Pricing CO2

China's 2022 Carbon Market Prices.  For China, divide by 6 (or, more recently - in early 2023, by 7) to get US $ per tonne.

EU Gets Landmark Deal to Strengthen and Expand Carbon Market 1222

European Union's 2021-22 Carbon Market Prices.  €70 per ton of CO2 is about US$75.


Judge Scraps Red State Lawsuit over Biden Carbon Metric 0821 - preliminary number is $51 / ton of CO2, compared to $1 under Trump and $50 (final) under Obama

Shipping Now Faces the Highest Price on Carbon for Any Global Industry 0521 - nation with 3rd largest ship registry proposes $100/tonne of CO2 to start, rising to $300/tonne.

Biden Hikes Social Cost of Carbon, Changing How U.S. Tackles Global Warming 0221

Top Economists Warn U.S. Against Underestimating Climate Damage 0221 - Nobel laureate and former World Bank chief economist, author of 2006 Stern Review  (of climate costs) for Chancellor of Exchequer

A Tale of 2 Carbon Prices to Shape Biden’s Climate Policy 0221 - social cost of carbon (damages) or number to reach e.g. net zero by given date

London Hedge Funds Are Betting a $100 Carbon Price Is Almost Here 0221

The Social Cost of Carbon Could Reshape Our Climate Future 0121

EU Price on CO2 Pollution Hits Record High in Early 2021 - 0121

2020 Articles and earlier

Carbon Pricing Rises as World's Weapon of Choice in Climate Fight 1120

Trump Administration Undervalues Cost of Carbon by 7x 1120

A New Metric to Figure Out the Most Effective Ways to Cut Carbon 1020

Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Deliver? 0519

From Ruined Bridges to Dirty Air, EPA Scientists Price the Cost of Climate Change 0419

Charge €30 a Tonne for CO2 to Avoid Catastrophic 4°C Warming 1018

Carbon Prices Are Too Low to Reduce Emissions 0918

New EPA Document Has Sharply Lower Estimate of Climate Change Cost 1017

GM, Disney, Shell 1,200 Other Companies Taking Steps to Fight Climate Change 0917 - They use, or plan to soon, internal carbon prices.  Ones mentioned range from $5 to $40 / tonne of CO2.

Failure to Set Cost of Carbon Hampers Trump’s Effort to Expand Fossil Fuel Use 0817

World’s Young Face $535 Trillion Bill for Climate Change 0717

Sky-High Carbon Tax Needed to Avoid Climate Catastrophe, Say Expertsm 0517

What Does the Social Cost of Carbon Mean? 0417

Scientists Have a New Way to Calculate What Global Warming Costs 0117 - Disaggregate the effects and include omitted effects.  Use declining discount rates.

Climate Change May Be Doubted by Some, but Now It’s the Law 0816 - US Appeals Court OKs “Social Cost of Carbon”.

RGGI Carbon Auction Prices Fall 40% on Clean Power Plan Uncertainty 0716

Tough to Keep the World From Warming When Carbon Is This Cheap 0716

Carbon Pricing Schemes Double since 2012 in Climate Fight - World Bank 0915

Enormous Social Cost of Cheap Coal 0915

Coal Renaissance Means Switching to Plan B - Carbon Pricing and CO2 Removal 0715

Inaction on Climate Change Would Cost Billions, Major EPA Study Finds 0615

Global CO2 Pricing Seen Unlikely to Be Big Part of Paris Climate Deal 0615

In Stunning Reversal, ‘Big Oil’ Asks for World Carbon Price 0615
    Shadow carbon prices ($/ton of CO2 equivalent) by big oil companies in 2013 included $40 at BP and Shell, $60-80 (in 2030 & 2040) at ExxonMobil, $34 at France’s Total, and $6-45 at ConocoPhillips.  I don’t know the numbers for Chevron, Italy's Eni, Norway’s Statoil, or Britain's BG Group.

Carbon Pricing Letter from Oil Giants 0615

Price on Carbon Is Key to Canada Tackling Global Warming, Say Researchers 0415

Limiting Climate Change Could Have Huge Economic Benefits 0315

Fossil Fuels Are Way More Expensive Than You Think 0315

Shell & BP Call for Carbon Price & Financiers Divest from Fossil Fuels 0215
      Some oil companies use carbon prices of $60 and $80/ton as shadow prices in decision-making.

Social Cost of Carbon 6 Times Higher than Thought 0115 - cuts GNP growth, so next year starts from lower base

Oil Companies Quietly Prepare for a Future of Carbon Pricing 0914

Tax Carbon Emissions or Trade Them?  Economists Dig into the Problem 0914

At Least 150 Companies Prep for Carbon Prices 0914

Government Auditors Say 'Social Cost of Carbon' Is by the Book 0814

Court Ruling May Reverberate on ‘Social Cost’ of Carbon 0714

Climate Costs 'May Prove Much Higher’ 0414

Costs of Climate Change Steep, But Tough to Tally 0314

Microwave Oven Rule Shows Obama’s Climate Policies 0613

Rise in Carbon Costs Used to Analyze Rules 0613

Prices are per tonne of CO2 equivalent.

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