Trawling the Bottom of the Ocean Is Kicking Up Tons of CO2 - 0124

Climate Change Shown to Cause Methane Release from the Deep Ocean 1223

Capturing Carbon with Giant Algae Ponds in the Middle of the Desert 1122

Climate Week Congregants Should Address Methane 0922

U.N. Chief Warns that Humanity Faces ‘Collective Suicide’ over Climate Crisis 0722

Re-Planting Wetlands Could Help Stave Off Climate Catastrophe 0622

U.K. Startup Launches Drywall Made from Absorbed CO2- 0322

Protecting the Beasts of the Land and Sea Could Help Fight Climate Change 0322

Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage 0322 - from smokestacks, generally for re-use rather than sequestration

Engineered Bacteria Eat CO2, Release Valuable Carbon-Negative Acetone and Isopropyl 0322

As Carbon Emissions Rise Unabated, Scientists Eye a Methane Removal Fix 1121 - 1. Iron Salt Aerosols, 2. Dual Greenhouse Gas Direct Air Capture, 3. Iron Chloride Spray from Container Ships, 4. Ultraviolet Light with Titanium Dioxide Paint, on Moving Surfaces

Weird Ideas to Fix the Climate Crisis Might Be All We Have 1021

Oslo’s Plan to Sequester Incinerator CO2 - 0721

Swift Action to Cut Methane Emissions Could Slow Earth’s Warming 30% - 0421

This Canadian Startup Wants to Make Our Buildings Out of CO2 - 1120

Scientists Just Engineered Bacteria to Eat CO2 - 1219

Green Cement?  Captured Carbon May Fuel New Markets and Help Climate 1119

Climate Change Solution - Convert Atmospheric Methane to CO2 - 0519

Concrete Breakthrough Can Reverse Climate Change, Restore a Healthy Climate 0419

How to Convert CO2 into Furniture, Drugs, and Plastics - Cheaply and Efficiently 1218

Would Flooding the Deserts Help Stop Global Warming? 1118

Latitudinal Limits to Predicted Increased Peatland Carbon Sink with Warming 0918

Storing Billions of Tons of Carbon Could Start with CCS for Ethanol 0418

Can California’s Carbon Queen Recycle Pollution? 0318

This Startup Turns CO2 Pollution into Fish Feed 1017

Extreme New Zealand Bugs Could Help Fight Climate Change 0917 - methane-munching bugs in hot springs

Siberian Wildlife Park Aims to Restore Arctic Ecosystem, Slow Climate Change 0417

Scientists Hope Wetland Carbon Storage Experiment Is Everyone's Cup of Tea 0217 - Tea rot rate measures sequestration.

Surprising Carbon Sink - Cement Absorbs, Stores CO2 - 1116

We’re Placing Far Too Much Hope in Pulling CO2 from the Air, Scientists Warn 1016

CO2, Climate Change Seen As Waste Disposal Challenge 0916

Pump CO2 into Rocks, Report Urges 0916

Michigan Scientists See Urgency for Negative Emissions 0816

Paris Climate Goals Mean Emissions Need to Drop Below Zero 1215 - repeat of CCS from biomass-fired power plants

Is the 2°C World a Fantasy? 1115 - carbon capture & storage from smokestacks of biomass-fired power plants

Could Diesel Made from Thin Air Help Tackle Climate Change? 0915

Crop Dusters Seed Mangroves by Air, to Save Louisiana Wetlands 0815

Underground Desert Aquifers Could Hold Missing Carbon 0815

Salty Lakes Across Prairies Storing Carbon from the Atmosphere 0215

Wetlands, Swamps ‘Hold Great Potential' to Store Carbon, Fight Climate Change 0215

Can Ants Save the World from Climate Change? 0814

Your Next Roadside Attraction - Carbon Storage 0714

Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change in Agriculture 0414 - PDF, 146 pp

World May Have to Remove Carbon from Air to Meet Climate Goals 0114

U.N. Says Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly 0114

Carbon Storage Studies Grapple with Politics, Geology 0913

Carbon Cycle Gets More Extreme as Climate Changes 0813 

Great Lakes Wetlands May Mitigate Climate Change 0413 

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