Carbon Tax

     Exxon Mobil CEO (and Donald Trump’s Secretary of State) Rex Tillerson advocated a carbon tax in 2009.
    He cites several advanatages over regulations and cap & trade.

     This video by Dan Miller also makes the case for a revenue-neutral carbon tax.
    It also explores the psychological barriers against taking action to slow and stop climate change.  Psychologically, human react to threats with (1) clear visibility, (2) historical precedent, (3) immediateness, (4) direct personal impacts, (5) simple causality, and (6) causation by clear enemy.  In contrast, the climate change threat is (1) mostly invisible, (2) unprecedented, (3) drawn out over decades, (4) impact more our children and greandchildren, (5) compex in causes, and (6) caused by all of us.
    He says denial of climate change is all too easy.  We think it is only a distant environmental problem, one that’s impolite to discuss.  We wait for someone else to act.  We prefer rassuring lies to the inconvenient truth.


     In 2010, India enacted a carbon tax of 50 Rupees per metric ton on coal mined and imported.  That translated to 80¢ per ton, or $2.97 per ton of CO2.  India's carbon tax is a good bit lower than British Columbia's, which started at $10 per tonne of CO2 in 2008 and rose gradually to $30 in 2012.  Canadian CO2 offsets are selling for $20-45 per tonne.  India's carbon tax is also far below Australia's short-lived carbon tax of $23 per tonne of CO2, but similar to Japan's carbon tax of ¥289 (US $2.88) per tonne of carbon ($9.58/ton of CO2).  South Africa plans a carbon tax of R120 ($13) per tonne of CO2.  In  2014, Mexico enacted a carbon tax ($3 / tonne of CO2), while Chile’s $5 / tonne of CO2 tax was enacted in September.

     Compared to prices in cap-and-trade markets, India's carbon tax is a little higher than American RGGI's price ($1.86-4.00, see above), but a bit less than recent European Union's ETS prices ($4-7, also above).  India's price is far below EU CO2 prices for 2008-11 ($10-35, above) and recent California CO2 prices ($10.09 per ton in November 2012 and $12.22 in August 2013).  India's carbon tax is also much lower than the initial 130 RMB price ($21.37) per tonne of CO2 in China's Shenzhen market.  Norway’s carbon tax (since 1992), now $72 / ton ($20 / ton of CO2), applies to offshore oil and gas.  Sweden’s is about twice that, but exceptions (e.g., electricity sector) and exemptions in both countries are the rule.

 Carbon Prices: US $ / Tonne of CO2

     Some cap & trade prices are in the top group.  They've fluctuated a lot.
  China's / ton CO2 prices began at US$4.90 in Shanghai, $8.21 in Beijing, $10 in Guangdong, and $4.61 in Tianjin.  Shenzhen prices fell to $12 in November.  RGGI's price rose to $4 in the March 2014 auction.

   Carbon taxes are in the bottom group.  Australia, under Tony Abbott, repealed its carbon tax in July 2014.  What some call a cap & trade system may replace it.

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by Jim Hansen.  Dividend makes lower income households come out ahead.

2015-2019 Articles

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How to Cut U.S. Carbon Pollution by Nearly 40% in 10 Years 1119   Carbon Fee & Dividend, starting at $15 / tonne of CO2 ($55 / tonne of carbon), rising $10 / tonne CO2 per year.  Proceeds are returned to each adult with a social security number, with half share to 1st 2 children in a household.  Collected at wellhead, mine mouth or port of entry.  Rebate (to US companies) or tariff (on imports) where other country’s tax is not the same rate.

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support solar & wind; infrastructure; help displaced coal miners; reduce debt.  #5 is cut other taxes.  CCL discussion

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Alberta Doubles Down on Renewable Energy, Plans Carbon Tax in 2017 - 1115 - CN$20 / Ton CO2 in 2017, $30 in 2018

US Carbon Tax Effects Analysis by Income Level - RFF 1115  - PDF, 25 pp.  Of ways to return (100%) of carbon tax to taxpayers, cutting corporate income tax is best for GNP, individual income tax cut worst.  But individual (equal) income tax rebates do best for low (& even middle) income, while cutting corporate taxes benefits only the rich, while harming poor.

These Could Be the 1st US States to Tax Carbon & Give Residents a Paycheck 1115

Massachusetts Mulls an Economy-Wide Price on Carbon 1015

Governments to Raise $22 Billion from Carbon Pricing in 2015 - 1015

Climate Change Deal Will Not Include Global Carbon Price 1015

ITF Calls for Global Rules for Ship Operators to Cut Emissions 1015

Oil CEOs Differ on Carbon Strategy, Highlighting Industry Divide 1015

The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon 0915 - Greg Mankiw was economic adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Concord Monitor in New Hampshire - It’s Time for a Tax on Carbon 0815

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Coal Renaissance Means Switching to Plan B - Carbon Pricing and CO2 Removal 0715

Energy Taxes Are Misaligned with Environmental Impacts of Energy Use 0615 - Gasoline taxes loom large.

Alberta to Boost Carbon Price, Ahead of Climate Policy Revamp 0615

In Stunning Reversal, ‘Big Oil’ Asks for World Carbon Price 0615
    Shadow carbon prices ($/ton of CO2 equivalent) by big oil companies in 2013 included $40 at BP and Shell, $60-80 (in 2030 & 2040) at ExxonMobil, $34 at France’s Total, and $6-45 at ConocoPhillips.  I don’t know the numbers for Chevron, Italy's Eni, Norway’s Statoil, or Britain's BG Group.

Carbon Pricing Letter from Oil Giants 0615

Hillary Would Charge New Fees for Fossil Fuel Extraction 0615 - royalties increase?  or carbon tax?

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Yale to impose Carbon Tax on Itself, Led by the Man Who Helped Invent It 0415

US Support for Carbon Tax Reaches Almost 70% - 0415

Climate Group Launches Initiative for a Carbon Tax in Washington State 0415

Price on Carbon Is Key to Canada Tackling Global Warming, Say Researchers 0415

Doubled Top-Up Carbon Tax Will Trigger UK Coal Slowdown 0415

A Reagan Approach to Climate Change 0315

Low CO2 Emissions Tax Possible if Clean Technology Is Also Implemented 0215

Seize the Day - Tax Carbon, End Fossil Fuel Subsidies (Opinion) 0115

Australia’s Power Sector Emissions Jump as Carbon Tax Ends 0115

US Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends

Jan. 16, 2019

Global climate change is a serious problem calling for immediate national action.  Guided by sound economic principles, we are united in the following policy recommendations.

I. A carbon tax offers the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary.  By correcting a well-known market failure, a carbon tax will send a powerful price signal that harnesses the invisible hand of the marketplace to steer economic actors towards a low-carbon future.

II. A carbon tax should increase every year until emissions reductions goals are met and be revenue neutral to avoid debates over the size of government.  A consistently rising carbon price will encourage technological innovation and large-scale infrastructure development.  It will also accelerate the diffusion of carbon-efficient goods and services.

III. A sufficiently robust and gradually rising carbon tax will replace the need for various carbon regulations that are less efficient.  Substituting a price signal for cumbersome regulations will promote economic growth and provide the regulatory certainty companies need for long-term investment in clean-energy alternatives.

IV. To prevent carbon leakage and to protect U.S. competitiveness, a border carbon adjustment system should be established.  This system would enhance the competitiveness of American firms that are more energy-efficient than their global competitors.  It would also create an incentive for other nations to adopt similar carbon pricing.

V. To maximize the fairness and political viability of a rising carbon tax, all the revenue should be returned directly to U.S. citizens through equal lump-sum rebates.  The majority of American families, including the most vulnerable, will benefit financially by receiving more in “carbon dividends” than they pay in increased energy prices.


George Akerlof, Robert Aumann, Angus Deaton, Peter Diamond, Robert Engle, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, Oliver Hart, Bengt Holmström, Daniel Kahneman, Finn Kydland, Robert Lucas, Eric Maskin, Daniel McFadden, Robert Merton, Roger Myerson, Edmund Phelps, Alvin Roth, Thomas Sargent, Myron Scholes, Amartya Sen, William Sharpe, Robert Schiller, Christopher Sims, Robert Solow, Michael Spence and Richard Thaler are recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Paul Volcker is a former Federal Reserve chairman.

Martin Baily, Michael Boskin, Martin Feldstein, Jason Furman, Austan Goolsbee, Glenn Hubbard, Alan Krueger, Edward Lazear, N. Gregory Mankiw, Christina Romer, Harvey Rosen and Laura Tyson are former chairmen of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Janet Yellen have chaired both the Fed and the Council of Economic Advisers.

George Shultz and Lawrence Summers are former Treasury secretaries.

32 economists (4 Nobel Prize winners), US Cabinet Secretaries, Federal Reserve Bank Vice-Governors, etc.  Excerpt is below:
"We endorse these 4 principles for taxing carbon to fight climate change without undermining economic prosperity:
1.  Carbon emissions should be taxed across fossil fuels in proportion to carbon content, with the tax imposed “upstream” in the distribution chain.
2.  Carbon taxes should start low, so individuals and institutions have time to adjust, but then rise substantially and briskly, on a pre-set trajectory that imparts stable expectations to investors, consumers and governments.
3.  Some carbon tax revenue should be used to offset unfair burdens to lower-income households.
4.  Subsidies that reward extraction and use of carbon-intensive energy sources should be eliminated."

2014 Articles and earlier

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Carbon Tax for US Gets 2nd Look 1112

Australia Introduces Carbon Tax 0712

Australia Enacts Carbon Tax 1111

Australia to Tax Carbon Emitters 0711

Economic Analysis of US Carbon Fee & Dividend - REMI 0614 - PDF, 126 pp - sponsored by Citizens Climate Lobby.

     With a carbon tax (100% returned to taxpayers in equal amounts, & with a border adjustment), US CO2 emissions decline from 5.1 GT/year in 2015 to 2.6 GT/year in 2035.  The tax starts at $10 / metric ton of CO2 in 2016 and rises $10 / T annually thereafter, to 2035.
    The number of jobs increases ~1% by 2025, compared to the baseline of no carbon tax.  Only the West South Central states suffer.  Job gains are largest in Health Care; Finance & Insurance; Retail; and Real Estate.  Only Mining and Manufacturing (oil & chemicals) suffer.  GNP rises ~0.25%.
    The tax saves 10,000 lives a year (mostly from air pollution) by 2021 and 14,000 / year by 2031.
    Annual electric energy after 25 years is 6% (250 TWh) less than in the base case.  Coal (1,500 now) gets phased out, mostly by 2025.  Wind energy use grows 750, nuclear 700, solar 200, and geothermal 100, but gas falls 500.

A Citizens Climate Lobby summary video, one summary of the case for a carbon tax.
CCL sponsored the 2014 REMI US carbon tax study, summarized above, plus the July 2013 Massachusetts carbon tax study, summarized below.  CCL has more than 200 chapters, coverring more than 380 Congressional districts in 48 states.  CCL works to get a carbon tax (fee) enacted, with 100% of the revenues returned directly to households.

Tax/ton of Carbon equates to $4, $8, and $12 / ton of CO2

     The benefit of a carbon tax is highest for a $45/ton tax: ~ $70 per year per capita.  In all cases considered, a higher carbon tax yields greater economic benefits to its citizens.  Higher tax rates could yield even higher benefits per person.  A carbon tax would add 1 job, net, for every 300 jobs now in the state.

Details: Massachusetts Jobs Change by Industry, for $30 / Ton CO2 Tax

Change in MA Consumer Price Index, due to Carbon Tax

Changed Massachusetts MA CO2 Emissions, from Carbon Tax

The % emission effects of the 3 carbon tax rates are modest.

Price Changes for Carbon-Based Fuels, in Massachusetts, due to a Carbon Tax

Section Map: Government & Carbon Pricing