China Starts Round 2 of Massive Desert Renewable Energy Build 1221

China Issues Guidelines to Fight Pollution, Cut Emissions 1121

China’s New Renewable Project Rivals All Wind and Solar in India 1021

Climate Report from China 1021 - Coal and electricity shortages erode support for climate action.

China Just Entered Major HFC Climate Pact.  Now Comes the Hard Part. 0921

China's Xi Jinping Promises to Halt New Coal Projects Abroad 0921

China Ties Climate to Better U.S. Relations in Kerry Talks 0921

China to Quickly Expand Top Carbon Market to Add More Polluters 0721

China Puts Most Powerful Agency in Charge of Climate Policies 0721

China’s Leader Xi Jinping Promises to Strictly Limit Coal 0421 - “strictly limit increasing coal consumption” in the next 5 years and phase it down in the following 5 years

Despite Pledges to Cut Emissions, China Goes on a Coal Building Spree 0321

China in Climate Denial? US Railroads Reverse Course on Warming. 0321

Will China Take a 'Great Leap' to a Greener Economy? 0321

Why China’s New Carbon Market Is No Quick Climate Fix 0121

Can China Meet Its Ambitious Decarbonization Goals? 0221

EU Hopes for a Climate Partnership with China 0221

China Promises to Reduce Its Carbon Intensity 65% by 2030 - 1220

China Battles the World’s Biggest Coal Exporter, and Coal Is Losing 1220

China Must Ban New Coal Power Plants to Meet 2060 Goal 1120

China to Delay National Carbon Market Debut to 2021 - 1120

China Hits Out at US Climate Record, in Pointed Message Ahead of Election 1020

China's Carbon-Neutral Plan Uses Carbon Sinks to Wipe Out 1/3 of Emissions 1020

China’s Top Climate Scientists Map Out Path to 2060 Net Zero Goal 0920

Coal’s Last Refuge Crumbles with China’s Renewables Plan 0920

China Boosts Renewable Power Subsidies 7.5% to $13 Billion 0620

China Power Giants Prepare for World’s Biggest Carbon Market 0620

Why China’s Renewable Energy Transition Is Losing Momentum 0919 See discussion at Renewables:Renewables: China

China No Longer Participating in Start of Aviation Emissions Deal 0718

China’s Dramatic Solar Shift Could Take Sting Out of Trump's Panel Tariffs 0618

Water-Stressed Beijing Exhausts Its Options 0318

China to Fight Emissions, Pollution to Protect 'Blue Skies, Green Land' 0318

Guide to the World’s Largest Carbon Market that Just Launched in China 1217

China's Top Climate Official Rules Out Carbon Futures, Tax 1117

China Aims to Stop Renewable Energy Being Wasted by 2020 - 1117

China Hastens the World Toward an Electric-Car Future 1017

China Will Meet 2020 Carbon Reduction Target, Xie Zhenhua Says 1017

China Strengthens Climate Pledge, as White House Creates Confusion 0917

China Studying When to Ban Sales of Traditional Fuel Cars 0917

Beijing Aims to Curb City's Use of Coal by 2020 - 0717

Xi Jinping Is Set for a Big Gamble With China’s Carbon Trading Market 0617

China Calls US ‘Selfish' after Trump Seeks to Bring Back Coal 0317

‘Irrational’ Coal Plants May Hamper China’s Climate Change Efforts 0217

City of Beijing Vows 30% Cut in Coal Use in 2017, to Fight Smog 0217

China to Plow $361 Billion into Renewable Fuel by 2020 - 0117

China Unveils Green Vehicle Subsidy Caps, Increases Technical Requirements 1216

China Fines 605 Power Plants $47 Million for Environmental Breaches 1216

Obama, China Ratify Paris Climate Agreement 0916

China Turns to Free Markets to Tame Fossil-Fuel Pollution 0816

China May Be Entering “Post-Coal Growth.”  But Don’t Get Too Excited. 0816

China Pledged to Curb Coal Plants, but It’s Still Adding Them. 0716

Sweltering China Tries to Dole Out Subsidies for Working in High Heat 0716

China Decarbonizes for Greener Growth 0616 - from 2005, 37% less CO2 / GDP, vs 40-45% target for 2020

China's Plan to Cut Meat Consumption by 50% Cheered by Climate Campaigners 0616

Wind at China’s Back to Amp Up Its Renewables 0616 - Move wind turbines from hinterlands to near the cities.

Beijing to Adopt China's Tightest Fuel Standards by January 0516

Why China Is Having So Many Problems Ramping Up Wind Power 0516

China Curbs Plans for More Coal-Fired Power Plants 0416

China Pushes for Mandatory Integration of Renewable Power 0316

China Says Slowing Economy Won’t Stop Anti-Pollution Efforts 0316

China Aims to Boost Renewable Energy with 'Green Certificates’ 0316

China Sets Cap for Energy Consumption for 1st Time 0316

False Emissions Reporting Undermines China’s Pollution Fight 0116

2015 Articles and earlier

China’s Latest Climate Change Assessment Depicts Somber Scenarios 1115

China's Economic Shift to Aid Climate Fight, but Packs a Commodity Punch 1015 - 5-Year Plan may ban new coal plants.  Coal GWh down 9% for 1st 7 months.  Lack of transmission limits solar & wind.

China Raises Solar Installation Target for 2015 - 1015

China to Launch National Cap-and-Trade Plan in 2017 - 0915

Clean Tech on Minds, as China's Xi Visits 0915

Chinese Cities Pledge Early Carbon Emissions Peak under Deal with U.S. 0915

Assuming ’Wrong Type of Coal' Way Overestimated China's CO2 Emissions 0815

China’s Anti-Pollution Drive Starts to Bite on Sales of Coal 0715

China's Guangdong to Allocate 408 Million CO2 Permits This Year 0715

How China, the World's Biggest Polluter, Is Dealing with Climate Change 0715

China Climate Change Plan Unveiled 0615

China Puts $6 Trillion Price Tag on Its Climate Plan 0615

China ‘Deserves More Credit’ for Renewable Energy Effort - IEA 0615

China Prepares to Launch National Carbon Market to Fight Climate Change 0515

China's CO2 Emissions Have Been Plummeting Lately.  What's Going On? 0515

Taiwan Committed to Promoting Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency 0515

China and India Call on Rich Countries to Step Up Climate Change Efforts 0515

China to Expand Coal Ban to Suburbs 0515

Why China Should Make Cutting Coal Power Its #1 Goal 0415

China Sees Through Its Coal-Fired Haze What Alabama Cannot 0315

China Official Warns of Huge Impact from Climate Change 0315

China Eyes Fundamental Shift in Energy Policy 0315

China's Coal Usage Targeted in New Energy Plan 0315

China's ‘War' on Air Pollution May Release More CO2, with Scrubbers 0315

As China Readies National Carbon Trading Program Launch, Questions Multiply 0215

China Vows to Cut Fossil Fuel in Painstaking Energy Revolution 0115

China to Slow Down New Coal-to-Gas Projects a Lot, to Cut CO2 Emissions 1214

China Will Cap [?] Its Coal Consumption by 2020 - 1114   China’s coal use may or may not increase after 2020.

Power Politics Behind China's Climate Pledge 1114

China, U.S. Agree to Limit Greenhouse Gases 1114

US and China Shake Up Global Climate Talks With Major Pollution Pledges 1114

China Power Plants Exempt from Low-Quality Coal Ban 0914

China Suggests Coal Use Cap and Import Curbs in Draft Air Pollution Law 0914

China May Be Ready to Kick Coal Habit 0914

Obama Presses Chinese on Global Warming 0914

China Pledges Emissions Cuts, Coal Use to Peak ASAP 0914

China Seeks Pollution Cut With National Carbon Market 0914

China's Coal Use Drops, for 1st Time in a Century 0814

Obama’s Green Dilemma - Punish China, Imperil U.S. Solar 0814

China's Carbon Plans - Secrecy, Oversupply Darken Outlook 0814

What Beijing Abandoning Coal Means (Add 16 Years to Beijinger's Life!) 0814

Smoggy Beijing to Ban Coal Use 0814

China's Experts Divided Over Carbon Emissions Peak 0614

After US Pledges Cuts, China Announces Plans to Cap Carbon Emissions in 2016 - 0614

China Looks for Blue-Sky Solutions, as Smog Worsens 0214

U.S. and China Find Convergence on Climate Issue 1113

Transforming China's Grid - Sustaining the Renewable Energy Push 0913 - This article details feed-in tariffs and other policies that China has used to encourage the growth of solar and wind power in China.

Silver Lining in China’s Smog - It Puts Focus on Emissions 0813

The East is Grey 0813

China Says It Will Spend $275 Billion to Control Pollution 0713 

US, China Agree on Climate Steps to Curb Emissions 0713 

Obama Plan Gives US Leverage in Climate Talks with China 0713

China Nears Launch of Large Emissions Trading Pilot Programs 0513  7 pilot cities & provinces are shown at left.

China Pushes for Own National Carbon Cap & Trade 0413 

How Effective Will China’s Carbon Tax Be? 0213 

China to Impose Limits on 6 Industries to Tackle Air Pollution 0213

China May Increase CO2 Emissions to 2030 - 1112

China’s National Assessment Spells Out “Grim" Climate Change Risks 0112

China Won't Reach US per Capita CO2 Emissions 1011

Chinese Official Says Carbon Caps Are Real Possibility 0811

How Does China’s 2010-2015 Plan Address Energy and the Environment? 0311

China May Launch Carbon Market by 2014 - 0510

China Could Levy Carbon Tax in 2012 - 0510

China to Cut CO2 per $ by 40-45%, by 2020 - 1109

China Unveils Emissions Targets 1109

US-China Clean Energy Partnership 1109

According to its draft 2015-2020 Plan, coal will fall from 67% of energy in 2013 to 62% in 2020 - even as coal use rises from 3.75 to 4.2 billion tons a year, or 2% a year.  12 of China’s 34 provinces, with 44% of its coal use, have already implemented coal control measures.  10 of the 12 require a reduction in coal use - see map below.

     Meanwhile the share of no-carbon “fuels" will rise from 9.8% in 2013 to 15% in 2020, aiming for the pledged 20% by 2030.  From "Transforming China’s Grid… 0913,” below, China targets 260 GW of hydro, 104 of wind and 35 of solar, just by 2015.  By 2020, China plans 500 GW (a 100 GW addition) of renewable electricity.  That's almost half of the 1,060 GW in US total electric capacity.  By 2030, China plans to add (from 2013) 800 to 1,000 GW of nuclear, wind, solar and other no-carbon generating capacity.

     Wind and solar targets were revised significantly upward during the current (2010-2015) Plan.

Blue (2013 and 2014) is projections from 2012.  Reality since then was lower.


India Wants to Become a Solar Powerhouse without China’s Help 0222

India Will Spend $1.6 Billion to Add Lines for Transmitting Green Power 0122 - Transmission lines of 10,750 circuit kilometers will carry 20 GW, to support 50% renewable electricity by 2030.  Coal currently supplies 75% of India’s electricity.  But in 2021, India’s new GW capacity was 80% renewable.

Modi Surprises Climate Summit With 2070 Net-Zero Vow for India 1121

India Can Do More on Climate by 2030, even as It Snubs Net-Zero 1021

Can India’s 450 GW Renewable Energy Goal by 2030 Be Achieved? 0320

India Turns to Electric Vehicles to Beat Pollution 0719 - mostly 2-wheelers (mostly motor scooters, most of India’s traffic) and 3-wheelers (tut-tuk taxis / mini-buses and some small trucks).  New sales all electric by 2025 and 2023.  Electric cars only will be sold by 2030.

Can India Kick Its Coal Addiction? 0719

India Battles to Balance the Economy and the Environment 1117

India Taps Solar, Storage to Ensure All Homes Have Power in 2018 - 0917

India Aims to End the Sale of Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2030 - 0617

India Launches Massive Push for Clean Power, Lighting, and Cars 0517

Chased by Drought, Rising Costs, and Clean Technology, India Pivots on Coal-Fired Power 0417

Emerging Climate Accord Could Push A/C Out of Sweltering India’s Reach 1016

India to Ratify Paris Climate Change Agreement on October 2 – PM Modi 0916

India Doubles Down on Solar Parks after SunEdison Setback 0716

India to Meet Climate Goals Earlier than Promised 0716

India to ‘Divert Rivers' to Tackle Drought 0516

India Aims to Become 100% Electric Vehicle Nation by 2030 - 0316

Delhi, World's Most Polluted City, Plans New Limits on Car Use 0216

Indian Government Helps Carmakers Go Green & Cheap, to Fight Smog Crisis 0116

India Says Paris Climate Deal Won't Affect Plans to Double Coal Output 1215

India Signals Willingness to Cut Coal for Climate Cash 1215

France, India to Launch Global Solar Alliance 1115

India Opposes Deal to Phase Out Fossil Fuels by 2100 at Climate Summit 1115

India Backs 2°C Global Warming Limit 1115

Can India Make or Break Climate Change? 1115

India Leads Asia's Dash for Coal, as Emissions Blow East 1015

Modi Calls Solar ‘Ultimate Solution’ to India’s Energy Problem 0815

Cheap Power or Clean Energy?  India’s $200 Billion Dilemma 0715

Modi’s Solar Embrace in India Leaves Wind Power in Shade 0615

World’s Worst Air Spurs Modi’s $25 Billion Utility Clean-Up Push 0515

China and India Call on Rich Countries to Step Up Climate Change Efforts 0515

Prime Minister Modi Says India Must Lead on Climate Change 0415

Renewables to Get Most of $1 Billion Ex-Im Bank Credit for India 0315

Experts Pitch for Fossil Fuels to Drive Growth in India 0315

Modi's Budget Slashes Environmental Funding for India 0315

Modi’s Clean-Energy Goals Face Funding, Political Hurdles 0115

U.S., India Deepen Cooperation in Defense, Clean Energy 0115

Modi Shifts on Climate Change With India Renewables Goal 0115

Obama's India Visit - Hopes for Clean Energy and Climate Deals 0115

India’s Modi Is More Worried About Renewables Than Obama's Emission Cuts 0115

Indian Leader, Favoring Growth, Sweeps Away Environmental Rules 1214

India Sticks to Its Gun During Climate Talks 1214

In Climate Talks, Spotlight Turns to India 1114

Can Modi Bring the Solar Power Revolution to India? 0914 

Obama and Modi Agree on U.S.-India Efforts to Fight Global Warming 0914

Why India Isn't So Keen to Fight Climate Change 0914

Emissions From India Will Increase, Official Says 0914

Clean Energy (& Solar Air Conditionig) Is Indian Government’s Mantra 0814

Modi Accelerates India Solar Revolution, Doubles Tax on Coal 0714

India to Cut CO2 per $ by 20-25%, by 2020 - 1209

India’s Projected Electric Capacity (GigaWatts)

Various Countries

Japan to End Financing of Key Coal Projects under Climate Pledge 0622

South Korea Looks to Nuclear Expansion, in Bid to Meet Climate Targets 0622

Japan to Use Nuclear Reactors, Renewables to Cut Reliance on Russian Energy 0522

Japan Leader Says to Reconsider Nuclear Power, as Energy Costs Soar 0422

South Korea’s President-Elect Seeks Nuclear Power for Green Goals 0422

As Blackouts Loom, Indonesia’s Energy Crisis Highlights Its Coal Addiction 0122

Vietnam Spurns Coal as Southeast Asia Aims to Kick Dirty Habit 1121

Indonesia and Philippines Join Plan to Shut Coal Plants Early 1121

Oil Giant Saudi Arabia Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2060 - 1021

Turkey Ratifies Paris Agreement, after Approving a 2053 Net Zero Goal 1021

Indonesia’s New Plan Still Clings to Coal, despite Phaseout Pledge 0921

Sri Lanka Pledges No New Coal, Makes Push into Rooftop Solar 0821

Japan Pledges 46% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cut by 2030 - 0421

Netanyahu Says Israel Will No Longer Burn Coal in 2025 - 0421

Saudi Arabia Backs 50% Renewable Energy by 2030, Huge Tree Planting Project 0321

Japan Adopts Green Growth Plan to Go Carbon Free by 2050 - 1220

Japan’s New Leader Sets Ambitious Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050 - 1020

South Korea to Implement Green New Deal after Ruling Party Election Win 0420

Indonesia’s President Signals a Transition Away from Coal Power 0719

Israel to Stop Electricity Production from Coal by 2030 - 1218

Vietnam in Test of What Happens When the U.S. Abandons Climate Diplomacy 0518 - New coal is tempting, with China $.

Singapore to Impose Carbon Tax from 2019 - 0218

From Oil to Solar - Saudi Arabia Plots a Shift to Renewables 0218

What Indonesia Is Doing about Its Deadly Haze from Forest and Peatland Fires 0817

Singapore Carbon Tax Would Hit Refiners, Help Renewables 0217

Indonesia’s Last Stand for a Coal Industry in Peril 0217 - Exports to China & India are hurting.  Banks face pressure to withdraw financing from 117 proposed coal plants in the islands.

100,000 Died from Indonesia’s Unpunished Air Pollution from Forest Fires in 2015 - 0217

Saudis to Launch $30-50 Billion Renewable Energy Program Soon 0117

Indonesia, Vietnam Look to Blaze Trail for Solar in Southeast Asia 1116

Indonesia Ratifies Paris Climate Deal.  Does It Matter? 1016

Paris Climate Targets to Cost Asia $300 Billion a Year, but Will Help Save Lives 0916

Philippines’ Duterte Won't Honor Climate Change Pledge, Calls It Absurd 0716

Turkey Coal Surge an ‘Historic Error,’ Say Economists 0616

Philippines investigates Shell and Exxon over Climate Change 0516

Japan Embraces Coal, while the Rest of the World Tries to Cut Emissions 0416

Bhutan Has ‘Most Ambitious Pledge’ at the Paris Climate Summit 1215

UAE Is the Example to Follow on Energy 1015

Indonesia to Curb Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions, but Details Are Thin 0915

Indonesia Looks to Increase Emissions Growth Cut Pledge 0815

Can the Church Shift the Balance to Renewable Energy in the Philippines? 0815

Is It Too Late to Stop Turkey's Coal Rush? 0815

Haze Chokehold Spurring Efforts to Save Indonesia’s Forests 0815

Japan Delivers 26% Emissions Reduction Plan to UN 0715

South Korea Eyes 37% CO2 Emissions Cut 0615

Why the Saudis Are Going Solar 0615

Saudi Arabia, Built on Oil, Foresees Fossil Fuel Phase-out by 2030 or 2050 - 0515

Japan Hikes Target for Emissions Cuts to about 25% by 2030 - 0415

Renewables to Get Most of $1 Billion Ex-Im Bank Credit for India 0315

Indonesia Defends Deforestation for Palm Oil on Economic Grounds 0315

Indonesia Cracks Down on Deforestation, in Symbolic U-Turn 1114

Malaysian Government Identifies the Technologies to Reduce Its Carbon Emissions 1014

Is Climate Change Destabilizing Iraq? 0914

Australia, Japan Likely to Offset Climate Gains in US, China 1113

Japan Backs Off From Emissions Targets, Citing Fukushima Disaster 1113

Philippines Envoy - UN Climate Talks Are “Fight for Country’s Future” 1113

Indonesia’s Forests Are Shrinking, Despite Reforms 1013

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Attend Anti-Nuclear Events in Tokyo 1013

South Korea Charges 100 with Corruption Over Nuclear Scandal 1013

China, Japan, US, Europe Leaders on Climate Action 0909

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