NOAA Forecasts 7th Straight Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season 0522

Climate Change Boosted Cost of Japan Storm by $4 Billion 0522

Study Finds Cleaner Air Leads to More Atlantic Hurricanes 0522

Climate Change Fueled Historic 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season’s Rainfall 0422

Climate Change Made Deadly African Cyclones More Severe 0422

Huge Increase in Catastrophic Hurricanes in Store for Northeastern USA 0222

Climate Change Is Making India’s West Coast More Vulnerable to Cyclones 0921

Climate Change’s ‘Fingerprint’ Seen in Ida Flooding 0921

Hurricane Ida Slammed into Louisiana, Then Didn’t Really Weaken.  Why? 0821

Climate Change Lurks behind Hurricane Ida's Unnerving Intensification Rate 0821

6 Takeaways about Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes from the New IPCC Report 0821 - 1) More Major (Cat 4 & 5) Tropical Cyclones; 2) Wetter, Windier Tropical Storms; 3) Tropical Storms are Shifting North; 4) More Explosive Growth Tropical Cyclones; 5) Slower Moving Tropical Cyclones that Can Do More Damage,; and 6) How Climate Change Affects Individual Cyclones.

For 7th Straight Year, a Named Storm Forms in Atlantic before Hurricane Season 0521

2020 Tied the Atlantic Record for the Most Major Hurricanes 0521

Atlantic Faces Another Wild Hurricane Season, after Record 2020 - 0421

Record-Breaking 2020 Hurricane Season Raises More Climate Change Concerns 1220

Scientists Link Record-Breaking Hurricane Season to Climate Crisis 1120

‘Hurricanes on Steroids’ - Storms’ Explosive Growth Sows New Risks 1120

Final Weeks of Historic Hurricane Season Bring New Storms 1120

Hurricanes Could Reach Farther Inland due to Climate Change 1120  because they hold more moisture

Tropical Storms Can Sometimes ‘Supercharge’ the Storms that Follow 1020

Hurricanes near U.S. Coast Forecast to Worsen, Multiply due to Global Warming 0920

Hurricane Sally Is a Slow-Moving Threat.  Climate Change Might Be Why. 0920

5 Simultaneous Tropical Cyclones Are in the Atlantic, for the 2nd Time Ever 0920

Hurricane Laura’s Rapid Intensification Is a Sign of a Warming Climate 0820

India’s Most Recent Cyclone Highlights a Worrying Future 0820

Hurricane Forecast - ‘One of the Most Active Seasons on Record’ 0820

Forecasters Raise Atlantic Hurricane Outlook to 20 Named Storms 0720

Storm Season Has 3rd-Fastest Start in More Than a Century 0620

This Year May Mark Fastest Start to Hurricane Season Since 1851 - 0620

Mid-Pacific Cyclone Harold Holds Big Warnings for Hurricane Season 0620

NOAA Scientists Predict ‘Busy’ Atlantic Hurricane Season 0520

Global Warming Is Making Hurricanes Stronger 0520

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Break Records 0420

Warmest Oceans on Record Adds to Hurricanes, Wildfires Risks 0420

2019 Was the 4th Straight Busier-than-Normal Hurricane Season 1219

The Most Destructive Hurricanes Are Hitting US More Often 1119

Tropical Storm Intensifies to Category 5 Super Typhoon Hagibis in Just 18 Hours 1019

Hurricanes May Be Reshaping Big Parts of the Ocean 1019
    slows Gulf Stream; churns up nutrients, followed by sinking dead plankton; etc.

Global Heating Made Hurricane Dorian Bigger, Wetter – and More Deadly 0919

Why Are Hurricanes Like Dorian Stalling?  Is Global Warming Involved? 0919

Climate Change Fills Hurricanes with More Rain, Analysis Shows 0719

Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger?  Is the Climate Crisis to Blame? 0519

Could Global Warming Lead to Quieter Hurricane Seasons?  Yes, with a Caveat 0419

Atlantic Hurricanes Are Strengthening Faster, Mostly due to Climate Change 0219

People - and Cities - Are Making Hurricanes Worse 1118 - asphalt & rougher surfaces

Climate Change is Pushing Tropical Cyclones Poleward 1018

Warm Waters Boosted 2017′s Major Hurricane Tally 0918

Florence’s Flood Waters Could Be 6 Inches Higher, due to Climate Change 0918

Hurricanes Are Lingering Longer.  That Makes Them More Dangerous. 0618

Finding Harvey’s Rains Matched Gulf Evaporation, Scientists Issue Warning 0518

By the End of the Century, Stronger, Slower, and Wetter Hurricanes 0518

Hurricane Season Is Expected to Bring at Least 14 Named Storms in 2018 - 0518

Hurricanes Are Raining Harder and May Be Strengthening Faster, Due to Climate Change 0518

This Is What Happens when the Hurricane Hits Miami in 2037. - 1217

Atlantic Hurricanes' Rapid Growth Spurts Are Intensifying 1217

Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey's Rainfall Worse, Study Finds 1217

Ophelia, Strongest Eastern Atlantic Hurricane on Record, Roars toward Ireland 1017

Era of Monster Hurricanes Roiling the Atlantic 1017

Huge Rain Was Clear Climate Change Sign in Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey 0917

Hurricanes - a Perfect Storm of Chance and Climate Change? 0917

Hurricanes Release Energy of 10,000 Nuclear Bombs 0917

Fires, Heat Waves, Hurricanes - Why This Summer's Extreme Weather Is Here to Stay 0917

Twin Mega-Storms Have Scientists Fearing This May Be the New Normal 0917

Texas Sees Harvey’s Damage at Up to $180 Billion 0917

Katrina, Sandy, Harvey - the Climate-Hurricanes Debate Gets Louder and Louder 0817

Future Hurricanes Will Be Worse than Harvey 0817

Did Climate Change Intensify Hurricane Harvey? 0817

Harvey’s Incredible Rains in Southeast Texas; Flood Emergency in Houston 0817

A Texas Newsroom Predicted a Disaster.  Now It’s Close to Coming True. 0817

imagine - 1.5 Million in Evacuation Gridlock as a Hurricane Aims at Tampa Bay 0517

This Is How You Create a Record-Breaking Hurricane 1016

Landfalling Typhoons Have Become More Intense 0916

Winston, Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Storm on Record, Punishes Fiji 0216

Global Warming Linked to Greater Number of Hurricanes near Hawaii 1115

Cyclone Chapala Hits 155 mph - 2nd Strongest Storm in Arabian Sea History 1015

Historic Hurricane Patricia's Record 200 MPH Winds, Heavy Rains, Landfall 1015

21 Hurricanes and Typhoons in 2015 Shattered the Record 1015

We May Get Hurricanes ‘Unlike Anything You’ve Seen in History’ 0815 - very rare super worst cases

Rising Seas, Storm Surge, Rain Raise Severe Flooding Risk in Biggest US Cities 0715

Sandy Caused Record Sea Levels, $23 Billion Damages in New York State 0715

Hurricanes Are Becoming Fewer -- But More Intense 0515

Experts Tie Hurricane Changes to Climate Change 0515 - above study + others

Hurricanes Come in Bunches and Could Get Stronger 0515

Climate Change Blamed as Vanuatu Recovers from ‘Monster’ Storm 0315

$9.7 Trillion Problem- Cyclones and Climate Change 1014

2013 US Hurricane Season Ends with a Whimper 1013

'Brown Ocean' Can Fuel Tropical Cyclones Inland 0713

Stormier Paradise to Come in Hawaii 0513                                             

Risks Rise of Hurricanes Like Sandy 0113

Extreme Cyclones Linked to Warming Seas 1212 

Air Pollution Intensifies Cyclone Activity 1111 

De-Greening Oceans Decreases Hurricanes 0810 

Hurricanes Most Frequent in 1,000 Years 0809 

More Hurricanes = Fewer Winter Storms 0409 

Mighty Hurricanes Get Mightier 0908 

Warming to Spawn Fewer Hurricanes 0508

Hurricanes Perspective 1107

Cyclones (40 Yrs) Intensify - Huber 0606

Warming & Hurricane $, Insurers Report 0905

More Category 4-5 Hurricanes - Webster 0905

Hurricane Intensity - Webster 0905 - PDF

Hurricane Energy Tracks Ocean Temps 0805

Hurricanes: Patterns in Intensity - Emanuel 0805  - PDF

Hurricanes & Warming - Knutson 0705

Extreme Hurricanes Hit US Oftener 1012

Damage from Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey coast

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