See also Insurance among miscellaneous impacts: Drought, Oceans, Snow, Adapt section.

The Cost of Insuring Expensive Waterfront Homes Is About to Skyrocket 0921

Fire and Flood - 'Whole Areas of Australia Will Be Uninsurable' 0421

Wildfires Hasten Climate Crisis for Homeowners Who Can’t Get Insurance 0920

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Mortgage Market 0620

Swiss Re Sees Opportunities for Insurers in Carbon-Capture Push 0620

Climate Risk in the Housing Market Has Echoes of Subprime Crisis 0919

The Climate Crisis Is Poised to Make Huge Swaths of America Totally Uninsurable 0919

As Wildfires Get Worse, Insurers Pull Back from Riskiest Areas 0819

Chubb Will No Longer Insure US Coal Investments 0719

Louisiana Insurers Say Climate Change Is Now Biggest Risk 0519

U.S. insurers Unprepared for Climate Change Disasters 0518

Insurance Turns to Coral Reefs and Mangroves as Ocean Risks Surge 0518

Climate Change and a Looming Fire Insurance Crisis in California 0118

2017 Set a Record for Losses From Natural Disasters.  It Could Get Worse. 0118

Global insurance Plan Aims to Defuse Potential Climate Damage ‘Bombshell' 1117

Insurance Industry Prices Warming into Hurricane Harvey Cost 0917

Investors, Insurers Urge G20 to Ditch Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2020, Go Green 0217

Insurers Paid Out $27 Billion for Natural Disaster Claims in 2015 - 0116 - down from 2014 and 2005-2014 average

Seacoast Vacation Homes Hit by $250 insurance Surcharge 0515

Climate-Linked Insurance Could Help poor Farmers Offset Crop Failure Risk 0115

Insurance Retreat from Weather Disasters 1014

Insurers Emerge from White House Worried by More Extreme Weather Events 0914

Lloyd's Calls on Insurers to Take into Account Climate-Change Risk 0514

World's Largest Insurance Underwriter Blames Climate Change 0114

World Bank Pilots Climate Insurance 0913

Insurance Industry, Republicans Split on Climate Change 0713

For Insurers, No Doubts on Climate Change 0513

Most US Insurers Not Prepared for Climate Change 0313

Insurance Industry Takes Climate Change Seriously 1212 


Global Warming Deniers Are Endangered Species 0715

Muslim Scholars Say Climate Change Poses Dire Threat 0715

Plan Launched to Slow Climate Change by Making Green Energy Cheaper than Coal 0615

Climate Change Smarts Now Part of Core Competency for Professionals 0515

Circular Economy Could Cut Carbon Emissions 70% by 2030 - 0415

Scientists Urge Smithsonian and Other Museums to Sever David Koch Ties 0315

Experts Pitch for Fossil Fuels to Drive Growth in India 0315

The New Optimism of Al Gore 0315

'Long Struggle' Warning on Climate 0315

Think of Earth, Not Just Your Stomach, Panel Advises 0215

Birth Control Access Is Key Means of Reaching Climate Goals 0215

Pivoting the Climate Debate from Oil to Coal 1214

Are Megacities Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Climate Change? 1114

‘Green Revolution’ Brings Greater CO2 Swings 1114

Holding Back the Sahara - the Green Wall 1114

Smart Power Consumers Become Worst Nightmare for Electricity Firms 1113

China’s Soviet-Style Suburbia Heralds Environmental Pain 1113

States Weigh Compact to Bolster Energy Grid 0713

Capturing and Storing Water Underground Copes with Drought in Brazil 0713

US, China Agree to Wind Down HFCs 0613

More Air Conditioners & Fridges Down Under Are Climate Time Bomb 0613 

HFC Gas Salvage from Cars Would Be Win for Air 0613 

Cutting Short-Lived GHGs Can Help More in Short Term Than CO2 0413

Copenhagen’s Ambitious Push to Be Carbon Neutral by 2025 0413

Germany’s Challenge in Replacing Nukes with Renewables 0413 

Halve Meat Consumption 0213 

Cumulative Global Carbon Budget 0213 

6 Lesser-Known Climate Facts 0212 

Palm Oil Giant to Protect Forests 2011


New Climate-Friendlier Coolant Has a Catch - It’s Flammable 1016

Scientists Know Climate Change Is a Threat.  Politicians Need to Realize It, Too. 0916

75 Top Scientists Warn of ‘Real, Serious, Immediate' Climate Threat 0916

Scientists Warn World Will Miss Key Climate Target 0816

Adopting Sustainable Energy Would Save Millions of Lives Each Year, U.N. Says 0116

Paris Climate Goals Mean Emissions Need to Drop Below Zero 1215

Troubling Science Is Pushing World toward a Much Tougher Climate Goal 1215

China’s Latest Climate Change Assessment Depicts Somber Scenarios 1115

Climate Scientist Changes Mind on Global Warming Threat 1015

99.9% Scientific Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming 1015 - Powell’s article

Stop Burning Fossil Fuels Now - There Is No CO2 ‘Technofix', Scientists Warn 0815

Only 5 of 24,000 Peer-Reviewed Global Warming Papers Reject Human Causation 0615 - about Powell’s study

In Nobel Season, Laureates Fret for Sickly Earth 1014

Aging Societies Will Be Better for the Planet 0914

New US Diet Guidelines - More Dairy Offsets Climate Benefit of Less Meat 0914

Greenhouse Gas Fear over Increased Meat Eating 0814

10 Reasons to Be Hopeful That We Will Overcome Climate Change 0714

Beyond Keystone XL - 8 Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change 0214

Climate Change Era Is Already upon Us 1013

Earth, 2100 AD - 4 Futures of Environment and Society 1013

'Uncertain’ Science - Judith Curry's Take On Climate Change 0813

'Consensus’ View - Kevin Trenberth's Take On Climate Change 0813

Sun's Quiet Spell Not the Start of a Mini Ice Age 0713

Stop the Decay of Our Planet's Life-Support Systems 0513 

Katharine Hayhoe: Preaching Climate to the Unconverted 0513 

Arctic Thaw May Be First in Cascade of Tipping Points 0213

Benefits of Cutting Emissions Now Keep Rising into Next Century 0113

Human Climate Link Firms Up - IPCC 2013 - 1212

Why IPCC Consistently Underestimates Climate Risks 1212 

Only 0.17% of Relevant Science Articles Deny Human-Caused Global Warming 1112 

Computer Models Cannot Anticipate Rapid Climate Changes 0711 

Global Map of PM-2.5 Concentrations - Article 0910 

Global Map of PM-2.5 Concentrations - on web

CO2 Levels Now = 15 Million Years Ago 1009

Solar Irradiance Graph 0108 - PDF

Global Warming Time Bomb - Hansen 2003

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