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2018-2024 Articles

Extreme Heat Shuts Philippine Power Plants and Risks Blackouts 0424

US Seeing Rise in Climate-Related Power Outages 0424

Extreme Heat Summit to Urge Leaders to Act on Threat from Rising Temperatures 0324

Climate Change, Costly Disasters Sent Texas Home Insurance Rates Soaring 1123

As Extreme Weather Increasingly Threatens Crops, Taxpayers Pay the Price 1123

Hotter Days Are Increasing Car Crashes and Fatalities 0923

Summer of Record Heat Deals Costly Damage to Texas Water Systems 0923

Waves along California’s Coast Are Getting Bigger 0823

European Tourists Head North to Dodge Heat 0823

Climate Change Is Warping the Ground Our Sinking Cities Are Built on 0723 - study of Chicago underground.
Ground moving 1 inch creates big problems for infrastructure - pipes, wires, building foundations, etc.

California’s Cliffs Are Crumbling, as Climate Change Reshapes the Coast 0523

World ‘Population Bomb’ May Never Oo Off as Feared, Finds Study 0323

How Smoke from Australia’s Mega-Fires Ate Away at the Ozone 0323

California's System to Defend against Mudslides Is Put to the Ultimate Test 0123

Why Seattle Currently Has the Worst Air Quality in the World 1022

In Los Angeles, the Grass Isn’t Always Greener This Year 0822

How Extreme Heat Could Wreck Cities 0822 - Welcome to Meltsville!  Flights are grounded as hot air does not provide enough lift, while runways get gooey.  Roads get squishy or concrete slabs expand and buckle.  Drawbridge motor and electronic sensors fail from heat.  Bridges buckle from expansion.  So do railroad tracks.  Thermal power plants become less efficient as ambient water temperatures rise; some need to shut down.  Power lines sag with heat expansion, and must carry less electricity to avoid sagging into vegetation and igniting fires.  If power fails, people can die from lack of air conditioning.   Water mains break more often as weather gets hotter.  Vinyl siding warps.  Buildings heat up, iintensifying urban heat island.  Awnings and white roofs become more popular.  A green space called Toasty Critters Park is closed due to danger of falling limbs from shade trees.

Why Climate Change Often Hits Women Harder than Men 0522 - During droughts, women and girls must walk further, often in the dark, to fetch water.  That puts them at greater risk of sexual violence.  Also, they can only make fewer trips, reducing the amount of water available to the family — and leaving even less for women in cultures where men are the first to eat and drink.  The scarcity can also make menstrual hygiene harder and stop girls going to school….  Floods that displace people or destroy toilets and make sanitation products scarce, carry an extra burden in countries with strong taboos around menstruation….

Most Buildings Were Designed for an Earlier Climate; Here's What Will Happen as Global Warming Accelerates 0721 - Termites and melting asphalt, concrete cancer, overheating and flooding, high winds tear off roofing.  Heat expansion can wreak havoc on rails and buildings, as foundations shake with differential expansion.

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Global Heating Is Cutting Sleep across the World 0522

Heat Wave in India Poses Risks for Nation’s Credit, Moody’s Says 0522

Recent Mega-Fire Smoke Columns Reach Stratosphere, Threaten Ozone Shield 0322

How Climate Change Is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain 0322

Lumber Prices Rose, in Part, due to Warmer Weather, Pine Beetles 0222

The Engineers Battling to Stop Global Warming Ruining Roads 0222

Climate Change Forcing Zimbabwean Girls into Sex Work 0222

Slowly Protecting US Infrastructure as Climate Buckles Concrete, Floods Roads 1121

Climate Change Closes the Only Road In and Out at Denali National Park 1021

Analysis of 100,000 Studies Show World Has a Giant Climate-Crisis Blind Spot 1021 - Rich countries are far more studied than poor ones.

Climate Change Is Making People Think Twice about Having Children 0821

More Problems Reported as Gulf of St. Lawrence Continues to Warm 0221

Wetter, Warmer Alaska Means Dangerously Slippery Slopes for Landslides 1220

Climate ‘Apocalypse’ Fears Stopping People Having Children 1120

Global Heating Will Make Roadways, Railways, Dams, Culverts, Bridges Worse 0820

More Extreme Waves Tipped to Erode Coastlines as Planet Warms 0620

Because of Rising CO2, Trees Might Be Warming the Arctic 0520

Australia's Raging Fires Will Create Big Problems for Fresh Drinking Water 0120

Australia Is Burning; Dangerous Climate Change Is Here with You Now 0120

Australian Fires Pushed Sydney's Air Quality 12 x Above 'Hazardous' Levels 1219

Wildfires Are Getting Worse.  So Is the Deadly Smoke They Bring with Them 1219

Climate Crisis Is Greatest Threat Ever to Human Rights, UN Warns 0919

Global Warming Is Worsening China's Pollution Problems 0819

How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis 0819

Cement Industry, with More CO2 Emissions than Most Nations, May Not Survive 0719

Candidates Warn Fed That Climate Change Could Spark a Financial Crisis 0719

Trump Officials Worry Warming Could Hurt the Grid 0719

Shift to Renewable Energy Could Have Biodiversity Cost from Mining 0619

One of Alaska’s Warmest Springs on Record Is Causing a Dangerous Thaw 0419

Tourists Are Flocking to Places Climate Change Threatens, Making Things Worse 0319

Global Warming Is Destabilizing Mountain Slopes, Creating Landslide Risks 0918

Poor City Neighborhoods Are Often Much Hotter than Wealthy Ones 0918

Summer's Deadly Wildfires Cause Pollution Worldwide 0818 - 260,000 to 600,000 early deaths per year from landscape fires air pollution

In Hot Water - How Summer Heat Has Hit Nordic Nuclear Plants 0818

The Global Heat Wave Is about to Hit Your Wallet 0718 Among other things, rivers get too hot to cool thermal power plants.

As Climate Warms, Expect More Pittsburgh Power Outages on Hottest Days 0718

The Heat Wave Sent U.S. Power Demand Surging to Highest in Years 0718

Climate Change May Already Be Hitting the Housing Market 0618

When Mountains Fall into the Sea 0518
    Landslides of mixed ice and rock into fjords create local tsunamis up to 524 meters (1,730 feet) high.

Ocean Warming Threatens to Drown Costa Rica’s Whale Tourism 0218

Ozone Layer Declining over Populated Zones 0218 - in lower stratosphere

How Climate Change, Population Growth Threaten Egypt’s Ancient Treasures 0118

2017 Articles and earlier

Ganges under Threat from Climate Change 1017 - retreat of Gangtori glacier, Ganges headwaters, sewage, etc.

Alaska Orders Review of All North Slope Oil Wells after Spill Linked to Permafrost 1017

Climate Change Threatens Midwest Infrastructure 1017

Mid-Air Turbulence Set to Triple due to Climate Change 1017.

Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability 0817

Arctic Stronghold of World’s Seeds Flooded after Permafrost Melts 0517

Climate Change Blamed for Deadly Landslides in Chile 0217

Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis 0217

When Climate Change Starts Wars 0217 - Central Asia becomes a tinder box as water is scarcer.

How Will Rising Temperatures Change Baseball? 1016

Our Energy Grid Is Incredibly Vulnerable – to Climate Change 0816

Climate Change Is Hell on Alaska's Formerly Frozen Highways 0816

Energy-Water Nexus Issues Heighten in the Face of Climate Change 0716

As Glaciers Melt in Alaska, Landslides Follow 0716

Want to Help Fight Climate Change?  Start with Reproductive Rights. 0516

Spikes in U.S. Air Pollution Linked to Warming Climate 0416

Yukon to Feel Impacts of Climate Change 0216

Carbon Emissions ‘Postpone Ice Age' 0116

Heat Waves, Drought May Curb Global Power Output 0116

Ski Resorts See Slight Thaw, after Chilling Effect of Climate Change 0116

Scarred Riverbeds and Dead Pistachio Trees in a Parched Iran 1215

Damage from Sinking Land Costing California Billions 1215

Spread of Drylands Will Hit Poor Nations Hardest 1115

Global Warming's Fingerprints Are All over Recent Extreme Weather 1115

Global Warming Linked to Greater Number of Hurricanes near Hawaii 1115

Why Scientists Are So Worried about Drylands (40% of Earth’s Land) 0915

Haze Chokehold Spurring Efforts to Save Indonesia’s Forests 0815

Warming Threatens Our Productivity.  More Could Lead to Endless Recession. 0815

What to Know About the Record Toxic Algae Lapping Up on the West Coast 0815

Surge In ‘Danger Days’ Just around the Corner 0815

Warming Leads to Longer Flights, More Emissions 0715

Alaska Highway Permafrost Vulnerable to Climate Change 0615

Global Warming Is Making Mexico City Smog Worse 0615

Surprising Link between Warmer Temperatures, Math Test Scores 0515

Western Drought Steals Clean Energy, Along with Fresh Water, at Power Plants 0415

God Commanded Family Planning, Says Muslim Leader in Flood-Ravaged Malawi 0315

Could Climate Change Defeat Sports-Mad Australians? 0215

Excessive Heat Threatens Future of Australian Outdoor Summer Sport 0215

Melting Ice Spells Volcanic Trouble 0215

Climate Change Pushes India's Poorest Children into Slavery 0215

Climate Change Could Hammer Iowa Agriculture, Manufacturing 0115

Smoldering Peat Fires Pose Global Threat 0115

Climate Change Raises Risks of Power Outages 0115

Far from Rising Seas, Climate Change Plagues Kathmandu 0115

As Shepherds Watched, It Got Hotter and Hotter 1214 - Australia

Hotter Days in US Mean Less Cold Cash 1214 - economic costs of productivity losses from heat

Thawing Permafrost Threatens Infrastructure, Homes 1214

Bay Area Air a Little Smoggier in 2014; Heat Blamed 1114

Warming World Could Make It Harder for Planes to Take Off 1114

Are Megacities Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Climate Change? 1114

With Heat and Humidity, Areas Will Become Unsuited for Outdoor Activity 0914

Melting Permafrost Could Worsen Water Quality in the Rockies 0914

Climate Change Means Fewer Beaches and Waterfalls in Hawaii 0814

Climate Change May Bottleneck Panama Canal, Disrupting World Trade 0814

Farming Practices, Climate Change at Root of Toledo Water Quality Emergency 0814Climate Change and Health - Drinking Water Safety in Decline 0414

2°C Rise Will Be a Disaster, Say Leading Scientists 1213

Warsaw's Widening Climate Chasm Could Lead to 4°C Warming 1113

Optimist's Plan Finishes Moving Beyond Carbon by 2100, for 10.5 Billion Rich 1113

Climate Change Is Melting Away Nepal's Mountain Tourism 1113

Golden Energy Age for Australia Will Cost the World Dearly 1113

Precarious Future Looms for Canada’s Great Inland Delta 1113

Report Outlines Climate Change Impact in Southeast 1113

It's Time to Adapt to Unstoppable Global Warming, Scientists Say 1113

Climate Change May Magnify Toxic Chemical Dangers 1113

Greenland Gives Green Light to Mine Uranium and Rare Earths 1013

Uncomfortable Climates to Devastate Cities Within a Decade 1013

Climate Primary Factor on Great Lake Levels 0913

Yosemite Fire Example of How Droughts Amplify Wildfires 0813

Northeast Passage - Russia Moves to Boost Arctic Shipping 0813

Global Air-Conditioning - Will Cooling Warm Our Planet? 0813

San Luis Reservoir Only 17% Full, Causing Silicon Valley Water Problems 0813

Fires, Smoke, Floods Are Drawbacks of Alaska's Hot Summer 0813

Water-Smart Power: Strengthening US Electric Grid in a Warming World 0813

Low Great Lakes Levels Raise Concerns for Midwest Power Plants 0713 

Climate Change Will Disrupt Energy Supplies, DOE Warns 0713 

Falling Great Lakes Water Levels Fall Take Toll on Shipping 0613

Singapore Haze at Record Hazard Level from Sumatra's Fires 0613

Fewer Rain Forests Mean Less Energy for Developing Nations 0513 

10 Cities Most at Risk from Climate Change All in Asia 0313 

China's Coal Monster 0313 

Chinese Companies Need Disaster Insurance for Climate Change 0313 

Hurricane Sandy Alters Utilities’ Calculus on Upgrades 1212

Home Air Conditioning Cut Early Deaths on Hot Days by 80% 1212 - web

Climate Change Harms US Roads, Airports 1112

Climate Downgrade - Heat Stress 1112

High Ocean Temperature Shuts Coastal Nuclear Reactor 0812 

Soil Erosion Threatens Civilization 0910 

Earth, 2300 - Too Hot for Humans 0510

Climate Changes Begets Earthquakes, Eruptions 0410

Asian Cities Face Climate Disaster 1109 

Australia to Relocate Coastal Residents 1009 

India Lost the Most People to Climate Change 1208

Giant Asian Smog Cloud Masks Warming 1108 

Deserts Grow 50% in China 0408

Himalayan Tragedy Awaits India 0308

          This, and the next table come from the Stern Review in October 2006.  They overlap a lot.  See the Overviews page for much more from the Stern Review in.

Note: Paleo-climate studies indicate that eventual temperature change for given CO2 levels will be substantially higher than the chart shows.

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