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Scientists Found the Most Intense Heat Wave Ever Recorded — in Antarctica 0923

Heavy Rains Threaten China’s Wheat Supply for Buns and Noodles 0523

Unusually Extreme Rain, Weather Caused Sydney’s 4th Major Flood in 2 Years 0722

Climate Change Threatens Europe with New Weather Extremes 0422

China Is Hit by Extreme Weather 0721

China’s Heat Wave Is Pushing Coal Prices Toward Record Level 0721

Lytton, B.C., Village at Center of Canada’s Heat Wave, Devastated by Wildfires 0721

 ‘Hard to Comprehend’ - Experts React to Record 121°F in Canada 0621

N.W.T., Yukon Break Summer Temperature Records as Heat Dome Lingers 0621

Temperature of 121°F Sets Canada’s New National Record High 0721 - shatters pre-2021 record by 8°F.  Local records across British Columbia were also shattered, by up to 12°F (Cache Creek), and 3-4 others by more than 10°F.  121°F is hotter than has ever been recorded in Las Vegas, Dallas or San Antonio.  It tied Death Valley that day for the hottest temperature in North Anerica.

At 116°, Heat in Western Canada Shatters National Record 0621 - Lytton B.C.  Also record highs in Kamloops, Cache Creek, Lilloet, Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, Penticton, Vernon, Nelson, etc.  Most by several degrees.

Heat Records Crumble in Europe and Russia, amid Scorching Heat Wave 0621

Record-Breaking Temperatures Recorded in Arctic Russia 0621

Record Heat Bakes Middle East as Temperatures Top 125°F 0621

Record Heat Scorches Western Russia, Central Canada, Ringing Climate Alarm 0521

Europe Smashes Monthly Temperature Records beneath Sprawling Heat Dome 0421

This Russian Arctic Coast Has Planet's Quickest Warming 0321

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Australia's Record Spring Heat Is 1-in-500,000 without Climate Change 1220

Climate Change Makes Indian Monsoon Season Stronger and More Chaotic 0421

Rising CO2 Levels Increasing Extreme Weather Events in Australia 1120

Climate Change May Kickstart Dormant El Niño Weather System in Indian Ocean 0520

Australia's Fire-Driven Storms Are Pumping Smoke into the Stratosphere 0120

Researchers Warn of ‘Unexpected Implications' as Climate Risks Converge 0719

Climate Change Could Be Intensifying Dust Storms in India 0518

Europe Saw a Spike in Extreme Weather Over Past 5 Years 0318

Europe's Hot, Fiery Summer Linked to Global Warming 0917

London Mayor Issues Emergency Air Quality Alert, amid Heat Wave 0617

Scientists Link Another Record-Breaking Weather Event to Climate Change 0617

Climate Change Brings More Sahel Storms 0517

Extreme Weather More Likely to Hit Alberta as Temperatures Heat Up 0417

Rising Waters Threaten China’s Rising Cities 0417

Climate Change 'Makes Deadly China Pollution Worse’ 0317

Abnormal El Niño in Peru Unleashes Deadly Downpours, More Flooding Seen 0317

Pollution from India and China Has Reached the Stratosphere 1116

Over 80,000 Reindeer Deaths In Russia Linked to Retreating Arctic Sea Ice 1116 - rain (not snow) turned to thick ice

3 Straight Failed Monsoons, Bad Drought, Make Angry Clashes in Karnataka 0916

In Warming Oceans, Stronger Currents Releasing Heat in Bigger Storms 0716

Climate Change Warming Asian Waters, Altering Monsoon 0716

Why the Sahel Rains Failed – and Why They May Return 0116

December 2015 Was the Wettest Month Ever Recorded in UK 0116 - much the warmest too

Fire, Floods, Tornadoes - Fatal Weather Rounds out a Year of Extremes in 2015 - 1215

Global Warming's Fingerprints Are All over Recent Extreme Weather 1115

Laos Counts Climate Change Costs - Record Floods, Drought and Landslides 1115

Warming Indian Ocean Weakens India’s Monsoon 0615

The Climate Context for India’s Deadly Heat Wave 0615

Climate Change Could Shrink Mount Everest’s Glaciers by 70% - 0515

El Niño Could Bring Drought and Famine in West Africa 0515

El Niño Outlook Daunting for Aussie Farmers Already in Drought’s Grip 0515

Sydney Storms Intensify as Engineers Begin to Adjust to Climate Change 0415

Southeast Asia Faces Increasingly Intense Climate Events 0415

Climate Change Costs for India 0315

Climate Change Blamed as Vanuatu Recovers from ‘Monster’ Storm 0315

Man-Made Air Pollution Reduces Central America Rainfall 0215

Could Storms Signal a British ‘Monsoon Season'? 0115

Indian Science Congress - Shift in Monsoon Patterns Worries Experts 0115

With Climate Change, Himalayas' Future is Warmer, Not Necessarily Brighter 0115

As Shepherds Watched, It Got Hotter and Hotter 1214

Fast Finland Warming Means Blue Christmas for Santa 1214

Sydney & New South Wales to Become Hotter, with More Fire Danger Days 1214

UK Winter Wettest on Record - Met Office 0214

India’s Snow Season Shrinking by 11 Days / Decade 1113

Peru Snowstorms Spark State of Emergency in Andes 0913

Mega Heat Waves to Become Norm for UK over Next Decade 0813

China Tries Hi-Tech Rain Dance, as It Roasts in Heat Wave 0813

Australian Climate Change Risks Security, Health, 90% of Irrigated Agriculture 0813

India's Monsoon Has Dried Out 5-6% Over Past Few Decades, from Global Warming 0813

China's Soaring Temperatures Prompts Grade 2 Alert 0713

British National Farmers' Union Warns of Grass Fires, as Heat Continues 0713 

Canadian Economy Threatened by Extreme Weather 0713

Record Hot Australian Summer Due to Human-Caused Global Warming 0613

Singapore Haze at Record Hazard Level from Sumatra's Fires 0613

UK Wet Summers Due to Atlantic Warming 0613

Singapore, Malaysia Choke as Illegal Indonesia Forest Fires Rage 0613 

Pakistan Wilts Under Record Heat Wave 0613

Hawaii Gets Muggy as Trade Winds Drop 0613

Italy Shivers Thru Relentless Spring Rain 0513

Alberta's Weather Insured Losses Mount 0513

India Heat Wave Causes Power Outages, Anger 0513

Aussie Angry Summer Is Taste of Future 0313

In Britain, the Recent Droughts and Floods Will Become Common 0313

Australia's Floods and Fires Blamed on Climate Change 0113

2012 was UK's 2nd Wettest, England's Wettest 0113

Extreme Rainfall in UK Increasing 0113

England's Wettest Year on Record 1212

Massive Snowfall Increases among Alaska’s Highest Peaks Stuns Scientists 1217

Climate Paradox - Less Snow, More Blizzards 0213

Warming Brings Heavier Snowstorms 0213

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