Mark Carney Sees ‘Wall of Opportunity’ for Energy Investors 1122

2/3 of US Money for Fossil Fuel Pours into Africa, despite Climate Goals 1022

Clean Energy Transition Gains Speed, despite Global Tumult 1022

Investors Commit $7.1 Trillion of Assets in Pursuit of 1.5°C Climate Goal 0922

Princeton to Cut Holdings in Publicly Traded Fossil-Fuel Companies 0922

Investors with $39 Trillion Urge Government to Plan Fossil Fuel Phase Out 0922

Carbon-Removal Industry Draws Billions to Fight Climate Change 0622

Barclays Says Climate Disaster May Collapse Major Currencies 0622

Heat Wave in India Poses Risks for Nation’s Credit, Moody’s Says 0522

Banks Bet Big on Coal in Indonesia, Bucking Global Shift Away from Fossil Fuel 0522

Religious Leaders Urge Banks to Stop Financing Drivers of Climate Change 0522

Indonesian Coal Billionaire Thohir to Use Profit Boom to Begin Green Shift 0422

China’s Banks Are the Last Big Players in Coal Company Financing 0422

Something Is Acting a Lot like a Carbon Price in Our Economy.  It’s Called Risk. 0322

India’s Clean Energy Got More Money from Loans Than Coal for 3rd Year 1221

Adopt Net-Zero Goal or See Debt Costs Spiral, Australia Warned 1121

Good Business 1121 - Go green, avoid stranded fossil fuel assets.

How Your 401(k) Is Helping Destroy the Amazon Rainforest 1121

Half of World’s Fossil Fuel Assets Could Be Worthless by 2036 - 1121

Carney Tells Net-Zero Investors They Won’t Face Lower Returns 1121

Carney Unveils $130 Trillion in Climate Finance Commitments 1121

The Divestment Movement’s Big Month 1021

Investors Managing $6.6 Trillion Call for Funding Carbon Removal 0921

A $15 Billion Trade for South Africa - Debt Relief for Green Energy $ 0921

Banks Warn They’re Not Ready for European Central Bank’s Historic Climate Test 0921

Harvard Commits to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0921

Insurance Industry to Limit Fossil Fuel Exposure amid Growing Climate Threat 0821

Debt in a Warm Climate - Coronavirus and Carbon Set Scene for Default 0821

EU Deal Forces Investors to Shift Gears on Climate Threat 0721

Fed Chair Powell Warns of ‘Profound Challenges' Posed by Climate Change 0621

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to Build New Kind of Nuclear Reactor in Wyoming 0621

Asian Development Bank Plans Exit from Coal Finance 0521

Coal Financing Costs Surge as Investors Opt for Renewable Energy 0421 - Required returns for wind and solar projects are at least 10% to 11%.  For oil and LNG, they are at least 14 to 21%.  For coal, they are at least 40%, to justify the rising risk that a high-polluting project might be left stranded as governments ramp up their climate action ambitions.

JPMorgan Pledges $2.5 Trillion during 2020s toward Climate Change 0421

Global Warming Could Cut over 60 Countries' Credit Ratings by 2030 - 0321

World Bank Revises Climate Policy, but Doesn’t Halt Fossil Fuel Funding 0321

Climate Change Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to Financial Markets - Janet Yellen 0321

3 Ways that Biden Could Green the Financial System 0321

Rutgers to Drop Fossil Fuel Investments in Battle against Climate Change 0321

Elon Musk Pledges $100 Million to Carbon Capture Contest 0221

Norway’s Trillion-Dollar Wealth Fund Sold Off Its Last Fossil Fuel Investments 0121

Microsoft Climate Fund Backs Climeworks Effort to Suck Up Carbon 0121

Davos - Green Transition Is a $50-Trillion Investment Opportunity 0121

Investors See Green Returns as Renewable Energy Rises 0121

BlackRock’s Fink Says Companies, Governments Must Team Up on Climate Change 0121

Renewables, Storage Stocks Soar, as Democrat-led Congress Improves Environment for Green Investments 0121

 2019-2020 Articles

New York’s $226 Billion Pension Fund Is Dropping Fossil Fuel Stocks 1220

Malaysian Bank to Phase Out Coal Finance 1220

Federal Reserve Warns of Climate Risks, in Historic 1st 1120

Markets Are Divesting You from Fossil Fuels 1020

Philanthropies Flow Funds to Climate Technologies 1020

Cambridge University Makes $4.5 Billion Fossil-Fuel Divestment Promise 1020

US Wildfires Could Spark Financial Crisis, Advisory Panel Finds 0920 - take 2 on report

Wall Street Watchdog Calls for Carbon Pricing, Better Prep for Climate Change 0920 - take 1 on CFTC report

Investors Are Sending the Oil Industry Signals, but Is Oil Giant Exxon Listening? 0820

Major Investment Firm Dumps Exxon, Chevron and Rio Tinto Stock 0820

Boris Johnson Poised to Stop UK Funding Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects 0820

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Climate Action from Banks 0820

Deutsche Bank Says It Will No Longer Invest in Fracking or Arctic Oil 0720

John Kerry Backs New Carbon-Price ETF in Climate Change Fight 0720

Climate Change Poses ‘Systemic Threat’ to the Economy, Big Investors Warn 0720

Australia’s #2 Pension Fund Divests from Thermal Coal 0720

Australian Banks Undermine Paris Agreement with $7 Billion in Fossil Fuel Loans 0720

Conference of Mayors Resolution Urges Fossil Fuel Divestiture 0720

George Washington University to Fully Divest from Fossil Fuels by 2025 - 0620

3 Years and $3 Trillion Could Shift the Climate Change Narrative 0620

Global New Clean Energy Investment Totaled $282 Billion Last Year 0620

Companies Worth $2 Trillion Are Calling for a Green Recovery 0520

IMF Warns Investors - You're Not Ready for Climate Change 0520

Chevron’s Investors Defy Board in Demanding Climate Disclosures 0520

Global Investors Say Rich Nations Must Make Pandemic Recovery Plans Green 0520

Wall Street Is Halting Financing for Arctic-Oil Drilling 0420

For Big Oil, This Crisis Will Be Different, and It May Be Irreversible 0420

Green Utilities Are Proving a Safe Haven in Market Rout 0420

As Investors and Insurers Back Away, the Economics of Coal Turn Toxic 0320

British Billionaire Hohn Launches Campaign to Starve Coal Plants of Finance 0320

World's Financial Firms Risk $1 Trillion Losses if Slow to Act on Climate Change 0220

JP Morgan Economists Warn Climate Crisis Is Threat to Human Race 0220

Fires and Climate Fears Rattle Australia's Giant Coal Lobby 0220

Global Financial Giants Swear Off Funding Very Dirty Tar Sands Oil 0220

Fossil Fuels Aren’t Even a Very Good Investment 0220

Credit Suisse, Others Back Initiative to Factor CO2 Cuts into Shipping Finance 0220

U.S. Clean Energy Investment Hits New Record, despite Trump Administration 0120

The Next Investing Trend Is Climate Restoration 0120

BlackRock Will Put Climate Change at Center of Investment Strategy 0120

Fed Officials Increasingly Warn that Climate Change Could Damage the Economy 0120

Bank of England to Stress-Test Financial System against Climate Change Risks 1219

Climate Change Could Wipe $2.3 Trillion off Global Stocks 1219

Climate Change Poses Risk to Financial System, Bank of Canada Governor Says 1119

EU Bank to Stop Fossil Fuel Lending 1119

World's Energy Watchdog Is Undermining Climate Change Battle, Critics Say 1119 - Its futures are how current policies play out, with current technology.  Expected policies, especially to deal with climate change, and new technology are nmot included. 

Wall Street Increasingly Weighs Risk from Climate Change 1119

Stopping Global Warming Will Cost $50 Trillion - Morgan Stanley Report 1019 - renewables $14 T, EVs $11 T, CCS $2.5 T, hydrogen $20 T, biofuels $2.7 T.

What Climate Change Could Do to Cities' Power to Borrow Money 1019

Major Investors to Ask Companies to Be Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 1019 - They represent $35 trillion in assets.

Businesses Would Gain $2.1 Trillion by Embracing Low-Carbon Tech 0619

Development Banks' Climate Funding at All-Time High in 2018 - 0619

The Heads of the World’s Largest Fossil-Fuel Companies Are Finally Taking Lower Carbon Emissions Seriously — Thanks to Pushy Investors 0519

The Bank of Canada Declared Climate Change a Financial Risk.  Now What? 0519

Climate-Action Delay May Cost Investors More than $1 Trillion 0519

Fed Is Preparing for Economic Damage from Climate Change - Powell to Congress 0519

Report Finds World Bank’s Coal Divestment Pledge Not Stringent Enough 0419

Official Warning to Banks - Get Serious about Climate Change or Risk Going Bust 0419

Climate Change Could Spur Financial Crisis – Federal Reserve Bank of SF 0319

Banks Pumped $1.9 Trillion into Fossil Fuels since the Paris Climate Deal 0319

Energy Analysts Forecast 'the End of Coal' in Asia, as Japanese Investors Back Renewables 0319

A Future without Fossil Fuels? - Investors View 0319 - by Bill McKibben

Norway’s Giant Oil Fund Takes 1st Step Out of Petroleum 0319

Wall Street Is More Than Willing to Fund the Green New Deal 0219

Investors Join Calls for a Food Revolution to Fight Climate Change 0119

The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change 0119

'A List' Climate Change Firms Outperform on Stock Market 0119

2017-2018 Articles

Tackle Climate or Face Financial Crash, Say World's Biggest Investors 1218

More than 1,000 Institutions Pledge to Withdraw Investment from Fossil Fuels 1218

World Bank to Invest $200 Billion to Combat Climate Change 1218

Climate Change Is Getting So Real, Investors Are Converting to a Carbon Price 1018

Climate Change Will Get Worse.  These Investors Are Betting on It. 1018

Fossil Fuel Divestment Funds Rise to $6 Trillion 0918

Ireland Moves to Divest From Fossil Fuels 0718

Church of England to Withdraw Funds from Polluting Firms that Don’t Tackle Climate Change 0718

Norway Wealth Fund Nears Blacklisting Greenhouse Gas Emitters 0618

Disclosing Climate-Related Financial Information Is a Game Changer 0618

British Lawmakers Want Big Companies to Report Their Climate-Change Risks 0618

“Stranded” Fossil Fuel Assets May Prompt $4 Trillion Crisis 0618

Big investors Urge G7 to Step Up Climate Action, Shift from Coal 0618

Powerful Investors Push Big Companies to Plan for Climate Change 0518

3 Dozen Shareholder Climate Resolutions Target Oil, Gas, Power Companies 0318

Apparently, We Can Let the Stock Market Fight Climate Change 0318

Banks Told They're Lagging on Response to Climate Risks 0218

Edinburgh University Divests from All Fossil Fuels 0218

BlackRock's $6 Trillion and the Social Purpose of Corporations 0118

Moody Investors Service Announcement on Climate Change Risks 1217

World Bank to End Financial Support for Oil and Gas Exploration 1217

The 'Kodak Moment' for Coal - Why the Adani Mine Could Be a Financial Disaster 1117 - switch from film to digital

Lloyd’s of London to Divest from Coal 1117

Growing Number of Global Insurance Firms Divesting from Fossil Fuels 1117

Shunning Fossil Fuels, 40 Catholic Groups Seek Divestment and Climate Action 1017

Climate Change Risk Prompts NZ Super Fund to Sell Shares in Oil, Gas Firms 0817

Investors Slowly Start to Push Climate Change up Their Agenda 0617

Exxon Investors Want a Bank-Style Stress Test for Climate Change  0617

ExxonMobil Shareholders Force It to Analyze and Disclose Climate Risks 0517

Company Climate Risk Disclosure Could Become Mandatory in a Few Years 0517

Investors Worth $20 Trillion Call for Climate Change Action 0517

Harvard ‘Pausing' Investments in Some Fossil Fuels 0417

Most Global Investors Recognize Financial Risk of Climate Change 0417

China Solar, Wind to Attract $780 Billion Investment by 2030 - 0417

Tesla Passes Ford in Market Value, as Investors Bet on the Future 0417

U.S. Solar Soared in 2016, but Investors Still Leery 0317

Norway's Wealth Fund May Blacklist Firms over Emissions, Corruption Risk 0317

Big Australian Banks Invest $7 Billion More in Fossil Fuels than Renewables 0317

The Investor Climate Bombshell Aussie Politicians Didn't Touch 0217

Investors, Insurers Urge G20 to Ditch Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020, Go Green 0217

Health Fund HCF Divests from Fossil Fuels, Saying Industry Harms Members 0217

Deutsche Bank Pulls Out of Coal Projects to Meet Paris Climate Pledge 0117

EU Says It Will Remain Top Investor against Climate Change 0117

Davos Elite Focus on Climate Change, Ignoring Trump’s Skepticism 0117

Trump May Not Like Alternative Energy, but Investors Should 0117

Renewables Investment in UK to Fall 95% over Next 3 Years 0117

2015-2016 Articles

Fossil Fuel Divestments Now Represent $5.2 Trillion 1216

EU Requires Pension Funds to Assess Climate Change Risks 1116

Suit Says ExxonMobil Should Have Cut Oil Reserves, Based on Climate Change 1116

Environmentalists Get Dose of Good News - Investors Have Spoken 1116

Billionaire Richard Branson on Donald Trump - Focus on Climate Change 1116

Trump Win Boosts Coal, Hits Renewable Stocks 1116

Investors Call for Moratorium on Arctic High Seas Oil & Gas Activity 1116

Here’s How the Drought Is Impacting Investment Markets 1016

Investors Threaten Car Industry on Climate 1016

Scramble for Green Yield in Europe Has Big Power Beating Banks 1016

Oil, Gas Investments Fell 25% in 2015 - 0916

Global Investment in Energy Falls, but Renewables Remain Strong 0916

Low-Carbon Investing in Vogue after Paris Climate Talks 0716

European Offshore Wind Investment Hits €14 Billion in 2016 - 0716

Insurers, Banks, and Pension Funds Could All Be Hurt by Climate Change 0716

Catholic Orders Take Their Lead from the Pope and Divest from Fossil Fuels 0616

Fossil Fuel Investments Growing Riskier for Insurers, Report Warns 0516

Exxon Shareholders Take Only ‘Small Step Forward' on Climate 0516

Climate Change Puts 1.3 Billion People, $158 Trillion at Risk, Says World Bank 0516

‘Climate Risk’ Shareholder Proposals Gaining Steam 0516

Global Water Shortages to Deliver ‘Severe Hit' to Economies, World Bank Warns 0516  7-14% GDP losses, by region

Half of Leading Investors Ignoring Climate Change 0516

World Bank to Spend 28% of Investments on Climate Change Projects 0416

Climate Fraud Investigation of Exxon Draws Attention of 18 Attorneys General 0316

Coal Power Glut Puts $US1 Trillion of Investment at Risk 0316

Peabody Coal's Bankruptcy Would Be Rocket Fuel to End Fossil Fuel  Investment 0316

China Leads, as Green Energy Investment Plans Hit Record High 0316

Rockefeller Family Charity to End All Fossil Fuel Investments 0316

S.E.C. Orders Exxon Mobil Shareholder Vote on Climate Data 0316

As Coal’s Future Grows Murkier, Banks Pull Financing 0316

An Oilman’s $7 Billion Course in the Economics of Drilling and Climate Change 0316

New York Pension Fund Passed Up $5 Billion by Not Divesting from Fossil Fuels 0316

Shareholder Climate Resolutions Reach New High 0316

JPMorgan, to Combat Climate Change, Won't Back New Coal Mines 0316

Warren Buffett Delivers Cold-Blooded View of Global Warming to Shareholders 0216

Have We Reached the Tipping Point for Investing in Renewable Energy? 0216

Fund Managers Who Ignore Climate Risk ‘Could Face Legal Action' 0216

California Teachers' Pension Fund to Divest U.S. Coal Assets 0216

Tidal Lagoon Technology Gets Multi-Million £ Boost 0216

How Investors Are Waking Up to Climate Risk 0116

Paris Climate Deal Seen Costing $12.1 Trillion Over 25 Years 0116

Australian Coal Mines Are One of Riskiest Investments in the World 0116

Copenhagen Set to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0116

Solar and Wind Just Did the Unthinkable 0116
    In 2015, $ invested & MW added exceeded those for fossil fuels, despite plunging, bargain prices for fossil fuels.

Investors Renew Pressure for Stronger Climate Stance 0116

Wind, Solar Power Soaring, in Spite of Bargain Prices for Fossil Fuels 0116

Experts Predict Renewable Investment Boom, as Congress Renews Tax Credits 1215

Paris Climate Pact Sinks Coal Stocks, Lifts Renewable Energy 1215

Australia’s Westpac Bank Won’t Rule Out Coal Project Investments 'if They Fit Our Criteria' 1215

Rich Countries Agree to Slash Export Subsidies for Coal Plants 1115

Climate Risk Could Undermine Investments, Report Warns 1115

Peabody [Coal] Energy Agrees to Greater Disclosures of Financial Risks 1115

Analysts Expect Bankruptcy for Arch Coal, Reflecting Industry Woes 1115

Paris Climate Deal to Ignite $90 Trillion Energy Revolution 1015

Australian Academy of Science Divests from Fossil Fuel Companies 1015

ANZ 'Will Not Finance' Dirty Coal Plants, Pledges $10 Billion for Clean Energy 1015

World Bank Pledges Extra $29 Billion to Poor Nations to Fight Climate Change 1015

Citigroup, Citing Climate Change, Will Reduce Coal Financing 1015

Bank of England's Governor Mark Carney Warns of Climate Change Risk 0915

Divestment Efforts Starting to Hit Canada’s Coal and Oil Firms 0915

Natural Disasters Pose Ratings Threat - S&P 0915

California Passes Bill to Divest Largest Pension Funds from Coal 0915

More Banks, Corporations & Brokers Value Stocks & Companies That Protect the Environment 0815

Canadian Medical Association Divesting Fossil Fuel Holdings 0815

365 Companies and Investors Support the EPA Clean Power Plan 0715

Investors Could Lose $4.2 Trillion from Climate Change Impacts 0715

Episcopal Church Votes to Divest from Fossil Fuel Holdings 0715

French (& Other) Banks Won’t Invest in Bangladesh’s Rampal Coal Plant 0615

Coal Crash - How Pension Funds Face Huge Risk from Climate Change 0615

Exxon, Chevron Stockholders Say ‘No' to Adding Climate Experts to Boards 0515

Norway Fund’s Dumping of Coal Could Trigger Large Divestment Wave 0515

Axa, France’s Largest Insurer, to Shed Coal Shares 0515

Leading Health Charities Should Divest from Fossil Fuels, Say Climate Scientists 0515

Members of 3 Danish Pension Funds Vote to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0515

Al Gore's Business Partner Warns Investors of Fossil Fuel Risks 0515

Coal Investments Are Increasingly Risky, Says Bank of America 0515

World Needs to Triple Its Investments in Clean Energy Innovation 0515

Swarthmore College to Keep Fossil Fuel Funds 0515

Church of England’s Coal, Tar Sands Divestment Influences Climate Change Fight 0515

China Solar Expansion Needs Billions from Wary Investors 0415

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables 0415

G20 - Fossil Fuel Fears Could Hammer Global Financial System 0415

UK’s Prince Charles on Brink of Ending All Fossil Fuel Investments 0415

Former Shell Boss - Fossil Fuel Industry Must ‘Change Profoundly’ 0415

Investors’ Climate Change ‘Gamble’ Exposed 0415

Carbon Reserves Held by Top Fossil Fuel Companies Soar 0415

Renewable Energy Surge Revives Europe's Power Trade 0415

In Historic Move, BP's Shareholders Adopt Global Warming Resolution 0415

Australia's Renewable Energy Investment Grinds to a Halt 0415

Fossil Fuel-Free Funds Outperformed Conventional Ones, Analysis Shows 0415   -  13% vs 11.8% since 2010

UN Green Climate Fund Can Be Spent on Coal-Fired Power Generation 0315

Use Financial Levers to Fight Climate Change - Dhaka Editorial 0315

Rockefeller Brothers Fund - it Is Our Moral Duty to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0315

New Online Platform Tracks Corporate Actions in Tropical Forests 0315

$0.5 Trillion Green Bond Market, Led by China, Looks for a Regulator 0315

US Episcopal Church Says Climate Change Denial Is Immoral. 0315

When Legally Liable, Coal Companies Don't Dispute Global Warming 0315

London Mayor Told to Divest £4.8 Billion Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels 0315

Governor Mark Carney Defends Bank of England over Climate Change Study 0315

Oslo Divests from Coal Companies 0315

China’s Bursting Coal Bubble Raises Fear of Stranded Assets 0315

Shell & BP Call for Carbon Price & Financiers Divest from Fossil Fuels 0215
      Some oil companies (at least Chevron, Exxon and Shell) use carbon prices of $60 and $80/ton as shadow prices in decision-making.

Citigroup Sets Aside $100 Billion for Green Initiatives 0215

Big Oil’s Groundhog Day - Will It See Looming Shadows? 0215

Apple Deal, Tax Change Could Spark Corporate Solar Stampede 0215

Fossil Fuel Lobby Goes on the Offensive Against Divestment Movement 0215

World's Biggest Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps Dozens of Coal Companies 0215

Shell Urges Shareholders to Accept Climate Resolution 0115

Nordea (Big Nordic Bank) Divests Coal Shares – Canary in Coal Mine? 0115

Modi’s Clean-Energy Goals Face Funding, Political Hurdles 0115

Rooftop Solar Adds $15,000 Premium to Home Values 0115

Stanford Professors Urge Withdrawal from Fossil Fuel Investments 0115

Climate Mission Impossible - Scientists Say Fossil Fuels Must Go Untapped 0115

2013-2014 Articles

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 1214

Financing Climate Safety 1214

Largest Swedish Pension Fund Divests from Fossil Fuel 1214

2014 - Riding a Rocket, Divestment Movement Gains Momentum 1214

California Governor Brown’s Plan - Divest from Coal to Fight Global Warming 1214

Church of England Challenges BP and Shell over Global Warming 1214

Oil Investors on Brink of Losing $Trillions in Assets - That Road Runner Moment 1214

Norway Wealth Fund Targets $3 Billion in Green Technology Stakes 1214

Bank of England to Examine Financial Risks Linked to Fossil Fuels 1114

World Bank to Focus Future Investment on Clean Energy 1114

Major Investors Worried about Companies' Readiness for Climate Change 1114

Solyndra Program, Vilified by Republicans, Turns a Profit 1114

Churches Go Green by Shedding Fossil Fuel Holdings 1014

Glasgow University to Sell Its Fossil Fuel Investments 1014

Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft 0914

Top 5 Takeaways From the United Nations Climate Summit 0914

Big Oil’s Heirs join Call for Action as Climate Summit Opens 0914

Experts, Activists Push Philanthropies to Drop Coal, Oil, Gas Investments 0914

A Mere $1 Trillion Annual Investment Goal Puts Climate Solutions within Reach 0914

This Approach to Climate Change Doesn't Involve Obama, the Senate or the UN 0814

Wall Street Warned About $91 Billion of High-Risk Oil Megaprojects 0814

Shareholder Resolutions Prompt Multinationals to Set Greenhouse Gas Targets 0814

Nations Vulnerable to Climate Change Face Credit Rating Hit, Warns S&P 0714

Tobacco and Fossil Fuels Lose Out, as Investors Opt for More Ethical Industries 0714

Risky Business - Bloomberg, Paulson, Steyer et al. 0614 - PDF, 56 pp

Stanford Divesting Coal Helps Students Seeking Domino Effect 0514

Climate Change to Hit Sovereign Creditworthiness - S&P 0514

Lloyd's Calls on Insurers to Take into Account Climate-Change Risk 0514

Carbon Bubble Threatens Stock Markets, Say MPs 0314

Get Your Cash Out of Fossil Fuel Backed Funds - UN Climate Chief 0114

Coal Seen as New Tobacco, Sparking Investor Backlash 1113

Energy Change Means Peril for Investors 1113

Wall Street Demands Answers from Producers on Unburnable Carbon 1013

Heat Is On, as Costs of Tackling Global Warming Set to Soar 0913

World Bank Aids New Coal Project Abroad, Defying Its Policy 0913

Washington’s Top Firms Silent On Climate Risks Despite SEC Rule 0913

Should You Divest from Coal and Oil? 0913

World Bank Pilots Climate Insurance 0913

Banks Put a Price on Earth's Life Support 0813

Students Press Schools to Drop Fossil Fuel Stocks 0813

Fund Managers Say Climate Change Influences Investments Worth $14 Trillion 0813

Gamble on Carbon Asset Bubble & the Climate Could Trigger New Financial Crisis 0813 

US Investors Show Climate Clout 0713

Insurance Industry, Republicans Split on Climate Change 0713

United Church of Christ to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0713

Carbon Asset Bubble

     These graphs show that proven reserves and especially potential carbon reserves are more than 2-4 times as large as the generally accepted carbon budget to hold global warming even to 3°C.*  There is no chance (right) of keeping the probability of warming less than 1.5°C below 20%, and only a modest chance (future burning would be only 40% as much as we've burned already) of keeping it below 50%.  Burning all our proven carbon reserves is a recipe warming of well over 5°C, which some call a doomsday scenario.

     * [this website’s author’s note: The ability to meet a 3°C target neglects positive feedback effects from albedo changes as sulfates in the air are phased out and as sea ice and ice sheets (and snow cover) melt and mostly vanish - except for much of East Antarctica.  It must be supplemented by removing most CO2 that humans have put in the air.]

The riskiness in some stock exchanges from a carbon asset bubble.


Half of World’s Fossil Fuel Assets Could Be Worthless by 2036 - 1121

1 Year from Today, We’ll Have Blown the World’s Entire Carbon Budget 0117 - Actually, we blew thru it about 1970.  The article’s view of the carbon budget, and future warming, is based on neglecting non-GHG feedbacks and effects.  Most notable are albedo (reflectivity) changes from less sulfur, sea ice, snow, clouds, and land ice.  Also notable are (1) feedbacksdue to warming from those abedo changes increasing atmospheric levels of H2O, the #1 greenhouse gas, and (2) delayed surface warming as the deep ocean warms over centuries, until equilibrium is re-establlished with the surface and top of the atmosphere.  The pre-civilization climate record is clear that these “long-term” effects are large, larger than (about 2 x) the short-term effects from human-emitted greenhouse gases alone.

The Carbon Bubble - Why Investors Can No Longer Ignore Climate Risks 1016

Existing Coal, Oil and Gas Fields Will Blow Carbon Budget 0916

A New Debate over Pricing the Risks of Climate Change 0916

Galilee Basin Coal Must Be Left in Ground as a ‘Priority’ – New Report 0916

Study Predicts All Antarctic Ice to Melt if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned 0915

Firms Own Unburnable Fossil Fuels 0413 - summary of the report below

Click for more

Unburnable Carbon: Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets - Grantham Inst. 0413 - PDF, 40 pp.  Also above, in Economics.
Dr. Fry’s note: The actual remaining carbon budget is far less than zero.  Climate models available in 2013 neglected or greatly underestimated the effects of albedo changes (ice and snow melting, cloud changes, loss of sulfates, etc.)  Thus, they greatly underestimated how much Earth’s surface would warm in years to come.

Investor Group Calls for Water Utilities to Be More Open about Climate Risks 0413

Investors Seek Ways to Profit from Global Warming 0313

Carbon Disclosure Raises Stock Prices 0712

$20 Trillion from Investors Call for GHG Targets 1011 

High Carbon Emitters ‘Are Valued Lower’ 0411 

SEC May Require Climate Change Disclosure 1009

SEC Looks at Climate Disclosure 0709, ditto

SEC Votes for More Climate Risk Disclosure 0109, ditto

Institutional Investors Urge Climate Agreement 1108

NYMEX Starts Trading Emissions Contracts 0308

Water Worries: Companies for Scarce Water - Citi 0108 - PDF- pdf, 50 pp

Climate Consequences & Companies to Invest In, Update - Citi 0407 - PDF, 45 pp

Capturing the Gains from Carbon Storage - JP Morgan 0407 - PDF, 24 pp

The Business of Climate Change - Lehman Bros 0207 - PDF, 145 pp - "Going Green Gets the Green”.
    This is an especially good summary of climate change and its impacts, to date (2007) and future.

Section Map: Economics, etc.