Drought & Heat Effects


Mega-Drought Forces End to Sugarcane Farming in Parched Texas Borderland 0424

Spanish Winemaker Plans Staff Cuts due to Climate Change 0424

24+ Million Face Hunger, Water Shortages as Extreme Droughts, Floods Sweep Southern Africa 0424

Texas Panhandle Wildfires Wreak Havoc on the State’s Agriculture Industry 0324

Will a Shrinking Colorado River Shrivel the Produce Aisle? 0124

Heat Worsens Hunger in Yemen 1023

Olive Oil Prices Reach Record Highs, as Spain’s Harvest Is Halved 1023

Searing Heat Reshapes US Food Production 0923

As Temperatures Climb, Millions More People Face Food Insecurity 0823 - As heat keeps people from working while avoiding heat stroke, income drops for the very poorest, making food less affordable.  Bad effects of heat on crop growth are not discussed.

Rising Temperatures Are Wreaking Havoc Year-Round 0823 - Among other things, it decreases wheat output in India.

Why Are We Paying for Crop Failures in the Desert? 0823 - US subsidizes losses with crop insurance.  That provides incentive to grow thirsty crops in places with little water.

Rampant Heat Waves Threaten Food Security of Entire Planet, Scientists Warn 0723

A $24 Billion Wave of Climate Losses Faces Meat and Dairy Firms 0323

Climate Change Driving Millions to the Precipice of a ‘Raging Food Catastrophe’ 1222

Egypt’s Barren Fields Are Dire Bellwether for Climate Summit 1122

Extreme Heat Is Stressing Cows, Jeopardizing Global Dairy Supply 1122

Africa’s Unreported Extreme Weather in 2022 and Climate Change 1022

Water Crisis Squeezes California Tomato Farmers, as Growing Costs Keep Rising 1022

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‘The worst we’ve seen’ - Ranchers Threatened by Historic Heat and Drought 1022

Worst Drought ‘in Living Memory’ Threatens the World’s Olive Oil Supply 0922

U.S. Fruit Sellers Seek Canada for Berry Production amid Drought, Rising Costs 0922

How Drought and War Are Really Affecting the Global Food Supply 0922

‘Famine Is at the Door’ in Somalia, U.N. Warns 0922

Dried-Out Farms from China to Iowa Will Pressure Food Prices 0822

China Issues Alert as Drought and Heat Wave Put Crops at Risk 0822

US Crop Tour Set to Kick Off, with World’s Food Reserves at Stake 0822

Horn of Africa Drought Places 22 Million People at Risk of Starvation 0822

Drought and Rising Prices Are Fueling Insecurity in Kenya 0822

American Farmers Are Killing Crops and Selling Cows due to Extreme

Drought 0822

Climate Disasters in Latin America Threaten Global Food Security 0722

California Farmers and Ranchers Struggle to Survive Unprecedented Water Cuts 0522

Dying Crops, Spiking Energy Bills, Showers Once a Week. South America’s Climate Future Has Arrived. 0921

4 Years without Rain Leave Madagascar Facing Climate Change-Induced Famine 0821

‘Everything Is Changing’ - Struggling for Food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa Shrinks 0821

Drought Spurs Australia to Import Rice or Risk Empty Shelves 0720

UN Warns Hunger Crisis in Southern Africa 'on Scale We've Not Seen Before' 0120

‘We’d Prefer the Food’ - Zimbabwe Fears a Famine Is in Its Future 1219

Drought Devastates Food, Power Supplies in Zambia and Zimbabwe 1219

Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation 0319

France's Latest Forecasts Show How Grain Crops Are Feeling the Heat 0818

Australia's Drought-Hit Farmers to Miss Any Benefit from U.S.-China Trade War 0818

Calls for Farm Support Intensify, as Europe Struggles with Heat Wave, Drought 0718

U.N. Calls for Urgent Aid to Sahel as Hunger Crisis Looms 0518

Drought to Shrink Kansas Wheat Crop to Smallest since 1989 - 0518Study Finds Human Influence in Amazon's 3rd 1-in-100 Year Drought since 2005 - 0817

Climate Change Deepening Horn of Africa's Hunger Crisis, Oxfam Says 0417

100s of 1,000s Face Starvation and Death in Africa, in Growing Crisis 1216

Farmers in Sudan Battle Climate Change and Hunger, as Desert Creeps Closer 1216

As Drought Grips Iran, Farmers Lament Loss of a Way of Life 0916

Pests and Drought Hit Nigeria's Tomato Farms 0716

What You Need to Know About the World's Water Wars 0716

Poison Packed into Crops by Drought and Flood 0516

Across Africa, the Worst Food Crisis since 1985 Looms for 50 Million 0516

Wheat Crisis in Pakistan’s Sindh 0416

Climate Change’s Floods & Droughts Threatening Philippines Food Security 0316

Global Warming Hits Rice Bowls 0316 - especially Thailand

As Mozambique's Rivers Dry Up, Hopes of a Harvest Evaporate Too 0216

Dry Ivory Coast Weather May Cut Season’s Mid-Crop, Farmers Say 0216

El Niño Parches Asia Pacific, Destroying Crops and Drying Up Water Sources 0116

People Are Starving in East Africa – Again 0116

Scarred Riverbeds and Dead Pistachio Trees in a Parched Iran 1215

Ethiopia to Buy More Wheat to Avert Drought Crisis 1115

1/3 of Papua New Guineans Suffering Drought Crisis 1115

Caribbean Agriculture Looks to Cope with Climate Change 1115

Modi Fiddles as Drought Shrivels India's Crops 0915

How California's Drought Is Sweetening This Year's Produce 0915

Study Shows Impact of Irrigation on Drought, Climate Change in Alberta 0815 - Only irrigated crops are growing at all.

Climate Change Threatens Food Production in Nigeria 0815

Kenyan Pastoralists Fighting Climate Change through Food Forests 0715

Salt Is Slowly Crippling California's Almond Industry 0715

Drought Devastates California Cherry Crop, Puts Some Growers Out of Business 0615

Drought Takes $2.7 Billion Toll on California Agriculture 0615

Drought Is Bearing Fruit for Washington Wineries 0615

Record Drought Gives Oklahoma Wheat Farmers a Glimpse of the Future 0515

Zimbabweans Go Hungry, as Drought Hammers Southern Africa 0515

Beyond Almonds - a Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought 0415

California Drought Brings Smaller Harvests, More Hunger among Farmworkers 1214

Drought Hits Queensland Milk Supplies 1214

Central America Drought Has Pushed 2.5 Million into Food Insecurity 1214

Climate Change in Nicaragua Pushes Farmers into Uncertain World 1214

Why the California Drought Affects Everyone 0714

California Drought Expected to Cost State $2.2 Billion in Losses 0714

Drought Could Cost Central Valley Farms $1.7 Billion and 14,500 Jobs 0514

Drought May Slash US Corn Gains 0514

Attention Shoppers - Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising 0414

Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil's Coffee Crop 0214

As Reservoirs Shrink and Farms Expand, Chile’s Agriculture at Risk 0913

Ancient Civilizations Toppled by Climate Disruption 0813 - also on No Water page

Global Grain Stocks Plunge as 2012 Consumption Exceeded Production 0113  

Expanding Dust Bowls Worsening Food Prospects in China and Africa 1212  

India Tests Ways to Help Farmers Cope with Climate Change 1212  

How Severe Weather Impacts Global Food Supply 1212  

Working Wonders Without Water Out West 1112  

Grain Prices Soar as US Drought Impact Deepens 0812  

USDA Predicts Big Drop in Corn Yield 0812  

US Drought Drives Up World Food Prices 0812  

Rising Temperature Raises Food Prices 0812  

Severe US Drought Triggers Jump in Food Prices 0712  

Fierce Drought Wallops Southwest Farmers 0411  

UN Cites Risk to China's Wheat Crop 0211  

Crop Warning over China Drought 0111  

Russia Halts Wheat Exports - Panics Commodity Markets 0810  

Argentine Drought Decimates Cattle Herds 0209  

3-Yr Drought Slashes CA Crops Planting 0109  

Kenya Drought Leaves 10 Million Hungry 0109  

Texas Cotton Creamed by Heat and Sand 0408

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