Future Paths & Plans

Global Renewable Energy Investments Can Be Recovered Within 6 Years 0822

India Plans to Get Half Its Electric Capacity from Clean Fuels by 2030 - 0822

NextEra Energy, with FPL, Targets Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045 - 0622

China to Double Wind, Solar Energy Capacity by 2025 - 0622

New York Plans 22 Renewable Energy Plants to Reach Climate Goals 0622

Japan to Use Nuclear Reactors, Renewables to Cut Reliance on Russian Energy 0522

Surging Renewable Power Prices in Europe Are Still a Bargain 0422

China Could Hit 2030 Renewable Target by 2025 on Local Ambitions 0322

Germany Brings Forward Goal of 100% Renewable Power to 2035 - 0222

McKinsey Pegs the Price Tag of a Livable Climate at $9.2 Trillion a Year 0122 - That’s at least $3.5 trillion more a year than the world is currently laying out for both low-carbon and fossil-fuel infrastructure and changes in how people use land. 

The US Could Reliably Run on Clean Energy by 2050 - 1221 - much finer resolutions: 30 seconds.  Without nuclear or carbon capture.

Renewables Now Half the Price of Fossil Fuels across Europe 0721

South Carolina Regulators OK Dramatically Revamped Dominion IRP 0621

5 Things to Know about the Global Race to Net Zero 0621 - It’s a balance.  Major change is key.  Momentum is growing. There are valid concerns.  Climate goals are attainable.

Transition to Renewables No Longer Optional 0521

We Can Get the USA to 90% Clean Energy by 2035.  Here's How. 0521

Nations Must Drop Fossil Fuels Fast, International Energy Agency Warns 0521 - In 2021, stop approving coal plants without CCS.  By 2025, ban new furnaces to heat buildings; heat pumps instead.  By 2030, electric verhicles are 60% of new vehicle sales, up from 5% today.  100% by 2035.  Over 50% of new heavy trucks are electric by 2035.  By 2035, zero emissions from power plants.  By 2040, half of air travel is by sustainable biofuels or hydrogen.

Renewable Energy Has Become Startlingly Cheap 0421

Can India’s 450 GW Renewable Energy Goal by 2030 Be Achieved? 0421

Renewables + Batteries Offer Australia the Same Energy Security as Coal 0321

A Zero-Emissions US Is Now Pretty Cheap 0121 - "The net cost of deep decarbonization, even to meet a 1°C / 350 ppm trajectory," they write, "is substantially lower than estimates for less ambitious 80% by 2050 scenarios a few years ago.”

A $2.5 Trillion Pathway to a Net-Zero Carbon US 1220 - Princeton study finds a 3% increase in energy costs, as air pollution kills 200,000 to 300,000 fewer Americans and creats 1 million jobs.  5 pathways include high electrification and all-renewables, also more reliance on nuclear, carbon capture and storage, and biomass.  (New solar and wind power are already cheaper than coal and natural gas power plants, according to the International Energy Agency.)

2017-2020 Articles

100% Clean Power?  Don't Wait for New Technology, Study Says 1220

‘Super' Power from 100% Solar, Wind and Batteries Will Change the World 1120

100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning 1120

Solar-Hydro Projects Could Power 40% of World 1020

Biden’s Climate Plan Shows that Net Zero is Now Mainstream 0820

Goldman Sees $16 Trillion Opening as Renewables Pass Oil and Gas 0620

As Utility Solar Costs Drop 82%, US Renewables, Storage Leaders Target Majority Generation Share by 2030 - 0620

Falling Renewable, Storage Costs Make 90% Carbon-Free US Grid Feasible by 2035 - 0620

The U.S. Can Get to 90% Clean Electricity in Just 15 Years 0609

Renewable Power Will Soon Come Out on Top 0620

Spain Aims to Pass Green Law, Boost Clean Energy on Grid to 70% - 0520

Australia Could Go 90% Renewable Electricity by 2040 with No Price Increase 0420

As Yukon Snowpack Hits Near-Historic Low, Yukon Energy Looks beyond Hydro 0420

Utilities Have Big Plans to Cut Emissions, but Struggle to Shed Fossil Fuels 0120

Here’s Where We Should Put Our Renewables to Get the Biggest Carbon Benefit 1119

Can India Kick Its Coal Addiction? 0719

100% Renewables for US by 2030 Will Cost $4.5 Trillion - Wood Mackenzie 0719

Australia to Achieve 50% Renewables by 2030 without Government Intervention 0519

Green Mountain Power Announces 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 Goal 0419

How to Make the World Affordably Carbon-Free 0419

100% Clean Energy & Cars In 20 Years Is Viable, but Unlikely 0219

Renewable Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Stop Warming 1118

Puerto Rico Moves to Run on Completely Green Energy by 2050 - 1018

Clean Energy Is Catching Up to Natural Gas 0718

Cheaper Green Power in Britain Could Put Nuclear in the Shade 0718

World on Track for 50% Renewables by 2050 – Bloomberg Energy Outlook 0618

As Wind and Solar Costs Drop below Fossil Fuels, What Barriers Remain for a Low-Carbon Grid? 0318
    Correctly pricing services renewables can provide to the grid is a key.

Shell’s Radical Scenario for What It Would Take to Halt Climate Change 0318

Global Energy Giants Forced to Adapt to Rise of Renewables 0318

EU Sees Higher Climate Target Possible, as Cost of Renewables Falls 0318

Utilities (EEI), NRDC to Regulators - Clean Energy Is Inevitable 0218

From Oil to Solar - Saudi Arabia Plots a Shift to Renewables 0218

New Renewables Will Be Cheaper than Existing Coal Plants by Early 2020s - Utility CEO 0118

ISO - Solar, Wind Help Power New England 1117

SoCal Edison Looks to Decarbonize Grid, Transportation in New Climate Plan 1117

How India’s Battle with Climate Change Could Determine All of Our Fates 1117

IEA Lifts 5-Year Renewables Forecast 1017

Worldwide, 100% Renewable Energy Possible by 2050, Says Detailed New Plan 0817 - more detailed update of 1115 study

50% Rise in Renewable Energy Needed to Meet Ambitious State Standards 0717

Wind, Solar Do Not Harm Power Grid Reliability - Draft U.S. Study 0717

In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change as the Greatest External Threat 0717

Paris Climate Deal Won’t Save Us.  Our Future Depends on De-Growth. 0717

3 Years to Safeguard Our Climate 0617

'Bring on More Renewables,' FERC Regulator Says, as Grid Study Looms 0617

The Green Revolution Is ‘Unstoppable’ – Al Gore 0617

Storage, Renewables Could Replace New York's Indian Point Nuke 0517

The Cheap Energy Revolution Is Here, and Coal Won’t Cut It 0417

Zero-Carbon Energy, except Biomass, Boosts Human and Ecological Health 0317

A Roadmap for Rapid Decarbonization 0317 - broad & detailed blueprint, mostly technological, by decade, of how to go carbon neutral (net-zero emissions) by 2050 and carbon-negative afterward.  Science journal

“100% Renewable Energy” Will Require Nukes, CCS and/or Seasonal Storage 0317

California Bill Aims for 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 - 0217 - electricity only

Renewables Are Not Enough to Deliver Paris Climate Goals 0117

Mass. Legislators Propose 100% Renewable Energy Mandate 0117 - electric by 2035, all by 2050

John Kerry Says Clean Energy Will Yield Job Growth, Survival 0117

The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy 0117 by Barack Obama, in Science

See also 80% Renewables by 2050 - NREL 1012 - PDF, 286 pp Vol. I on Overviews page (US Government).

2015-2016 Articles

Green Energy Can Increasingly Match – or Beat – Fossil Fuel Prices 1216

India Plans Nearly 60% of Electricity Capacity from Non-Fossil Fuels by 2027 - 1216

White House Releases Climate Change Plan Before Trump Takes Office 1116

10 Years On from the Stern Report - Low-Carbon Future Is ‘Only One Available’ 1016

Renewables Poised for Rapid Growth Worldwide 1016

The Future Belongs to Clean Energy 1016

Eastern US Could Get 1/3 of Its Power from Renewables within 10 Years. 0816

Costa Rica Has Gone 76 Straight Days Using 100% Renewable Electricity 0916

NY Approves Plan for 50% Renewable Electricty by 2030 - 0816

Experts Predict Renewable Investment Boom, as Congress Renews Tax Credits 1215

San Diego Vows to Move Entirely to Renewable Energy in 20 Years 1215

Africa to Triple Its Electric Capacity by 2030, by Adding All Renewables 1215

New York Gov. Cuomo to Increase Renewable Electricity to 50% by 2030 - 1115

Renewable Energy Investment Predicted to Surge 1115

Renewable Energy Supply to Double in Major Economies by 2030 - 1115

Paris Climate Deal to Ignite $90 Trillion Energy Revolution 1015

85% of British Power Can Be via Renewables by 2030, Says Greenpeace 0915

Could China, the World’s Biggest Carbon Emitter, Ever Go Green? 0615

Clean Energy Path for West Virginia Detailed in Report  615

Developing Countries Could Leapfrog West with Clean Energy, Says Hollande 0615

China Can Cut Cord on Coal (Mostly) by 2050 - 0415  This summarizes the study below.

China 2050 High-Renewables Road Map 0415 - PDF  See 3 graphs from the report, near the top of this page.

Australia Could Source 100% of Its Power from Renewables by 2050 - 0415

Renewable Energy Surge Revives Europe's Power Trade 0415

Circular Economy Could Cut Carbon Emissions 70% by 2030 - 0415

Why 2015 Could Be Record Year for Greening US Energy 0415

PJM, Largest US RTO, Is Well-Prepared to Lower Carbon Pollution without Reliability Problems 0315

Will Falling Oil Prices Undermine Green Energy?  Mostly, Not.  0115

India’s Renewable Energy Investments Likely to Cross $10 Billion This Year 0115

Obama's India Visit - Hopes for Clean Energy and Climate Deals 0115Coal and Gas to Stay Cheap.  But Renewables Still Win Race on Costs 0616

Falling Cost of Solar and Wind Could Limit Energy Storage Profitability 0616

Pacific G&E Says Clean Energy Will Replace Power from Its Last Nuclear Plant 0616

The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity 0616

Canada's Energy Superpower Status Threatened, as World Shifts off Fossil Fuel 0516

Models Show Move to 100% Renewable Energy Would Save Australia Money 0416

San Diego's 100% Green Plan Seeks Overhaul in Electricity Buying 0416

The United States’ Mind-Blowing Clean Energy Potential 0316

Doubling Renewables by 2030 Could Save $4.2 Trillion per Year 0316

As Temperatures Soar, New Doubts Arise about Holding Warming to 2°C - 0316 - India: 320 GW of renewables by 2030.

Clean Energy Is Win-Win for the US 0316 - US saves $250 Billion a Year by 2030.

The Renewable Energy Revolution Is Already upon Us 0216

Switch to Clean Energy Can Be Fast and Cheap 0116

Grid For Renewables Is Key to Cutting Emissions 0116

Cutting Pollution From U.S. Power Plants Is Cheaper than You Think 0116

Slump in Oil Prices Drives Green Energy Takeup in Top Oil Exporting Nations 0116

UN Climate Chief Says Low Oil Prices Can Boost Renewables 0116

Rapid Switch to Renewable Energy Can Put Paris Climate Goals within Reach 0116

3 Ways the World’s Power Mix to Change.  #3 Wind & Solar Become Cheapest BNEF 0615 - graph below is 1 of several

    1. The world will invest $12.2 trillion, cumulatively from now, in new power generation by 2040.
    2. Renewables will account for nearly 60% of new generating capacity.
    3. By 2026, globally, renewables will be cheapest electricity source: wind in 2026, superseded by solar in 2030.

2014 Articles and earlier

Exxon Issues Energy Reality Check as UN Debates Emissions 1214

Clues Show How Green US Electricity May Be in 2050 - 1114

Developing Countries Begin to Take Lead in Green Energy Growth 1014

     This video shows a renewable energy future in Germany about 2050.

How California Can Kick Fossil Fuels by 2050 - 1014

Battle Looms Over Renewable Energy; Fossil Fuel Interests Are Losing 0414

World Must End 'Dirty' Fuel Use - UN 0414

UN Urges Huge Increase in Green Energy to Avert Climate Disaster 0414

Power Struggle - Green Energy Versus a Grid That's Not Ready 1213

Central America Opens the Door to Renewable Energy 1113

How Do We Balance Needs of Energy, Water, and Climate? 1113

Fundamental Limitations of Renewable Energy 0813

Renewable Energy Wins Over Republicans Backing Oil 0413

Renewable Energy Becomes a Utility Lifeline 0413

NY Moves Toward Adopting Wind & Other Renewables 0413

Google Explains Why the Future of Energy Is Green 0313

Renewable Energy Could Run Australia in 10 Years 0113

Cloudy US Renewables Forecast for 2013 - 1212

Solar & Wind Could Offer Cheaper Power Than Coal 1112

Renewables to Grow Fastest in Next 25 Years – But Carbon Keeps Soaring 0911

Pay Now, Pay Later - Wisconsin 0811 - green jobs, current and future climate damages, etc.  Cost of action vs inaction.

Grid Can Handle 35% of Electricity from Wind & Sun 0510

US Renewables Standard Would Benefit Southeast 0210

Europe's €30 Billion Grid for Renewables 0110

Renewables Can Power All (or More) of 30 States 1009

Water, Wood, Wise ("Tackling Climate Change in the US") 0107 - PDF, 204 pp

Renewables Can Meet > 100% of Global Energy Need, 80% by 2050 - IPCC 0107

 Biomass is not addressed, Combined Heat & Power (3-11% by state) is not shown, nor is 1-6% from Small and Micro Hydro Power in other states (10% in HI), nor 49% PV or 71% Geothermal in HI.


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