Water Power

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General Hydro Power


Climate Change-Related Droughts Dent Progress on Energy Emissions 1023 - Hyropower output falls during droughts.  The demand gap is filled too often by fossil fuels.  These have their own problems, since cooling water is usually hotter druing a drought.  The output of thermal power plants is based on the difference between combustion termperature and cooling (water) temperature.  Warmer cooling water makes the thermal power plant less efficient at producing electricity.

Hydropower Reservoirs, Once Called Clean Energy, Are ‘Giant Methane Factories’ 0723 - Vegetation submerged by dams rots, without oxygen.

Big Power Shortfall Looms After Quebec Wooed US With Cheap Hydro 0423

As Projects Decline, the Era of Building Big Dams Draws to a Close 0423

Hydropower Could Help Poorer Nations Decarbonize, with Little Environmental Impact 0123

Low Water Levels Have Created an Energy Crisis at Africa’s’s Largest Dam 0123

Europe’s Energy Risks Go Beyond Gas 1122 - Unprecedented heat and drought spurred on by climate change and 3 straight years of La Niña also became a major setback for hydroelectric power.  Rivers in southern Europe reached record lows.  The lack of hydro and nuclear power was a real problem amid the gas crisis, due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  If these 2 sources were at the normal level, then Europe probably would not have needed so much gas.
    Europe is warming around twice as fast as the rest of the world.  The glaciers that help store and release meltwater are diminishing quickly, and hot, dry summers like this year’s could become more common....  Global warming would lead to decreased annual stream flows in Southern Europe by the end of the century, affecting hydroelectric power, but suggested Northern Europe would see increased flows.
    In 2017, wind surpassed hydroelectricity as the largest renewable source of power for the European Union.

The World’s Biggest Source of Clean Energy Is Evaporating Fast 1022

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Will the West’s Top Renewable Power Source, Water Power, Survive the Drought? 1022

What US Western Drought Reveals about Hydropower 0922

Climate Crisis Forces China to Ration Electricity 0822

China Drought Causes Yangtze to Dry Up, Sparking Hydropower Shortage 0822

World Energy Crisis Would Be Worse without China’s Rainy Season 0722

Mega-Drought Threatens California Power Blackouts This Summer 0422

US Hydropower Eyes Bigger Energy Role, Less Environmental Harm 0322

China Is Facing Its Worst Power Shortage in a Decade, a Whole-World Problem 0621 - Drought has cut hydropower deeply.

Cheap Wind Power Is Making Quebec's Big, Old Dams More Valuable as a Battery 0221

Solar-Hydro Projects Could Power 40% of World 1020

As Yukon Snowpack Hits Near-Historic Low, Yukon Energy Looks beyond Hydro 0420

Laos Dam Disaster Leaves 24 Dead, Scores Missing 0718 Top of newly completed dam swept away by heavy rain, as river level rose 15 feet.

New ‘Blue’ Membrane, on Rivers, Could Generate Electricity like 1,000s of Nukes 1219 - Draw energy from the difference in electric potential between salt water and fresh water.

The $3 Billion Plan to Turn Hoover Dam into a Giant Battery 0718 - in short, a huge pumped storage project

Why Hydroelectric Utilities Are Endangered by Soaring Soar and Wind 1117

Canada Has Too Much Clean Hydropower.  Anybody Want It? 0917

Proposed Colombia Dam Threatens to Wipe Out Endangered Plants, Disrupt River 0717

Billion-Dollar Dams Are Making Water Shortages, Not Solving Them 0617

2/3 of Canada’s Electricity Now Comes from Renewable Energy 0517

Side Effect of California's Drought - More CO2, Less Hydro

Is Small-Scale Hydro the Answer to India's Clean Energy Needs? 1116

Vietnam Sweats Bullets as China and Laos Dam the Mekong 1016

Bright Future for Water Power in America, Using Existing Dams etc. 0716

Why More than 200 New Dams Will Be a Disaster for the Amazon 0316

Venezuela Shuts Down for a Week, as Drought Cripples Electricity Supply 0316

Mountainous Pakistan Cuts Forest Loss, Disaster Risk with River Power 0316

Hydropower Said to Put Climate, Biodiversity at Risk 0116

Heat Waves, Drought May Curb Global Power Output 0116

As Hydropower Dries Up, Tanzania Moves toward Fossil Fuels 1215

Zimbabwe’s Mega Zambezi Dam Project Could Flounder as Climate Changes 1115

As the Need for Power Surges, Are Small - or Big - Dams in Poor Countries the Answer? 0815

Drought Has Cut California’s Hydro-Electricity Generation by 2/3 - 0715

In Quake-Prone Nepal, Why Solar Power Is an Energy Solution 0615

Drought Cuts Power Production from California Dams 0515

Colorado Begins $3.4 Million Effort to Save Agriculture Water, Make Power with It 0515

Egypt, Sudan Edge Toward Cooperation on Ethiopia’s Nile Dam 0315

California Staring at Decline in Hydro-Power Due to Drought 0315

Lao Hydro Dam to Seriously Affect Vietnam’s Mekong Delta 1214

Private Funding Brings a Boom in World Hydropower, With High Costs 1114

China's 3 Gorges Corp. to Diversify into Wind & Solar, as Big Dam Projects Dry Up 1114

Hydropower May Be Huge Source of Methane Emissions 1014 - also on Carbon + & - page, Rising Carbon Sources

We're Damming Up Every Big River on Earth.  Is That Really a Good Idea? 1014

Brazil’s Proposed Mega-dam Auction Provokes Outrage, Indigenous Fight 1014

Dam It - Feds Say U.S. Can Double Hydropower 0514

China’s Great Dam Boom Is a Major Assault on Its Rivers 1113

Hydroelectric Power Makes Big Comeback at US Dams 0913

Indian Court Halts Himalayan Hydro Projects 0813

Brazil's Hydro Dams Could Make Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Soar 0713

New Big Hydro for Africa's People? 0513

Big Dams Are Booming Business 0513

Ethiopia Diverts Blue Nile for Controversial Dam 0513

Hydropower Megaproject to Dam Congo River 0513

Rights and Wrongs of Belo Monte 0513

Human Cost of Brazil's Hydropower 0113

Hydropower Continues Steady Growth 0612

Ocean Power


Tidal Power’s Fickle Future 0423 - "Of their 978 theoretical estuaries, a total of 54 had currents fast enough to drive tidal turbines.  This number dropped to 47 in simulations with one meter of sea level rise.  With 2 meters of sea level rise, it fell to 40."

The World Needs More Gigantic Sea Dams for Tidal Power 1022

Giant Deep Ocean Turbine Trial Offers Hope of Endless Green Power 0522 - Harness ocean currents 30-50 meters deep.

Harnessing the Ocean’s Energy to Power Homes, Airplanes and Distilleries 1221 - tidal power, focus in Scotland

Ocean Energy About to Ride a Wave 0221 - wave power and tidal power

Capturing the Green Energy of the Deep Blue Sea 0620 - harnessing the power of the Gulf Stream ocean current 

Researchers Are Closer to Harvesting Osmotic Energy from Salt / Fresh Water 1219

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Picks Up Momentum in Pacific 1219 - OTEC

Could Wave Power Be the Next Boom in Renewable Energy? 0419

Meygen Tidal Turbine Powers on to World Record 0219

The 7 Positive Externalities of Negative Emissions from OTEC 1218 - OTEC, send surface water deep

Tidal Turbine Maker Bids to Turn U.K. into a Green Saudi Arabia 0417

America's 2nd Wave-Produced Power Goes Online in Hawaii 0916

Waves of the Pacific Are on Chile’s Energy Horizon 0516

Alaska Aquarium Uses Seawater for Heating 0416

Triton Wave Device Could Provide 1/3 of America's Power 0416

Tidal Lagoon Technology Gets Multi-Million £ Boost 0216

Could New Generation Wave Energy Provide 1/3 of Australia's Electricity? 1115

Sea Change in Renewables Market Forces 1115 - around UK: offshore wind, tidal power, waves

Revolutionary Fence Set to Trap Sea’s Tidal Power 0815

Cardiff Tidal Energy Lagoon ‘Could Power Every Home in Wales' 0315

Whatever Happened to Wave Power? 0215

£1 Billion Tidal Lagoon - Swansea Bay Deadline Looms 1114

Seychelles Could Generate Cheap Power from Ocean Waves by 2016 - 1114

Wind Farm of the Future Might Be Underwater 1114

Tidal Power Generator Unveiling Hailed as Landmark 0814

Underwater Ocean Turbines - A New Spin on Clean Energy? 0814 - tidal power, at depths greater than the bottom of where surface ships travel

US Regulations Push Wave-Energy Project to Australia 0414

Clean, Green & Unobtrusive, Wave & Tidal Energy Projects Appeal to Scots 1013

Tidal Energy Scheme Off Northern Scotland Gets Go-Ahead 0913

Britain's Tides Are Energy Goldmine 0613

World’s Largest Wave Power Scheme Given Go-Ahead 0513 

Lockheed to Build 10 MW OTEC Plant Off Hainan 0413 

UK Tidal Power Has Huge Potential 0113 

Scotland Surfs Ahead on Wave Energy 0912 

1st Tidal Power Delivered Off Maine 0912 

Florida Electricity from Ocean Current 1008 

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