UK 2020, from Stern Review.  0-9 MT of carbon across, £ / Tonne of carbon down

Levelized costs of electricity resource options

     Source: Energy efficiency data represent the results of this analysis for utility program costs (range of four-year averages for 2009-2012).

     Supply costs are from Lazard 2013.  Solar costs have since fallen a good bit.

Breakthroughs Are Helping Even Cement and Steel Go Electric 1022

Making Steel without Damaging the Climate 0622

Microsoft, Salesforce Add $300 Million to Carbon Removal’s Growing Cash Pile 0522

These Scientists Are Working on Carbon-Free Cement 0422

Lower-CO2 Nature-Friendly Concrete Better Defends Coasts from Rising Seas 0322

Engineered Bacteria Eat CO2, Release Valuable Carbon-Negative Acetone and Isopropyl 0322

Startup Promises Green Steel by 2025 as Decarbonization Race Heats Up 0222

Steelmaker SSAB Plans to Cut Carbon Far Faster than Before 0122

Steel’s Path to Go Green Will Cost Industry Up to $278 Billion 1121

Biggest South African Cement Firm Sets 2050 Net Zero Target 1121

The Sustainable Industrial Revolution Is Just Getting Started 1121 - emphasis on motors and steel

Canadian Steelmakers Embrace ‘Green Steel' as Carbon Taxes Set to Rise 1121

Baowu, World’s Top Steelmaker Outlines 6-Point Plan to Cut Emissions 1121

Greening Production at the World's Biggest Brick-maker Yields Record Profit 1121

EU-US Steel Trade Pact Is Surprisingly Important 1121 - US steel is much less carbon-intensive than China’s.  With EU carbon price, this means EU will import more steel from US and less dirty steel from China.  However, China is EU’s largest trading partner.  MOre on Nordhaus’ climate club.

Material Thinner than Human Hair Could Slash Carbon Emissions 1121 - good for ultra-thin membrane, for separating gases.  This is very useful, and cheaper, for making notably electricity, steel, and glass.

It’s Not as Carbon-Hungry’ - UK’s Largest Sunlit Vertical Farm Begins Harvest 1021

Cement Makers across World Pledge Large Cut in Emissions by 2030 - 1021

Concrete Needs to Lose Its Colossal Carbon Footprint 1021 - Use green electricity for process heat, capture process CO2from smokestack and pump it back into concrete - for better stength and long-term storage -  and use slag from iron & steel production or unused fly ash.

Sweden's HYBRIT Delivers World's 1st Fossil-Free Steel 0821

A Techno-Economic Analysis of Carbon Capture Options in industry 0721
    Harmonization results indicate that CO2 mitigation potentials vary for each sub-sector, resulting in reductions of 1.4–2.7 t CO2/tonne (t) of steel (77%–149%), 0.7 t CO2/t cement (92%), 0.2 t CO2/t crude oil (68%), 1.9 t CO2/t pulp (1663%–2548%), and 34.9 t CO2/t H2 (313%).

Can Industry Decarbonize Steelmaking? 0621

A New Study Shows Getting to Net-Zero Emissions Is Doable.  Here’s How. 0521 - Electrify everything, including industrial processes.  Make electricity carbon-free.

How the Global Steel Industry Is Cutting Out Coal 0521 - Replace a blast furnace with an electric arc (or natural gas) furnace.  Use hydrogen instead of carbon to separate iron from its ore.  Recycle more steel.

Why Renewable Electricity Powers Decarbonization — and Pays Off 0421 - heat pumps, induction cooking, electric machines in industry (led by cement and steel) replacing heat from fossil fuels, electric vehicles, etc.

Manufacturers Are Now Providing Data for Buying Climate-Friendly Refrigerators 0421

World’s 1st Fossil-Free Steel-Making Starts in Northern Sweden 0920

These Are the Toughest Emissions to Cut, a Big Chunk of the Climate Problem 0618 unduly pessimistic view?

Carbon-less Anode Could Be Aluminum Smelting’s Biggest Advance in 130 Years 0518

New Membrane Could Save $2 Billion a Year for U.S. Industries 0816

Power Plants Are No longer Biggest US Climate Problem.  Transportation Is. 0616 Buildings and factories are a close #3.

Scientists Take Step Toward Revolutionary Coolant ...  Using Outer Space? 1114

Power Demand from US Homes Falling 0911

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