EPA Sets New Biofuel Targets, Which Could End Up on Trump’s Chopping Block 1116

A Plane Full of People Just Flew across the US on Wood-Based Fuel 1116

Biofuels Worse for Climate than Gasoline, Study Finds 0816

Clinton Campaign Studying Alternative to U.S. Ethanol Mandate 0816

Nissan to Develop Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Technology by 2020 - 0616

Clean Fuel from ‘Bionic Leaf' Could Ease Pressure on Farmland 0616
    Solar panels split H2O into O2 and H2.  10% efficient, vs 1% for photosynthesis.

Australia's Defense Force Could Run on Sugar Cane and Tires 0416

Ethanol Mandate, a Boon to Iowa Alone, Faces Rising Resistance 0116

EPA Set to Order Ethanol Increase 1215

Oil Price Slump Taking a Toll on U.S. Alternative Fuels 0115

E.P.A. Postpones Setting Standards for Biofuel Blends 1114

Ethanol's Dwindling Discount from Gasoline Could Slow U.S. Biofuel Demand 1114

Louisiana Biofuels Projects Help Spur Nationwide Green Jobs Growth 1114

Beyond Corn - the New Frontier in Ethanol is Non-Food Biofuel 1014

US Cellulosic Fuel Makers Press Obama to Alter Biofuel Plan 0914

Emmetsburg, Iowa Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Opens September 3 - 0814

The Real Cost of Ethanol 0814

EPA Mulls Ethanol Change as Industry Profits Soar 0514

Ethanol Fuels Ozone Pollution 0414

Corn Biofuels Worse Than Gasoline on Global Warming in Short Term 0414

Why Hasn’t Cellulosic Ethanol Taken Over, Like It Was Supposed to? 1113

Secret, Dirty Cost of Fuel Ethanol 1113

AAA Asks Feds to Slash Renewable Fuel Requirements 1013

Corn Prices Plunge amid Oversupply, Retreat from Ethanol 1013

Quest for Cheap, Non-Food Biofuel Starts with a Brewery 1013

EPA May Relax (Diminish) Ethanol Mandate in 2014 - 0813

Milestone in Creating Fuel From Waste 0713 

Fast Food Chains Pursue Repeal of Renewable Fuel Mandate 0613

Climate Is Biofuel Foe 0613 

Lawmakers Vote to Ban Ethanol in Maine 0513 

Squeezing More From Ethanol 0513 

USDA Asks for Approval of Sugar for Ethanol 0413 

Drought Is Drying Up All Our Ethanol 0413

Ethanol's Days of Promise Fade 0313 

Exxon Decades Away from Making Fuel from Algae 0313

Corn Ethanol Challenged 0213 

Court Overturns EPA’s Cellulosic Biofuels Mandate 0113 

House Republicans Plan to Put Ethanol Fuel Standard on Trial 1212

AAA Warns E15 Gasoline Could Damage Cars 1112

Ethanol Mandate Raises Restaurant Costs 1112

Biofuels Can Be Friend or Foe 1009

Exxon Explores Oil from Algae 0809

Biofuels Worse than Oil on GHGs 0208

Fuel Ethanol - Panacea or Miracle? 1007

Ethanol & Renewable Fuels: 25% by 2025 - 1106 - PDF, 114 pp 

Ethanol from Corn, Switchgrass, Wood; Biodiesel from Soy, Sunflower - Pimentel 0305 - PDF, 12 pp

Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol - Shapouri (USDA) 0704 - PDF

Effect of Ethanol on Pipelines 0802 - PDF

Biofuels Boost GHGs - Searchinger 0208 - PDF

Land use change makes corn ethanol a GHG emitter worse than gasoline.

Biofuels & Carbon Debt - Fargione 0208 - PDF.

17 to 423 years to repay carbon debt from replacing natural ecosystems with ethanol or biodiesel farms.  Use only prairie biomass on abandoned or marginal cropland, maybe sugar cane from Brazil's cerrado.


Biodiesel & Jet Fuel


To Counter Climate Change, We Need to Stop Burning Things (Wood) 0121

EU Being Sued to Stop Burning Trees for Energy; It’s Not Carbon Neutral 0319

Wood Fuel is Bad News for Climate and Biodiversity 0318

EU’s Renewable Energy Policy Is Making Global Warming Worse 0217

Phasing Out Cookstoves a ‘Win-Win’ for Climate and Health 0217 Substitute biogas, electricity for coal, wood, dung.

Is Wood a Green Source of Energy?  Scientists Are Divided 0117

Biomass Power Slumps as EPA, Industry Spar on Science 0816

Is Burning Trees Still Green?  Some Experts Now Question Biomass 0716

Polluted Air Causes 5.5 Million Deaths a Year 0216 - Wood use for cooking and heating (India, Africa, etc.) is a big chunk.

Dutch Lawmakers Call for Halt to Wood Energy Subsidies 0216

Save More than 4 Million Lives a Year by Harnessing the Sun to Cook 0116

US Forests Threatened, as Demand for Wood-Based Biofuels Grows 1015

UK to Build World’s 1st Power Plant with Negative Emissions 0815

How Europe’s Climate Policies Have Led to More Trees Being Cut Down in the US 0615

Burlington, Vermont Goes All Renewable.  Keep Wood in the Mix? 0415

Scientists - No, We Can't Fight Climate Change by Burning Trees 0215

Wood Pellets Are the Energy Boom You Haven't Heard About 1214 - above all, US exports to Europe

Fort Drum Powered by Wood in Renewable Energy Push 1114

Biomass Fuel - Worse for Climate than Coal? 0414

Roll on the Green Revolution - Paper Industry 1113

Power Plants Try Burning Wood With Coal to Cut Carbon Emissions 1113

Cleaner Than Coal?  Wood Power Makes a Comeback 1013

Wood Could Bring Power to Those without Electricity 0913

Finn Researchers Make Cheap Biofuel, US Ones Pull Hydrogen from Water 0813 - same as above

Wood is Key Ingredient in Cheap Rechargeable Battery 0613

Wood - Europe’s Fuel of the Future? 0413


Bioenergy Has Its Limits for Cutting Emissions 0117 - Offsetting electricity and heat with bioenergy is 1.6–3.9 times more effective at cutting emissions than offsetting liquid fuels

The Great Garbage Fire Debate - Should We Burning Our Trash into Energy? 0117

Carbon-Eating Bacteria Could Be One Answer to Climate Change 1116

Largest Biochar Facility in U.S. Opens at Cornell 0416

United Airlines Is Flying on Biofuels.  Why That’s a Really Big Deal. 0316

Polluted Air Causes 5.5 Million Deaths a Year 0216 - Dung use for cooking and heating (India, Africa, etc.) is a chunk.

Oslo Trash Incinerator Starts Experiment to Slow Climate Change 0116

Save More than 4 Million Lives a Year by Harnessing the Sun to Cook 0116

Scientists Seek to Harvest Electricity from Algae in Green-Energy Effort 1115

Researchers Find Sweet Source for Aviation Biofuel 0615

Vietnam Plans to Generate Power from Rice Husks 0415

Waste-to-Energy Revolution Boosted by Bio-Battery Idea 0315

Oil Price Slump Taking a Toll on U.S. Alternative Fuels 0115

Yak Dung Is Making Climate Change Worse 1214

Louisiana Biofuels Projects Help Spur Nationwide Green Jobs Growth 1114
      One project is cellulosic ethanol, the other involves bichar and other biofuels.

Scientists Use E.Coli Bacteria to Create Fossil Fuel Alternative 0914

Probes Search Live Cyanobacteria For Biofuel-Production-Boosting Proteins 0814

Brutal Bust in Next-Generation Biofuels, in One Chart 0414

IPCC Eyes New Bio-Energy Fix 0314

Trash Into Gas, Efficiently?  Army Test May Tell 0813

Waste CO2 as Power Source, New Super-Capacitor & Hydrogen from Sunlight 0813

Bid to Clean the Air with Algae 0813

Food vs Fuel 0713

Charged Microbes May Poop Out a Gasoline Alternative 0613

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