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Australia’s Opposition Lays Out Targets to Cut Carbon Emissions 1221

Australia Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Emissions by 2050

Climate Crisis Will Wreak Havoc on Australian Economy if Coal Isn’t Phased Out 0921

Scott Morrison’s Claim Australia’s Emissions Are Falling Doesn’t Stack Up 0521

Australia Leaves 2030 Climate Goals Unchanged in UN Submission 0121

John Kerry Says We Can't Leave Climate Emergency to 'Neanderthals' in Power 0919

Australian PM Makes Climate Change Pitch as Election Looms 0219

Australian Court Rejects Coal Mine on Climate Grounds 0219

Australia Signs Declaration Saying Climate Change Is 'Single Greatest Threat' to Pacific 0918

Australia Weakens Commitment to Climate Accord after Government Fractures 0818

Queensland Says It Won't Play Any Role in Funding for Adani Project 0517

Great Barrier Reef 2050 Plan No Longer Achievable, due to Climate Change 0517

Australian Coalition Supporters Back Quicker Shift to Renewable Energy 0417

Australia's Carbon Emissions Jump, as Coal-Fired Power Ramps Up 0217

Australia’s Labor Party Pushes to Grow Renewable Energy 0217

Electricity from Coal Should Be Phased Out in Australia – Senate Report 1116

New South Wales Unveils Plan to Reach Zero Emissions by 2050 - 1116

Australia Will Need to Remove CO2 from Air to Keep Warming below 2°C - 0816

Victoria Sets Ambitious Target for Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 - 0616

NSW Report Banks on DELUSION of Rising Coal Output, Royalties Out to 2056 - 0516

Australia Approval of Vast Coal Mine Is ‘Evil,’ Says Marine Scientist 0416

Welcome to the Climate Emergency.  You’re about 20 Years Late. 0316

Australia's Military Sees Rising Challenges from Climate Change 0216

Australia Approves Huge Abbot Point Coal Port Expansion by Great Barrier Reef 1215 - sponsor nears junk bond status

Climate-Change Contrarian Loses Australian Funding 1015

Australia Must Double Decarbonization Rate to Meet 2030 Goals 1015

Turnbull Government Appoints Australia's 1st Wind Farm Commissioner 1015

Australia PM Tony Abbott Ousted by Malcolm Turnbull 0915

Adelaide Joins Race to Become World's 1st Carbon Neutral City 0915

Australia's Pollution Level Seen Rising Beyond Abbott's Target 0815

Newcastle Grasps What Tony Abbott Cannot – Coal's Time Has Passed 0815

Tony Abbott Is a Climate Change ‘Villain', says Canadian Author Naomi Klein 0815

Australia Carbon Plan Sends Shudder through Neighbors 0815

Tony Abbott Wrong on Coal Being ‘Good for Humanity’, Oxfam Report Finds 0715

Abbott Government and Labor Reach Renewable Energy Target Deal 0515

Australia PM's Adviser Says Climate Change Is a UN Hoax 0515

Australia ‘Public Enemy Number One' of UN Climate Talks, says Nobel Laureate 0415

Australia's Renewable Energy Investment Grinds to a Halt 0415

Byron Bay Is 1st Regional Australian City to Commit to Zero Emissions 0315

Australia’s Abbott Government May Be Shifting Ground on Climate Policy 0215

Australia’s Power Sector Emissions Jump as Carbon Tax Ends 0115

Heat Is on Abbott Government over Climate Change, as World Turns 0115

Abbott - Repealing Carbon Tax ‘Best Thing I Did as Minister for Women’ 1214

Gods and Faith versus Coal in Name of Climate Change 1214

Australia Told It Should Aim for 40% Cut in Greenhouse Gases by 2025 - 1114

Canada and Australia’s Leaders Laugh While the Planet Burns Up 1014

Why Abbott's Faith in Coal Could Be Wrong - Very Wrong 1014

Australia’s PM Tony Abbott - Coal 'Good for Humanity’ 1014

Shock China Coal Tariff Decision Throws Australian Free Trade Talks into Turmoil 1014

Australia Votes to Repeal Carbon Tax 0714

Australian Senate Delays Carbon Tax Repeal 0714

Australia Carbon Tax Repeal Voted Down by Senate 0314

Australia’s Carbon Tax Repeal Hits Senate Roadblock 1213

130 Australian Climate Change Rallies Call for Coalition to Keep Carbon Tax 1113

Tony Abbott's New Direct Action Skeptics 1013

Australian Wildfires Put Heat on Climate Change Skeptic Abbott 1013

Australian Coalition Delivers on Promise to Axe Climate Commission 0913

Climate Change Risks Security, Health, 90% of Australia's Irrigated Agriculture 0813

Carbon Program Backlash in Australia, EU Bode Ill for US Climate Change Efforts 0713

Climate Science Debate Has Cost Precious Time, Aussie Expert Warns 0613


Canadian Scientists Urge Rejecting Carbon Capture Tax Credit, as Oil Subsidy

Trudeau Increases Canada’s 2030 Emissions Target to 40-45% 0421

Canada Supreme Court Rules Federal Carbon Tax Is Constitutional 0321

Trudeau Unveils Net-Zero Emissions Plan to Meet Canada’s Climate Targets 1120

Canada Curbs Methane Emissions That Are Bigger Problem than Thought 0820

Electric Vehicles Sales Plummet in Ontario after It Cancels Rebate 1219

Alberta Tables Climate Plan for Industry, Retains Key Parts of Old Legislation 1019

Canada’s Big Election Winner? The Carbon Tax 1019

Ontario Government Made 'Next to No Progress' on Plan to Cut CO2 Emissions 1019

Canada Would Miss Paris Agreement Targets under Conservative Climate Plan 0719

Canada Signals a Willingness to Challenge Trump on His Clean-Car Rollback 0619

Alberta Elects Combative New Leader Promising Oil & Pipeline Revival 0419

B.C. to Phase Out New Gasoline-Powered Vehicles by 2040 - 0419

Ontario’s Ford Government Increasing Energy Bills and Pollution 0319

Edmundston, N.B., Declares Climate Emergency 0219

'So Many Bears' - Draft Plan Says Nunavut Polar Bear Numbers Unsafe 1118

Trudeau’s Tough Climate Policies Face a Mounting Backlash 0718

Ontario PM Ford Scraps Carbon Tax Plan, Sets Up Climate Fight with Trudeau 0718

Oil Pipelines or Climate Action?  Trudeau’s Political Tightrope in Canada 0618

Canada Sets Methane Reduction Targets for Oil and Gas, except Tar Sands 0418

Canada Aligns with U.K. to Fight Global Growth in Coal-Fired Electricity 1017

Ontario's 1st Cap-and-Trade Auction Sells Out Current Allowances 0417

Alberta's New Carbon Tax Is All about the 'Long Game', Says Deputy Premier 0117

Cap & Trade to Cost Ontario $8 Billion in 1st Years, with Minimal CO2 Reductions 1116 - inside Ontario. Offsets are elsewhere.

Alberta Reaches $1.36 Billion Deal to Shut Down Coal Plants 1116

Ottawa to Phase Out Canadian Coal by 2030 - 1116

Trudeau Says Canada to Implement Carbon Tax 1016

Canada Will Impose Nationwide Carbon Price 0916

Vancouver Plans to Go 100% Renewable.  What are the Challenges? 0716

Canada to Introduce National Carbon Price in 2016, Minister Says 0716

Alberta Enacts Carbon Tax, in 1st Stage of Climate-Change Plan 0616

Ontario to Spend $7 Billion on Sweeping Climate Change Plan 0516

U.S. and Canada Announce Common Goals on Climate, Energy and the Arctic 0316

Liberals Won't Rule Out a National Carbon Price, Catherine McKenna Says 0316

Canada to Set Climate Change Tests in Pipeline Reviews - Trudeau 0116

Alberta Doubles Down on Renewable Energy, Plans Carbon Tax in 2017 - 1115 - CN$20 / Ton CO2 in 2017, $30 in 2018

Transition Alberta off Oil Sands, Climate Thinkers Urge Trudeau 1115

Canada’s Trudeau Has All the Grounds to Make a Striking Climate Change Plan 1015

Canada’s Federal Politicians Take Beating at Climate Summit, as Provincial Premiers Call for Action 0715

Researchers’ Open Letter Calls for Moratorium on New Oil Sands Projects 0615

Canada Agrees to ‘Low-Carbon’ Strategy at G7 - 0615

U.S., Mexico, Canada to Collaborate on Climate Adaptation 0515

Oil Industry Pushes for Carbon Tax in Alberta 0515

Canada to Regulate Oil and Gas Emissions with New 30% Target 0515

B.C. Evangelicals Finally Join the Climate-Change Battle 0515

Canada's Political Landscape Undergoes Seismic Shift with Election in Alberta 0515

Ontario, Quebec Chide Canada’s PM over Climate Change 0415

Canadian Mounties' Secret Memo Casts Doubt on Climate Change Threat 0215

How Canada's Climate Change Record Compares to the Rest of the World 1214

Cutting Emissions with Alberta Carbon Tax Needn't Kill Jobs - Oil Sands Labour 1214

Canada and Australia’s Leaders Laugh While the Planet Burns Up 1014

Canada to Badly Miss 2020 Emissions-Cut Target 1014

Canada-Australia 'Axis of Carbon' an Obstacle to Climate Pact 0914

Port Metro Vancouver OKs Massive US Coal Terminal 0814

Ottawa Concedes GHG Targets Not Met; Blame Oil Sands 1013

Alberta's Carbon Strategy No Match for Keystone's Emissions 1013

Harper Offers Obama Emissions Deal to Win Keystone XL Pipeline Support 0913

Alberta Report Recommends Stronger Carbon-Capture Rules 0813

Alberta’s Bold Plan to Cut Emissions Stuns Ottawa and Oil Industry 0413

Canadian Scientists Call for Dramatic Steps to Curb Emissions 0213

Canada Pulls Out of Kyoto Protocol 1211

Latin America

Costa Rica is the 2019 Champion of the Earth 0919

How Did Chile Become a Global Climate Leader? 0919

What Indigenous Rights Have to Do with Fighting Climate Change 0819

Costa Rica’s Zero-Carbon Plan Could Be a Model for the World 0319

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Has Made Grim Threats to the Amazon and Its People 1018

Brazil’s Political Storm Driving Amazon Deforestation Higher 0718

Costa Rica to Ban Fossil Fuels, to Become World’s 1st Decarbonized Society 0518

Brazil's President Announces Plan to Protect Forest, after Plea from Model Gisele 0617

Like U.S., Brazil Risks Falling Behind on Climate Change 1216

Brazil Just Ratified the Paris Climate Agreement.  Why That’s a Really Big Deal 0916

Mexico Announces Launch of Cap-and-Trade Pilot Program 0816

Costa Rica at 99% Renewable.  Are Others on the Same Path? 1215

Chile’s Solar Power Lights the Way to Cleaner, More Competitive Economy 1015

US and Brazil Set Energy Goals, in Sign of Improving Ties 0615

U.S., Mexico, Canada to Collaborate on Climate Adaptation 0515

116 Environmental Defenders Were Murdered Last Year, Mostly in Latin America 0415

Mexico's Climate-Change Promises - the Reality 0415

Everyone Praises Green Copenhagen.   What If Your City Has 20 Million People? 0415

Climatologists Balk as Brazil Picks Skeptic for Key Post 0115

Chile Becomes 1st South American Country to Tax Carbon 0914

Brazil Warming to ‘Green’ Policies 0914

Latin America Aims for Growth and Climate Action 0813

Costa Rica Looks to Go Carbon Neutral on Agriculture 0713

Costa Rica's Friendship with China Conflicts with Its Green Goals 0613

Mexico Enacts Climate Change Law 0612



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