CO2 Fertilization

     An explanation of what is going on.  With less protein in leaves, caterpillars must munch more leaves to survive.

Flood Effects


Changing Climate Could Worsen Foods’ Nutrition 0317

Earth Has Lost 1/3 of Arable Land in Past 40 Years 1215

The Complex Relationship between Agriculture and Climate Change 0715

Global Warming May Not Be So Great for Plant Life, after All 0615 - gain range near poles, but lose far more in tropics

Crop-Loss Farmers Sell Their Children to Survive 0515

Farming Absorbs 22% of Cost of Disasters in Developing Countries 0315

Success of ‘Land Sparing' Will Depend on Global Economics, Regulations 1214

Western Diet's Spread Bad for Health, Climate?  It Doesn't Have to Happen 1114

Kale or Fracking?  Farmers and Corporations Fight It Out for Water 1114

More Than 40% of China's Arable Land Degraded 1114

Getting Beyond Just Wheat, Corn and Rice 0514

World Food Security at Risk as Variety of Crops Shrinks 0314

Tech Experts Work to Help Farms Weather Climate Effects 1113

Soil Carbon Is Just Blowing in the Wind 0813

Great Lakes Area Draws World Attention for Food 0713  

In Mekong Delta, Rice Boom Has Steep Environmental Cost 0713  

Warmer Climate Threatens Africa’s Vital Cassava Crop 0513 

World Fish Catch Falls Another 2% 1112

Wild Rice Gene Boosts Yields 0812

Bumper 2011 Grain Harvest Fails to Rebuild Global Stocks 0112 

Trees Boost African Crop Yields 1011

Can the United States Feed China? 0311 

Great Food Crisis of 2011 0111

Wheat Genome May Help Tackle Food Shortages 0810  

Nile Delta Becoming Poisoned by Salt Water Intrusion 0110 

Forests to Fall for Food and Fuel 0708 

Rice Intensification System to Counter Drought 0907 - PDF

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