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An example from US Forest Service of projected US range loss - for sugar maple - with high emissions.

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Habitat in 2100, but actual distribution will lag, as trees are long-lived.

2021-2024 Articles

A Collapse of the Amazon Could Be Coming 0224

Can Forests Be More Profitable than Beef? 0524 - a question for the Amazon region

Are Rainforests Doomed? Not Necessarily. 0424

Amazon Rainforest, after 65 Million Years of Climate Changes, Faces Collapse 0224

‘Biodiversity Catastrophe’ - How Earth Could Look in 2050, unless We Act Now 1123

Amazon Deforestation Linked to West Antarctic Melt and Less Snowfall in Tibet 1023

Local Temperatures Reach Tipping Point where Plants Will No Longer Produce Building Block for Life on Earth 0823

Rising Temperatures Are Wreaking Havoc Year-Round 0823 - Bark beetles are wreaking havoc in US forests, as their larva surive not-as-cold winter temperatures, now in large numbers as far as New Jersey.

Bark Beetles Are Eating Germany’s Harz Forest. Climate Change Makes It Worse. 0823

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon Falls in 1st Month under Lula 0223

Why California’s Trees Are Dying by the Millions 0223

Why Western US Wildfires Destroyed 246% More Homes & Buildings This Decade 0223

Drought, Plague and Fire - What One Colorado Forest Is Up Against 0223

In a Warming World, California’s Trees Keep Dying 0123

How Seriously Climate Change Is Threatening Madagascar’s Famous Forests 0123

Has the Amazon Reached Its ‘Tipping Point(s)’? Savannah? Scrubland? 0123

How the Amazon Rainforest Dies 1122 - If somewhere between 20 and 25% of the forest were lost, models suggested, much of the Amazon would perish.  About 18% of the rainforest is now gone, and the evidence increasingly supports the warnings.  Whether or not the tipping point has arrived — and some scientists think it has — the Amazon is beginning to collapse.  More than 3/4 of the rainforest, research indicates, is showing signs of lost resilience.  In fire-scorched areas of the Rio Negro floodplains, one research group noted a “drastic ecosystem shift” that has reduced jungle to savanna.  In the southeastern Amazon, which has been assaulted by rapacious cattle ranching, trees are dying off and being pushed aside by species better acclimated to drier climes.  In the southwestern Amazon, fast-growing bamboo is overtaking lands ravaged by fire and drought.

Deforestation Is Pushing Amazon Rainforest to ‘Point of No Return’ 1122

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Oregon Conifers Suffer Record Die-Off as Climate Crisis Hits Hard 1222

EU’S New Climate Change Plan Will Cause Biodiversity Loss, Deforestation 1222

How Does Forest Restoration in the U.S. Southwest Look with Climate Change? 1022

Climate Change Threatens Health and Survival of Urban Trees 0922

Mass Death of Sequoias Is the Harbinger of Earth Systems Collapse 0822

Wildfires Are Destroying California's Forest Carbon Credit Reserves 0822

'Staggering' Rate of Global Tree Losses from Fires 0822

How Deforestation Is Pushing the Amazon toward a Tipping Point 0722

Global Heating Has Caused Shocking Changes in Forests across the Americas 0822

Climate Change’s Impact Intensifies, Led by Arctic 0822 - Boreal forests are moving north, retreating from the south and advancing into the tundra.

Climate Change Is Warming Canada's Great Expanse of Boreal Forest, Bringing Greater Risk of Fire and Disease 0822 - ditto

‘In 10 Years, We Might Not Have Forests’ - DRC Struggles to Halt Charcoal Trade 0722

World’s Largest Trees Are Struggling to Survive Climate Change 0622 in Sequoia National Park

In an Increasingly Warmer World, Trees Are Not a Climate Change Cure-All 0522

Experts Fear These Forests Could Shift from Absorbing CO2 to Emitting It 0422

Massive Wildfires Helped Fuel Global Forest Losses in 2021 - 0422

The World Has Been Losing 10 Soccer Fields of Tropical Forest Per Minute 0422

Tropical Trees’ Growth and CO2 Intake Hit by More Extreme Dry Seasons 0422

Lumber Prices Rose, in Part, due to Warmer Weather, Pine Beetles 0222

Unnatural Disasters Plague Canada's Forests, Half Our Tree Species May Disappear 0222

Tipping Points Passed? (4) Forests and the Amazon - a Faltering Carbon Sink 0122

Lumber Prices Are off the Rails Again.  Blame Climate Change. 0122

Tropical Forests Can Recover from Deforestation Remarkably Fast, if Near Forests 1221

Germany's Forest Fight 1221

Wildfires Are Erasing Western Forests.  Climate Change Is Making It Permanent. 1121

Sleeping Beauty's Forest Is Dying, Climate Crisis Faces Next German Chancellor 0921

Bolsonaro’s 1,000 km Amazon Railway Will Cause Climate Chaos. We Must Stop It 0721

Hotter and Drier - Deforestation and Wildfires Take a Toll on the Amazon 0721

As Frozen Land Burns, Siberia Fears that without the Forest, We Don’t Have Life 0721

The Brazilian Amazon Is Burning, Again 0621

Trees Fell Faster since Companies, Governments Promised to Stop Felling Them 0521

Settlers Invade, Deforest Colombian National Parks at ‘Unstoppable Speed’ 0521

Latest Warning of Rainforest Turning into Savanna as Climate Warms 0321

Tropical Forest Destruction Accelerated in 2020 - 0321

Is This the End of Forests as We’ve Known Them? 0321

2/3 of Tropical Rainforest Destroyed or Degraded Globally 0321

As Amazon Forest-to-Savanna Tipping Point Looms, Solutions Remain Elusive 0221

Large Wild Herbivores May Help Slow Climate Change 1222 - By removing living and dead plants, large animals dispose of material that may fuel wildfires.  By consuming vegetation and excreting dung, they may improve availability of nutrients to plants and support the storage of carbon in vegetation and soil.  By creating gaps in the vegetation and dispersing seeds, they create diverse ecosystems with plenty of opportunities for a variety of plants to grow, making ecosystems more resilient and better able to deal with climate change.  By nibbling down polar region shrubs and trampling snow, large animals help maintain permafrost, helping prevent the release of carbon to the atmosphere.

Amazon Deforestation 'at Highest Level in a Decade' 1119

Climate Emissions from Tropical Forest Damage Underestimated by a Factor of 6 - 1019

Biggest Tropical Wetlands Ravaged by Fires in Brazil 1119

What Happens to Soil Microbes after Wildfire? 1019

Amazon Rainforest ‘Close to Irreversible Tipping Point' 1019

What Happens When the Amazon Forest Disappears? 1019 - savannah, fires more often, cerrado trees

Deforestation Is Worsening, 5 Years after Nations & Companies Vowed to Stop It 0919

What Would Happen if All the World’s Trees Disappeared? 0919 - Earth would become a vastly warmer planet (more than +12°C since industrial revolution began), whose mass extinctions may include humans.

Bolivian Wildfires Destroy 2 Million Hectares (8,000 Square Miles) of Forest 0919

‘It’s Really Close’ - How the Amazon Rainforest Could Self-Destruct 0819 - 20-25% deforestation would drive runaway dieback, fueld by ever less rainfall due to less forest.  19.3% is Brazil’s government’s estimate of deforestation.

Northern Ecuadorian Region Has Lost 61% of Forests 0919

The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia - A World of Fire 0819

Stability of Earth's Climate Depends on Amazonia 0819

Amazon Fires Could Accelerate Global Warming, Harm Biodiversity for Centuries 0819

Tree-Damaging Pests Pose ‘Devastating’ Threat to 40% of US Forests 0819

Charred Forests Not Growing Back as Expected in Pacific Northwest 0719

California’s Drought Killed Almost 150 Million Trees 0719

Climate Change Causes Growth Spurt Among Old Trees 0619

Some of Pennsylvania’s Iconic Tree Species Might Not Survive Climate Change 0619

Climate Change May Make trees Live Fast and Die Young 0519

Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West 0319 - take 1 on study

Climate Change Will Make a Walk in the Woods a Much Rarer Pleasure 0319 - take 2

Some Forests Are Not Growing Back after Wildfires, Research Finds 1217

With Climate Change, Tree Die-Offs May Spread in the West 1217

How Climate Change Is Impacting the American West Right Now 1217

Mangroves Lack the Genetic Diversity to Adapt to Climate Change 1217

Why the Forest Carbon Sink Is Disappearing - Death by 1,000 Cuts 0917

Swiss Trees Swelter as Climate Warms 0817

A Nebraska-Sized Area of Forest Disappeared in 2015 - 0717

California Forests Failing to Regrow After Intense Wildfires 1216

Amazon Rainforest Destruction Is Speeding Up, When Earth Can Least Afford It 1216

Unhealthy Forests Affect Distant Ecosystems 1216

Mapping Shows Extent of Alaska Yellow-Cedar Die-off, Forecasts big Losses 1116

Why India Is Becoming a Drier, Hotter and Angrier Country 1116

Deforestation Forces Up Brazil’s Carbon Emissions 1116

Balsam Fir May Disappear in New Brunswick, Due to Climate Change 0916

Turning up the Heat to Push Many Australian Plants to the Brink 0916

Rising Temperatures Stunt Tree Growth 0816

Drought Shut Down Amazon Carbon Sink 0716

Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming 0516

Fort McMurray Blaze Set the Stage for Even Bigger, Hotter Wildfires 0516

Queensland's Mangrove Ecosystem Dying in Secret 0516

Let’s Save Uganda’s Disappearing Forests 0316

China's Success Regrowing Its Forests Has a Flip Side - Deforestation Elsewhere 0316

US Forests Struggle, as Drought and Climate Change Bite 0316

Africa’s Forests ‘Threatened by Palm Oil Rush' 0216

Drought’s Alarming Toll on California Forests 0216

Haze Chokehold Spurring Efforts to Save Indonesia’s Forests 0815

Andes' Migrating Trees Are Moving towards Extinction 0815

Drought Damages Trees' Ability to Store Carbon 0715

Burning Olympics Rain Forest Raises Concern about Future 0715Drought Kills 12 Million Trees in California's National Forests 0515

Global Warming Is Already Clobbering the Amazon 0415

Climate Change Threatens to Kill Off More Aspen Forests by 2050s - 0315

Pine Beetle Epidemic Spreads East Across Canada 0315

California’s Forests - Where Have All the Big Trees Gone? 0115

Moisture Shortfall, Heat Threaten Southwestern Forests 0115

The Southwest’s Most Important Number - Vapor Pressure Deficit 0115

Success of ‘Land Sparing' Will Depend on Global Economics, Regulations 1214

Beetles Ravaging Tucson's Big Pines 1214

Amazon Rainforest Losing Ability to Regulate Climate 1014

Amazon Deforestation Picking up Pace, Satellite Data Reveals 1014

Fewer Aspens in Colorado's Future 1014

Summer Heat, Invasive Insects Take Toll on Interior Alaska Birch Trees 1014

Climate Change affects Canada’s Northern Forests Faster than Global Average 0914

Brazil Says Amazon Deforestation Rate Up for First Time in Years 0914

Rockies' Pines, Firs Lose Majority of Habitat on Current Climate Path 0914

Canada Leads World in Forest Decline 0914

Will Iconic Sequoias Fall to Climate Change? 0814

Japanese Red Cedars, etc. to Replace Britain's Oaks, Due to Climate Change 0814

Another Key Forest on Brink of Depletion by Loggers, Charcoal Burners 0814

Canada’s Boreal Forests Are Burning – and Releasing Loads of Carbon 0714

Deforestation, Drought Push Amazon Toward Destruction by Fire 0414

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Sky-High Race Against Time for Amazon Biodiversity 1213

High Resolution Global Maps Show Increasing Forest Loss in Tropics 1113

Precarious Future Looms for Canada’s Great Inland Delta 1113

Key Mangrove Forest (in Bangladesh) Faces Major Threat from a Coal Plant 1013

Indonesia’s Forests Are Shrinking, Despite Reforms 1013

Global Warming Forecast for Amazon Rain Forest: Dry and Dying 1013

British Forests Under New Threat from Pests 1013

Saving the Great North Woods 1013

Mega-Drought in US Southwest Is Bad Omen for Forests Globally 0613

Brazil Rain Forest Deforestation Leads to Seed Shrinkage 0513 

Climate Change Threatens Giant Sequoias 0313

Climate Change Thins Forests in Eastern US 0213  

How Warmed Trees Die of Thirst and Starve 1212 

Mighty Old Trees Are Perishing Fast 1212 

New England Hardwood Forests to Take Big Hit from Warming 1112 

Drought Puts Trees the World Over ‘At the Edge’ 1112 

Climate Change Killing Sahel Trees 1211

Insect Destruction of US Forests Rises 3-fold 0711  

Bugged Forests Bad for Climate 1210 

Steeper Decline of Mangrove Forests 0810 

Deforestation Takes 3 Stages per Patch 0810 

Aspens Die in West 1009

2°C Rise Would Trigger 20-40% Amazon Rainforest Die-off 0609

Amazon Forest Mostly Doomed 0309 

Forests Dying in US West from Climate Change 0109

Clearing in the Trees 0814

See 4 measures at R: deforest in % & sq km / yr; forest cover in % & sq km.


Drylands Greener with Forests than Previously Thought 0517

Canada’s Eastern Boreal Forest Could Become a Climate Change Refuge 0916

Warming Climate Causing Extensive Greening in Canada, Alaska 0616

China's Success Regrowing Its Forests Has a Flip Side - Deforestation Elsewhere 0316

China's Forest Conservation Program Shows Proof of Success 0316

Paris Climate Deal Could ‘Displace Millions of Forest Dwellers' 0216

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth 0915

How Global Warming May Make Forests Shorter and Scrubbier 0515

Is This the End of Autumn as We Know It? 1014 - focus on timing and brilliance of leaf color changes

Deforestation - Brazil is a Success Story for Conservation 0814

Once Resilient, Trees In US West Now More Vulnerable To Fires 0713

Agro Forestry Greatly Improves Food Security 0613 

Maine Scientists Envision Changing Forests 0513 

Climate Change Effects Already Felt in Amazon Rainforest 0413  

Tropical Forests to Be Resilient to Climate Change 0313  

Warming Bringing Big Changes to US Forests 0213  

Is the Amazon Rainforest Drying Out? 1212 

West Africa Forest Biomass Grows Despite Drought 0812  

New GHG Source ID's - Decay in Living Trees 0812  

Columbus Cut Atmospheric CO2 Levels 1011

Faster Nitrogen Cycle in Forests Slows Global Warming 1011  

Forests Have a Tipping Point 1011

Tropical Forests Re-Shaped by Climate Change 0211  

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Trees Advance in Warmer World 0809

Climate Change Could Shrink Amazon Rainforest 85% 0309

Drought Turns Amazon Rainforest to CO2 Emitter 0309

Amazon Forest Could Shrink 85% by 2100 - Jones 0510 - PDF of 25 slides

Amazon shows 59% forest loss over 2 centuries.

Left: Sub-polar projections show 12-21% forest gain with +5°C.

Right: Temperate ones show 8% gain to 11% loss.

Section Map: Bio Impacts