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Right-Wing Climate Denial Is Waning, but Its Replacement Might Be Scarier 1121

American Physical Society Now Stresses Reality and Urgency on Climate Change 1121

GOP Green Groups Want Climate Action, but Not Reconciliation 1121

Are US Republicans Finally Waking Up to the Climate Crisis? 0921

People around the World Increasingly See Climate Change as Personal Threat 0921

4 in 10 Young People Fear Having Children due to Climate Crisis 0921

UK Over-50s Want Climate Crisis Addressed, ‘Even if It Leads to High Prices’ 0821

Climate Change Is Top Federal Election Issue for B.C. Voters 0821

Nearly Half of Americans Say Climate Change Has Become a Bigger Threat 0721

Small Majority in 16 Countries Believe There’s Still Time to Avert Climate Disaster 0721

How US Attitudes on Climate Change Differ by Generation, Party, Other Factors 0521

Majority of Australians Favor Banning New Coal Mines 0521 and more

Climate Crisis Is Not a Partisan Issue, Young Republican Tells His Party 0521

Evangelicals Are Losing Their Climate Skepticism 0421 - 28% of white evangelicals attributed global warming to human activity.  Last October, by contrast, 44%.

Top Economists Warn U.S. Against Underestimating Climate Damage 0221

Most Democrats, Republicans Want Government to Prioritize Climate Change 0121

Republicans Are Coming around to Climate Change, Poll Shows 1220

Majority of EU Citizens Back Climate-Focused Recovery 1220

Most Catholics Concerned about Climate Change, Poll Finds 1020

2nd Trump Term Would Be 'Game Over' for Climate - Top Scientist Michael Mann 1020

Most US 2020 Voters Strongly Favor Climate Action 0920

Battleground State Voters Strongly Prefer Biden to Trump on Climate 0920

Facebook Fights against Climate Change Misinformation on Its Own Platform 0920

Latino Voters Care Deeply about Climate, Are Going to Be Key in 2020 - 0620

Most Americans Think Government Should Do More to Combat Climate Change 0620

Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even Amid Coronavirus Crisis 0520

In State after State, Climate Change Is a Key Issue for Democratic Voters 0220

Americans Broadly Accept Climate Science, but Many Are Fuzzy on the Details 1219

Poll - Young Republicans Break with Party on Climate Change 1119

Americans Would Rather Reduce Oil and Gas Exploration than ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ 1019

Americans Increasingly See Climate Change as a Crisis, Poll Shows 0919 - 76% of Democrats 18-38 know that humans are causing climate change.  And 77% of Republicans that age agree.

Climate Change Is Bridging the Political Divide among Young Americans 0919

2/3 of Young Republicans Fear for Environment, amid Large Surge in GOP Climate Change Concern 0819

Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear 0819

Americans See Cyberattacks, Climate Change as Biggest Threats to U.S. 0719

Christians Care about Climate Change if It's about Saving 'God's Creation’ 0719

70% of Americans Support a Nationwide Solar Rooftop Mandate 0719

New Poll Shows Trump’s Handling of Climate Change Is Deeply Unpopular 0719

Cato Closes Its Climate Shop; Pat Michaels Is Out 0519

Top GOP Pollster Finds Overwhelming Support for Carbon Tax by Millennial Republicans 0519

What Changed My Mind about Climate Change? 0519 - risk management, wth possible worst-case scenarios

America’s Denial of Climate Change Is Heating Up - Global Survey 0519

The Votes Are In – Climate Change Is #1 - 0519

Most Teachers Don't Teach Climate Change, but 4 In 5 Parents Wish They Did 0419

Nearly Half of Young Americans Believe Climate Change is Creating a Crisis Requiring Urgent Action 0419

The Young Republicans Breaking with Their Party over Climate Change 0419

44% of Americans ‘Worry a Great Deal about Global Warming’ 0319

America Cares About Climate Change Again 0319

God and the Earth - Evangelical Take on Climate Change 0319

As the Climate Changes, Are We All Boiling Frogs? 0219

Climate Change, ISIS, Cyberattacks Seen as World's Top Threats in a New Poll 0219

Climate Change Worried Americans Lots Less before Trump Took Office 0219

Majority of Americans Unwilling to Pay $10 a Month to Address Climate Change 0119

More Americans Than Ever Believe in Climate Change 0119

How to Win Public Support for a Global Carbon Tax 0119 - results of 5-nation survey

Republicans, Democrats Are Now Both More Concerned about Climate Change 0119

Much More of US Is Alarmed about Climate Change 0120

“Alarmed" has nearly tripled to 31% in 5 years.  “Dismissive” + “Doubtful” is down from 25% to 20%.


Americans Show Growing Support for Climate Action 1218

Nearly 2/3 of Republicans Now Acknowledge Climate Change 1118

In North Carolina, Hurricanes Convince Republicans that Climate Change Is Real 1018

Utilities’ Problem - the Public Wants 100% Renewable Energy, and Quick 0918

UK Fears on Climate Change Hit Highest Level in a Decade, after Heat Wave 0918

World Is Finally Waking Up to Climate Change, Says ‘Hothouse Earth' Author 0818

Yale Poll Shows Nationwide Support for Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax 0818

Heat Wave Makes Man-Made Climate Change Real for Americans 0718

Why These Young Republicans See Hope in Climate Action 0618

Global Warming, Now Brought to You by Your Local TV Weathercaster 0618

Americans Think Climate Change Should Be NASA’s Top Priority, Not Sending Astronauts to Mars 0618

Climate Change Course Aims to Persuade Evangelicals to Go Green 0518

Climate Change in the American Mind - March 2018 - 0518

Despite Trump, More Republicans Grasp that Climate Change Is Our Fault 0518

As Climate Change Zaps Snow, Winter Sport Fans Try to Change Washington 0418

Majority of Australians Support Phasing Out Coal Power by 2030 - 0318

Partisan Split on Climate Grows, Even as U.S. Fears Are on the Rise, Poll Finds 0318

Millennials’ Climate Views Could Sway 10 House Elections This November 0316

College Republicans Are Here to Fix Climate Change! 0218

Linking Extreme Weather to Climate Change Could Help Curb Carbon Emissions 0118

Research Shows that Certain Facts Can Still Change Conservatives’ Minds 1217

Battered by Extreme Weather, Americans Worry More about Climate Change 1117

Americans Want a Tax on Carbon Pollution, but How to Get One? 1017
How to use tax proceeds? Favorites are support solar & wind; infrastructure; help coal miners; reduce debt 

Most Americans Want Government to Fight Climate Change 1017

1 in 5 Australians Believe Global Warming Is a Hoax 0917

Right-Wing Media Could Not Be More Wrong about 1.5°C Carbon Budget Paper 0917

Katharine Hayhoe Is Successfully Convincing Doubtful Evangelicals about Climate Change 0817

The Republicans Trying to Fight Climate Denial in Their Own Party 0817

ISIS, Global Warming Considered Top Security Threats by Most of the World 0817

In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change as the Greatest External Threat 0717

Americans Know the Climate Is Changing.  Do They Care? 0617

8 in 10 People Now See Climate Change as a “Catastrophic Risk” 0517

Pruitt’s CO2 Comments Prompt Voicemail Jam, Rebuke from Scientists 0317

Only 1/4 of Trump Voters Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change 0217

Americans' Concern over Climate Change Hits Record Levels 0117

90% of Rural Australians Say Climate Change Already Affects Their Lives 0117

Republicans and Democrats Alike Want More Clean Energy 1216

Trump Wants to Dump Paris Climate Deal, but 71% of Americans Support It 1116

America’s TV Meteorologists Say Climate Change Symptoms Are Rampant, Undeniable 1116

Dangers & Opportunities of Climate Change for the Rich & Powerful 1116 - Satire?  Plan for the US' (heartland of personal wealth accumulation) “successful and entrepreneurs” to use foreign elites to manage global population reduction to 1 billion by 2100, due to climate change, while preserving their privileged positions and with new opportunities for profit making.

'Overwhelming Majority' Back US Climate Action - Sec. John Kerry 1116

Nigeria's Own "Inconvenient Truth” Movie Brings Home Climate Threats 1116

Americans Appear Willing to Pay for a Carbon Tax Policy 0916 - weighted average of $0 to $50+ per month = $15-20

Poll Shows Majority of Scots Favor Renewable Energy 0916

Rio Opening Ceremony Put Climate Change Front and Center 0816

Fewer Americans Doubt Climate Change – but Confidence Is Up on Both Sides 0816

Climate Change Will Drive Voter Turnout – Steyer 0716

Number of Americans 'Alarmed' by Climate Change Rises in Latest Poll 0716

Food Shortages and Sea Level Rise Top US Voters' Climate Change Concerns 0716

Want to Help Fight Climate Change?  Start with Reproductive Rights. 0516 - Climate change hits women and children harder.  Women are more concerned, and personally.  Fewer people can mean fewer emissions.

Most Australian Voters Support Transition to 100% Renewable Energy 0516

Why This Could Finally Be the Election Where Climate Change Matters 0516

Half of U.S. Conservatives Say Climate Change Is Real 0416

Republicans Are Warming Up to Renewable Energy 0416

75% of Americans Concerned about Climate Change 0416

96% of American Meteorological Society Members Think Climate Is Changing 0316

Record Number of Americans See Global Warming as Threat 0316

Welcome to the Climate Emergency.  You’re about 20 Years Late. 0316 - shift in Australian opinion

Climate Change Is Less Politicized among Minority Groups 0316 - US

Leonardo DiCaprio Uses Oscar Speech to Speak Out on Climate Change 0216

Vast Majority of Americans Backs Climate Change Action - U of Texas Poll 0216

Science Teachers’ Grasp of Climate Change Is Found Lacking 0216

US Chamber of Commerce Official - Businesses Will Flee Climate Deal 0216

Republicans Are Slowly Warming to Climate Change.  But Is it Already Too Late? 0918

Why?  See these 2 maps, the left one by county, the right one by Congressional District.

2015 Articles and earlier

US Chamber of Commerce Official - Businesses Will Flee Climate Deal 0216

After Paris Accord, Most U.S. Republicans Back Action on Climate 1215

Why So Many Americans Are Skeptical about Climate Change 1115

China's Greenhouse Gases Don't Seem to Trouble Most of Its Citizens 1115

Being a Woman, or Catholic, Affects How You Feel About Climate Change 1115

Americans, Even Republicans, Have Never Been So Sure About Climate Change 1015

Many Conservative Republicans Believe Climate Change Is a Real Threat 0915

Why Conservatives Must Fight Climate Change - Taylor 0915

Arguing about Climate Change Won’t Change Minds - Hayhoe 0915

58% in Houston Agree with Pope that Warming’s Mainly Man-Made 0615

Americans Are Again Getting More Worried About the Climate 0615

Survey Reveals Countries Where Citizens Don’t Want Climate Change Action 0615

The Conservative Case for Taxing Carbon Pollution 0515

Oil Industry Has Few Climate Skeptics, Favors Carbon Tax 0515

These Arguments Convinced a Libertarian to Support Aggressive Climate Action 0515

What Do Conservative Policy Intellectuals Think about Climate Change? 0515

More & More Conservative Thinkers Back Carbon Tax.  Will Politicians Follow? 0515

Millennials Seem No More Concerned about Warming than Their Elder Americans 0415

Conservatives Don't Think Global Warming Will Happen in Their Lifetimes 0415

Broadcast Meteorologists Increasingly Convinced Man Is Changing Climate 0415

Poll Finds 72% of Americans Support an International Climate Agreement 0315

Different Tack Needed for Climate Change Skeptics, Study Says 0215

The Difficult Art of Communicating Climate Change to Farmers 0115

Survey Finds Doctors Concerned about Health Impacts of Climate Change 0115

Activists Say Obama Action on Methane Emissions ‘Misses 90% of Pollution’ 0115

Climate Coverage Returns to Its 2009 Peak 0115

Poll - Half of Republicans Back Limits on Carbon 1214

83% of Americans Say Climate Is Changing 1214

Canadians Want Action on Reducing Greenhouse Gases, Poll Shows 1114

Neither Rain nor Snow nor Heat Sways Views on Climate Science 1114

US Poll Finds Most Back Limits on Coal Emissions, Even if Power Prices Rise 1114

Surveys Show Huge Gap between Farmers, Ag Scientists on Warming 1114

Young Voters Like Pro-Environment Candidates, But May Not Show Up To Vote 1014

The ‘Nitty Gritty, Nuts-and-Bolts, Rubber-Hits-the-Road' Side of Climate Change 1014

Southerners Think Differently about Energy Impact – Poll 0814

71% of Florida Voters Concerned about Climate Change, 80% Back EPA Carbon Action Plan 0714

Climate Change Gets More Air Time On Some TV News Shows 0714

Will Public Opinion Shift with New Evidence of Climate Change? 0514

Right-Leaning Group Sees Climate Change Creating Wealth, Other Benefits 0314

Denying Climate Change Isn't Skepticism – It's 'Motivated Reasoning' 0214

Americans Back Greenhouse Gas Cuts from Power Plants 1113

How Do You Get People to Give a Damn About Climate Change? 1013

L.A. Times Cuts Off Climate-Change Deniers 1013

Talking about Climate Change?  Not Much. 0813

Why Don't Farmers Believe in Climate Change? 0713

Climate Research Nearly Unanimous on Human Causes 0513 

Over Half of Americans Link Extreme Weather to Climate Change 0513 

Climate Change: It's Real and It's Here, Expert Says 0413 

Farmers' Beliefs about Climate Change 0413 

Climate Hawks Go on Offense Against Skeptics 0413

Republican Views on Climate Change 0413 - PDF

Poll Question Wording Shifts Public Views on Global Warming 0313

Farmers Think Kansas Drought Is Part of Natural Cycle 0213

Americans Who See World Warming Rises to 78% 1212

36% of US Public See End Times in Weather Extremes 1212

Belief in Climate Change Climbs 1012 

Is Climate Change the Sleeper Issue of 2012? 1012 

Climate Skepticism Trumps Heat Wave 0812 

More Americans Believe Earth is Warming 0911 

Climate Skeptics Rally 0510

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