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2020-2024 Articles

Climate Migration Concerns Surpass Fears of Russian Aggression in Europe 0224

‘Sea Is Constantly Dumping Bodies’ - Libya Flood Death Toll May Hit 20,000 - 0923

Wildfire Triggers Race to Evacuate Entire Canadian City of Yellowknife 0823

Old People Burn to Death in Their Home as Mediterranean Wildfire Toll Mounts 0723

Record Hot Oceans Are Driving Weather Disasters around the World 0723

Record Hot Oceans Are Driving Weather Disasters around the World 0723

US Already Has 12 Billion-Dollar Disasters in 2023 - 0723

Number of Internally Displaced People Hits Record, due to War, Climate Change 0523

Rising Seas Threaten ‘Mass Exodus on a Biblical Scale’, UN Chief Warns 0223

Disasters Displaced More than 3 Million Americans in 2022 - 0223

‘Cascading Crises’ as Climate, Health Emergencies Soar 0123

Climate Change is Fueling Conflict and Migration in Lake Chad 0123

Climate Change & Conflict - Somalian Mothers Risk All for Their Starving Children 0123

Mass Climate Migration Is Coming 0123

The Selfish Case for Climate Justice 1022 - Wealthy countries can embrace an agenda that helps the most vulnerable parts of the world address catastrophic flooding, deadly famines, and unchecked migration — and in doing so help prevent destabilizing ripple effects.  Or wealthy countries can dismiss the concerns of their developing counterparts and hunker down to await the inevitable shock waves.
    Already, drought has uprooted communities in Central America, driving migrants to cities and, eventually, to the U.S.  Meanwhile, drought in Syria has contributed to the struggles driving over a million migrants from the war-torn country to Europe.  These movements of people have, respectively, stoked political upheaval in the U.S. and helped topple governments in Europe.


Climate Change Is Bankrupting America’s Small Towns 0921 - Rebuild or relocate?  Some of each, for shrinking towns, with lots of rotting abandoned structures.

Weather, Climate Disasters Surge 5-fold in 50 Years 0921

Americans Are Moving to Parts of the US That Are Getting Dangerously Hot 0821 - The observed migration is the reverse direction of what makes sense from a climate perspective.

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Prolonged Drought Brings Famine, Death and Fear to Somalia 1022

Climate Migrants Flee Iraq’s Parched Rural South, but Cities Offer No Refuge 0922

Where We'll End Up Living as the Planet Burns 0822

Rise in Extreme Heat Will Hit Minority Communities Hardest 0822

How Marine Heat Waves in Hawaii Have Ripple Effects All the Way to Arizona 0522

Droughts to Increase Human Migration at Least 200% - 0422

Global Losses from Catastrophes Reached $270 Billion in 2021 - 0322

Why We Don’t Yet Know How Bad Climate Migration Will Get 0322

Climate Change Turns Brazil’s Favelas into Mudslide Disasters Waiting to Happen 0222

Weather Disasters Affected 1 in 10 US Homes Last Year 0222

9 Months In, 2021 Has Already Seen the 2nd-Most $ Billion Weather Disasters 1021

Climate Change Refugee Crisis Coming – Turkey’s Erdogan 0921

Climate Change Could Force 200 Million People to Move by 2050 - 0921

Drought Has Farmworkers Dreaming of Escape from California’s Central Valley 0921

Climate Change Is Already Rejiggering Where Americans Live 0921


A Carbon Calculation - How Many Deaths Do Emissions Cause? 0721 - take 2.  See take 1 above in “Broad Impacts” section.

Stuck in the Smoke, Even the Ultra-Rich 0721

Climate Crisis Will Create 2 Classes - Those Who Can Flee, and Those Who Can’t 0721

Climate Disasters Displaced Many More People than War in 2020, but Many More War Victims Stayed Displaced 0521

Climate Change a Major Factor in Migration Increase at U.S. Southern Border 0421

More than 10 Million People Displaced by Climate Disasters in 6 Months 0321

Climate Change Driving Increased Migration from Central America 0221

Climate Change Contributed to More than 70 Disasters in Nature since 2015 - 0121

Is Pakistan Prepared to Deal with Climate Migration? 0121

Climate Change Devastates Central American Coffee Farms, Spurring Migration 1220

Climate Change Could Create 63 Million Migrants in South Asia by 2050 - 1220

Climate Change, Migration and Urbanization Patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa 1120

2020 Has Seen a Record Number of $1+ Billion Climate Disasters 1020

Wildfire-Weary Californians, Tired of This Being Normal, May Uproot Their Lives 0920

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America 0920

Climate Crisis Could Displace 1.2 Billion People by 2050 - 0920

Millions More Americans Will Face Climate Disasters with Warming 0520

Extreme Weather Disasters and Wars Displace Millions 0420

Natural Disasters Could Cost 20% More by 2040 due to Climate Change 0220

When Climate Change Drove All the Men Away 0220

America’s Era of Climate Mass Migration to Higher Ground Is Here 0918 - US will have 13 million refugees from south Florida.  The economies of the Southern states, plus parts of the West, will suffer disproportionately as temperatures rise.  The poorest 1/3 of counties are expected to lose up to 20% of their income, unless greenhouse gas emissions are severely curtailed.  Sea level rise and plain heat, plus crop failure, will be factors in the internal US migrations to come.

What Will Climate Change Do to the U.S.-Mexico Border? 0918 - For example, desertification of much of Honduras drives emigration to the US.  Discussion of development of fortress state along southern US border.

2019 Articles and earlier

Climate Change Forces 1 Person from Their Home Every 2 Seconds 1219

Floods Predicted to Uproot 50 Million People a Year as Climate Heats Up 1219

Flight to the Future, in Somaliland 0919 - worsening droughts mean most farm country will no longer support crops.  Farmers flee to cities and out of country.

Extreme Weather Displaced a Record 7 Million in 1st Half of 2019 - 0919

Rising Sea Levels, Catastrophic Storm Surges Could Displace 280 Million People 0819

Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change 0819

‘People Are Dying’ - How the Climate Crisis Has Sparked an Exodus to the US 0719

One Climate Crisis Disaster Happening per Week, UN Warns 0719

Jay Inslee Calls for Accepting ‘Historic Levels’ of Refugees amid Climate Crisis 0519

How Climate Change Is Fueling a Migration Crisis in Bangladesh 0519

A Climate Migration Crisis Is Escalating in Bangladesh 0319

Retirees Flee Florida, as Climate Change Threatens Their Financial Future 0319

Climate Change Is ‘Cause of Most Under-Reported Humanitarian Crises’ 0219

Climate Change Is Key Part of Understanding Migration, GAO Tells Administration 0119

Will Grim News on Climate Change Lead to Mass Migration and Conflict? 1018


A Warming World Creates Desperate People 0618

Climate Change Sparked U.S. Border Migration Crisis 0618

Conflict, Climate Change Choke Efforts to Cure Poverty, Inequality - UN 0618

World Wakes Up to Climate Migration 0618

Study Hikes Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Death Toll to 4,645 - 0518

Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration 0218

Heat Waves - Climate Change and Immigration 0218

How Climate Change Is Triggering a Migrant Crisis in Vietnam 0118

Study Finds that Global Warming Exacerbates Refugee Crises 0118

How Climate Change Could Drive Immigration to the USA from Mexico 1217

Climate Change Will Make Europe’s Migrant Crisis Even Worse 1217

Faced with Rising Temperatures, People May Seek Asylum 1217

Climate Change Encouraged 19th Century Migration to America 1117

Climate Change ‘Will Create World's Biggest Refugee Crisis' 1117

Puerto Ricans Could Be Newest U.S. ‘Climate Refugees' 0917

Floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal Kill 1,200, Leaving Millions Homeless 0817

Harvey’s Incredible Rains in Southeast Texas; Flood Emergency in Houston 0817

A Texas Newsroom Predicted a Disaster.  Now It’s Close to Coming True. 0817

Climate Migrants Might Reach 1 Billion by 2050 - 0817

Governments Aren't Ready for Refugees Being Displaced by Rising Seas 0817

Floods, Reef Loss and Migration - Asia's Future on a Hotter Planet 0717

Worsening Hunger Crises Stoke Global Migration 0517

World Must Aid Famine-Threatened Nigeria to Avoid ‘Mass Exodus' 0417

Australia Could Be Set to Receive New Wave of Climate Refugees 0417

Climate Change May Drive More Migration in Future, Europeans Say 0317

As Famine Looms In Somalia, Families without Food or Water Are Leaving Their Land 0217

How Climate Change Threatens Famed Amalfi Coast 0117

Heat, Hunger and War Force Africans Onto a ‘Road on Fire’ 1216

Climate Change Will Stir ‘Unimaginable' Refugee Crisis, Says Military 1216

Climate Change Is Already Destabilizing Communities Worldwide 0916

Climate Change Could Force Huge Migrations of People and Animals Living near the Equator 0616
    Suitable climates move outside the current tropics, which is 23° of latitude from the equator.  Long journeys.

Louisiana Tribe Officially Becomes America's First Climate Refugees 0216

125-Year Mini Ice Age Linked to the Plague and Fall of Empires 0216

Winston, Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Storm on Record, Punishes Fiji 0216

Paris Climate Deal Could ‘Displace Millions of Forest Dwellers' 0216

Climate Change Disaster Is Biggest Threat to Global Economy in 2016 - Experts 0116

Half Million Die in Decade of Disasters in Asia Pacific 1015

European Migrant Crisis Is A Nightmare.  Climate Crisis Will Make It Worse. 0915

Fleeing Drought, Climate Migrants Press Zimbabwe's Fertile East 0815

Natural Disasters Forced 20 Million from Their Homes in 2014 - 0715

Pakistan Heat Wave - Death Toll over 800 in Sindh 0615

Disasters Impact Humans as Much as Tuberculosis Does – UN 0315

Climate Change Pushes India's Poorest Children into Slavery 0215

Pakistan's Coastal Villagers Retreat as Seas Gobble Land 0115

Rising Seas Could Make Florida Residents ‘Climate Refugees' Before 2100 - 1214

Typhoon-Hammered Philippines in ‘Fight for Our Survival' 1214

Should Canada Have a Plan for Climate Refugees? 1114

Trapped Populations – Hostages of Climate Change 1114

Climate-Driven Migration Increasing Disease Burden in Ethiopia 1114

Floods, Storms and Quakes Uproot 22 Million in 2013, Numbers to Rise 0914

NAS Panel Warns of Abrupt Bad-Dream Scenarios 1213

Whole World at Risk from Simultaneous Droughts, Famines, Epidemics 1213

When Poverty Quietly Morphs into Catastrophe 1013

Cyclone Forces 550,000 to Shelters in India 1013

Heat Wave and Wildfires Worsened Colorado Flooding 0913

Sahel Region Set for Rise in Climate Refugees 0813

India Floods - Rescue Efforts Intensify, as Death Toll Rises 0613

Indian Assam's Climate-Change Refugees Flee Rising Monsoon Flooding 0613

Climate Change May Be Making Children Sick 0613 - from Pakistan

Ebb and Flow in Bangladesh 0513

Biggest Natural Disasters of 2012 - 0513

Climate Change Will Make Hundreds of Millions Homeless 0513

Climate-Driven Disasters Cost Victorians (Australia) $4 Billion 0313

Climate Change Forcing Thousands in Bangladesh into Dhaka Slums 0213

Bangladesh Faces Mass Migration, Land Loss 0213

US Hit with 90% of World Climate Disaster Losses in 2012 - 0113

2012 May Rank as 2nd Most Disastrous Year for US 1112 

Climate Change Footprint in Disaster Loss Trends 1012 - by Munich Re-Insurance

Kiribati Island People to Relocate to Fiji 0312 

Warming Pushes Mexicans into US 0710

150 Million Climate Refugees by 2050 1109 

Climate Disruptions to Swamp Aid Efforts in 7 Years 0409 - Oxfam

Disasters Up 4 x in 20 Years 1207 - but earthquakes & volcanoes unchanged

Climate Refugees May Top 1 Billion 1107 - Christian Aid

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