915

Mongolia in for Double Whammy - Drought Now, Freeze-Kill Next 0915

Climate Change Threatens Food Production in Nigeria 0815

Salt Water Increasingly Attacks Vietnam’s Mekong Delta 0715

Climate Change Sparks Tension in India's Tea Gardens 0515

Troubling New Research Suggests Global Warming Will Cut Wheat Yields 0515

El Niño Could ‘Disrupt Food Markets’ 0515

El Niño Outlook Daunting for Aussie Farmers Already in Drought’s Grip 0515

Coffee Production Slipping in Tanzania as Temperatures Rise 0415

Beyond Almonds - a Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought 0415

Climate Change Costs for India 0315

Yields of Key Cassava Crop Not Keeping Pace with Africa Population Growth 0315

Climate Change Threatens Staple Potato Crop in High Andes 0115

Food Diversity under Siege from Global Warming, U.N. Says 0115

Expert Says Climate Change Negatively Affecting Turkey Meat Quality 1114

China’s Parched Plains Ending Run of Record Corn Harvests 1114

Air Pollution Slashes India's Potential Grain Yields by Half 1114

Climate Change Hits Banana Farmers 1014

Climate Change Affects Vietnam's Rice Bowl 0914

Wild Relatives of Food Crops Are Endangered 0914

Shifting Climate Has North Dakota Farmers Swapping Wheat For Corn 0814

Canada’s Record Rains Cut Wheat Acreage to 3-Year Low 0714

How to Stop Climate Change Making Food Less Nutritious? 0714

Growing Pains of China's Agricultural Water Needs 0614

Climate Change Making Food Crops Less Nutritious 0514

Speakers Cite Climate Change’s Effect on Farms 0514

Honeybee Shortage Threatens Crop Pollination in Europe 0114

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