By Fighting the Ozone Hole, We Accidentally Saved Ourselves 0523 from another 1°C of surface heating by 2100, by CFCs and their substitutes.

More Forest Cover May Not Aid Cooling in Some Regions 0221 - Forest is dark, so it absorbs more sunlight, converting it to heat.  What it replaces is not as dark, so afforestation’s albedo effect is to warm Earth’s surface.  That operates in the opposite direction from trees removing CO2 from the air.  The balance (+ or - °C) is an empirical matter and depends on local factors.

NOAA Temperature Adjustments Bring Data Closer to Pristine 0216

Research Nixes Link between Solar Activity, Climate Change 0815

Scientists Say the Ozone Layer Is Recovering 0914

Smell of Forest Pine Can Limit Climate Change 0214

Solar Variability Has Only a Small Effect on Climate Change 1213

IPCC Global Warming Projections Have Done Much Better Than You Think 1013

Climate Report - How the Science Has Moved On 0913

Sun's Quiet Spell Not the Start of a Mini Ice Age 0713

Precipitation Change in Human vs Natural Warming 0113 

Skeptic Confirms Global Warming 0712 

2010 CO2 Emissions Exceed Worst Case 1111

Diatoms Linked to More Storms Recently 0611 

Colder Winters? 1110 

CO2 Effects on Plants Increases Global Warming 0510 

Quiet Sun Changes Regional Jet Stream Flows, Cooling Europe 0410

Global Warming Immune to Drop in Solar Radiance 0310

NASA Study Debunks Global Cooling 0310

IPCC Errors Trigger Push for Reform 0210

Atmospheric Dry Spell Eases Global Warming 0110

WMO - GHGs Keep Growing Faster 1109

Soot Does 18% of Warming 0409

Sudden Methane Rise in 2007 Puzzles Scientists 1008 

Hansen 2006 Lecture 0206 - PDF

Knutson Temp Trend 0905 - PDF 

Solar Warming Limits 0503 - PDF

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