Faster Rock Weathering & Sequestration

Rise of CO2–Absorbing Tropical Mountains May Set Global Climate’s Thermostat 1218

How Oman’s Rocks Could Help Save the Planet 0418

Can Slag Heaps Help Save the Planet? 0417

Oman's Mountains Holds Peridotite from Mantle to Reverse Climate Change 0417

Pacific Northwest Lab Pumps CO2 Down into Basalt, Turning It to Stone 1116

Scientists Found a Way to Turn Our Carbon Emissions into Rock 1116

Experiment 'Turns Waste CO2 to Stone’ 0616
    CO2 & H2O injected 1,000 meters deep into volcanic rock.  It turned to carbonate rock over weeks to months.

Why CO2 'Air Capture' Could Be Key to Slowing Global Warming 0516 - artifical trees, also by Klaus Lackner (see above).  In dry conditions, they suck CO2 from the air many times as fast as natural tree leaves.  When wet, they release the CO2, which is sucked out of the chamber for disposal.

Massive Tree Farms, Soil Carbon Sequestration May Be Really Bad Climate Ideas 0216
    Darkening soils and forests, from carbon sequestration, especially biochar, increases solar radiation absorbed.
$60 trillion ($30 trillion?) price tag to cut 50 ppm via rock dust / gravel is a lot of money, but less than warming damages?
Dedicating soils to carbon sequestration may (probably not) make them unavailable for farming.
Problems with farming the oceans to sequester carbon via algae.

‘Last Ditch’ Climate Change Remedies Olivine & Biochar Remove CO2 from Air 0615

Methane-Munching Microbes Hit Rock Bottom 1014

CO2 Removal Letter from Prof. Olaf Schuiling to the Dutch Government 0114

Understanding How Rocks Weather, Remove CO2 - 0713 - key overveiw article

Flat Weathering 0213

Olivine to Fertilize Oceans Gets Thumbs Down 0113

Throwing Rocks at CO2 - 0112

Peridotite Can Soak Up CO2 1108 

Moving CO2 into Crushed Rock 0308

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