John Kerry Hails China’s ‘Incredible Job’ on Renewables, Warns on Coal 0723

Cheap Methane Fix to Global Warming Is Finally Gaining Support 0623

Rich, High-CO2 Emitting Nations Could Pay $170 Trillion in Climate Reparations 0623

U.N. Slams Carbon Removal as Unproven and Risky 0523

CoP28 Host UAE’s Approach Is ‘Dangerous’, Says UN’s Climate Ex-Chief 0523

CoP28 Head Backs Fossil Fuel Phase-out with Carbon Capture Caveat 0523

G7 Vows to Step Up Moves to Renewable Energy, Zero Carbon 0423

G-7 Energy Ministers Face Climate Fight with Japan as Host 0423

Countries Facing the Most Climate Disasters Are Already ‘Drowning in Debt’ 0423

Corporate Interests ‘Watered Down’ the Latest IPCC Climate Report, Again 0323

World Is on Brink of Catastrophic Warming - IPCC 0323

Warming above 1.5°C Likely in Near Term unless World Acts Now 0323

The Clean Tech Arms Race Has Begun 0123

Nations Promise to Protect 30% of Planet – to Stem Extinction 1222

China and US Renew Commitment to Tackling Climate Crisis 1122

EU Proposes Loss and Damage Fund Trade for Phase-Down of Oil, Gas & Coal 1122

G20 Leaders Agree to Keep 1.5°C Warming Target ‘within Reach’ 1122

Brazil, Indonesia and Congo Sign Rainforest Protection Pact 1122

Climate Pact Led by US and Japan Set to Offer Indonesia $15 Billion to Ditch Coal 1122

The Selfish Case for Climate Justice 1022

Tariffs Threaten to Undermine Global Shift to Clean Energy 1022

UN Finds ‘No Credible Pathway to 1.5C in Place’ 1022

U.N. Chief Warns that Humanity Faces ‘Collective Suicide’ over Climate Crisis 0722

 G-7 to Allow Fossil-Fuel Financing If Climate Pledges Are Kept 0622

UN Head Lambasts Fossil Fuel Firms - They ‘Have Humanity by the Throat.’ 0622

Climate Crisis Costs Up over 800% as UN Donor Nations Fail to Keep Pace 0622

Key Nations Agree to Halt Funding for New Fossil Fuel Projects 0522

Climate Burns the Right 0522

Rich Nations Offer Debt Guarantees on South African Climate Deal 0522

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry Puts Natural Gas on Notice 0422

Ukraine War Threatens Global Heating Goals, Warns UN Chief 0322

Pope Calls World to Act on Impact of Climate Change on Poorest Countries 1221

How Cities Are Going Carbon Neutral 1121

Keeping New Climate Promises Brings 1.5°C Goal Closer — but Not in Reach 1121

Countries Create the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance 1121

Surprise U.S.-China Climate Deal Breaks Through Superpower Standoff 1121

Over 40 Nations Pledge to Cut Emissions from Their Health Industries 1121

Net-Zero Alliance Plans to Reject Gas, Nuclear as Green Assets 1121

EU-US Steel Trade Pact Is Surprisingly Important 1121

Countries Promise Coal Phase-out and End to Fossil Fuel Finance 1121

Climate Change Highlighted as Security Issue, as NATO Leader Visits CoP26 - 1121

Brazil Says It Will Sign Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions 1121

UK’s Prince Charles Warns World Leaders at G20 Summit about Climate Change 1021

G-20 Make Mild Pledges on Climate Neutrality, Coal Financing 1021

100 Nations Pledge to End Deforestation, Backed by $19 Billion 1121

Pope Francis Urges Leaders to Take ‘Radical’ Climate Action at CoP26 - 1021

World Leaders Urged to Consider Health Benefits of Climate Action 1021

More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions 1021

World Poised for Big Leap Forward on Climate Crisis at CoP26, Says John Kerry 1021

Fossil Fuel Industry Gets Subsidies of $11 Million a Minute, IMF Finds 1021

7 Nations Join UN Pledge to Stop Building New Coal Power Plants 0921

EU and US Pledge to Reduce Methane Emissions in Energy and Agriculture 0921

UN Chief Urges ‘Rapid' Emission Cuts to Curb Climate Change 0921

U.S. and EU Vow Steep Methane Cuts Ahead of Climate Summit 0921

Pacific Islands Call for Zero Carbon Shipping by 2050, Citing IPCC Report 0821

Low-Income Countries 'Can't Keep Up' with Climate Change Impacts 0821

How Many Years until We Must Act on Climate?  Zero. 0721

‘Reckless’ - G20 States Subsidized Fossil Fuels by $3 Trillion since 2015 - 0721

U.N. Warns Drought May Be 'the Next Pandemic’ 0621

G7 Nations Take Aggressive Climate Action but Hold Back on Coal 0621

G7 Nations Commit Billions More to Fossil Fuel than Green Energy 0621

Rich Countries Falling Short on Vow to Help Poorer Ones on Climate 0621

Pope Launches Green Initiative, Decrying “Predatory Attitude" toward Planet 0521

G7 Nations Vow to Phase Out International Financing for Coal Projects 0521

Shipping Now Faces the Highest Price on Carbon for Any Global Industry 0521 - nation with 3rd largest ship registry proposes $100/tonne of CO2 to start, rising to $300/tonne.

Rich Nations’ Climate Targets Will Mean Global Heating of 2.4°C 0521

US and China Commit to Cooperate on Climate Crisis 0421

Britain, Norway, US Join Forces with Businesses to Protect Tropical Forests 0421

In Asia, John Kerry Urges Bold Action on Climate to Avoid Global ‘Suicide Pact’ 0421

G7 Should Double Help for Poorer Nations to Cut CO2 Emissions – UN 0321

Facing Sweltering Soldiers and Flooded Ports, NATO to Focus on Climate Change 0321

Europe Seeks Alliance with U.S. to Tackle Aviation Emissions 0321

How the Race for Renewable Energy is Reshaping Global Politics 0221 - The wind and especially sun are almost everywhere, in contrast to oil, also coal and natural gas.  Some competition remains for minerals neede for batteriesw, etc.

5 Places Where Global Warming Is a Security Risk 0221 - South Asia, Mekong River, East Africa, Central America, USA

John Kerry, Biden’s UN Climate Envoy, Likens Global Inaction to a ‘Mutual Suicide Pact’ 0221

UN Calls on Humanity to End ‘War on Nature ... Suicidial Path”, Go Carbon-Free 1220

U.S. Quits Paris Climate Agreement - Questions and Answers 1120 - But, in 10 weeks, Biden will put the US back in.

UN Chief - Don’t ‘Throw Away’ Stimulus Money on Fossil Fuels 0920

London, New York Mayors Urge Cities to Divest from Fossil Fuels 0120

Disappointment as Marathon Climate Talks End with Slim Deal 1219

France to Partner with Brazil States on Amazon, Bypassing Bolsonaro 1219

Pope Says Climate Crisis Is a 'Challenge of Civilization' 1219

UN Calls for Push to Cut Greenhouse Gas Levels to Avoid Climate Chaos 1119 - cut emissions 7.6% a year to 2030 to stay within 1.5°, etc.

Climate Change - Impacts ‘Accelerating' as Leaders Gather for UN Talks 0919

Climate Protesters and World Leaders - Same Planet, Different Worlds 0919

Dozens of Countries Take Aim at Climate Super Pollutants 0919

Over 60 Nations Say They’ll Zero Out CO2 Emissions, but Not the Big 3 - 0919

UN Secretary General Hails ‘Turning Point' in Climate Crisis Fight 0919

'We're Losing the Race’ - UN Secretary General Calls Climate Change an ‘Emergency’ 0919

Pope Urges Politicians to Take ‘Drastic Measures' on Climate Change 0919

Think the Heat Wave Was Bad?  Climate Already Hitting Key Tipping Points 0719

Just 10% of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Cash ‘Could Pay for Green Transition' 0819 - UN secretary general, António Guterres, attacked subsidies, saying: “What we are doing is using taxpayers’ money ... to destroy the world.”

Governments and Firms in 28 Countries Sued over Climate Crisis 0719

G-20 Reaffirms Fight against Climate Change 0619

UN Climate Chief Says 3°C Hotter World ‘Just Not Possible' 0619

UN Chief Guterres Decries 'Fading' Global Climate Change Efforts 0519

US and Saudi Arabia Blocking Regulation of Geo-Engineering 0319

Climate Negotiators Reach Overtime Deal to Keep Paris Pact Alive 1218

The United States Isn’t the Only Country Downplaying Climate Change 1218 - Saudi Arabia, Australia, Russia.  Problems even in Brazil, Poland, Germany.

No G20 Countries Are Meeting Climate Targets, Says Report 1118

Charge €30 a Tonne for CO2 to Avoid Catastrophic 4°C Warming 1018

With the World on the Line, Scientists Outline the Paths to Survival 1018

Fossil Fuel Dependence Poses ‘Direct Existential Threat', Warns UN Chief 0918

Cities Lead the Way on Curbing Carbon Emissions 0918

World Leaders Who Deny Climate Change Should Go to Mental Hospital – Samoan PM 0818

Caribbean States Beg Trump to Grasp Climate Change Threat - ’War has come to us.' 0818

China, EU Reaffirm Paris Climate Commitment, Vow More Cooperation 0718

Pope Francis Has Spoken - Take Climate Change Seriously, or Earth Will Be Nothing but ‘Rubble’ and ‘Refuse’ 0718

More than 20 Nations Seek Lead in Setting Tougher Climate Goals 0618

‘Natural Solutions’ in Focus as EU Hosts Climate Summit with China, Canada 0618

6 of the G7 Commit to Climate Action.  Trump Wouldn’t Even Join Conversation. 0618

Pope Francis Spoke Common Sense at Gathering of Fossil Fuel Executives 0618

22 National Science Academies Urge Governments to Address Climate Change 0318

US Has Caused Serious Damage to Paris Climate Efforts - Former UN Chief 0318

World Leaders Take Aim at Climate Change and Trump 1217

France’s Macron Takes Lead in Climate Change Battle, with the U.S. Absent 1217

Climate Fund for Developing World Gets Boost at U.N. Talks 1117

Climate Change Denial or Indifference Are ‘Perverse Attitudes' - Pope 1117

19 Countries Pledge to Phase Out Coal 1117

Climate Action by China, India to Offset Trump 1117

'Tobacco at a Cancer Summit' - Trump Coal Push Savaged at Climate Conference 1117

Cities Hope New Emissions Push Will Spur Climate Ambition, Finance 1117

Canada, Britain to Tout Coal Phase-Out as U.S. Champions Fossil Fuels 1117

Gov. Jerry Brown and EU Leaders Agree to Work to Combat Climate Change 1117

Syria Embraces Paris Climate Deal, Leaving Trump’s USA Alone in the World 1117

How India’s Battle with Climate Change Could Determine All of Our Fates 1117

12 Cities Plan for Emissions-Free Neighborhoods 1017

'Stuck in the Dark Ages' - Pacific island Leader after Australia's Emissions Hit Record High 0917

Nicaragua to Sign Paris Agreement, Leaving Trump Increasingly Isolated 0917

China’s Xi Slams Unwillingness to Combat Climate Change 0917

'Dodgy' Greenhouse Gas Data Threatens Paris Accord 0817

Japan's Abe Urges G20 to Work Together on Climate Change 0717

Merkel Issues Warning to Trump Ahead of G20 Summit 0617

Trump's Coal Plan Sends U.S. Energy “Back to the Past" - Vatican 0617

This Is How the U.S.’s New Global Isolation on Climate Change Looks 0617

US Opts Out of G7 Pledge Committing to Paris Climate Accord 0617

China Now Looks to California, Not Trump, to Help Lead Climate Change Fight 0617

Meeting Paris Pledges Would Prevent at Least 1°C of Global Warming 0617

UN Official Warns of Costly Effects of Climate Change 0617

Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift - the Chance for Global Leadership 0617

Trump Climate Agreement - Rest of World Rallies around Paris Deal 0617

Not Even Trump Can Derail Global Action on Climate Change – UN Chief 0517

Paris Climate Deal - EU and China Rebuff Trump 0617

Trump Told He Risks ‘Lasting Damage’ to Ties between U.S. and Europe 0517

World Lags on Clean Energy Goals 0517

Tillerson, at Arctic Meeting, Signs Document Affirming Need for Climate Change Action 0517

Trump Warned that Leaving Paris Accord Risks Bad Deals at G7, G20 - 0517

NATO Urges Global Fight against Climate Change 0517

Bloomberg to World Leaders - Ignore Trump on Climate 0417

China, India Become Climate Leaders as West Falters 0417

Trump’s Climate Demands Roil U.S. Allies 0417

China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies 0317

G20 Report Shows Competing Visions of a Clean Energy Future 0317

Europe's Aim - Sway, Don't Provoke, Trump on Climate 0317

China Trumps US on Climate Change 0217

Faced with U.S. Retreat on Climate Change, EU Looks to China 0217

What Can China Do to Counter Trump Axing US Climate Change Efforts? 0117

As U.S. Cedes Leadership on Climate, Others Step Up at Davos 0117 - China, India, Europe

Water and Climate Dominate World Economic Forum Risk Report 0117

2015-2016 Articles

In Trump’s Wake, China Emerges as Global Leader on Climate 1116

Steps to Address Climate Change Are ‘Irreversible,’ World Leaders Declare 1116

World's Poorest Countries Aim for 100% Green Energy 1116

From France to Canada, Countries Are Reeling from Trump’s Climate Plans 1116 - French proposal to slap 1-3% tariff on US goods on all US products, if US "exempts itself from environmental regulations we have imposed on our businesses."

China Rolls Its Eyes at Trump over His Ridiculous Climate Change Claim 1116

CEOs, Leaders Urge Trump to Stand by Climate Pact 1116 - 360+ companies (12 Fortune 500), investors, mainly American

Nations Will Push Ahead with Climate Change Action Plans, despite Trump 1116

Trump Victory Deals Blow to Global Fight Against Climate Change 1116

Trump Win Raises Questions About UN Climate Deal 1116

Climate Summit's Urgent Goal - Cut More Emissions, Faster 1116

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change Is Official.  Now What? 1116

China Climate Chief to Trump - Keep the U.S. Part of Paris Agreement 1116

Oil Industry Must Back Workable Climate Policies 1016

Indonesia Ratifies Paris Climate Deal.  Does It Matter? 1016

Nations Agree to Landmark Deal to Cut HFCs, Potent Greenhouse Gases 1016

Emerging Climate Accord Could Push A/C Out of Sweltering India’s Reach 1016

191 Countries Strike Deal to Cut Aircraft Emissions 1016

Paris Climate Agreement Is Coming into Force.  Now Comes the Hard Part. 1016

India Ratifies Paris Climate Change Agreement 1016

EU Vote Sets Up Paris Agreement for an Early Start 0916

100 Countries Push to Phase Out Potentially Disastrous Greenhouse Gas 0916

Obama Appeals for Climate Investment in Valedictory UN Speech 0916

Obama, China Ratify Paris Climate Agreement 0916

Pope Francis Says Destroying the Environment Is a Sin 0916

Insurers Call on G20 to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020 - 0816

Pacific Islands Nations Consider World's 1st Treaty to Ban Fossil Fuels 0716

World Has Climate Goals Right, but Not Enough Ambition to Achieve Them 0616

Moody’s Calls for Rapid Paris Climate Deal Approval 0616

Obama's New Clean Electricity Goal for North America - 50% by 2025 - 0616

Cities Forge World's Largest Alliance to Curb Climate Change 0616

The US and India Just Made Progress on the HFC Climate Problem 0616

Climate Change Puts 1.3 Billion People, $158 Trillion at Risk, Says World Bank 0516

Plans for Coal-Fired Power in Asia Are ‘Disaster for Planet', Warns World Bank 0516

Carbon Pricing Becomes a Cause for the World Bank and I.M.F. 0416

The Key Players in Climate Change 0416

We’re Running Out of Water, and the World’s Powers Are Very Worried 0416

Paris Climate Deal Seen Taking Effect 2 Years Ahead of Plan 0416

WTO Swats Down India’s Massive Solar Initiative, on Domestic Content (via US) 0216

U.N. Agency Proposes Limits on Airlines’ Carbon Emissions 0216

Paris Climate Deal Could ‘Displace Millions of Forest Dwellers' 0216

How Big Cities Are Finding Innovative Ways to Nudge People to Ditch Cars 0116

Will Trade Trump Climate Pact? 0116Cut Global Emissions by Cutting Fossil-Fuel Subsidies 1215 - Washington Post editorial

Critical Mass of States Will Reach Emissions Peak by 2030 under Climate Deal 1215

Paris Agreement Ushers in End of the Fossil Fuel Era 1215

Paris Climate Deal - Nearly 200 Nations Sign, in End of Fossil Fuel Era 1215

Paris Climate Deal Is 'Best Chance to Save Planet’ 1215 - Key Points
• Recognizes INDCs already filed;
• Recognizes gap between effect of filed INDCs and keeping global warming below 2°C;
• Review progress every 5 years (with INDC committment updates);
• Future INDCs cut emissions further than current INDCs;
• Peak greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ASAP and achieve net zero GHG emissions in the 2nd half of this century;
• Goal to keep global temperature increase "well below" 2°C (3.6°F) and pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5°C;
• $100 billion a year in climate finance for developing countries by 2020, more in the future;
• In force when 55% of nations or 55% of emissions ratify.

Paris Climate Agreement Text 1215 - PDF, 31 pp

Final Draft of Climate Deal Formally Accepted in Paris 1215

A Plea from Small Islands - More Insurance for Climate Change 1215

U.S. Doubles Climate Adaption Aid to Nearly $900 Million 1215

Kerry Signals U.S. Support for Ambitious 1.5°C Goal in Climate Deal 1215

Coalition of Business Leaders Challenges 2°C Target, Seeks 1.5°C - 1215

Oil, Coal Come to Climate Table with Significantly Fewer Bargaining Chips 1215

Climate Funding Piles Up, but Nations Argue over How Quickly 1215

Climate Delegates Agree on Text of Draft Deal 1215

Bhutan Has ‘Most Ambitious Pledge’ at the Paris Climate Summit 1215

Rich Nations' Fossil Fuel Subsidies Exceed Climate Aid by 40 to 1 - 1215

Developing Nations Shift Stance, See Need to Limit Their Own Emissions Too 1215

India, Brazil Resist Further Long-Term Goals on How to Limit Global Warming 1215

India Signals Willingness to Cut Coal for Climate Cash 1215

A Call to Paris Climate Negotiators - Tax Carbon. 1215 32 famed economists: 4 Nobel prize winners, 3 Cabinet secretaries, 2 Federal Reserve Board vice-chairs, 3 Harvard economic profs, etc.

Obama, Xi, Figueres Speak on Climate Change 1215

France, Germany, Canada, IMF, World Bank, OECD Call on World to Price Carbon 1215

Paris Conference Could Be Climate Turning Point, Says Obama 1115

Obama, Gates Announce Clean Energy Research Investment by 20 Nations & 28 Investors 1115

France, India to Launch Global Solar Alliance 1115

Is the 2°C World a Fantasy? 1115

Pope - 'Catastrophic' if Climate Deal Derailed 1115

India Opposes Deal to Phase Out Fossil Fuels by 2100 at Climate Summit 1115

Poor Nations Need Support to Cut Emissions from Farming 1115

World Bank Sets $16 Billion Plan for African Climate Action 1115

India Backs 2°C Global Warming Limit 1115

Rich Countries Agree to Slash Export Subsidies for Coal Plants 1115 - allowed only for ultra-supercritical or poorest nations.  Deal includes China, Australia, Japan & South Korea.

G20 Spends 4 x More on Fossil Fuel Output than on Renewables 1115

Nations Conflict on Subsidy Rules for Exporting Coal-Fired Power Plants 1115 - see 2 articles above

For the 1st time, Saudi Arabia, Oil Empire, Commits to Climate Change Action 1115

Why a Paris Climate Agreement Could Actually Be Very Good for the U.S. 1115

US ‘Playing Catch-up to China' in Clean Energy Efforts, UN Climate Chief Says 1115

Paris Climate Deal to Ignite $90 Trillion Energy Revolution 1015

Climate Plans Must Go Further to Prevent Dangerous Warming - UN 1015

Climate Change Deal Will Not Include Global Carbon Price 1015

Buddhists Call for Strong Paris Climate Deal to Limit Warming 1015

U.S. Leads Industrialized Nations in Shift from Coal 1015

U.S. Said to Engage in Talks on Carbon Market Rules 1015

John Kerry Urges Ambitious Climate Change Deal to Ensure Food Security 1015

Major Oil Producers Back ‘Effective' Deal at Paris Climate Summit 1015

ITF Calls for Global Rules for Ship Operators to Cut Emissions 1015

Pacific Island Nations Beg for Help when ‘Calamity' of Climate Change Hits 1015

EU Climate Chief Hails Global Progress on Emissions 1015

U.N. Climate Reports Are Getting Harder to Understand, as Climate Worsens 1015

Paris Climate Summit - UN Negotiations ‘Need Redesign' 1015

Climate Aid Reaching $62 Billion Placates Developing World 1015

India ‘Disappointed’ at Draft Paris Climate Change Agreement 1015

UN Climate Science Panel Elects 1st New Leader in 13 Years 1015

Toughen Climate Action Every 5 Years, U.N. Draft Suggests 01015

How to Stop Deforestation?  Make ‘Good Stuff' Cheaper 0915

Climate Deal Gains, with Brazil Pollution Plan and European Cash 0915

Limited Progress Seen, Even as More Nations Step Up on Climate 0915

Pope's Climate Push Is ‘Raving Nonsense’ without Population Control - Ehrlich 0915

Indonesia to Curb Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions, but Details Are Thin 0915

Pope Francis Backs Urgent Climate Change Action, Lauds Obama's Climate Plan 0915

Israel Approves Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan 0915

Carbon Pricing Schemes Double since 2012 in Climate Fight - World Bank 0915

Paris Talks Won’t Hit Global Warming Target, UN Warns 0915

Developing Countries Set an Example on Emissions Cuts 0915

Join the 4‰ Initiative Soils for Food Security and Climate 0915

Australia's Inaction on Climate Change Set to Dominate Pacific Island Talks 0915

International Efforts to Cut Carbon Pollution Won't Be Enough 0915

$190 Trillion Spending to Slow Warming, vs $192 Trillion for Business as Usual 0815

UN Said to Summon Leaders to Closed-Door Climate Change Meeting 0815

Assuming ’Wrong Type of Coal' Way Overestimated China's CO2 Emissions 0815

Can an Islamic Climate Change Declaration Inspire 1.6 Billion Muslims? 0815

Islamic Leaders Call on Rich Countries to End Fossil Fuel Use 0815

How US Climate Plan Can Follow China and Europe—or Not 0815

Australia Carbon Plan Sends Shudder through Neighbors 0815

World Bank Rejects Energy Industry Notion That Coal Can Cure Poverty 0715

Kenya Pledges to Cut Carbon Emissions 30% by 2030 - 0715

Japan Delivers 26% Emissions Reduction Plan to UN 0715

Mayors at Vatican Seek 'Bold Climate Agreement' 0715

Muslim Scholars Say Climate Change Poses Dire Threat 0715

Treat Climate Change as Seriously as National Security 0715

New Zealand Commits to Post-2020 Emissions Reduction Target 0715

New Coal Plants ‘Most Urgent' Threat to the Planet, Warns OECD Head 0715

China Climate Change Plan Unveiled 0615

South Korea Eyes 37% CO2 Emissions Cut 0615

US and Brazil Set Energy Goals, in Sign of Improving Ties 0615

Brazil, China, India, South Africa in Push for Climate Financing 0615

Release of Encyclical Reveals Pope’s Deep Dive into Climate Science 0615

Pope Francis Encyclical Calls for End to Fossil Fuels 0615

Laudato Si: Pope Francis' Encyclical on the Environment 0615 - PDF, 192 pp

Pope Francis Blasts Global Warming Deniers in Leaked Draft of Encyclical 0615

China ‘Deserves More Credit’ for Renewable Energy Effort - IEA 0615

BP Boss Widens Transatlantic Rift in Energy Industry over Climate Change 0615

UN Climate Conference - Silence over Emissions Targets 0615
China leads refusal to officially look at  how pledges compare to what’s needed to hold warming to 2°C.

G7 Carbon Goal May Come Too Late, Scientists Say 0615

Is Gas a Weapon in the Fight against Climate Change? 0615

G7 to Limit Global Warming to Below 2°C - 0615

G7 - End of Fossil Fuel Era? 0615

Developing Countries Could Leapfrog West with Clean Energy, Says Hollande 0615

Marshall Islands, the Flag for Many Ships, Seeks to Rein In Emissions 0615

Global CO2 Pricing Seen Unlikely to Be Big Part of Paris Climate Deal 0615

Report - U.S. Can Make Good on Climate Pledge — Barely 0515

UN Head Calls for Global Climate Change Action 0515

$5.3 Trillion in Coal, Oil, Gas Subsidies Exceed Public Health Spending 0515

Former BP Boss, Tony Hayward, Calls for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0515

2°C Rise Is "Unacceptable," the Cap Must be Lowered – IPCC Author 0515

New Climate Deal Seen Aiding GDP, Lacking Sanctions - U.N. Chief 0515

U.N. Climate Chief Slams Fossil Fuel Investments, Outlines Steps for Paris Deal 0515

Current Carbon Pledges Won't Stop Dangerous Global Warming - Lord Stern 0515

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan - ‘We Must Challenge Climate-Change Skeptics Who Deny the Facts’ 0515

Scientists Say Globe Could Warm 6°C by 2100, Call for Action Before Paris 0415

France Urges Australia to Keep Climate Commitment, Ahead of UN Summit 0415

Russia Sketches Emissions Cut of up to 30% by 2030 - 0415

US Pledges a 26-28% Carbon Emissions Cut by 2025 - 0315

$8 Billion Push to Cool the Globe Has Poor Countries Steaming 0315

UN Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign 0315

'Long Struggle' Warning on Climate 0315

IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri Resigns 0215

Is 'Net-Zero' Carbon Goal to Rescue the Climate Plausible? 0215

UN Agrees on Draft Text for Paris Climate Summit 0215

Paris Talks Won’t Achieve 2°C Goal - Does That Matter? 0215

Pope's Visit to Stoke Climate Fight 0115

U.N. Asks Countries for Climate Plans after Record Warm 2014 - 0115

World Bank Chief Makes Climate Action Plea 0115

     Al Gore made this speech , also at Davos, summarizing impacts and what has been happening to turn energy green.

Solar, Nuclear, Climate Progress Possible on Obama India Visit 0115

Experts Warn Governments to Plan for Climate Change Migrants 0115

India Pledges Clean-Energy Push in UN Climate Submission 1015 

Analysis of 2015’s INDC CO2 and GHG Reduction Pledges

by Climate Interactive, headed by MIT’s John Sterman

      Gene Fry’s CAVEAT: Temperature rises shown above right are from climate models.  They omit temperature rises after 2100.  These likely exceed rises between now and 2100.  Paleoclimate data indicate, for example, 5.4°C eventual warming (above 1880 levels) from 475 ppm CO2, not just the 2°C shown here.  With 475 ppm CO2 and today’s CH4 levels (~1840 ppb), paleoclimate data indicate 7.4°C eventual warming.

     Climate Interactive’s 2°C warming case has negligible net warming from other greenhouse gases (CH4, etc.), sulfate aerosols, black carbon, etc.  Currently, other GHGs and black carbon, minus sulfates, account for almost as much warming as CO2.  Reducing them to almost zero (485 - 475 ppm) is a very formidable task.
    Achieving only 2°C warming requires VERY large NEGATIVE emissions, the sooner the better.

2014 Articles and earlier

Pope Francis Thinks Climate Change Is a Major Threat.  So Do American Catholics. 1214

Drought, Heat and Ice - 2015 Could Be Tipping Point on Climate 1214

Pope Francis’s Climate Change Edict Will Anger Deniers and US Churches 1214

“World Faces Climate Tragedy” - Kerry Rallies Leaders at Lima Climate Talks 1214

Global Group of Catholic Bishops Call for End to Fossil Fuels 1214

Climate Deal Commits Every Nation to Limiting Emissions 1214

Lima Climate Deal - Every Nation Now Plans to Tackle CO2 Emissions.  Sort of. 1214

Lord Stern’s Warning - Legally Binding Climate Deal 'Not Necessary’ 1214

Zero Emissions Climate Idea Comes of Age 1214

Giving Climate Pact Legal Teeth Could Make It Toothless 1214

U.S. Sees Voluntary Emissions Cuts as Key to a Climate Change Accord 1214

In Climate Talks, Spotlight Turns to India 1114

Russia May Cut CO2 Emissions 25-30% by 2030.   What Will India Do? 1114
        - a maybe by a minister, not a formal commitment

US-China Climate Deal's Ambition Fails to Impress India 1114

China, U.S. Agree to Limit Greenhouse Gases 1114

G20 Pledges Lift Green Climate Fund Towards $10 Billion U.N. Goal 1114

Barack Obama Tells G20 a Global Climate Change Deal Is Possible and Vital 1114

US and China Reach Historic Deal to Cut CO2 Emissions 1114

US and China Shake Up Global Climate Talks With Major Pollution Pledges 1114

World Losing Battle Against Global Warming 1114

Capping Warming at 2°C Not Enough to Avert Disaster, Experts Warn 1114

IPCC Speaks – Rapid Carbon Emission Cuts Vital to Stop Climate Change 1114

Fossil Fuels Should Be Phased Out by 2100, Says IPCC 1114

IPCC Report Warns of 'Severe, Pervasive' Effects of Global Warming 1114

Effects of Climate Change ‘Irreversible,’ IPCC Warns 1114

IPCC Climate Change Synthesis Report Sees Risks of Irreversible Damage 1014

US Considers Climate Change Plan That Would Mandate Emission Cuts 1014

2 Bold Proposals Emerge to Change Climate Negotiations 1014

Could the 2°C Climate Target Be Completely Wrong? 1014

Economic Benefits of Preventing Global Warming Open New Front in Debate 0914

Top 5 Takeaways From the United Nations Climate Summit 0914

Climate Change Summit - Global Rallies Demand Action 0914

Earth Has 30 Years Before Carbon Budget Is Blown 0914

74 Countries, 1,000+ Businesses Speak Out to Support a Carbon Price 0914

World Leaders Reach Fragile Consensus on Global Warming 0914

Obama Presses Chinese on Global Warming 0914

U.N. Draft Report Lists Unchecked Emissions’ Risks 0814

UN Experts Call for Action to Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risks 0814

Paris Climate Deal May Not Keep World Under 2°C -- Is that Failure? 0814

Obama’s Green Dilemma - Punish China, Imperil U.S. Solar 0814

Climate Talks on Path to Fall Far Short of Goals, Says MIT Study 0814

Pope - Destroying the Earth is a Sin 0514

Climate Change Report Was Watered Down, Says Senior Economist 0414

IPCC Calls for Energy Transformation 0414

To Slow Warming, No More ‘Business as Usual,' U.N. Warns 0414

World 'Needs Plan B' on Climate - IPCC 0414

U.N. Says Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly 0114

UN 'Loss and Damage Mechanism' Born Amid Rising Climate Costs 1113

Deals at Climate Meeting Advance Global Effort 1113

Big Polluters Backpedal at Climate Talks 1113

Growing Clamor About Inequities of Climate Crisis 1113

Rich Nations Must Pay Up if U.N. Climate Talks to Succeed- China 1113

Green Climate Fund Can Power Poor Countries 1113

Fossil Fuel Subsidies 'Reckless Use of Public Funds' 1113

World Bank Support for China Solar and Wind Power May Have Cost US Jobs 1013

California and Quebec Create Their Own Trans-National Carbon Market 1013

Carbon Budget Talks Urgent, Warns Lord Stern 0913

Skeptic Groups Launch Global Anti-Science Campaign on Eve of IPCC 5 - 0913

Survey Reveals Worldwide Fears of Climate Change 0913

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Australia's goal is to cut its GHGs emissions by 5% from 2000 to 2020.  By and large, Australia met those targets, mostly by reducing deforestation and land clearing.  In November 2011, Australian lawmakers approved a carbon trading plan, where its top 500 polluters would pay a carbon tax starting in July 2012.  The Abbott government elected in September 2013 is repealing it.

Brazil aims by 2020 to cut its emissions to 1994 levels and cut annual deforestation by 80% from historic highs.  Its Plan focuses on more renewable energy, notable hydroelectricity (Belo Monte), and more biofuels for transport.  It hopes to eliminate illegal deforestation and bring the net forest loss to zero by 2015.  But some propose to loosen the deforestation rules, which some flout.  Anyway, Brazil's deforestation rose 28% in 2012, from ~2,300 to 2,900 square miles, still much less than 12,000.

Canada initially committed to cut its GHG emissions by 6% below 1990 levels, but backpedaled to 17% from 2005 levels by 2020, like the USA.  It has since cancelled its emissions commitments.  Canada’s emissions are 17% above 1990 levels, due largely to oil from Alberta's tar sands.  This more than cancels out the progress from shifting electric generation from coal to natural gas.

China pledged to reduce its carbon intensity 40-45% by 2020, but not its emissions.  It is the world's biggest consumer (and producer) of coal: #1 in CO2 emissions, still growing fast, and #2 in energy use.  China has become infamous for its heavily polluted air.  The most recent projections are for its CO2 emissions to peak about 2016 or 2020 instead of 2030.  However, China’s coal use in 2014 was lower than in 2013.  In November 2014, China pledged to cap its emissions by 2013, but also “as soon as possible."

     Still, by 2020 China plans to get 15% of its energy not from fossil fuels and 20% by 2030.  Its renewable portfolio standard dates to 2005.  Hydro plays the biggest role.  Nukes play a growing one, but less than wind.  China subsidizes its clean energy sector heavily, so green tech jobs can fuel future growth.  Chinese manufacturers have cut world PV cell prices dramatically.  China plans 50 GW of solar power by 2020.  China raised its target for wind power to 100 GW by 2020; it's ahead of schedule again.  It leads the world in wind and solar  power and plans to add 800-1,000 GW in renewable generation (20% of its total) by 2030.  [TOTAL US generation is 1,060 GW.]

     China began its pilot carbon trading programs for 7 cities & provinces with Shenzhen in July.  All 7 are in full swing, with varying exceptions and free allowances.  China plans a nationwide carbon price in 2016.

The European Union (EU), with 27 member states, pledged to cut emissions 20% below 1990 levels by 2020, including 8% by 2012. To do that, in 2005 the EU launched the world's biggest carbon trading market. Today, all members must participate; 3 outsiders do too.  Major EU factories and power plants get CO2 allowances for their emissions.  Ones that emit less CO2 than permitted can sell their excess to other firms.  The price depends heavily on the cap (see twin graphs above).  Many other nations oppose new EU plans that flights to & from Europe buy CO2 permits.

India agreed to reduce its carbon intensity 20% by 2015, but not its emissions, saying that would hurt efforts to bring millions of Indians out of poverty.  India is the world's #3 CO2 emitter.  It's active in the Clean Development Mechanism carbon offset plan.  It earns credits for  emission-reducing projects (half wind and biomass) and sells them to industrialized nations.  Its goal is 20 GW of solar by 2022.  In 2010, India began a carbon tax of $1.07 / ton on coal, to fund renewables.

Indonesia pledged emission cuts of 26% by 2020, from 2010 levels.  It has vast swaths of tropical forests, which suck up CO2.  But those forests are being logged at an alarming rate — releasing huge amounts of carbon into the air.  In May 2011, Indonesia agreed to implement a 2-year moratorium on new forest clearing, in exchange for $1 billion to support forest conservation.  Observers question Indonesia's commitment to stopping deforestation, since its economic boom is fueled by natural resource extraction.

Japan, the world's #5 CO2 emitter, once pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% below 1990 levels by 2020.  Tokyo lauched a cap-and-trade plan in 2010 for 1,300 big users - even large offices and schools.  But after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan shut down its nuclear power: 1/3 of its electricity.  Despite drastic energy cuts, its 2011 CO2 emissions rose sharply and could stay there.  So far, one reactor has been licensed to restart.  

#4 Russia pledged to cut its emissions by 15% from 1990 levels - when Soviet emissions from heavy (mostly miltary) industry were sky high.  After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia's emissions did too, meeting its pledge.  Russia still depends on many heavy industries, with heavy pollution. Russia's leaders long questioned a human role in climate change, but reversed that in 2009, and in spades after its record heat, drought, forest fires, and wheat crop failure in 2010.

South Africa expects its emissions to peak between 2020 and 2025, then remain flat for a decade before dropping.  Its CO2 emissions top Africa's #2-5 emitters combined.  Coal generates 90% of its electricity.  It aims for renewables to provide 9% its energy by 2030.  Construction on the first 50 projects, mostly wind and sun, begins after mid-2012.  It plans to enlarge nuclear power's role, from 5% of its electricity. 

The USA pledged to reduce emissions 17% by 2020, contingent on Congress passing an aggressive cap-and-trade bill.  It did not, but US emissions fell anyway, 11% from their 2005 peak, to only 11% above 1990 levels.  In November 2014, the US President pledged 26-28% carbon emission cuts by 2025.  The 4 biggest factors are (1) a switch from coal to fracked natural gas; (2) higher oil and gasoline prices; (3) widespread energy efficiency, from federal appliance and lighting standards, to state-funded programs, to individual business and household decisions; and (4) wind energy replacing oil (and coal) to make electricity, with help from 29 state renewable portfolio standards.  Over the coming years, 2 other factors come into play: (5) new nationwide fuel-efficiency standards will almost double fuel efficiency for new cars and light trucks; and (6) new regulation of CO2 emissions from new power plants and then existing ones. 

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