Snow & Ice


Snowfall % Changes, 1973-2023

Mean annual northern hemisphere snow cover is 9.9 million square miles, or 25.6 million square kilometers   The minimum is in August and the maximum in January.

The northern hemisphere snow cover fell 7% over 1967-2021.

Over 2000-2021, mean annual snow cover shrank 9% for Asia, 2-3% for North America, 10% for Europe, 17% for South America, 0% for Australia-New Zealand, and 17% for Africa.

Projection, from IPCC 5th Climate Assessment, Science Summary

Projection from IPCC 5th Climate Assessment, Science Summary. 



Historic Lack of Great Lakes Ice Leads to Fewer Fish and More Algae 0324

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Great Lakes Start 2024 with Smallest Amount of Ice in at Least 50 Years 0124

California Snowpack Lowest in Decade, despite Hope with December Storms 0124

Great Lakes Start 2024 with Smallest Amount of Ice in at Least 50 Years 0124

Study Shows Who’s Losing the Most Snow as Earth Warms 0124

World Nears Dangerous Climate Tipping Point, with Snow in Short Supply 0124

Great Lakes Start 2024 with Smallest Amount of Ice in at Least 50 Years 0124

Snowfall Is Becoming Rare in New York City, and Elsewhere 1223

New Maps Show Where Snowfall Is Disappearing 1123

Greater Snowfall Speeds the Melting of Arctic Tundra 0823 - It insulates the permafrost underneath it from the very cold air of winter, so that the permafrost thaws earlier or deeper in the warmer seasons.

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Water Resources to Become Less Predictable with Climate Change 0722

The End of Snow Threatens to Upend 76 Million American Lives 0822

Water Resources to Become Less Predictable with Climate Change 0722 - With warming, more preipitatuion falls as rain ande less as snow.  Also, snow melts earlier in the spring, leaving less or none for summer.

As Planet Warms, Less Ice Is Covering North American Lakes 0322

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Climate Change May Be Fueling Increase in Major Northeast Snowstorms 0222

Record December Snow in West Brings Major Drought Relief, Hope for 2022 - 1221

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Sierra Snowpack Could All but Disappear in 25 Years 1121

Snow Cover in Himachal Down by 18% in a Year 0821

Vast Wildfires in Siberia Linked to Warming Arctic 1220 - less snow, with a much warmer winter, leaves forests more vulnerable to fire

Less Snow Is the New Norm.  That’s Trouble for Farmers. 1220

Climate-Driven Arctic Changes Are Interconnected, Says 2020 Report Card 1220

We’re 60 Years Too Late to Stop Global Warming, Sea Level Rises 1120 - Among other things, snow cover around the poles shrinks (especially melts earlier) as the climate warms.  This allows Earth to absorb more sunlight, into the darker ground and plants beneath the snow.  This increased energy, in part, heats the air above the ground, for still more sensible warming.

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Peculiar Tie between Warm Climate, Slow Snowmelt 0217 - Snowmelt starts earlier in year, when sun angle is lower.

Despite Gloomy California Snowpack Survey, State Water Officials Are Optimistic 0117

In the Polar Bear Capital of the World, the Snow Has Gone 1216

NH Snow Cover, Forcing & Feedbacks, as Function of Temperature - Chen et al. 0716 - PDF
    [from abstract] "The anomalies in snow cover resulted in a weakened snow radiative forcing of 0.12 (±0.003) W m−2 and feedback of 0.21 (±0.005) W m−2 K−1, in melting season, over the NH, from 1982 to 2013."

Unabated Global Warming Threatens West's Snowpack, Water Supply 0616

Western U.S. Snowpack Melting At Record Speed 0516

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US East Coast Snowstorms Linked to Slowdown of Atlantic Current 0116

In Canada's Far North, Warm Weather Threatens Vital Ice Roads 1215

Dry, Warm Winter Leaves Western U.S. Snowpack at Record Low Levels 0415

Sierra Nevada Snowpack Hits Historic Low 0315 - Snows return in December 2015.

As Ice Turns to Slush, Experts Foresee End to Outdoor Hockey in Canada 0315

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Northern Late Snow Cover Down Since 1980 0110