Carbon Capture & Storage

 (CCS) - Coal, etc.

2020-2023 Articles

Why Humans Put a Bunch of ‘Coal’ and ‘Oil’ Back in the Ground, Led by Biochar 0124

Wildebeest and Wolves - the Secret Weapons against Climate Change 1123

UAE Oil Giant Doubles Carbon Capture Target Ahead of COP Summit 1023

Capturing Industrial Carbon Is All About Managing Volatile Costs 0923

Amazon Bets Big on Oil Giant Occidental’s Carbon Removal Project 0923

How an Oil Giant Took Control of Biden's Billion-Dollar Bet on Carbon Capture 0823

The Midwest Is Ground Zero for the Fight Over Carbon Capture Pipelines 0823 - also spillover to pipelines for direct air capture.  But mostly CCS, which many locals see as a way to prolong our use of fossil fuels.

Can Vacuums Slow Global Warming? Administration Bets $1.2 Billion on It. 0823 - Much more is now being done with "Carbon Capture and Storage" than with "Direct Air Capture".  The first operates on CO2 concentrations of 10 to 100%, from industrial "smokestacks".  The 2nd operates on ambient air, with CO2 concentrations now 0.042%.  The higher CO2 concentration of the 1st makes it much less costly.  But it also does not drecrease CO2 levels in the air.  Instead, it is similar to emitting less in the 1st place.  CCS, with many projects underway (see article), is addressed in this section.  DAC, carbon capture from ambient air instead of smokestacks, is discussed in the Reversing Climate Change section.

Carbon Capture Faces a Major Test in North Dakota 0723 - CCS is not cost-effective at coal-fired power plants, but at some factories.

NYC Skyscrapers Turn to Carbon Capture to Lessen Climate Change 0523

What’s Needed to Reach Net-Zero This Century - IEA 0423 Part of what is needed is carbon capture, directly from air or from smokestacks, and storage.

Green Steel Would Curb Carbon Emissions, Revive SW Pennsylvania Economy 0423

UK Makes £20 Billion Bet on Carbon Capture, in Race against US 0323

Japan’s ‘Green Transformation’ Would Derail the Energy Transition in Asia 0323


New Race to Develop Bite-Sized Carbon Capture Tech 0922 - New standardized, modular designs that are aimed at small emitters could open the door for more widespread use.

Every Dollar Spent on [Smokestack] Carbon Capture and Storage Is a Waste 0822 - The authors are the founders of the 1st privately-funded company to make use of CCS in the US, in 2008.  "15 years ago, before the cost of renewable energy plummeted, carbon capture seemed like a good idea.”  The principal use of CO2 from CCS is for enhanced oil recovery - moving carbon from one hole in the ground to another ("to qualify for the subsidies, CO2 must be produced, then captured and buried.”)

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BP Aims to Transform Carbon into Cash with Limestone Play 0223

The World's Largest Carbon Capture Plant Gets a 2nd Chance in Texas 0223

CO2 Removal Efforts Seen Far behind What Is Needed 0123

California Climate Plan Scraps New Gas Plants, Expands Fossil Fuel Carbon Capture 1122

Nasdaq Targets Boom in Market for Carbon Removal in Coming Years 1022


Can Carbon Capture Be Part of the Climate Solution? 0622

Let's Bury Our CO2.  What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 0522

Canada Offers Carbon Capture Tax Credit to Reduce Emissions 0422

Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage 0322 - in recent US infrastructure law, carbon focus is on smokestacks.  Several other matters are addressed.

Trudeau’s Environment Czar Counting on Carbon Capture and EV Push 0322

Shell’s Massive Carbon Capture Plant Is Emitting More Than It’s Capturing 0122

Canadian Scientists Urge Rejecting Carbon Capture Tax Credit, as Oil Subsidy 0122

Oil Companies Could Make Billions from Carbon Capture & Storage Tax Break 1221

Material Thinner than Human Hair Could Slash Carbon Emissions 1121 - Extremely thin membrane uses 60% less fuel to separate gases.  An important application is to capture CO2 emissions from industry, using pure oxygen for power generation, steel making or glass.

Oslo’s Plan to Sequester Incinerator CO2 - 0721

Key Role Expected for Carbon Capture for Net Zero Emissions, but Not All Agree 0721

Climate Activists Pan Smokestack Carbon Capture and Storage Plans 0721

Carbon Capture Technologies Are Improving Nicely 0521 - smokestack capture and storage in concrete

Chevron Invests in Carbon Capture and Utilization Startup Blue Planet 0121 - Blue Planet creates carbonate-based building aggregate made from flue gas-captured CO2.

Coal, Ethanol Industries Seek Sales Tax Exemption for Carbon Storage Projects 0121

Could We Reverse Climate Change but Still Burn All the Fossil Fuels? 0121 - far too expensive; far cheaper to decarbonize

Chevron May Need to Pay $100 Million for Failing to Capture Carbon Emissions 0620

2019 Articles and earlier

“100% Renewable Energy” Will Require Nukes, CCS and/or Seasonal Storage 0317

After 16 Attempts, a Cheaper Method for Carbon Capture at Work in India 0217

America’s 1st ‘Clean Coal’ Plant Is Now Operational, and Another Is on the Way 0117

Indian Firm Makes Carbon Capture Breakthrough 0117 - Alternative to amine needs less energy, smaller equipment.

Can Carbon Capture Technology Prosper Under Trump? 0117

The Search Is On for Pulling Carbon from the Air 1216 - emphasis on CCS, also spread silicates onto farmlands

Energy Department Backs Huge Louisiana Project to Store CO2 Underground 1216

Trapping Carbon Works, but High Cost to Limit Its Use to Essential Processes 1116

World’s 1st Commercially Viable, Zero-Carbon Coal Power Plant ‘Game Changer’ 1016

Coal CEO - Drop Climate Debate, Focus on Coal's Role in Emissions Reduction 0916

Shell’s Carbon Capture Project in Alberta’s Oil Sands Passes Milestone 0916

Pump CO2 into Rocks, Report Urges 0916

Rotterdam Offers Burial at Sea for Greenhouse Gases 0716

Negative Emissions Tested at World’s 1st Major BECCS Facility 0616 - CCS from ethanol, not coal

Burying Pollution Tested With $1.5 Billion Project in Australia 0416

Massive Carbon Capture Investment ‘Needed to Slow Global Warming' 0416

Oslo Trash Incinerator Starts Experiment to Slow Climate Change 0116 - CCS

Nanostructure and Nanonet Solar Cells, CCS, SRM Could Slow Climate Change 1215

UK Cancels Pioneering £1 Billion Carbon Capture and Storage Competition 1115

Saskatchewan Power Plant Set Out to Prove Coal Can Be Clean.  Did It Work? 1015

BYU's Cryogenic Carbon Capture Could Dramatically Reduce Pollution 1015

Drax Pulls Out of £1 Billion Carbon Capture Project 0915

Pragmatic Ways to Capture Carbon from Ambient Air & Smokestacks 0615

False Promise of ‘Carbon Capture' Exposed 0515

Mississippi Coal-Fired Power Plant with CCS, Partly Built, Loses Steam 0515

New Mexico State U Researcher Creates CCS Material to Slow Climate Change 0315

Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Rock, and Burying It 0215

US Government Abandons Carbon-Capture Demonstration 0215

Has Carbon Capture’s Time Finally Come? 1214

We Now Know How to Save the Planet - for $17.6 Trillion 1214

Mining Companies Lead New Push for Carbon Capture and Burial 1114

Canada Switches On World's 1st Carbon Capture Power Plant 1014

Carbon Capture's Energy Penalty Problem 1014

Storing CO2 Underground—for a Million Years 1014

Large-Scale Carbon Capture Project Breaks Ground in the Oil Patch 0914

Carbon Capture and Storage Finally Approaching Debut 0814

China Effort to Store CO2 Costly, But Attempt Must Be Made 0514

2 Plants to Put ‘Clean Coal’ to Test 0414

EU Green Light for UK Carbon Capture and Storage Project 0414

Striving To Capture Carbon 1113

Carbon Capture Aids Environment, But Feasibility Is a Barrier 1113

Is China the Last Hope for Carbon Capture Technology? 1013

Carbon Capture Hopes Dashed by High Costs 0913

Could Future Power Plants Use CCS to Produce Zero Emissions? 0913

Norway Drops ‘Moon Landing’ as Mongstad Carbon Capture Scrapped 0913

Bid to Clean the Air with Algae 0813

Greenhouse Gas Controls Not So Far Off 0813 

Is There a Fix for Global Warming Under Our Feet? 0713 

Federal Clean Coal Power Project Faces Uncertain Future 0413 

CCS Coal Plant Opens in Queensland 1212 

Scots' Longannet Carbon Capture Axed 1011 

AEP Shelves Major Carbon Capture Project 0711 

‘Green’ Cement Captures & Stores CO2 - 0110

Carbon Markets $359 Billion in 2014, CCS Break-Even at $25-40/T CO2 - 0110

China Pushes for CO2 Storage 1109 

CCS Cheaper Than Thought 1009 

GE to Power World's Biggest CCS 1009 

Carbon Capture & Sequestration in WV 0909

New CCS Plant in Germany 1108 

CCS Pilot Plant in Germany 0908 

Carbon Sequestration Progress 0208 

Underground CO2 Sequestration Industry 0407 - PDF, 24 pp

Carbon Capture & Underground Storage - IPCC 0207 - PDF, 62 pp

     At left, the World Coal Association shows the world's top coal producers, in order by thousands of tonnes, as China, US, India, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Poland, and Kazakhstan.  The list of top consumers differs.  Indonesia, Poland & Kazakhstan are not even on it.  Data is from 2012.

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