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 US High-Speed Rail Map, Current


     The US High Speed Rail Association envisions a network of 220 mph trains, supported by a feed-in network of 110 mph trains, serving smaller cities shown with dots but without names.

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Air Canada Orders 30 Electric-Hybrid Aircraft for Takeoff in 2028 - 0922

Green Jet Fuel Will Become as Cheap as Fossil Fuels, Thanks to Bill Gates Fund 1022

Nations Agree to Curb Emissions from Flying by 2050 - 1022

Airlines Are Misleading Flyers with Carbon-Neutral Claims 1022

Net-Zero Aviation Still Contributes to Global Warming 0722

Swedish Airline Claims World-1st 100% Sustainable Fuel Flight 0622

Cleaning Up Airline Travel Is Going to Be Really Expensive 0622

An Electric Aircraft Just Completed a 1,403 Mile Journey, with 7 Stops 0622

Qantas Places Burden of Cleaning Up Aviation on Sustainable Fuel 0322

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets for Your Air Travel? 0122

Denmark Wants to Drop Fossil Fuels in Domestic Flights in 2030 - 0122

100-Seat Electric Plane Will Be Ready by 2027, Says L.A. Startup 1121

Greener Aviation Fuel Create Fewer Contrails, Reducing Global Warming 0621

The Fastest Ways Aviation Could Cut Emissions 0521

Blimp Airships for City Hops Could Cut Flying’s CO2 Emissions 90% - 0521

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project Led by TU Eindhoven 0321

Will a British Bioelectric Hybrid Plane Really Take Off? 0321

Europe Seeks Alliance with U.S. to Tackle Aviation Emissions 0321

Airbus Turboprop Model Gaining Favor as 1st Hydrogen Plane 0221

How Airlines Are Racing to Curb Rising Carbon Emissions 0221

Eviation’s 650-Mile All-Electric Jet to Fly for CapeAir in 2022 - 0619

Airbus Hopes to Fly Hydrogen-Powered, Zero-Carbon Jet Planes by 2035 - 1020

Can Airplanes Go Green? 0820

U.K. Announces ‘Jet Zero’ Plan to Drive Down Aviation Emissions 0620

Airline Bid to Cut Pollution Cost May Wipe Out Carbon Demand 0420

What’s the Greenest Way to Travel? 1219

NASA’s New Airplane Runs on Clean Electricity 1019

‘Worse than Anyone Expected’ - Air Travel Emissions Vastly Outpace Predictions 0919

Germany Unveils Plan for Climate-Friendly Aviation 0819

Electric Planes Herald New Era for Aviation at the Paris Air Show 0619

Electric Floatplanes Could Help Sink 2 Big Pollution Problems 0419

China No Longer Participating in Start of Aviation Emissions Deal 0718

A Radical Way to Cut Emissions – Ration Everyone’s Flights 0518

This All-Electric Plane Could Change Everything about Regional Air Travel 0418

Express Delivery - Use Drones, Not Trucks, to Cut Carbon Emissions 0218

Electric Planes - European Firms Target Test Flight in 2020 - 1117

Planes across Europe to Start Running on Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat 1017

Zunum’s Hybrid Jet Could Finally Make Electric Flight a Reality 0417

Vehicles - Other - Water - Ships Ferries, Boats & Other

Nuclear Power Could Be the Future of Expedition Cruises 0622

Bangkok’s E-Ferry Fleet Grows with Money from Development Banks 0422

Commodities Titan Cargill Plans to Deploy Green Ships by 2030 - 0422

Shipping Emits CO2 than Aviation. A Solar-Powered Boat Could Change That. 0422

From Fertilizer to Fuel - Can ‘Green’ Ammonia Be a Climate Fix? 0122

Maersk Targets Bigger and Faster Cuts in Carbon Emissions 0122

Shipping Companies Feel the Heat, as Investors Shun Coal 1121

Amazon, Ikea, Other Big Companies Commit to Zero-Emission Shipping by 2040 - 2021

Trams, Cable Cars, Electric Ferries - How Cities Are Rethinking Transit 1021

Industry Group Backs Global Carbon Price for Large Ships 0921

Maersk Is Betting $1.4 Billion on 8 Carbon-Neutral Ships 0821

Pacific Islands Call for Zero Carbon Shipping by 2050, Citing IPCC Report 0821

Can Massive Cargo Ships Use Wind to Go Green? 0621

Amsterdam Tests Out Electric Autonomous Boats on Its Canals 0621

Ship Giant Maersk Bids Farewell to New Fossil-Fuel Only Ships 0221

Swedish Firm Bets on Wind-Powered Cargo Ships 1220

A New Era in Maritime Travel - Electric Boats 1020

Ships to Get Free Pass on Emissions until 2030, in Compromise Plan 1020

Shipping's Share of Global Carbon Emissions Increases 0820

Credit Suisse, Others Back Initiative to Factor CO2 Cuts into Shipping Finance 0220

How Electric Ships Are Clearing the Air on the B.C. Coast 0719

Over 100 Maritime CEOs Want to Fight Climate Change by Slowing Down Ships 0519

Batteries Included - Sweden's Emissions-Free Ferries Lead the Charge 0319

Sails Make a Comeback as Shipping Tries to Go Green 1218

1st Battery-Powered Tourist Ship for the Arctic Ready to Sail Next Summer 0818

Zero-Emissions Ferry Coming to San Francisco Bay Waters 0618

How Traditional Sailing Could Deliver Zero-Emission Shipping 0518

The Race Is On to Decarbonize the World’s 50,000+ Ships 0518

World Agrees to Cut Shipping Emissions 50% by 2050 - 0418

Shipping Faces Demands to Cut CO2 - 0318

Electric-Powered Ferries Could Be Coming To Washington 0318

Norway Is Building Some of the World's 1st Battery-Powered Ferries 0318

World's 1st Electric Container Barges to Sail from European Ports This Summer 0118

The Emission-Free Cruise Ship of the Future? 1215

With Market on Their Side, Electric Utilities Skip Fight Against Carbon Rule 1015

Marshall Islands, the Flag for Many Ships, Seeks to Rein In Emissions 0615

China’s Growth Fuels Boom in World Shipping Traffic 1114

Rolls-Royce Revives Age of Sail to Beat Fuel-Cost Surge for Freight 0713

Giant Ship Kites to Cut Carbon 0211

Sailing Ships Return 0108

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