Patterns on Earth

Since 1979, Heat Waves Last Longer, Spike Hotter, Hurt More People 0324

How Pesticides Intensify Global Warming 0123 - For starters, pesticides are very energy (emission) intensive to make.

The Surprising Reasons Parts of Earth Are Warming More Slowly 1222 - The ozone hole is a factor in rapid polar warming.  Melting ice sheets off into the nearby ocean and industrial pollution screening out sunlight are other important factors.

How the Moon Influences Temperatures on Earth 0522 - 18.6-year cycle of moon’s orbital plane around Earth.  Effect is ±0.04°C.

Dangerous New Hot Zones Are Spreading around the World 0919 - 5 to 11% of the globe has alrady warmed by 2°C

Slowing Gulf Stream Current to Boost Warming for 20 Years 0718 - perspective #1

Climate Change Is Beginning to Shift Planet’s Seasons 0718 - perspective #2

Abnormal Cold in the United States Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming 1217 - record heat in Europe, north Asia

Tibetan Tree Rings Trace Climate Change to 1870s - 0117
    Before 1870, day-night temperature difference was widening.  Since then, the reverse.

The Mystery of the Expanding Tropics 0216 - Why are they AND sub-tropics spreading far faster than models predict?

Loaded Temps Dice since 1980 - Hansen 0812 - PDF

Earth's Detailed Energy Budget Changes - Trenberth 1009 - PDF

440M MW Heat Gain, 0.6°C in Pipeline - Hansen 0404 - PDF

Why Some Spots on Earth Are Heating Up Faster than Others 0520

As the Climate Warms, Cool Summer Evenings Are Becoming a Distant Memory 0819

Rising Humidity Makes Even Modest Heat Waves Unbearable as Climate Changes 0819

Why Cities Are Warmer than the Countryside, and Why That Should Concern Us 0718

2016 Extreme Arctic Heat Wave Wouldn't Have Occurred without Climate Change 0518

Human Emissions Made Ocean Heat Wave 53 Times More Likely 0118

How Climate Change Is Driving Extreme Heat Waves 0118

Global Warming Is Making It Harder to Get Truly Frigid Weather 0118

La Niña Is Officially Here to Shape U.S. Winter Weather, and Global Climate 1117

It’s Like It Never Left - Another El Niño May Be on the Way 0417

U.S. Forecaster Sees Increasing Chances of El Niño Later in 2017 - 0317

Global Warming Made Australia's Record Sizzling Summer 50 x More Likely 0317

This Is How You Create a Record-Breaking Hurricane 1016

Why It’s Hotter Nights, More Than Hotter Days, That Make Heat Waves Dangerous 0816

Global Warming Could Deplete the Oceans’ Oxygen, with Severe Consequences 0416

Do Pacific Waters Give Early Warning of East Coast Heat Waves? 0316

Why the Sahel Rains Failed – and Why They May Return 0116

Globally, Lakes Warming at an Alarming Rate 1215

Concerns Deepen about a Climate-Change ‘Wild Card’ 0915

Global Warming Is Reversing 1,800 Years of Natural Ocean Cooling 0815

Warming Indian Ocean Weakens India’s Monsoon 0615

“Hot Spot” Confirms Tropic Troposphere Warms Faster Earth’s Tropic Surface 0515

'Substantial' El Niño Event Predicted 0515

El Niño Strengthens.  Hope for Serious Drought Relief? 0515

75% of Heat Waves Are Attributable to Climate Change 0415

Changes in Water Vapor and Clouds Are Amplifying Global Warming 0415

Pacific Winds Tied to Warming Slowdown, Dry West 0415

Scientists Pore Over Warm West, Cold East Divide in US 0415

Welcome to the 'Double El Niño' — and More Extreme Weather 0315

Oceans May Be Lulling Us into a False Sense of Climate Security 0315

50-70 Year Ocean Oscillations Can Explain Global Warming ‘Hiatus' 0215

Concern about Extremes, as Planet Gets Hotter and Colder 1214

Stronger Pacific Trade Winds Linked to Stable Air Temperatures 0214

Santa's Revenge - Record Floods, Cold Spells, Drought Tied to Wavier Jet Stream, Due to Arctic Warming 0214

Deep Oceans May Be Storing Heat 1113

Global Warming Pause Central to IPCC Climate Report 0913

IPCC Cites Global Temperature Rise over Last Century 0913

Climate Change Experts Pressed to Address Slowdown in Global Warming 0913

Human Fingerprints Visible in Atmospheric Changes 0913

Climate Extremes Are Unprecedented 0713

El Niño Unusually Active in Late 20th Century 0613 

Slower Air Warming Doesn't Mean Climate Change Has Paused 0513 

Oceans May Explain Slowdown in Climate Change 0413 

Climate Change Causes Extreme Weather 0812 

Warming Confirmed after Climategate 1011 

Global Warming Not Happening as Fast as Models Suggested 0711 

Warming Troposphere Disproves Skeptics 1110

Warming Continues & Accelerates 0710 

Earth & Oceans Heat Up 0.85 W/sq m 0505 

‘Missing Heat’ Discovery Prompts New Estimate of Global Warming 1113 - Diagram of typical urban heat island effect, Portland, Oregon, on a hot summer afternoon.

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