Europe Unprepared for Rapidly Growing Climate Risks 0324

Countries Adapting Too Slowly to Climate Breakdown, UN Warns 0121

Outbreak Reveals Radical Climate Idea - Economic ‘De-Growth' 0320

Save the Planet - Have Fewer Children, Sell the Car, Cut Holiday Trips, Eat Vegan 0717 - Concentrate on the actions that have the biggest impact.  By far the biggst is to have fewer children.  Recycling and better light bulbs are a good bit smaller than transport or diet.



Camels, the Survivor Species 0424

Can Animals Evolve Fast Enough to Keep Up with Climate Change? 0124

How Medellín Is Beating the Heat with Green Corridors 0923

Extreme Heat Forces Schools Across Northeastern U.S. to Close Early 0923

Extreme Heat Is Forcing America’s Farmers to Go Nocturnal 0923

Startups Are Inventing Cooling Clothes for a Hotter Future 0923

Farmworkers Face Increasing Heat Waves with Little Protection 0823

Sevilla, One of Europe’s Hottest Cities, Rediscovers an Old Cooling Technique 0823 - from Persia.  Run cooler water thru aqueducts to pipes and channels at or under the street, with vertical shafts bring up air cooled by the water.  This process cools off what might otherwise be hot beneath one's feet.  And it can lower surrounding temperature by as much as 10°C.

Miami is Used to Heat, but Not like This 0823 - More than 30 days with heat index above 105°F so far in 2023, compared to 6 per year 2010-22.  And at least 46 days in a row with heat index above 100°F heat index - so far; streak was ongoing on July 27.

Extreme Heat Pushes US Airlines to Shed Fuel, Limit Passengers 0723

How to Adapt Home Design for Extreme Heat 0723 - shady courtyards with a fountain, narrow shaded streets, shade shutters, windcatcher (draws cool air into warm spaces), climbing plants (ivy) on walls (and roof)

Europe Risks Becoming Dependent on Air Conditioning in a Hot World 0723

The White Roofs Cooling Women's Homes in Indian Slums 0623

Indian City Ahmedabad Battles Extreme Heat 0623

Paris Could Hit 50°C (122°F) by 2050. How Can the City Adapt? 0423

Heat and Drought Force Europe to Accelerate Climate Adaptation 0423

Paris Could Hit 50°C (122°F) by 2050. How Can the City Adapt? 0423

Is India Ready to Deal with Extreme Temperatures? 0423

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How This School in the Indian Desert Stays Cool, Even in Extreme Heat 1122

Living in a Greener City Could Save Your Life 0223

Planting Trees Could Cut Urban Heat Wave Deaths by 1/3 - 0223

Los Angeles Is Becoming Too Hot to Bear. Can It Design Its Way Cooler? 0123

World Bank Lays Out $1.5 Trillion Green Cooling Plan for India 1122

Chief Heat Officers Face Rising Temperatures — and Expectations 0922

Bamboo, White Paint, Coconuts - India’s Battle to Survive Blistering Heat Wave 0522

Extreme Heat Is a Disease for Cities.  Treat It That Way. 0422 - urban heat islands.  white roofs, trees, shelters, etc.

Some Corals Can Be Conditioned to Tolerate Heat 0322

Could the Red Sea’s Heat-Resilient Corals Restore the World’s Dying Reefs 0122

Killer Heat Forces Cities to Adapt Now or Suffer 0821

Nowhere Is Ready for This Heat 0621

Algae Transplant Could Protect Coral Reefs Threatened by Warming Seas 0520

In Iraq, Only the Rich Can Escape the Unbearable Heat as Climate Warms 0819

Scientists Are Getting Better at Predicting Killer Heat Waves 0719

As Temperatures Keep Trending Up, US ‘Heat Belt’ Cities Try to Stay Livable 0818

Are We Ready for the Deadly Heat Waves of the Future? 0418

How Long Beach Is Trying to Cool Down 0118

As Temperatures Soar, Cities Fight Heat Waves 0816 - cooling centers, greenery

Tropical Fish Are Genetically Adapting to Cope with Warmer Waters 0715

Humans Are Adapting to Climate Change - Minimum Mortality °C Rises 0715

How Pakistan and India Can Prevent Future Heat Wave Deaths 0615


Sea Level Rise

Kiribati Plans to Raise Itself above the Ocean to Survive Climate Change 0820

The False Comfort of Higher Seawalls 1019

Move Away from Coastal Areas While You Still Can, Scientists Sound Warning 0819

As Seas Rise, Hawaii Considers Perils and Opportunities of Managed Retreat 0319

Florida Keys to Raise Roads before Rising Seas Put Them under Water 0218 ~$5 million / mile to raise road 1 foot

"Climate Gentrification" Could Add Value to Elevation in Real Estate 1217

Fiji Villagers Plant Mangroves in Race against Rising Seas 1217

Hamburg Lets the Waters In 0617 increase green space that can flood with little damage; no structures

Miami Beach to Begin $100 Million Flood Prevention Project for Rising Seas 0117

Greater New York City Region Must Plan for "Permanent Flooding" 1216

As Sea Levels Rise, Rotterdam Floats to the Top 0616

Miami-Dade Turns to Nature to Combat Sea-Level Rise 0316

New York Prepares for Up to 6 Feet of Sea Level Rise 1115

Norfolk, Pushed by Sea-Level Rise, Re-Thinks Its Future 1015

To Help Climate Migrants, Bangladesh Takes Back Land from the Sea 0915

Rising Sea Level Threatens Coastal Restoration, New Orleans Levees 0815

Crop Dusters Seed Mangroves by Air, to Save Louisiana Wetlands 0815

Is New Orleans Safe? 0815

Sea Levels Might Be Rising Much Faster Than Expected. What Should New York Do to Avoid Being Swamped? 0715

Why Miami is the ‘New Atlantis’ 0615

Sri Lanka 1st Nation to Protect All Mangrove Forests 0515

Sea Rise Threatens Florida Coast, But There’s No Statewide Plan 0515

Fading Shores - Reality of Climate Change 0515

Boston's Logan Airport Drafts Climate Change Plan 0515

U.S. Department of Defense Adapts to Climate Change 0415

Obama’s Trip to Florida Everglades Is a Shrewd Move in Climate Debate 0415

Singapore Struggles to Make Itself More Resilient to Global Warming 0415

Miami Beach 'Rising' to Challenge of Encroaching Seas 0415

These Florida Republicans Are Busy Protecting Their Coasts from Sea Level Rise 0315

Massachusetts May Cut Coastal Building 0215

Rising Sea Levels and Temperatures Ahead for NYC 0215

The Pentagon & Climate Change - How Deniers Put National Security at Risk 0215

New Order Requires Planning for Future Flood Risk, if Federal Funds Are Used 0215

‘Nobody Is Truly Ready’ For Rise of Seas 1114

Sinking Jakarta Starts Building Giant Wall as Sea Rises 1114

How Boston Is Rethinking Its Relationship with the Sea 1014

Facing Storms Without the Mangrove Wall 1014

Canals, Fortifications for a Boston Beset by Rising Seas 0914

US Fails to Address Coastal and Inland Flood, Civil Engineer Society Says 0914

Dutch Unveil Big Plan to Fight Rising Tides 0914

California to Tally Sea-Level Rise Risks, Hunt for Defenses 0914

Southwest Florida Governments Not Planning for Sea Rise 0814

Should We Try to Fight Rising Sea Levels — or Abandon the Coasts? 0514

Project Blends Rotterdam Knowhow with Saigon Street Smarts 0214

Is Rebuilding Storm-Struck Coastlines Worth The Cost? 1013

Hard Math of Flood Insurance in a Warming World 1013

6 Ways to Pay for Climate Change 0913

Florida Keys Prepare for Sea Level Rise 0713

Stopping a Hurricane’s Storm Surge in Texas 0613

Cities of the World Plan Adaptation to Climate Change 0613

Will New York's Sea-Level Plan Play in Miami? 0613

Louisiana's Bayou Is Sinking - Can $50 Billion Save It? 0513

Why Everglades Restoration Really Must Be About Adapting To Climate Change 0413 

In Louisiana, Low Elevations and Costly Insurance Leave Nowhere to Run 0313 

For Engineers, Failure Becomes an Option with Climate Change 0313 

Palm Beach Must Act on Rising Sea Levels 0213

Boston Prepares for Sea Level Rise 0213

New NYC Flood Maps Omit Sea Level Rise 0213

Less Water

Drought-Stricken Las Vegas Proposes Grass Ban for New Homes 1221

‘We Live in a Desert.  We Have to Act like It’- Las Vegas Faces Reality of Drought 0721 - featuring the sprinkler police

US States Embrace ‘Cloud Seeding' to Try to Conquer Drought 0321

Farmers in Australia's Southwest Corner Are Adapting to a Life with Less Water 0221

California Water Futures Begin Trading Amid Fear of Scarcity 1220

Remarkable Drop in Colorado River Water Use Is a Sign of Climate Adaptation 0620

Innovation Rush Aims to Help Farmers, Rich and Poor, Beat Climate Change 0719

7 States Rebalance Their Colorado River Use as Global Warming Dries the Region 0219

A New Farming Technique Using Drastically Less Water Is Catching On 0518

Costa Rica's Farmers Harvest Rain to Beat Drought 0518

Amman Faces Water Squeeze as Refugees Rush into Jordan 0518
    Desalination project on Red Sea is one facet of response.

Icebergs Could Float to the Rescue of Cape Town Water Crisis 0418

Why Americans Are Using a Lot Less Water 1217

Pakistan Needs to Increase Water Storage as Population Swells 1217

As Farms Dry Up, Kenyan Women Switch to Clean Energy Businesses 0417

Parched Lanzhou, China Plans to Pipe Water 1,000 km from Russia’s Lake Baikal 0317

With Water Short, Zimbabwe's Farmers Turn to Capturing Rain 0117

Sahel Countries Race against Time to Re-Green Africa's Spreading Desert 1116

Trump Pledge to ‘Open Up the Water’ for Valley Farms Is Easier Said Than Done 1116

Africa Droughts Prompt Calls to Start Pumping Untapped Groundwater 0816

Gripped by Drought, Ethiopia Drills for Water 0416

Obama Calls for Proactive Drought Strategy.  What Would That Look like? 0316

Obama Administration - Water Use Could Be More Efficient 0216

China Needs More Efforts in Curbing Desertification, Despite Its Progress 1215

As Droughts Worsen, Joined-Up Adaptations Build Resilience in Arid Kenya 0915

Key to Water Security Could Be Lurking in a New Mexico Sewage Farm 0815

Californians Cut Water Use by 31% in July 0815

Los Angeles Continues Dramatic Water Savings - 21% in July 0815

Impact of Irrigation on Drought, Climate Change in Alberta 0815

For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea 0415

Can America's Desert Cities Adapt Before They Dry Out And Die? 1214

Great Wall of Trees Keeps China's Deserts at Bay 1214

Could Desalination Solve California’s Water Problem? 1014

Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn 0813



Extreme Heat Is Forcing America’s Farmers to Go Nocturnal 0923

Saudi City of the Future Enlists Dutch Help to Grow Crops in Desert 0823 - Food is grown in multi-storied "warehouses", where temperature, water, light, and other factors are carefully controlled.  This is almost common in the Netherlands, one of whose companies will manage the operation.

Rice Gets Re-imagined, from the Mississippi to the Mekong 0523

Vietnam Is Going All-In on a Climate-Change Resistant Coffee Bean 0523

How Technology Is Helping Farmers Grow More Food with Less Chemicals 0523

Seed-Breeding Project Could Help Southern Farmers Adapt to Climate Change 0423

Global Seaweed Industry Could Reduce Land for Farming by 1.1 Million Sq Km - 0123

Growing Plants on Buildings Can Reduce Heat, Produce Healthy Food in Africa 1022

As Seas Rise, Bangladesh Farmers Revive Floating Farms 1022

Reducing Beef’s Carbon Footprint Is Key to Net-Zero in Latin America, Caribbean 0922

Plenty to Build ‘World’s Largest’ Indoor Vertical Farming Complex 0922

More Investors in Vertical Farms as Droughts Worsen 0922

Scientists Are Rushing to Develop Crops That Can Withstand Hotter Nights 0922

Could Indoor Vertical Farms Be the Norm in 10 Years? 0822

Desert Nation UAE Turns to Hydroponics to Feed Its Livestock 0822

Climate Change Puts Agrivoltaic Projects in Northern Africa in the Spotlight 0522

World Needs Food System ‘Transformation' to Tackle Climate 0522

Rock Powder with Biochar - Synergies & Co-Benefits 0422

Transformative Adaptation - Ways to Improve India’s Long-Term Food Security 0821 - For example, move production (uphill, wetter region), change crop & livestock to be consistent with new climate (aquaculture), and new technology (storm-resistant greenhouses).

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Agroecology Gets Growing Attention as Top Climate Solution 0422

Drought-Struck California Wants to Pay Farmers to Cut Plantings 0322

New Wheat Varieties Are Needed to Withstand Global Warming Trends 0322

Native Americans’ Farming Practices May Help Feed a Warming World 1221

New Coating Could Help Seeds Survive in Drought Conditions 0921

Mexico Devises Revolutionary Method to Reverse Semi-Arid Land Degradation 0821

Microbes and Solar Power ‘Could Produce 10 x More Food than Plants’ 0621

From the Lab to the Field, Agriculture Seeks to Adapt to a Warming World 0620

Halve the Farmland, Save Nature, Feed the World 0420

Can Ancient Grains Save Humanity from Climate-Induced Starvation? 0320

Ocean Could Provide over 6 Times More Food than It Does Today 1119

Indoor Farming May Not Be the Easy Answer to Feeding a Hot and Hungry Earth 1119

Cowpeas Help Us Understand Nomadic Past and Prepare for a Hot, Dry Future 0919

Climate Change Is Likely to Devastate the Global Food Supply, but There's Hope 0819 - Extreme heat, drought and flooding are the major culprits that will cut food production.  But alternative food production processes will rise: robotics, alternative meats, vertical farms, fertilizer management and ancient plants.

Hydroponic Farms Use Less Land, Water to Grow Vegetables 0819

Add Cows, Subtract Chemicals - Organic Farming Helps Climate-Hit Indian Farmers 0319

Scientists Breed Salt-Loving Crops, But World Is Slow to Bite 0219

Cutting through India’s Rice Obsession Could Save Water and Boost Nutrition 0718

‘Farming’ Microbes to Feed Cows Could Save Land and Cut Emissions 0618

Can Vertical Farms Reap Their Harvest?  It’s Anyone’s Bet. 0718

Innovative Greenhouses Help Farmers in India Adapt to Climate Change 0618

How Land under Solar Panels Can Contribute to Food Security 0618

Avoiding Meat and Dairy Is ‘Single Biggest Way’ to Reduce Your Impact on Earth 0518

Facing Climate and Water Pressures, Farmers Return to Age-Old Cover Cropping 0518

A New Farming Technique Using Drastically Less Water Is Catching On 0518

Costa Rica's Farmers Harvest Rain to Beat Drought 0518

Seaweed in Cow Feed Reduces Methane Emissions Almost Entirely 0518

Why the UAE's 1st Vertical Farm Could Be a Regional Game-Changer 0518

Adding Crushed Volcanic Rock to Farm Soil Could Boost Crops and Slow Global Warming 0418

Turning Food Waste to Animal Feed Could Take Chunk from Livestock Emissions 0418

Kansas Farmers Cut Ogallala Water Use – and Still Make Money 0318

Roof Gardens and Recycling - Indian Cities Find Ways to Go Green 0118

Meat Tax ‘Inevitable’ to Beat Climate and Health Crises, Says Report 1217

Mekong Delta Farmers Find Opportunity in Climate Change 1217 - switch to shrimp farming in dry season, rice i wet

Changing Where Crops Are Grown Could Feed 825 Million More People 1117

Scientists Create Food from Electricity and CO2 - 0817

Kenya's Herders Swap Livestock for Chillies, as Drought Bites 0817

'Grow Food on Mars'- LA Startups Bring Inventive Solutions Climate Change 0717

To Save the Planet, Eat More Bugs? 0717

Is Biochar a Game-Changer for Sustainable Farms? 0617

Indonesian Farmers Befriend Soil to Protect Harvests from Climate Stress 0617

U.N. Tool Uses Satellite Data to Help Farmers Save Water 0417

In India, Switching to Vegetables, Oranges and Papaya Could Help Save Water 0417

Solar Energy and Salt Water Power Vegetable Farms in the Desert 0317

From New Beans to Ancient Plants, Drought-Busting Crops Take Root 0317

America's Biggest Water Users – Farmers – Learn to Use Less of It 0317

Costa Rican Researchers Develop New Climate Change-Resistant Beans 0217

Egyptian Invention Cuts Rice Irrigation Water by 1/2 - 0217

Zambia Tries New Way to Beat Drought - Solar Grain Mills 0117

Agriculture Begins to Tackle Its Role in Climate Change 0117

Why Drought-Resistant Farming Could Be a Feminist Act in Lesotho 0117

No More Mass Deaths from Drought in Northeast Brazil 0117

Farmers in Sudan Battle Climate Change and Hunger, as Desert Creeps Closer 1216

Heat-Resistant Beans Could Save Millions 1216

Global Farming Must Transform to Fight Climate Change, Protect Food Security 1016

Kenyan Farmers Sow Resistance to Drought, Boosting Seed Demand 1016

Ethiopia Soil Map Arms Farmers with New Fertilizers in Climate Fight 0916

World's Largest Vertical Farm Grows without Soil, Sunlight or Water in Newark NJ 0816

Climate-Smart Agriculture for Drought-Stricken Madagascar 0816 drip irrigation, etc.

How Growing Kelp and Eelgrass Can Help Slow Ocean Acidification 0716 to help local oyster harvest

How the World’s Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change 0716 - terra preta

The Future of Agriculture - Factory Fresh 0616 - very wide-ranging discussion, from ultra-precise application of water and fertilizers in fields and greenhouses, monitoring leaf area by plant, to genetic manipulations, growing artificial muscle to eat, monitoring when cows start to turn lame or are in estrus, and so forth.  Much data is routed thru thru “the cloud” to farmers.

Aquaculture Meets Agriculture on Bangladesh’s Low-Lying Coast 0616

China's Plan to Cut Meat Consumption by 50% Cheered by Climate Campaigners 0616

Carbon Farming - Hope for a Hot Planet 0416

New Green Challenge - How to Grow More Food on Less Land 0316

For Beginning Farmers in the West, Finding Water to Grow Food is a Constant Gamble 0316

Chilean Scientists Invent Super-Trees to Face Climate Change 0216

Healthy Ground, Healthy Atmosphere - Recarbonizing the Earth’s Soils 0216

Africa Takes Fresh Look at GMO Crops, as Drought Blights Continent 0116

Can Genetic Engineering Help Quench Crops’ Thirst? 0116

Climate Smart Coffee with Bananas Set to Boost East African Farmers’ Income 1215

New Rice Could Help Reduce Global Greenhouse Gases 1215

'Go Part-Time Vegetarian to Protect the Planet’ - Arnold Schwarzenegger 1215

The USDA Puts Food and Climate Change Center Stage In Paris 1215

Laos Counts Climate Change Costs - Record Floods, Drought and Landslides 1115

Climate Change Bites Kenyan Tea Farmers 1115

Australian Researchers Working on G20 Plan to Increase Global Crop Yields 1115

Caribbean Agriculture Looks to Cope with Climate Change 1115

As Drought Destroys Maize, Zimbabwe Tries Out New Staples 0915

Kale or Steak?  Change in Diet Is Key to U.N. Plan to End Hunger by 2030 - 0915

Kenyan Pastoralists Fighting Climate Change through Food Forests 0715

Quest for Climate-Proof Farms 0715

Demand for ‘Sustainable' Food Has Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0715

How Will We Feed a World of 9 Billion People? 0715

Program Aims to Boost Rice Resilience to Climate Change 0615

Record Drought Gives Oklahoma Wheat Farmers a Glimpse of the Future 0515

Saving Coffee from Extinction 0515

Scientists Work to Help Oklahoma's Wheat Industry Adapt to Climate Change 0515

Improving Soil Fertility Key to Increasing Food Security as Climate Changes 0515

Vanishing Fruits, Veggies - Could Climate Change What We Eat? 0415

Perennial Crops May Save Human Civilization 0415

Hopes Grow for Climate-Proof Beans 0315

Drip by Drip, Tanzania Farmers Learn to Cope with Drought 0315

Perennial Rice - In Search of a Greener, Hardier Staple Crop 0315

Climate Change Hampering World Food Production 0215

9 Reasons Not to Be Depressed about the Planet 0115

Can Farm Business Thrive in Extreme Conditions? 1114

Climate Change Spurs Overseas Demand for India’s Indigenous Cattle 1114

Building an Ark for the Anthropocene 0914

Africa's Farmers Face Risk of 'Failed Seasons’ 0914

Crop Diversity Is Key to Agricultural Climate Adaptation 0814

Mathematics Helps Find Food Crops' Climate-Proof Genes 0814

Iowa's Corn Farmers Learn to Adapt to Weather Extremes 0814

How to Stop Climate Change Making Food Less Nutritious? 0714

Getting Beyond Just Wheat, Corn and Rice 0514

Scientists Race to Develop Farm Animals to Survive Climate Change 0514

How Solar Desalination Could Help Parched Farms 0514.

Family Farmers Hold Keys to Agriculture in a Warming World 0514

The One Area Technology Cannot Save Us & 5 Little Things That Can 0913

Heat, Drought Draw Farmers Back to Sorghum, the 'Camel of Crops' 1013

How You Pay Farmers to Watch Their Crop Shrivel Up and Die 1013

Farmers Try New Strategies to Ensure Food Security 1013

Could More Efficient Crops Feed a Growing, Warmer World? 0813

Roots Breakthrough for Drought-Resistant Rice 0813

Great Lakes Area Draws World Attention for Food 0713 

Wild Rice Gene Boosts Yields 0812 

Wheat Genome May Help Tackle Food Shortages 0810

Multiple Impacts


A 20-Foot Sea Wall?  Miami Faces the Hard Choices of Climate Change 0621

Miami’s $4 Billion Plan to Combat Sea Level Rise Has Radical Urban Ideas 0621

Cities Widely Unprepared for Climate Risks 0521

The Massive Cost of Not Adapting to Climate Change 0420

Scientists Are Getting Better at Predicting Killer Heat Waves 0719

Boston Aims to Be Carbon Free by 2050 - 5 Takeaways from New Report 0119

U.S. Military Not Doing Enough to Prepare Bases for Climate Change, GAO Warns 1217

imagine - 1.5 Million in Evacuation Gridlock as a Hurricane Aims at Tampa Bay 0517

How the Park Service Is Planning for Climate Change 0816

Obama Calls for Proactive Drought Strategy.  What Would That Look like? 0316

NASA’s Tons of Data Help Developing Nations Prepare for Global Warming 0615

Sea Rise Threatens Florida Coast, But There’s No Statewide Plan 0515

Senators Challenge FEMA Requiring State Climate Change Plans for Disaster Relief 0515

Boston's Logan Airport Drafts Climate Change Plan 0515

Colorado Begins $3.4 Million Effort to Save Agriculture Water, Make Power with It 0515

Mayor Unveils 'Ambitious' Plan to Make Los Angeles Greener 0415

Everyone Praises Green Copenhagen.   What If Your City Has 20 Million People? 0415

FEMA to States - No Climate Planning, No Money 0315

The Pentagon & Climate Change - How Deniers Put National Security at Risk 0215

Boston Releases Climate Change Action Plan 0115

Cities Prepare for Warm Climate Without Saying So 0914

It's Time to Adapt to Unstoppable Global Warming, Scientists Say 1113

With Great Lakes Stuck at Historic Lows, Talk Turns to Adapting 1013

New Boston City Zoning Plans Tied to Climate Changes 1013

Mexico’s Gulf Cities Not Ready for Climate Change 0713

Vancouver Ramps Up Extreme Weather Preparations After Alberta Floods 0713

Nigeria Starts Efforts to Head Off Climate Disasters 0713

Climate Change Make Cities Richer and Healthier? 0613

6 of the World's Most Extensive Climate Adaptation Plans 0613

San Diego Studies Its Vulnerabilities to Climate Change 0313

How Much It Will Cost to Save Pakistan's Economy’s Foundation 0312



Can Animals Evolve Fast Enough to Keep Up with Climate Change? 0124

Dairy Giants Take 1st Steps to Tackle Planet-Warming Cow Burps 1223.rtf

Better Tech Needed to Increase Soil Organic Carbon and Crop Yields 1023.rtf

A Desperate Push to Save Florida’s Coral - Get It Out of the Sea 0723 - in tanks on land, for eventual re-introduction, when oceans cool off

Doctors Are Quietly Teaching Americans about Climate Change 0623

Trees Are Moving North from Global Warming. How Your City Could Change. 0423 - See Bio-Impacts, Range Shift section for figures of moves.

Plants Must Migrate to Survive Climate Change. But They Need Our Help. 0223

Human Assist in Moving Species Emerges as Last Resort as Climate Warms 0123

Giving ‘Mother Nature a Little Bit of a Boost’ on the Great Barrier Reef Corals 1122

Large Wild Herbivores May Help Slow Climate Change 1222 - By removing living and dead plants, large animals dispose of material that may fuel wildfires, which can add large amounts of carbon to the atmosphere.  By consuming vegetation and excreting dung, large animals may improve the availability of nutrients to plants and support the storage of carbon in vegetation and soil.
    By creating gaps in the vegetation and dispersing seeds, large animals create diverse ecosystems with plenty of opportunities for a variety of plants to grow, making ecosystems more resilient and better able to deal with climate change.
    By nibbling down polar region shrubs and trampling snow, large animals help maintain permafrost, helping prevent the release of carbon to the atmosphere.

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A Florida Community Built to Weather Hurricanes Endured Ian Unscathed 1022

To Grow Coral Reefs, Get Them Buzzed 1022

House Hunters Are Fleeing Climate Change, Causing a New Kind of Gentrification 0421

Scientists Try Assisted Migration to Help Trees Survive Climate Change 0720

Algae Transplant Could Protect Coral Reefs Threatened by Warming Seas 0520

Chile Ski Stations Fight the Ravages of Climate Change with Snow Cannons 0819

After the Hurricanes, Rebuilding for Energy Efficiency and Storm Survival 1017

Designer Forests to Tune up Canada's Trees to Thrive in Changing Climate 0217

Trees Deal with Climate Change Better than Expected 0316 - They respire less as climate warms.

California Cut December Water Use 18.3%, Barely Meeting Gov. Brown’s Mandate 0216

Snow Harvesting - Northwest Ski Resorts Adapt to Climate Change 0116

Climate Change Is Darkening Seattle’s Water Forecast 0915

New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Seaweed Might Have the Power to Make the Oceans Less Acidic 0515

Urban Sprawl, Cars Hamper Cities’ Best Efforts on CO2 - 0415

To Save Coral Reefs, First Save the Mangroves 0215

Genetically Modified Coral Could Help Save Reefs 0215

For Green, Comfortable Homes, Mali Turns to Mud 0115

Copenhagen Lighting the Way to Greener, More Efficient Cities 1214

Climate Change Forces the Alps to Adapt by Moving Villages 1114

How Best to Help Pennsylvania’s Forests as Climate Changes 1114

UN Experts Call for Action to Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risks 0814

Examining How Marine Life Might Adapt to Acidified Oceans 0514

Geo-Engineering Makes Mitigation Better than Adaptation 0413

Americans Believe in Climate Change Risks 0313 

Stern's Bad News from Copenhagen 0309

Section Map: Drought, Oceans, Snow, Adapt