Hurricane Damage

375 Dead, 56 Missing after Typhoon Rai Slams Philippines 1221

Rare and Deadly Cyclone Sends Cars Floating through Italy’s Streets 1021

Hurricane Ida Threw the Barge Industry into a Tizzy along the Mississippi River 0921

New York City Region's Historic Floods Send Deadly Climate Change Lesson 0921

Ida Leaves Toxic Chemicals, Sewage Swirling in Its Wake 0921 - Louisiana mostly

Will the 2 Hurricanes That Devastated Central America Spur a Migration Wave? 1220

Battered by Back-to-Back Hurricanes, Honduras Braces for a Long Recovery 1120

Weakened Hurricane Eta Drenches Central America; at Least 57 Dead 1120

Japan Orders Millions to Evacuate as Typhoon Lashes Region 0920

Climate Crisis to Blame for $67 Billion of Hurricane Harvey Damage 0620

Tropical Storm Hits South Carolina Ahead of Atlantic Season 0520

Abnormally Warm Gulf of Mexico Could Intensify Tornado and Hurricane Seasons 0320

Yutu, Strongest Typhoon to Hit U.S. since 1935, Devastates Northern Marianas 1018

Grim Search for Typhoon Landslide Victims as Philippines Toll Climbs 0918

Hurricane Florence Leaves over a Dozen Dead, 100s of 1,000s without Power - 0918

Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll in Puerto Rico Rises to 2,975 - 0818

By the End of the Century, Stronger, Slower, and Wetter Hurricanes 0518

Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey's Rainfall Worse, Study Finds 1217

Life on the Front Line of Climate Change for Fiji’s Women and Girls 1117
    Cyclone Winston in 2016 was strongest storm in Southern Hemisphere’s recorded history.  Recovery is hard and slow.

Puerto Ricans Still Desperate for Water, Weeks after Hurricane Maria 1017

Hurricane Maria Dealt a Heavy Blow to Puerto Rico’s Fragile Electric Grid 0917

As Trump Set to Visit Puerto Rico, 95% Lack Power 1017

Puerto Rico’s Agriculture and Farmers Decimated by Maria 0917

Hurricane Maria Dealt a Heavy Blow to Puerto Rico’s Fragile Electric Grid 0917

Winston, Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Storm on Record, Punishes Fiji 0216

Atlantic, Caribbean Storms More Destructive as Temperatures Rise 0116

Sandy Caused Record Sea Levels, $23 Billion Damages in New York State 0715

Super Typhoon Haiyan, One Year Later - 205,000 Families Still Homeless 1114

The $9.7 Trillion Problem - Cyclones & Climate Change 1014

Super Typhoon Haiyan Kills at Least 1,200 Filipinos 1113

Super Typhoon Haiyan- Full of Sound and Fury and Signifying … ?  1113

Cyclone Forces 550,000 to Shelters in India 1013

Isaac Drove Mississippi River Uphill 0812 

Cold Hurricane Slams Alaska 1111

Section Map: Weather & Sea Level Rise