Ice Cover Days

Summer Surface Water Temperature

California’s Biggest Reservoirs at Critically Low Level, Portending Dry Summer 0622

California’s 2 Largest Reservoirs Are 'Critically Low' as Dry Season

Starts 0522

West’s Megadrought Delivers Another Blow - Saving Glen Canyon Dam


Record Low Water Levels Reveal Body in Barrel at Lake Mead 0522

Lake Powell Officials’ Stark Choice in West's Megadrought - Water

or Electricity 0422

Climate Change Has Destroyed This Once Popular Iraq Lake 0422

Lake Mead Hits Unprecedented Low, Exposing an Original Water

Intake Valve 0422

Drought Is Sinking Lake Powell's Water Level.  Its Total Capacity

Is Shrinking Too. 0322

As Planet Warms, Less Ice Is Covering North American Lakes 0322

Iraq’s 2nd Largest Lake Is Drying Up, Turning Up Dead Fish 0222

The Great Lakes are Higher than They’ve Ever Been 0122

Lake Tahoe Water Level Hits 4-Year Low, amid Drought

Great Salt Lake’s Demise Spurs Water Emergency for Utah 1021

1st-Ever Water Cuts Declared for Colorado River in Historic Drought 0821

Lake Powell Hits Record Low Level, in Climate Change-Fueled Water Crisis 0721

Fast-Shrinking Great Salt Lake Poses Rising Hazards 0721

Great Salt Lake Drops to Record Low Levels 0721

Reservoirs Are Drying Up, as Consequences of the Western Drought Worsen 0721

Lakes Are Losing Oxygen—and Their Inhabitants Are in Danger 0621

The Shocking Numbers behind the Lake Mead Drought Crisis 0621

Lake Mead at Hoover Dam to Reach Lowest Water Level since It Filled in 1930s 062

- 1070 feet above sea level, 162 feet below max fill line

Climate Crisis Is Suffocating the World’s Lakes 0621 - Warmer water holds less oxygen (and pther gases).  In some deeper lakes, warmer water at and near the surface (thermal stratification) reduces turnover (mixing with deep waters, often a seasonal phenomenon) that can bring up nutrients.

Cambodia’s Biggest Lake Is Running Dry, Taking Forests and Fish with It 0820

US Great Lake Levels Set Record Highs 0420

Climate Change Could Trigger Drastic Swings in Great Lakes Water Levels 0819

This Year’s Wild, Wet Spring Is Feeding Massive Blobs of Toxic Algae 0719

Climate Change Is Driving Rapid Shifts between High and Low Water Levels in the Great Lakes 0619

Great Lakes Basin Warming Faster than Other Parts of the US 0319

Poor Mixing of Lake Nutrients among Looming Climate Change Impacts 0319

Ancient Flood Stalled Ocean Circulation, Plunging Northern Hemisphere into a Millennium of Glacial Conditions 0718 - from glacial lakes covering much of Canada ~ 11,000 years ago (Younger Dryas), drainginto Arctic Ocean via MacKenzie River

Vanishing Dead Sea 0218

Some of the World's Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up.  Here's Why. 0218

Ecological Catastrophe Turned a Vast Bolivian Lake into a Salt Desert 0118

Why the Great Salt Lake Is Shrinking 1217

Scientists Think They Know Why the Caspian Sea Is Shrinking 0817

Can We Save Our Lakes from Global Warming? 0817

Parched Lanzhou, China Plans to Pipe Water 1,000 Km from Russia’s Lake Baikal 0317

Displaced Refugees Fear More Loss, as Lake Chad Shrinks 1116

Dead Sea Is Drying Out 1116

Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Drying Up at Alarming Rate – Satellites 1116

World’s Longest Lake Is Being Depleted of Life as Waters Warm 0816

Warming at Alarming Rate, Lake Tahoe Reflects Rapid Sierra Climate Change 0716

Lake Mead Declines to Lowest Level in History 0516 - Level rebounded more than 10 feet by early 2018.

Saving Iran's Precious Lake Urmia 0416

El Niño Is Rapidly Filling California's Once-Dusty Reservoirs, Easing Drought 0316

Many of World’s Lakes Are Vanishing.  Some May Be Gone Forever.  0316

Will the Great Salt Lake Be Reduced to Dust? 0216

Rising Lake Temperatures May Worsen Algae Blooms 1215  -   0.61° per decade in world’s 235 largest lakes

Globally, Lakes Warming at an Alarming Rate 1215  - and up to 1.3°F per decade in northern latitudes

Great Lakes Could Face Similar Acidification Risk as the Seas 1215

On Thin Ice - Big Northern Lakes Are Being Rapidly Transformed 1115

Lake Baikal's Water Levels Drop to Record Low 0115

Climate Change Makes It Harder to Save Lake Erie 0914

Southwest Braces as Lake Mead Water Levels Drop 0814

Lake Mead Reservoir Drops to Record Low 0714

Alaska's Arctic Icy Lakes Lose Thickness 0214

With Great Lakes Stuck at Historic Lows, Talk Turns to Adapting 1013

Warming Lake Superior Prompts a Tribe to Try a New Fish 1013

Changing Clarity Reflects Climate Change at Lake Tahoe 0813

Carbon Acidification Could Harm Great Lakes Wildlife 0713

Falling Great Lakes Water Levels Fall Take Toll on Shipping 0613 

Lakes Mead and Powell May Dry Up within Decades 0213

2 Great Lakes Hit Record Low Water 0213

Record Low Water in Lake Michigan 0113

Wisconsin Lakeshore Communities Struggle with Low Water Levels 1212 

Reservoir Lake Effect Can Worsen Local Flooding 1212 

Warming, Variabiity Drive Near-Record Low Water in Great Lakes 1112 

Lake Michigan Water at Record Low 1012

Lake Mead Continues to Shrink before Our Eyes 0622

1,045 feet above sea level as of June 12, much below 1,057-feet worst-case scenario from August 2021, for June 2022.  Down 5.6 feet in only 3 weeks.

Lake Mead Declines to Lowest Level in History 0516 - Level rebounded more than 10 feet by early 2018.

Lake Michigan's Record Low Begins a New Era for Great Lakes? 0713

The red line is Lake Michigan-Huron's average water level since 1918.

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