Deadly Winter Storm Exposes Deep Flaws of US Energy System 1222

Tornadoes in the Southeast Are Getting Worse and They’re Often the Deadliest 1122

What Happened to Autumn? Scientists Point to Climate Change 1122

Western Wildfires Are Fueling Extreme Weather in Other States 1022

Climate Change Makes Lightning More Likely.  Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal. 0822

Atmospheric River That Ravaged Yellowstone Is Part of Climate Change Pattern 0622

Violent Storms Blast Upper Midwest with Hurricane-Force Winds, Dust 0522

Record Heat Fueling Severe Storms, Tornadoes in Central U.S. 0522

1/3 of Americans Faced Extreme Weather in Recent Years 0422

Weather Disasters Affected 1 in 10 US Homes Last Year 0222

December Brings Record Spate of Hurricane-Force Winds across the Central US 1221

December Tornadoes Are Part of ‘New Normal’ in Changed Climate - FEMA Chief 1221

Tornadoes Tear through South and Midwest.  At Least 70 Dead in Kentucky. 1221

Nowhere Is Ready for This Heat 0621 - US Northwest records for hottest temperature ever  include Portland 116°F (7° hotter than previous record), Salem 117°, Hermiston OR 118°, and Seattle 108° (5° hotter than previous record).

Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Shatters Temperature Records 0621

Records Crushed in Pacific Northwest amid Historic Heat Wave 0621 - New hottest temperature ever records were also notably higher the previous ones i in Eugene and The Dalles OR, and Olympia, Hoquiam, and Stampede Pass WA. 

Your Weather Forecast Update - Warmer Climate Will Be the New Normal 0421

Drought-Breaking Rains Have Grown Rarer, More Erratic in US West 0421

Hail Is America’s Most Underrated Climate Risk 0221

California’s Rainy Season Now Starts a Month Later than It Used to 0221

Kentucky’s Climate Is Suffering 0920

California Has 1st Rolling Blackouts since 2001, as Heat Wave Bakes Western US 0820

Dangerously Intense, Prolonged, and Humid Heat Wave for Most of California 0820

Extreme Weather Just Devastated 10 Million Acres in the Midwest.  Expect More. 0820

As July Sizzles, Here’s How Climate Change Affects Weather 0720

Dry Lightning Risk Rises in U.S. West, Thanks to Tardy Monsoon 0720

In Dozens of Cities East of the Mississippi River, Winter Never Really Happened 0320

Climate Change Shrinks Winter Snow in the South, in Fall and Spring Elsewhere 0220

Monsoon Rains Have Become More Intense in the U.S. Southwest 0719

May Was the 2nd-Wettest Month in the U.S. since 1895 - 0619

Climate Change and Tornadoes - a Succinct Guide to What We Know 0519

Wettest 12 Months in US Record Left It Drought-Free.  But Flooding Is Rampant 0519

North America’s Arid / Humid Boundary Has Shifted 140 Miles East due to Global Warming 0418

Researchers See Shift in Tornado Activity 0218

Why So Cold?  Climate Change May Be Part of the Answer 0118

Trump Tweets that ‘Cold' East Coast ‘Could Use a Little Bit of' Global Warming 1217

Scientists Concerned about Increased Humidity in Mason City, Iowa 0817

It’s So Hot in Phoenix That Planes Can’t Take Off 0617

Super-Cold Winters in the UK and US Are Due to Arctic Warming 1016

Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Are Becoming More Extreme 1216

Human-Caused Warming Drove 2015’s Record Snow Drought in West Coast States 1116

Ellicott City, Maryland Gets Once a Millennium Rainfall 0716

Flooding In Europe.  Texas Suffers 500-Year Flood for 2nd Year in a Row. 0616

Meltdown - More Rain, Less Snow as the World Warms 0416

Do Pacific Waters Give Early Warning of East Coast Heat Waves? 0316

US East Coast Snowstorms Linked to Slowdown of Atlantic Current 0116

Number of US Blizzards Doubled in Past 20 Years 0116

What Happened to El Niño?  Be Patient, L.A., It'll Come, Expert Says 0116

Most Powerful El Niño Storm of the Winter Hits California 0116

Latest Forecast Suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' May Be Coming to California 0815

Is a Strong El Niño on the Horizon?  Forecasters Say Count on It 0715

Across the U.S., Heaviest Downpours on the Rise 0515

Scientists Warn to Expect More Weather Extremes 0515

Drought Making California's Air Quality Worse, American Lung Assn. Says 0415

Lake Tahoe’s Winter, Way of Life Threatened by Drought, Climate Change 0315

Why China's Pollution Could Be Behind Our Cold, Snowy Winters 0315

Hey Boston, Alaska called.  It wants its snow and cold weather back. 0215

Climate Change in Minnesota - More Heat, More Big Storms 0215

Global Warming Could Make Blizzards Worse 0115

US Study Finds Tornadoes Coming in Swarms 1014

Tornadoes Coming Earlier in 'Tornado Alley’ 0914

Tornado Outbreaks Could Have a Climate Change Assist 0814

Higher Pacific Temperatures Bring Monsoons to Southland 0814

California Drought - El Niño Probability Raised to 78% for Next Winter 0514

Air Quality Gains Could Be Eroded by Drought, Climate Change 0414

Will Global Warming Produce More Tornadoes? 0414

Hot West, Cold East May be the Norm as World Warms 0414

US Winter Outlook Dominated by Dire Drought News 1113

Yup'ik Villages Ravaged by Fierce Alaska Storms 1113

Tornado Damages Paducah Nuclear Fuel Plant 1113

Record June Heat in US Southwest 0613

Rain - Sign of the Times in Philadelphia? 0613

Drought, Flood Signal Iowa's Future 0613

Increased Rate of Weather Disasters in Ohio Linked to Global Warming 0513

Wild Weather Swings May Be a Sign of Climate Change 0413

Warming Has Doubled Risk of Katrina Surges 0313

Midwest Increase in Heavy Rainfalls Over 60 Years 0313

Heavier Rainfall in Midwest from Warming 0313

Has Abnormal Become the New Extreme Normal Weather? 0313

Climate Change Worsens Northeast Storms - Trenberth, NCAR 0213

Sandy Leaves East Coast Vulnerable 0113

2012 Is US' 2nd Costliest Year 1212

Poor Hit Hardest by Extreme Weather 1112

How Much Climate Change Was In Hurricane Sandy 1112

Pacific Patterns Tied to Violent Tornado Outbreaks 1012

June US Heat Wave Records 0612

US Hit by Record 12 Weather Events Exceeding $1B in 2011 1211

Irene Sets Record As the 10th $ B Loss Event in US in One Year 0911 

US Weather Losses Tie Annual Record 0811

So Many US Weather Extremes Never Seen Before in a Single Month 0611

Intense Rains in US Midwest Doubled Since 1960 - 0512  (heavy = the heaviest 1% of all daily events)

Observed US Trends in Heavy Rain (1.0 + Relative #)

 % Change in Heavy Precipitation by Region

Section Map: Weather & Sea Level Rise