Just as warm air rises, so does warm water.  But warm water is already at the top of the ocean (usually).  This inhibits water's vertical mixing.  But saltier water, being denser, sinks.  This promotes vertical mixing.  So can winds.  The balance among them is an empirical matter.
    From 1961 to 1993, the atmosphere warmed ~50 times as fast as the ocean.  From 1993 to 2004, it warmed only 25 times as fast.  (See the bar graph, 2nd below.  Oceans weigh more than 250 times as much as the atmosphere.  Moreover, water has ~4 x the heat capacity of air, gram for gram.)  So oceans hold 1,000 times as much heat as air.

     Warming in the air at the land surface is terribly sensitive to what % of Earth's net heat absorbed goes into the ocean.

Below and also on Overviews page, 1961-2003 is in blue, 1993-2003 in magenta.  More than half the 42-year change was in the then-most recent 10 years.

Ocean heat content at the sea surface is especially high, compared to  "normal", in the tropical Atlantic.

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      Marine life struggles with heat, its resulting oxygen loss, and acidification.  Coral is especially hard hit.  The heat also, via the warming-melting effects on Greenland and Antarctic ice, slows down Atlantic Ocean circulation, especially the AMOC and Gulf Stream.  They may collapse around mid-century ± 30 years, slowly and possibly as soon as 2025.  The warming also melts sea ice, a major feedback that further accelerates global warming.

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Warming Oceans - Levitus 0105 - PDF  - Establishes that oceans store roughly 43% of Earth's energy gain, as heat.

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