Below are the trends for the first and secod half-centuries.  The 3rd map, the difference, is shown above.

Fear ‘Complete Doomsday Scenario’ for Drought-Stricken Colorado River 1222

Over 600 Million Africans at Risk of Severe Droughts due to Climate Change 0922

Could the Drying Up of Europe’s Great Rivers Be the New Normal? 0922

Drifting Toward Disaster - the (2nd) Rio Grande 0922

The Heat Wave Crushing the West Previews Farmworkers’ Hot Future 0922

The World’s Rivers, Canals, and Reservoirs Are Turning to Dust 0822

China Drought Causes Yangtze to Dry Up, Sparking Hydropower Shortage 0822

Water Resources to Become Less Predictable with Climate Change 0722

How the Dust Bowl 90 Years Ago Prophesied Our Climate-Ravaged Future 0622

‘Consequences Will Be Dire’ - Chile’s Water Crisis Is Reaching Breaking Point 0622

The Vanishing Rio Grande – Warming Takes Its Toll 0622

Is My Home at Risk from Wildfire?  This Is How to Find Out 0522 - Maps of this are above, under Fires.

Report Warns London and Other World Cities Face Rising Risk of Drought 0522

California Braces for Extreme Summer Drought after Dismal Wet Season 0522

US Southwest Drought and Fires Are a Window to Our Climate Change Future 0522

West’s Megadrought Delivers Another Blow - Saving Glen Canyon Dam 0522

Record Low Water Levels Reveal Body in Barrel at Lake Mead 0522

Sandstorm Wave Sweeps Middle East, Sending 1,000s to Hospitals 0522

Iraqis Choke Under a Blanket of Dust as Sandstorms Sweep the Country 0522

Lake Powell Officials’ Stark Choice in West's Megadrought - Water or Electricity 0422

Droughts to Increase Human Migration at Least 200% - 0422

Mega-Drought Threatens California Power Blackouts This Summer 0422

Europe Faces a Future of Extreme Droughts 0422

Arizona’s Future Water Shock 0322

Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ from Wildfires Set to Soar 0322

China Is Running Out of Water.  That’s Scary for Asia. 1221 - 7% of world’s watere for 20% of the people.  Large-scale diversions may have reaches their limits.  Dam-building in China deprives Thailand and Laos of water.  Desertification gobbles large chunks of China's land.  Water-related energy shortfalls have become common across China.

A Slow-Motion Climate Disaster - Brazil's Spread of Barren Land 1221

Mesopotamia – From Cradle to Grave 1021 - From cradle of civilization 5,000 years ago, to a desert too hot for humans to survive in.

Mesopotamia – From Cradle to Grave 1021

U.N. Weather Agency Says World Ill-Prepared for Looming Water Crisis 1021

As the Climate Bakes, Turkey Faces a Future without Water 0921

A Thirstier Atmosphere - Why Fires Are Lasting Longer into the Night 0921

Desertification Is Turning the Earth Barren – but a Solution Is Still within Reach 0921

Cerrado Desertification - Savanna Could Collapse within 30 Years 0721

U.N. Warns Drought May Be 'the Next Pandemic’ 0621

60% of World’s Rivers Stop Flowing for at Least One Day a Year 0621

Extreme Drought and Fire Risk May Double by 2060 - 0121

More than 3 Billion People Affected by Water Shortages 1120

Australia’s Inland Rivers, Pulse of the Outback, to Be Unrecognizable by 2070 - 0920

India’s Food Bowl Heads toward Desertification 0820

In Parched Southwest, Warm Spring Renews Threat of ‘Megadrought’ 0720

World Population Facing Water Stress Could Double by 2050 as Climate Warms 0620

Australia's Water Is Vanishing 0620

Dust Bowl Conditions of 1930s Now More than Twice as Likely to Recur 0520

Future Droughts May ‘Eclipse’ Those of the Past 0420

Global Warming Threatens to Dry Out Europe’s Crop Fields 0420

Amazon Tipping Point Puts Brazil’s Agribusiness, Energy Sector at Risk 0220

Climate Change Is Drying Up the Colorado River, Putting Millions at Risk of ‘Severe Water Shortages' 0220

Section Map: Droughts, Deserts & Fires