Sea Ice

from U of Washington, by Wipneus, using PIOMAS model - area plus thickness soundings by submarines

     Through 2020, sea ice loss was much more in the Arctic than the Antarctic.  That reversed in 2021, as Arctic sea ice volume increased.

     This makes it harder to project a year when sea ice loss may be near-total in late summer.

Climate Change’s Impact Intensifies, Led by Arctic 0822

Plastic Pollution Accelerating the Effects of Climate Change in Canada’s Arctic 0522

Arctic Sea Ice Reached Its Maximum Extent at a Near-Record Early Date 0322

Antarctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Smallest Surface Area on Record 0222

Climate Change Has Destabilized Earth’s Poles, Imperiling the Rest of the Planet 1221

2021 Arctic Report Card Reveals Cascading Disruptions, Extreme Events, Global Connections 1221

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Annual Low, but It’s Not as Low as Recent Years 0921

Disappearing Sea Ice Means Stronger Arctic Tides, Raising Warmer Water & Its Nutrients 0921

Global Warming May Have Already Passed Irreversible Tipping Point in Arctic 0621

The Alarming Power of Melting Arctic Ice 0621

Sea Ice Kept Oxygen from Reaching Deep Ocean during Last Ice Age 0221

Relatively Low Maximum Arctic Sea Ice Extent Is Part of the ‘New Normal’ 0321

Northern Labrador Sea Ice Is Thinning, Fast.  The Inuit Are Worried. 0321

Cloud-Making Aerosol Could Devastate Polar Sea Ice 0221

The Arctic Is Now Open for Business Year-Round 0221

The World’s Largest Iceberg Is Headed for South Georgia Island—and Its Wildlife 1220

Climate-Driven Arctic Changes Are Interconnected, Says 2020 Report Card 1220

This Year's Arctic Sea Ice Is Failing to Form, Raising a Huge ‘Red Flag’ 1020

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches a Low, Just Missing Record 0920

The Arctic Is Shifting to a New Climate Because of Global Warming 0920

Arctic Could Be Free of Sea Ice by 2035, Latest Climate Model Predicts 0820

Ships Moving In as Arctic Sea Ice Level Reaches Record Low 0720

Arctic Sea Ice Is in a Downward Spiral, and May Break a Record in 2020 - 0720

Siberia’s Heat Wave Triggered an Arctic Sea Ice Melt 0720

Sea Ice Levels in Eastern Canadian Arctic Remain below Average 0720

Tanker Crosses Russian Arctic Route without Icebreaker Assistance 0520

Unusual Warmth around the North Pole May Jump-Start Arctic Ice Melt Season 0520

Ice-Free Arctic Summers Now Very Likely, Even with Climate Action 0420

Arctic May See 'Ice-Free' Summers in as Few as 15 Years 0320

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Cannot Be Rapidly Reversed, Experts Say 0120

Melting Sea Ice Is 'Atlantifying' the Arctic 1019

Shrinking Southern Sea Ice Could Be Worse than Shrinking Northern Sea Ice 0819

Loss of Arctic’s Reflective Sea Ice Will Advance Global Warming by 25 Years 0819

Arctic Summer 2019 - Record Heat, Dramatic Ice Loss, Raging Wildfires 0719

'Precipitous' Fall in Antarctic Sea Ice since 2014 Revealed 0719  But 2017-19 plunge reversed somewhat in 2020-21.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Just Hit Record Low for Early June; Worse May Come 0619

2018 Articles and earlier

The Arctic Ocean Has Lost 95% of Its Oldest Ice, a Sign of What’s to Come 1218

With Thick Ice Gone, Arctic Sea Ice Changes More Slowly 1018

Warm Water under Arctic Ice Is a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ 0818

Climate Change Cuts Shipping Route from China to Europe by 5,000 Miles 0818

Arctic’s Strongest Sea Ice Breaks Up for 1st Time on Record 0818

Ice-Free Arctic Projections under the Paris Agreement 0618

In the Arctic, the Old Ice Is Disappearing 0518

Western Alaska Sea Ice at Far the Lowest Extent since 1850 - 0418

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Lows off Alaska 1117

Return of ‘Ocean Chimney' the Size of Tasmania Puzzles Antarctic Scientists 1017

'Attacked from 2 Sides'- Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Another Record Low 0917

At 2017 Minimum, Scientists Ask - Is Arctic Entering the Thin Ice Age? 0917

1st Tanker Crosses Arctic Ocean without Ice Breaker 0817

Arctic Voyage Finds Global Warming Impact on Ice, Animals 0817

Speedier Sea Ice in Warming Arctic Could Spread Pollution Farther 0717

Alaska's Sea Ice Is Melting Unusually Early, 'Another Sign Arctic Is Unraveling' 0517

The Arctic as It Is Known Today Is Almost Certainly Gone 0417

The Arctic Is Warm Again Because of Course It Is 0317 Multi-year ice is down from 20% to 4% since 1985.

Ice at Both Poles Shrinks to Record Lows 0317

‘Airpocalypse’ Smog Events in China Linked to Melting Ice Cap 0317

Arctic Ice Loss Driven by Natural Swings, Not Just Humans 0317

Arctic Sea ice May Vanish, Even if World Achieves Climate Goal 0317

Why Has Antarctic Ice Set an Unexpected Record Low? 0317

1979 Arctic Model Predicted Current Sea Ice Demise, Holds Lessons for Future 0217 - ice-free in summer by mid-century

Antarctic Sea Ice Is No Longer the Darling of Climate Doubters 0217

Sea Ice around Antarctica Hits Record Low 0217

New Studies Show Rex Tillerson Is Wrong about Climate Risks 0117

Incredibly Thin Arctic Sea Ice Shocks Researchers 1216

'The Arctic Is Unraveling,' Conclude Scientists after Latest Climate Report 1216

This Is Not Normal, People - Arctic and Antarctic Hit Record Low Sea Ice 1216

Arctic Sea Ice Struggles to Build Volume 1116 fairly thick, but extent is lowest for date - for several weeks now

Arctic Sea Ice Melt Could Trigger Uncontrollable Climate Change Globally 1116

Irregular Arctic Climate Reduces Sea Ice to Another Record Low 1016

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to 2nd Lowest Level Ever Recorded 0916

For the Melting Arctic, Fuzzy Forecasts Are the Best We Can Do 0916

Open Water near North Pole Is a Sign of a Rapidly Warming Arctic 0916

Despite Major Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Will Miss Record Low 0816

Southern Ocean Is Getting Less Salty.  What That Means for the Rest of Earth 0816

‘Next Year or the Year After, the Arctic Will Be Free of Ice’ 0816 - clear sailing across the North Pole, some ice clings to north shore of Greenland

Cruel Summer - Floods, Fires and Heat 0816 - summary of Arctic sea ice in summer 2016.  In late August 2016, Artic sea ice was 2nd lowest area on record.

Historical Data Shows Arctic Melt of Last 2 Decades Is 'Unprecedented' 0816

2015 Set Frenzy of Climate Records 0816

Arctic Sea Ice Crashes to Record Low for June 0716

Amid Melting Arctic Ice, Kerry Sees Looming Climate Catastrophe 0616

Melt Ponds Suggest No Arctic Sea-Ice Record This Year 0616

Arctic Sea Ice Breaks May Record ... by a Lot 0616

Fractures Seen in Rapidly Melting Arctic Sea Ice, and It's Only May 0516

Arctic Sea Ice Growth Stunted Again 0416

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Breaks Record Low for Winter 0316

Northwest Passage Foiled Centuries of Explorers, but Now Open to Cruise Liners 0316

The Arctic Just Set an Ominous New Record 0316

Arctic Warming Is Possibly Catastrophic for Planet, Climate Scientist Warns 0216

Scientists Are Floored by What’s Happening in the Arctic Right Now 0216

Unusually Warm Arctic Winter Yields Record Low Ice Extent for January 0216

As “Blue Arctic’ Expands with Warming, an Icebreaker Finds No Ice to Break 0116

Antarctic Icebergs Have Surprise Role in Slowing Warming 0116

Record High Arctic Temperatures in 2015 Having ‘Profound Effects' on Region 1215

Ice, Earth's Climate Moderator, Will Change the Arctic and Earth, When It Leaves 1115

Heat Rising from the Depths of the Arctic ‘Could Accelerate Ice Melt' 0915

Summer Sea Ice Likely to Drop to 3rd, Even 2nd, Lowest on Record 0915

Arctic Ice Grew by 1/3 after Cool Summer in 2013 - 0715

Rapid Arctic Ice Loss Linked to Extreme Weather Changes in Europe and US 0615

Young Arctic Ice Creates New Climate-Driven Era 0515

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Hits Record Low for Winter 0315

Arctic Sea Ice Dwindling Toward Record Winter Low 0315

World’s Sea Ice Still Declining, Despite Antarctica’s Gains 0215

Perennial Arctic Sea Ice Continues to Shrink 0115

Ice-Free Arctic Could Be Just 6 Years Away 1214

Why is Antarctic Ice Growing?  Scientist Has an Answer 1214

Antarctic Autonomous Sub Gauges Sea Ice Thickness 1114

Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record High, While the Arctic's Keeps Melting 1014

Melting Arctic Ice Link to Extreme Weather Explored 1014

Reflecting on the Arctic Sea Ice Meeting at the Royal Society 0914

Melt Ponds Successfully Forecast Arctic Sea-Ice Extent 0914

Arctic Sea Ice Melts to 6th-Lowest Level on Record 0914

Antarctic Ice Should Set Record, but Arctic Sea Ice Dwindles 0914

Does Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Negate Climate Change?  Scientists Say No 0814

Snowpack Atop Arctic Sea Ice Has Dwindled Since 1950s - 0814

Satellite Record Error May Have Overestimated Antarctic Sea Ice Expansion 0814

Ocean Waves Influence Polar Ice Extent 0514

Climate Change Not Fully to Blame for Melting Sea Ice 0514

Warming from Arctic Sea Ice Melting Is More Dramatic than Thought 0214

As Sea Ice Shrinks, Arctic Shipping Options Expand 1213

ESA's Cryosat Sees Arctic Sea-Ice Volume Bounce Back 1213

ESA's Cryosat Mission Observes Continuing Arctic Winter Ice Decline 0913

Arctic May Be Ice-Free by 2058 0713

Large Fractures Spotted in Vulnerable Arctic Sea Ice 0313

Cryosat Spots Big Arctic Sea Ice Decline 0213 

Arctic Ice Melt So Far Like 20 Years of CO2 Emissions 0912

Arctic Tipping Point 0812

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Smallest Area on Record 0812

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Low 0812

Arctic Ice Area 2nd Lowest, Volume Lowest 0911 

Arctic Ice Levels Hit Historic Low 0911

Albedo Effect of Retreating Arctic Sea Ice - Hudson 0811 - PDF    Albedo warming effect of complete Arctic Ocean ice loss is ~1/4 of the rise since 1750 from added GHGs.  ~15% of that ice albedo warming effect has already occurred.

Cryosat Mission Delivers First Arctic Sea-Ice Thickness Map 0611

Arctic Sea Ice Volume 091510

Arctic Ocean Ice Thinnest to Date 0610

Ice Volume 1979-2009 - 0410 - GRAPH 

Arctic Sea Ice Far More Fragile 1109

Multi-Year Arctic Ice Gone 1109 

Arctic Summer Sea Ice to Vanish in 10-20 Years 1009 

Arctic Sea Ice Now More Thin Than Thick 0709 

Pacific Air Enters, Warms Arctic 1208

Arctic Sea Ice Volume at Record Low 1008

Thick Old Arctic Ice Melting 0308

Northwest Passage Opens 0907 

Arctic Ice Melts Faster 0507 

Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Change 0206 - PDF

Vegetation Change (-25% to +25%), 2012 vs 1982 

Sea Surface Change (-11° to +11°F), 2013 vs 1982-2006 Mean


     Ice extent includes any areas (satellite photo pixel style) that are at least 15% ice covered on that date.  In contrast, area translates 15% ice covered to 15% area.  Area is less than extent.

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