Acidification Impacts

Pacific Shellfish Set for Price Hike, as Ocean Acidity Keeps Rising 0116

Environmental Change Rate Unprecedented, Study Says 0116

Abrupt Changes in Food Chains Predicted as Southern Ocean Acidifies Fast 1115

Marine Food Chains at Risk of Collapse, Extensive Oceans Study Finds 1015

Too Warm, Too Few Fish - Health Warning for World’s Oceans 0815

Geo-Engineering Will Not Save Ocean Life from Centuries of Acidification 0815

Ocean Acidification Threatens Balance of Plankton Species - Why That Matters 0715

Canada’s Beaufort Sea Is Growing Acidic Faster than Any Other Ocean on Earth 0615

Seaweed Might Have the Power to Make the Oceans Less Acidic 0515

Sea Urchins Work Overtime to Cope with Rising Ocean Acidity 0315

Could Climate Change Take Oysters Off the Menu? 0215

Mote Marine Lab Scientists Are Certain Ocean Chemistry Is Worsening 0115

UK Science Chief Warns on Acid Oceans 1014

Research Finds Looming $1 Trillion a Year Costs of Ocean Acidification 1014

Acid Damage to Coral Reefs Could Cost $1 Trillion 1014 - another take on the same report summarized above

Fish Failing to Adapt to Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels in Ocean 1014

Mussels Don't Stick Around in Acidic Ocean Water 0914

Marine Economy Sinks as Ocean Acidity Rises 0814

Examining How Marine Life Might Adapt to Acidified Oceans 0514

Acid Ocean Is Dissolving Pteropod (Tiny Snail) Shells off U.S. West Coast 0414

Scientists Warn of Hot, Sour, Breathless Oceans 1113

Ocean Acidification Threatens to Change Entire Marine Ecosystem 1013

Sea Change - the Pacific’s Perilous Turn 0913

Ocean Acidification Makes Plankton Emit Less Cloud-Seeding Compounds 0813

Ocean Acidification Update 0813 - also on Water page

Acidic Oceans of the Future Show Extinction 0713

How Climate Change Threatens Oysters and Shellfish 0313 

Base of Antarctic Food Web Threatened, as Their Shells Dissolve 1112 

Ocean Acidification Accelerated in Nutrient-Rich Areas- Sunda & Cal 0912

Ocean Acidification Threatens Food Security - Huelsenbeck / Oceana 0912

Acidic Ocean Threatens Survival of Young Fish 1211

Southern Ocean Acidification to Hit Tipping Point 30 Years Earlier 1108 - also on Water page

Acid Ocean Thinning Marine Shells 0309  - also on Water and Bio-Impacts pages

Oxygen Loss, etc.

Scientists Build New Atlas of Ocean's Oxygen-Starved Waters 1221

Marine Oxygen Levels Are the Next Great Casualty of Climate Change 1121

Low Oxygen Levels along Pacific Northwest Coast a Silent Climate Change Crisis 0921

EU-Backed Study Shows Alarming State of Oceans 0921 - Sea level, migration of sea life toward poles, sea ice shrinkage

Ocean Surface Climates May Disappear by 2100 - 0821 - tempersature, acidity and concentration of aragonite, for forming shells

Climate Change Fueling Warm Ocean ‘Blob' Causing Chile Megadrought 0821

Sea Ice Kept Oxygen from Reaching Deep Ocean during Last Ice Age 0221

Climate Change Is Threatening Our Circulation.  We Must Act Now. 0321

‘Catastrophic’ Increase in Arctic Wave Heights Predicted due to Melting Sea Ice 0720

Deep Ocean Will Be Warming Rapidly by 2050, Even if Global Emissions Decline 0520

Half the World's Beaches Could Disappear by 2100 - 0320

Oceans Losing Oxygen at Unprecedented Rate, Experts Warn 1219

The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns 0919

UN Climate Report on Oceans & Ice Highlights Permafrost, Acidity, Low Oxygen 0919

World’s Oceans Are Losing Power to Stall Climate Change 0919

Less Sea Ice Means More Arctic Ship Traffic 0819

Warmer Waters, Less Oxygen, Threaten Large Invertebrates in the Arctic 0619

Ocean Waves Are Getting Bigger and Climate Change Appears to Be to Blame 0419

Climate Change Is Altering the Color of the Ocean 0219 - colors indicate plankton concentrations - how green vs blue

How Melting Arctic Ice Could Cook the Tropics 0618

Climate Change Could Destroy Even the Ocean's Most Pristine Parks 0518

Ocean Circulation Is Slowing.  Here’s Why You Should Care. 0518

Ireland Could Face ‘Far Colder Winters and Warmer Summers’ 0418

Scientists Confirm Florida-Sized Dead Zone in the Gulf of Oman 0418

Changes to the Ocean’s Micro Creatures Could Have Macro Effects 1117 - base of the food web

Arctic Sea Change 1017 - Warmer Atlantic water flows north along seafloor, past Spitzbergen, into Arctic.  That water is warmer than it used to be.  More important, with less Arctic sea ice, storms churn up that warm water from the bottom. 

Failing Phytoplankton, Failing Oxygen - Global Warming Could Suffocate Life on Earth 1215

Ocean Pollution - Prince Charles Warns We Are 'Testing the World to Destruction', but We Must Act NOW 1017

Climate Change, Sewage, Fertilizers Could Trigger Mass Ocean Extinction 0817

Major Greenland Melting Could Devastate Crops in Africa 0617

Climate Change May Be Choking the Ocean’s Oxygen Supply 0617

Ocean Oxygen Decline Greater than Predicted 0517

Coral Loss Quickly Erodes Seafloor, Threatens Coasts — USGS 0417

Half of World’s Ocean to Face Multiple ‘Climate Stressors’ by 2030 - 0317

Oxygen Decline in Earth’s Oceans Is Linked to a Warming Climate 0217 - 2+% generally 1960-2010, most in Arctic Ocean

Global Ocean Circulation More Vulnerable to Shutdown than We Thought 0117

Greenland Ice Melt Could Push Atlantic Circulation to Collapse 0117

The Blob - How Marine Heat Waves Are Causing Unprecedented Climate Chaos 0816

Ocean Warming due to Plankton Collapse 0616

Ocean's Oxygen Starts Running Low 0516

How Fast Ocean Currents Will Help Plankton Survive Climate Change 0416

These 2 Changes in the Ocean Are Downright Scary 0416

Phytoplankton Rapidly Disappearing from the Indian Ocean 0216 - down 30% in 15 years, says chlorophyll satellite sensing

NASA Sees Ocean Currents Slowing 1115

Climate Scientists Fear ‘Day After Tomorrow’ Scenario 0915

Concerns Deepen about a Climate-Change ‘Wild Card’ 0915 - Greenland & Antarctic ice melt show down ocen circulation

Warming Oceans Putting Marine Life ‘In a Blender’ 0915

A Warmer North Pacific Is Staying Warmer, With Dramatic Impact on Marine Life 0915

Too Warm, Too Few Fish - Health Warning for World’s Oceans 0815

Climate Change Is Increasing Stress on Oceans 0715

Massive Ocean Oxygen Loss from Melting Ice, Warming, 10-17 Millennia Ago 0115

Larger Dead Zones, Oxygen Depleted Water, Likely with Climate Change 1114

Global Warming Opens Northwest Passage to Pleasure Cruises 1014

Scientists Warn of Hot, Sour, Breathless Oceans 1113

Wave of Jellyfish Shut Down Nuclear Power Plant 1013

Ocean Chemical Cycles Will Be Upset by Climate Change 0913

Warming to Stratify Arctic Ocean 0213 

Towns' Tax Base Hit by Hurricane 0113 

Section Map: Drought, Oceans, Snow, Adapt