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From State of the Climate in 2021 - World Meteorlogical Organization, October 2021.


Satellites Show Climate Change Thinning Rivers, Erasing Glaciers 1122

As the 3rd Pole Melts, Climate Diplomacy Is Hard to Come By 1122

1/3 of Glaciers in World Heritage Sites to Disappear by 2050 - 1122

Battle of the Alps? Water Woes Loom amid Climate Change 1022

As Himalayan Glaciers Melt, a Water Crisis Looms in South Asia 1022

Swiss Glaciers See Worst Melt on Record, in Back-to-Back Heat Waves 0922

More Mountain Glacier Collapses Feared as Heat Waves Engulf Northern Hemisphere 0722

2nd Glacier Avalanche in a Week Shows Dangers of a Warming Climate 0722

Italian Alps Glacier Collapse Kills 6, amid Record Temperatures 0722

We Need Glaciers as Western Canada’s Best Friends against Climate Change 0622

Thin Glaciers Suggest Andes Faces ‘Peak Water' Sooner than Thought 0222

Water Supplies from Glaciers May Peak Sooner than Anticipated 0222

Earth’s Highest Glacier, on Mt. Everest, Is Losing Decades of Ice Each Year 0222

Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting at an Extraordinary Rate 1221 - 10 times faster in the past 4 decades than during the previous 7 centuries

Climate Change Making Canadian Rockies Lakes Lose Their Turquoise Color 0921

Glaciers All over the World Are Shrinking Fast 0621

In ‘Glacier Blood,’ Scientists See Possible Influence of Climate Change 0621

Meltwater Pulse 1A - Melting Ice Sheets Caused Sea Levels Rise Up to 18 Meters 0421

As Glaciers Disappear in Alaska, the Rest of the World’s Ice Follows 0521

Melting ice Threatens Glaciers in the Italian Alps 0521

World Will Lose 10% of Glacier Ice, Even if It Hits Climate Targets 0421

Alaska’s Muldrow Glacier on Denali Is Moving 100 Times Faster Than Normal 0421

Moraine Movement Governs Advance and Retreat of Tidewater Glaciers 0221

Rapidly Disappearing Tuni Glacier Raises Concerns for Bolivian Water Scarcity 0121

Melting Glaciers Are Filling Unstable Lakes. And They’re Growing. 0920

3rd Pole Thaw – China’s Glaciers in Retreat 1120

Ellesmere Island Ice Shelf Collapses in Canada 0820

Alpine Glaciers Shrank Nearly 20% Over the Past 2 Decades 0720

New Insights into Rapidly Retreating Andes Glaciers 0120

The World's Supply of Fresh Water Is in Trouble, as Mountain Ice Vanishes 1219

Amazon Fires ‘Quicken Andean Glacier Melt’ 1119 - drifting soot from fires darkens ice, hastening melt

Peruvian Glaciers Have Shrunk by 30% since 2000 - 1019

Mont Blanc Glacier Could Collapse at Any Moment 0919

Annual Assessment of North Cascades Glaciers Finds ‘Shocking Loss’ of Volume 0919

Heat Waves Amplify Near-Record Levels of Ice Melt in Northern Hemisphere 0819

Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting Twice as Fast as Late Last Century 0619

How Dust from Receding Glaciers Is Affecting the Climate 0619

Melting Glaciers Threaten Asia's Drought Buffer 0519

Climate Change May Wipe Out 90% of Glaciers in the Alps by 2100 - 0419

Earth’s Non-Polar Glaciers Melting Much Faster than Previously Thought 0419

Massive Glacier That Formed the Great Lakes Is Disappearing, due to Our CO2 - 0219 - Barnes ice cap on Baffin Island is all that remain of Laurentide glacier that covered Down, Chicago, New York.

1/3 of Himalayan Ice Cap Doomed by 2100 - 0219 if global warming is held to 1.5°C; more melting if warmer

North American Glaciers Melting Much Faster than 10 Years Ago 0119 - in British Columbia, Washington not so much

Then the Ice Melts - the Catastrophe of Vanishing Glaciers 0119

80% of Mountain Glaciers in Alberta, B.C., Yukon Will Disappear within 50 Years 1218

In Mount Everest Region, World's Highest Glaciers Are Melting, Receding 1118

Scientists Warn of Lower Water Supply due to Melting Glaciers after 2060 - 1118

Dry Lakes and Dust Storms at Yukon Glaciers Are Warning for Planet 1018

New Zealand's Melting Glaciers 0818

Climate Change Is Melting the French Alps, Say Mountaineers 0818

100s of Arctic Glaciers Shrinking, Disappearing into ‘City of Icebergs’ 0718

Himalayan Glaciers Are Wasting Away, Threatening Mountain Communities 0518

As Glaciers Melt, Tourism Dries Up in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca 0118

2017 Articles and earlier

In Peru’s Deserts, Melting Glaciers Are a Godsend (Until They’re Gone) 1117

Ganges under Threat from Climate Change 1017 - retreat of Gangtori glacier, Ganges headwaters

Limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C Could Save 2/3 of Asia’s Glacier Ice 0917

The Rockies' Largest Glaciers Are Melting with Little Fanfare 0917

Peru’s Flood of Problems 0817

World's “Highest" Village Runs Dry, as Warming Hits Himalayas 0817

Scientists Rescue Samples of Melting Bolivian Glacier for Posterity 0617

Going, Going ... Glacier National Park's Iconic Glaciers Are Melting Away 0517

To Save Shrinking Glaciers, Cover Them with Snow All Summer 0517

Climate Change Is Taking Big Bite Out of Alpine Glaciers 0417

Climate Climax in Nepal 0417

Climate Change is on Pace to Kill an Ice Age Remnant 0317

La Paz Adapts to a World without Water 0217 - Chacaltaya glacier “breathed its last” in 2009

As Arctic Warms, Canada's Glaciers Play Major Role in Sea Level Rise 0217 - esp. on islands in Arctic

Shrinking Mountain Glaciers Are ‘Categorical Evidence’ of Climate Change 1216

Bolivian Water Crisis as Glaciers Vanish 1116

Melting Glaciers in Bolivia Could Wash Away Towns 1016

How Air Pollution Is Causing the World’s ‘3rd Pole’ to Melt 0816

Crisis on High, in Tibet 0716

Retreating Glaciers a Sign of Alaska’s Major Meltdown 0716

As Glaciers Melt in Alaska, Landslides Follow 0716

95% of Glaciers on Tibetan Plateau Receded 0616

Climate Change Is Melting Everest’s Ice 0416

Rapid Melt Making Popular New Zealand Glaciers Too Dangerous to Hike 0316

El Niño Means Glaciers in the Andes Are Melting at Record Rates 0116

Chinese Glacier's Retreat Signals Trouble for Asian Water Supply 1215

Lakes Expanding 'Dangerously' in Everest Glacier 1115

Central Asia's Glaciers Are Quickly Shrinking 0815

Speed of Worldwide Glacier Retreat Is Unprecedented 0815

Alaska’s Glaciers Now Lose 75 Billion Tons of Ice per Year = 1/2 of Antarctic Loss 0615

Climate Change Could Shrink Mount Everest’s Glaciers by 70% - 0515

How Western Canada Glaciers Will Melt Away 0415

Goodbye, Glaciers? 0415

On Kilimanjaro - 'We Were Climbing Ice That Isn’t Going to Be There Next Week' 0115

Peru's Melting Glaciers a Deadly Threat, as Temperatures Rise 1214

Melting of Andes Glaciers Threatens Andean Countries 1214

Andes Glaciers, Ailing Giants Hit by Climate Change 1214 - some overlap with article above

Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park 1114

What Climate Change Means for a Land of Glaciers 1114 - North Cascades

Alaska in 2013 - Kenai’s Icefield Lost 28 Vertical Feet; Exit Glacier Retreated 187 Feet - 1014

Humans Seen as Biggest Force Behind Glacier Meltdown 0814

Nepal Clacier Change Analysis 0514 - PDF, 100 pp

As Mountain Snow Fails and Glaciers Melt, Pakistan Faces Water Threats 0514

Global Warming Fragments Himalayan Glaciers- 29% Ice Loss in 30 Years 0514

Sentinel Satellite Spies Ice Cap Speed-Up 0514

Alaska's ‘Ice-Quake' Record Could Shake Up Climate Science 0514

Snowpack, Ice Cover Shrinking on Rocky Mountains, Everest 0513

Melting Mountain Glaciers Account for 1/3 of Sea Level Rise 0513 

Andes Tropical Glaciers Going Fast 0413 

1,600 Years of Ice in Andes Melted in 25 Years 0413 

Himalayan Glaciers Shrinking, Aided by Black Carbon 0313 

Glacier Meltwater Catastrophes Are Forming High in the Andes 0313 

Massive Melting of Andes Glaciers 0113 

Melting in Peru's Andes 1112

Patagonian Glaciers Melt Rate Accelerates 0912

Himalayan Glaciers Grow in West, Shrink Elsewhere 0812 

World Glaciers to Shrink 40% More if Warming Stops Now 0412

Some Asian Glaciers Adding Mass 0412

French Glaciers in Retreat 1211 

China Glaciers in Drastic Retreat 1011 

Soot Outdoes CO2 Melting Himalayan Ice 0311 

Glaciers Largely Stable in Karakoram Range of Himalayas 0111 

Indonesian Glaciers Dying 0710 

Asia's Water Towers 0610

Uganda's Rwenzori Ice Cap Splits After Shrinking 0510 

US' Glacier National Park Loses 2 More Glaciers 0410 

Vanishing Glaciers Plague Bolivia 1209 

Are Himalayan Glaciers Retreating? 1109 

Kilimanjaro Snows Gone by 2022 1109 

Glaciers Melt Fastest in 5,000 Year Record 0308 

Baffin Ice Cut 50% in 50 Years 0208

Canadian Glaciers Face Big Losses 0313  Athabaska Glacier retreat over 86 years

Combined Regions

    Cold icemelt from Antarctica spreads out along the ocean surface.  That prevents the vertical mixing (warmer water to the top) there that has driven the great ocean circulation.  In Antarctica, the warmer water below the ice eats away at placiers from underneath.  Cold icemelt from Greenland leads to shutdown of the Atlantic overturning circulation.
    Ice losses from Greenland and Antartica grow, modelled as exponentially, with doubling times of 10, 20, or 40 years.  Sea level rises non-linearly, 5-9 meters over 50 to 150 years.  This is simlar to what happened 120,000 years ago, when sea levels rose from 3-4 meters higher than today to about 9 meters higher, including 2-3 meters within several decades.  (For perspective, the sea level range (maximum - minimum) over the recent ice ages was about 125 meters.)

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