Drought Damages

‘Without Water, There Is No Life’ - Amazonas Drought Sharpens Fears for Future 1023 - 8 Brazilian states recorded the lowest rainfall in the period from July to September in over 40 years.  The Amazon’s #2 tributary, the Madeira River, whose basin extends some 2,000 miles from Bolivia to Brazil, had 4 of the 5 lowest river levels recorded in the past 4 years.  Further north, in the Negro River basin, a different pattern has emerged.  The Amazon’s #1 tributary has had 7 of its largest floods in the past 11 years, with the worst in 2021.  But the Negro River, too, is headed toward its lowest-ever water levels this year.

Climate Change Is Driving a Global Water Trade You Can’t See 1023

    In 2016, 636 million cubic meters of water were traded globally,  thru pipelines, trucks, and paper markets.

     That's less than 0.1% of the 2 trillion cubic meters of water exchanged thru trading agricultural products in the same year.

     The world's virtual water trade is dominated by food trade, led by 10 food crops - wheat, soybeans, palm oil, adn maize (corn).  The 10 crops - also including rice, chocolate and coffee - were responsible for 60% of world water trade.

2022-2024 Articles

Mega-Drought Forces End to Sugarcane Farming in Parched Texas Borderland 0424

Drought Shrinks Morocco’s Vital Al Massira Reservoir by 97% - 0424

Drought, Heat, Mismanagement Make Getting Fresh Water Tougher Worldwide 0324

Taps Have Run Dry across Johannesburg, in Unprecedented Water Crisis 0324

Drought Threatens to Snarl Mississippi River Traffic for 3rd Year 0324

Record Drought Imperils Food, Copper Output in Southern Africa 0324

Mexico City May Be Just Months Away from Running Out of Water 0224

Spain's Historic Drought Is a Global Warning 0224

Catalonia Declares Drought Emergency, Extending Restrictions to Barcelona 0224

Xalapa’s Chronic Water Scarcity Reflects Mexico’s Deepening National Crisis 0124

Severe Amazon Drought Made 30 Times More Likely by Climate Change 0124

Drought Touches 1/4 of Humanity, Disrupting Lives Globally 0124

Parched Rivers, Withered Crops Show Dire Impact of Amazon Drought 1123

Severe El Niño in S. America Previews Changed World – Dengue, Drought, Floods 1223

‘Biodiversity Catastrophe’ - How Earth Could Look in 2050, unless We Act Now 1123

Water Scarcity Worst in South Asia – UNICEF 1123

Panama Canal Will Slash Ship Crossings Again due to Drought 1023

Fire, Other Ravages Jeopardize California’s Prized Forests 1023
How Mega-Fires Are Remaking the World 1023
Drought Turns Amazonian Capital into Climate Dystopia 1023

Record-Low Mississippi and Ohio River Levels 1023

Saltwater Wedge Threatens New Orleans, as Mississippi River Dredged for Trade 1023

Climate Change-Related Droughts Dent Progress on Energy Emissions 1023 - Drought decreases hydroelectric power.  Fossil-fuel power (especially coal in China) fills in the gap.

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Saltwater Wedge Climbing the Mississippi River Threatens Drinking Water 0923 - Drought in the (Upper +) Mississippi River cuts the flow of fresh water downstream, so saltwater at the outlet pushes upstream.  More than just a tidal river.

Wildfire Triggers Race to Evacuate Canada Provincial Capital, Yellowknife 0823

Climate Change Hits the Rhine, Europe’s Key Trade Route, Risks $99 Billion 0723

Europe’s Most Important Trade Route Is at Risk due to Climate Change 0723 - Rhein (Rhine) River

A Climate Warning from the Cradle of Civilization 0723

‘Like a Blowtorch’ - Mediterranean on Fire as Blazes Spread across 9 Countries 0723

Extreme Drought Is Wreaking Havoc on Daily Life in Spain 0723

It’s Scorching in Iran, and There’s Less and Less Water to Help 0723

Tourists Flee Rhodes Wildfires in Greece’s Largest-Ever Evacuation 0723

Uruguay Drought Leaves Millions without Tap Water Fit for Drinking 0723

In Iran, Some Are Chasing the Last Drops of Water 0623

Drought Is on the Verge of Becoming the Next Pandemic 0623

How Wildfire Smoke from Australia Affected Climate Events Around the World 0523

Uruguay Drought Forces Government to Subsidize Bottled Water 0523

Iraq Asks for International Aid to Save Its Rivers from Drought 0523

Heat and Drought Force Europe to Accelerate Climate Adaptation 0423

Heat, Drought and Fires Worsen Air in the US West 0423

Devastation in the Andes - “Without the ice cap, we cannot live.’ 0423

L.A., Las Vegas, Other Cities Face Huge Water Cuts in Feds’ Colorado River Plan 0423

China’s Sandstorm Problem Spreads to South Korea and Japan 0423

Global Water Crisis Could ‘Spiral Out of Control’ from Overconsumption and Climate Change 0323

Global Warming Driving More Extreme Droughts and Floods - NASA 0323

Water Disasters, Dry and Wet, Are Getting More Intense as Earth Warms 0323

Rural Kenyan Women Resort to Grueling Labor as Drought Worsens Food Supply 0323

Drifting toward Disaster - the (2nd) Rio Grande 0922

‘The worst we’ve seen’ - Ranchers Threatened by Historic Heat and Drought 1022

What Happens to Rainforests When There’s Not Enough Rain 0223

Water Shortages Threaten to Increase Violence and Disappearances in Mexico 0223

Drought May Have Doomed Ancient Hittite Empire, in Climate Crisis Warming 0223

Droughts Leave Cargo Riverboats High and Dry 0223

Wet Winter Won’t Fix Colorado River Woes 0223

Climate Change is Fueling Conflict and Migration in Lake Chad 0123

Climate Change Leaving African Elephants Desperate for Water 0123

After Comeback, Southern Iraq’s Marshes Are Now Drying Up 0123

Brazil’s Giant Pantanal Wetland Is at Risk of Collapse 1222

In Famed Game Park at Foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Animals Are Giving Up 1222

Parched Peru Is Restoring Pre-Incan Dikes to Solve Its Water Problem 1222

Iran's Water Crisis Will Make It Harder for the Regime to Regain Control 1222

Fear ‘Complete Doomsday Scenario’ for Drought-Stricken Colorado River 1222

As California’s Wells Dry Up, Residents Rely on Bottled Water to Survive 1122

Saltwater Moving up the Mississippi River — What's Being Done to Stop It 1022

Lake Mead at 29% of Capacity, Lake Powell at 24% 1022

How It Looks as Drought Strangles the Mighty Mississippi 1022

Mississippi Barge Crisis Set to Deepen as Ohio River Now Sees Backups 1022

Prolonged Drought Brings Famine, Death and Fear to Somalia 1022

China Is Writing the Story of the Climate Future 0922

Over 600 Million Africans at Risk of Severe Droughts due to Climate Change 0922

Drifting toward Disaster - the (2nd) Rio Grande 0922 - This summer, the Rio Grande dried up in places that it never had before.  For more than 100 miles through wild and scenic country, its snaking, sandy bed cradled only a series of warm, stagnant pools.  In the canyons of Big Bend National Park, visitors gawked at the conspicuous absence of the Great River whose arching path gives this rugged region its name....  Because of New Mexico’s water rights, Rocky Mountain snowmelt hasn’t hit South Texas in 80 years.  Below El Paso, a 200-mile stretch has run dry regularly since the 1980s.

How Drought and War Are Really Affecting the Global Food Supply 0922

China Reports ‘Most Severe’ Heat Wave and 3rd Driest Summer on Record 0922

Worst Drought ‘in Living Memory’ Threatens the World’s Olive Oil Supply 0922

Dutch Homes Built on Wooden Piles Are Rotting After Severe Drought 0922

Climate Crisis Forces China to Ration Electricity 0822

Mass Death of Sequoias Is the Harbinger of Earth Systems Collapse 0822

China Issues Alert as Drought and Heat Wave Put Crops at Risk 0822

China Fights Brush Fires, Extends Power Rationing in Drought 0822

The World’s Cotton Supply Keeps Shrinking, Hit by Drought, Heat 0822

Climate Change Is a Secret Driver of Inflation 0822 - Droughts cut food production in the US and Europe.

Drought and Rising Prices Are Fueling Insecurity in Kenya 0822

American Farmers Are Killing Crops and Selling Cows due to Extreme Drought 0822

'Staggering' Rate of Global Tree Losses from Fires 0822

California Outlines Water Plan as Loss of 10% of Supply in 20 Years Looms 0822

Big Water Cuts Coming to Southwest as Colorado River Falls to Tier 2 Shortage 0822

The Year Summer Got Serious 0722 - Europe, China, US hit hard by drought and heat

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade 0822

Northern Mexico Has a Historic Water Shortage 0822

The End of Snow Threatens to Upend 76 Million American Lives 0822

Mexico’s Cruel Drought - ‘Here You Have to Chase the Water’ 0822

Europe’s Rhine River Is on the Brink of Effectively Closing 0822

Rio Grande Runs Dry in Albuquerque for the 1st Time in 40 Years 0722

Heat, Drought and Wildfires - Torrid Spell Torments Portugal 0722

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade 0822

Northern Mexico Has a Historic Water Shortage 0822

The End of Snow Threatens to Upend 76 Million American Lives 0822

Mexico’s Cruel Drought - ‘Here You Have to Chase the Water’ 0822

Europe’s Rhine River Is on the Brink of Effectively Closing 0822

Rio Grande Runs Dry in Albuquerque for the 1st Time in 40 Years 0722

The Year Summer Got Serious 0722

California’s Biggest Reservoirs at Critically Low Level, Portending Dry Summer 0622

‘We Just Pray for Rain’ - Niger in the Eye of Climate Crisis, as Children Starve 0622

As California's Big Cities Fail to Rein In Their Water Use, Rural Communities Are Already Tapped Out. 0622

‘Consequences Will Be Dire’ - Chile’s Water Crisis Is Reaching Breaking Point 0622

In Worsening Drought, Southern California Water Restrictions Take Effect 0622

Sandstorm Wave Sweeps Middle East, Sending 1,000s to Hospitals 0522

California Farmers and Ranchers Struggle to Survive Unprecedented Water Cuts 0522

California Adopts Emergency Water-Use Rules as Drought Worsens 0522

Is My Home at Risk from Wildfire?  This Is How to Find Out 0522 - See maps on No Water pge, Fires section.

Salt Scourge - The Dual Threat of Warming and Rising Salinity 0522

Facing a New Climate Reality, Southern California Lawns Could Wither 0522

Iraqis Choke Under a Blanket of Dust as Sandstorms Sweep the Country 0522

Lake Powell Officials’ Stark Choice in West's Megadrought - Water or Electricity 0422

2 Wyoming Rivers under Restrictions due to Low Snowpack, Drought 0422 - feed North Platte River, Mississippi watershed

Parched Southern California Restricts Outdoor Watering, in Unprecedented Step 0422

In Drought-Stricken West, Officials Weigh Emergency Actions 0422

Encroaching Desert Intensifies Nigeria’s Farmer-Herder Crisis 0422

Drought May Have Forced Vikings to Leave Greenland 0422

California Reduces Supplies to Water Agencies, amid Drought 0322

At Peak of Wealth, Arizona’s Desert Civilization Faces a Reckoning over Water 0322

Climate Change Brings Extreme, Early Impact to South America 0322

Iraq’s 2nd Largest Lake Drying Up, Turning Up Dead Fish 0222

Paraguay’s Drought Hits Biodiversity, Indigenous Communities the Hardest 0222

In Kathmandu, a Struggle for Water amid Worsening Floods 0122

Brazil’s Extreme Weather Is Flooding Mines, Drying Up Crops 0122

2021 Articles and older

Warmer Winters Can Wreak as Much Havoc as Hotter Summers 1221 - Loss of snowpack in the mountains sets the stage for summer drought.

6 Dead Giraffes Together Capture Kenya Drought Horror 1221

Drought Leaves Afghans Hungry as Economic Collapse Looms 1221

California Water Districts to Get Unprecedented 0% of Requested Supplies 1221

Climate Change Makes It Harder to Provide Clean Drinking Water in Farm Country 1121

California Water Districts to Get Unprecedented 0% of Requested Supplies 1221

Climate Change Makes It Harder to Provide Clean Drinking Water in Farm Country 1121

Drought Means 33% Chance Lake Powell Can’t Generate Hydropower in 2023 - 0921

Drought Puts 2.1 Million Kenyans at Risk of Starvation 0921

The Climate Future We Envisioned Is Already Here in California 0821 - Forest fires most of all.  Also drought leading to less food product8ion in US Salad Bowl.

Algeria Enters Period of Mourning after Wildfires Kill 65 - 0821

In Drought-Plagued Northern Mexico, 10s of 1,000s of Cows Are Starving to Death 0821

Manitoba’s Drought, Worsened by Climate Crisis, Is Upending Prairie Life 0721

Wildfires Scorch Spain and Cause 'Disaster without Precedence' in Sardinia 0721

As Drought Hits the Southwest, New Mexico’s Canals Run Dry 0721

Water Is Disappearing in the West -- Not Just during Summer (Snow Droughts) 0721

Running Out of Water - How Climate Change Fuels a Crisis in the US West 0721

Yellowstone and Warming - Iconic Park Faces Startling Changes 0621

Drought Prompts California to Cut Off Water to 1,000s of Farms, Water Agencies 0621

As the Climate Warms, Could the U.S. Face Another Dust Bowl? 0521

At Least 1 Million People Face Starvation as Madagascar’s Drought Worsens 0521

Turkey Battles Growing Water Stress as Climate Shifts and Demand Rises 0521

Tropical Forests Can Take the Heat.  But Dryness?  Not So Much 1220

A Water Crisis - How Climate Change Affects Our Health 1220

Declining Snow Cover in U.S. Northeast Will Have Major Impacts on Rivers 1120

Western Wildfires Break Records, with Devastating Toll on Lives and Homes 0920

US Wildfires Could Spark Financial Crisis, Advisory Panel Finds 0920

‘Extremely Dangerous’ Fire Threat in West after Historic Weekend Heat 0920

When the Rio Grande Dries, a Struggle to Stay Afloat 0820

Water Hot Spot Chad Has a Volatile Mix of Climate Change, Pandemic, Violence 0820

Corn Growers in Brazil’s Cerrado Reap a Hostile Climate of Their Own Making 0720

Withering Crops to Make North Africa World’s Top Wheat Buyer 0620

100-Year Drought Hits Poor EU Region Already Reeling from Virus 0520

Drought-Hit Argentina Faces Water Worries amid Covid-19 Pandemic 0420

Thailand Tackles Worst Drought in 40 Years 0220

Years of Drought Threaten South Africa's Wildlife Industry 0120

Drought Devastates Food, Power Supplies in Zambia and Zimbabwe 1219

As Water Runs Low, Can Life in the Outback Go On? 1219

Victoria Falls Dries to a Trickle after Worst Drought in a Century 1219

U.S. Grid Reliability Threatened by Warming Rivers 1119 - affects all thermal power plants: coal, gas, oil, nuke

Thirsty Future Ahead as Climate Change Explodes Plant Growth 1119

Thirst Turns to Anger as Australia's Mighty River Runs Dry 1019
    Darling River.  Worst drought in E Australia since 1900 or earlier.

Alpine Climate Change Is Disrupting Everything from How Water Flows to When Plants Flower 1019

Billions Face Food, Water Shortages over Next 30 Years, as Nature Fails 1019

Zimbabwe’s Capital Runs Dry, as Taps Cut Off for 2 Million People 0919

'Snow Droughts' Are Coming for the American West 0819

Mega-Droughts Are Likely Coming to the US Southwest Within Decades 0719

Running Dry - Competing for Water on a Thirsty Planet 0619

May Heat Shrinks Washington Snowpack, Risking Tight Water Flows for Fishing, Farmers 0519

Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation 0319

Drought Turns Part of Iran into a New Dust Bowl 0119

Zinke Says Northern California Fire Costs Likely in Billions 1118

As New Mexico Reservoirs Hit Bottom, Worries Grow Over the Future 0918

As India’s Ganges Runs Out of Water, a Potential Food Shortage Looms 0918

Drought Puts Iraq at Risk of Jihadist Resurgence 0918

How Delhi's Rising Heat and a Love of Concrete Caused a Deadly Water Crisis 0818

Great Southern Drought - Australian Farmers Crippled, Climate Action Stalled - Autumn of 2017 in southern Australia was the driest for 116 years.  And 2017 was also the hottest year ever in New South Wales.

From Drinking Water to Farms, Drought's Effect Creeping across Missouri 0718

How Climate Change Is Worsening Nigeria’s Long-Running Land Conflict 0618

Catastrophic Drought Threatens Iraq as Upstream Dams Cut Off Water to Its Rivers 0718

India's 'Worst Water Crisis in History' Leaves Millions Thirsty 0718

Indian Capital's Summer of Discontent - Anger, Killings over Water 0618

Deadly Tensions Rise as India’s Water Supply Runs Dangerously Low 0618

A New Farming Technique Using Drastically Less Water Is Catching On 0518

Costa Rica's Farmers Harvest Rain to Beat Drought 0518

Drought to Shrink Kansas Wheat Crop to Smallest since 1989 - 0518

Water Crises Could Be Coming to Your Backyard 0318

Plight of Phoenix - How Long Can the World’s ‘Least Sustainable' City Survive? 0318

Shrinking Mountain Snowpack, Drier Summers Spell Trouble for Vancouver Water Supply 0318

Hotter, Drier, Hungrier - How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest 0318

More Frequent Drought in Somalia Breeds Conflict over Fertile Land 0318

Drought Inflicts Mounting Losses to Crops in South Africa's Western Cape 0318

How Climate Change Is a 'Death Sentence' in Afghanistan's Highlands 0817

As Rural Sri Lanka Dries Out, Young Farmers Look for New Job Options 0817

Tagus River, Spain’s Longest, at Risk of Drying Up Completely 0817

‘Flash Drought’ Could Devastate Half the High Plains Wheat Harvest 0817

Drought-Hit Rome to Avoid Water Rationing - City Utility 0717

World's “Highest" Village Runs Dry, as Warming Hits Himalayas 0817

After Months of Water Rationing, Nairobi May Run Dry 0717

Worst Drought in 16 Years Threatens Food Supplies in North Korea 0717

In Chile, Many Regard Climate Change as the Greatest External Threat 0717

Heat and Drought Feed Wildfires in Italy, Threaten Beaches near Rome 0717

U.S. Plains Drought Highlights Spring Wheat Supply Crunch 0617

Why Did This Once-Thriving Lake Disappear? 0517

South Africa's Western Cape Declares Drought Disaster 0517 - worst water shortage in 113 years

Ethiopia’s Killer Drought Is Going Almost Unnoticed 0517

Climate Change Deepening Horn of Africa's Hunger Crisis, Oxfam Says 0417

As Drought Sweeps Kenya, Herders Invade Farms 0317

With 100 Days of Water Left, Cape Town Risks Running Dry 0317

Congo Risks 50% Power Drop, due to Low Rainfall, Record Low Congo River 0317

La Paz Adapts to a World without Water 0217

Record Heat and Drought Seen in Amazon during 2015-16 El Niño 0117

Worst Drought in 30 Years Could Cost Sri Lanka Billions 0117

Kashmir Border Farmers Now Hit by Drought 0117

100s of 1,000s Face Starvation and Death in Africa, in Growing Crisis 1216

Farmers in Sudan Battle Climate Change and Hunger, as Desert Creeps Closer 1216

Bolivians Face Historic Drought.  Global Warming Could Intensify It. 1116

Drought-Fueled Wildfire ‘Apocalypse' Hits Tennessee 1116

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish 1116

Bolivia Declares State of Emergency due to Drought, Water Shortage 1116

Reservoir Supplying Santa Barbara County’s Drinking Water Is Nearly Empty 1116

Food Production in Syria Hits All-Time Low 1116

La Niña Likely to Exacerbate Southern Drought 1116

Deep South Drought Kills Crops, Threatens Herds 1116

As Drought Grips Iran, Farmers Lament Loss of a Way of Life 0916

Beached Boats, Pink Water as Drought Saps Great Salt Lake 0916

3 Straight Failed Monsoons, Bad Drought, Make Angry Clashes in Karnataka 0916

From Herdsmen to Central Bankers, Southern Africa Counts Drought Cost 0716

Pests and Drought Hit Nigeria's Tomato Farms 0716

Drought Shut Down Amazon Carbon Sink 0716

Devastating Droughts Continue as El Niño Subsides 0716

Climate Change Plagues Madagascar's Poor - 'The Water Rose So Fast’ 0716

Deluge Turns to Dearth for Bangladesh, as Age-Old Water Woes Take New Form 0716

Murders, Violence on Rise, as Parched Central India Battles for Water 0616

Vietnam Drought Leaves 1 Million in Urgent Need of Food Aid 0616

Unprecedented Drought and Shrinking Glaciers in Nepal 0616

Cambodia Takes Solace from Plow Ceremony, amid Worst Drought in 50 Years 0516

How Southern Africa Is Coping with the Worst Global Food Crisis in 25 Years 0516

Crippling Drought in Central India Leaves Millions on Brink 0516 - after 2 “failed” monsoons in a row

This Is How Serious India's Drought Has Become 0516

Armed Guards at India's Dams as Drought Grips Country 0516

Gripped by Drought, Ethiopia Drills for Water 0416

‘Leaving behind whatever dies.’ - Ringing Alarms over Somaliland Drought 0416

'High Risk' of Severe Water Stresses in Asia by 2050 - 0316

El Niño’s Disastrous Worldwide Consequences Are Just Getting Started 0316

Drought-Hit Ethiopia Needs Money for Seeds, as Rains Begin 0316

Arctic Warming Is Possibly Catastrophic for Planet, Climate Scientist Warns 0216

As Mozambique's Rivers Dry Up, Hopes of a Harvest Evaporate Too 0216

Drought May Affect 49 Million in Southern Africa 0216

Drought’s Alarming Toll on California Forests 0216

Dry Ivory Coast Weather May Cut Season’s Mid-Crop, Farmers Say 0216

El Niño Parches Asia Pacific, Destroying Crops and Drying Up Water Sources 0116

Hunger Threatens Millions, as El Niño Causes Drought and Floods 1215

California Drought Could Kill 58 Million Trees, Terrible News Future Water Supply 1215

Scarred Riverbeds and Dead Pistachio Trees in a Parched Iran 1215

In Ethiopia, Millions Face Weather-Related Food Shortages, Aid Group Says 1215

1/3 of Papua New Guineans Suffering Drought Crisis 1115

As Brazil's Largest City Struggles With Drought, Residents Are Leaving 1115

Ethiopia to Buy More Wheat to Avert Drought Crisis 1115

Jamaica’s Aging Water Systems Falter under Intense Heat and Drought 1115

Climate Change Is Darkening Seattle’s Water Forecast 0915

Californians Cut Water Use by 31% in July 0815

Los Angeles Continues Dramatic Water Savings - 21% in July 0815

Number of Ethiopians Needing Food Aid Surges to 4.5 Million, after Failed Rains 0815

Study Shows Impact of Irrigation on Drought, Climate Change in Alberta 0815

Colorado Begins $3.4 Million Effort to Save Agriculture Water, Make Power with It 0515

How China's Thirst for Clean Drinking Water May Raise Its CO2 Emissions 0415

Can America's Desert Cities Adapt Before They Dry Out And Die? 1214

How Solar Desalination Could Help Parched Farms 0514

Heat, Drought Draw Farmers Back to Sorghum, the 'Camel of Crops' 1013

Water-Smart Power- Strengthening US Electric Grid in a Warming World 0813

Capturing and Storing Water Underground Copes with Drought in Brazil 0713 

Peru Eyes 'Extreme Engineering' to Slake Thirst 0413 

Texas Deploys its Rainy Day Fund to Start Long Term Drought Preparation 0413 

India Strives to Become Drought Proof 0313 

Drought Revives Texas Interest in Reservoirs 0213

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