US Politicians


House Republicans to Introduce Climate Change Strategy with Eye on Mid-Terms 0622

Whitehouse, Coons Introduce Act to Accelerate CO2 Removal 0522

Tonko, Peters Introduce CO2 Removal Legislation 0422

Manchin Eyes Tax on Carbon-Intensive Imports in Energy Package 0522

Senators Plead with Biden for Quick End to Solar Trade Probe 0522

Manchin Explores Possibility of Energy, Climate Package With GOP 0422

Manchin Suggests He’s Ready to Start Talks on Climate, Tax Bill 0322

Carbon Capture Takes Center Stage 0322

The U.S. Political Window Is Closing on Climate Change 0322

U.S. Is Learning That Renewable Energy Is ‘Safer’ - Sen. Whitehouse 0322

Here’s the Price Tag for 100% EVs for the Postal Service 0122

The Climate Policy Effects of Manchin's “No" on Build Back Better 1221 - The package contained more than $300 billion in tax incentives for electric vehicles, clean energy deployment, and other measures to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Lawmakers Demand Oil and Gas Firms Divulge Methane Leak Data 1221

Oil Companies Could Make Billions from Carbon Capture & Storage Tax Break 1221

$1.2 Trillion US Infrastructure Bill Passes, Funds Transmission, Hydrogen, EVs 1121

GOP Green Groups Want Climate Action, but Not Reconciliation 1121

Biden’s Clean Electricity Program Could Be Dropped from Spending Bill 1021

Top Democrats, White House Agree to Boost Carbon Capture Credit in Budget Bill 1021

Democrats’ Red Line for Manchin - No Climate Cuts 1021

Manchin Raises Red Flag on Carbon Tax 0921

Methane Crackdown Could Threaten U.S. Driller Profits, Citi Says 0921 - $1,680 / ton of methane is proposed

Politics of the World’s Urgently Needed Methane Emission Cuts Aren’t Simple 0821

Amid Extreme Weather, a Shift among Republicans on Climate Change 0821

The Infrastructure Deal Is NOT Not a Climate Bill 0821

Democrats Push Sweeping Climate Legislation amid a Scorching Summer 0721

House Votes to Reinstate Obama Methane Leak Rule for Oil, Gas Wells 0621

Growing Number of Republicans Are Working to Address Climate Change 0621

Manchin Floats Big Energy Proposals as Talks Ramp Up 0621

Republicans to Unveil a GOP-Only Climate Caucus 0621

Rare Climate Bipartisanship Emerges on Carbon Storage, Air Capture 0521

Senate Votes to Restore Obama’s Limits on Oil & Gas’ Methane Emissions 0421

Congressional Democrats Aim to Reinstate Methane Rules for Oil and Gas Wells 0321

Durbin Introduces Bill to Invest in a Clean Climate Future and Spur Job Creation 0321

House Energy and Commerce Leaders Unveil Sweeping Climate Change Bill 0321

How Republicans Are Responding to Biden on Climate, in Public and in Private 0221

Senator Romney Supports Carbon Fee and Dividend 0221

Charting a Path towards Net-Zero - US Leadership in CO2 Removal Is Important 0221 - several bills

Carbon Capture Coalition Statement on the Reintroduction of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act 0221 - direct pay of the 45Q tax credit for CO2 removal

Senate Democrats Eye Quick Repeal of Trump Rules 0121

The tax credit awarded companies for CO2 captured and durably stored was raised from $50 to $180 per tonne.  For CO2 captured and utilized (concrete, carbonation, oil extraction, etc.), the increase was from $35 to $130 per tonne.  Minimum capture to claim the credits is reduced to 1,000 tonnes / year.  Smaller projects can receive direct pay for the full value of the credits for the projects 1st 5 years.  Also, the deadline to build eligibale facilities ws extended 7 years.  The Act also provides $2.15 billion for low-carbon buildings and use of low-carbon materials.  This benefits companies such as CarbonCure and CarbonBuilt,which incorporate captured CO2 into building materials.

2017-2020 Articles

Stimulus Deal Includes Raft of Provisions to Fight Climate Change 1220

New Stimulus Bill Includes $35.2 Billion for New Energy Initiatives 1220

Ways & Means’ Neal Eyes Massive Covid Relief, Climate, Infrastructure Package 1120

Georgia Senator Dismisses Climate Change as a Hoax 1120

Lindsey Graham's Climate Record at Issue as Race Tightens 1020

In Colorado, Where Climate Matters, Hickenlooper Poised to Unseat Senator Gardner 0920

Climate is a Big Deal in Record Hot Arizona, but It May Not Sway Senate Voters 0920

Trump's Climate Denials Worry Republicans 0920

In Kansas, a Democratic Climate Hawk Closes in on a Republican Climate Skeptic 0920

Senators Agree to Slash Use of Potent Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gases 0920

Senate 2020 - Iowa Farmers Are Feeling the Effects of Climate Change.  That Could Make Things Harder for Joni Ernst 0920

Democratic Party’s Draft Policy Platform and the Potential Role of CO2 Removal Technologies to Combat Climate Change 0820

Citizens Climate Lobby Review of the House Select Committee Majority Staff Report - Solving the Climate Crisis 0720

Democrats Are Getting Ready to Govern Responsibly on Climate Change 0720

Review of the House Select Committee Majority Staff Report - Solving the Climate Crisis - by Citizens Climate Lobby 0720

House Democrats’ Ambitious Climate Package Steers toward a Net-Zero Economy by 2050 - 0720 -  100% carbon-free  electricity by 2040, net-zero new buildings by 2030, zero-emission cars by 2035 and trucks by 2040, solar & wind tax credits for 5 more years, etc.

House Democrats Will Call for 100% Clean Cars by 2035 - 0620

2 GOP and 2 Democrat Senators Back Bill to Cut Emissions from Farms 0620

U.S. Senators Unveil Bill to Support Renewable and Nuclear Power, Efficiency 0220 - from the Energy Committee.  It supports wind and solar power, energy efficiency 9but not new building codes), advanced batteries, and building facilities to capture carbon emissions at power plants and from the air, for storage underground

House Dems Propose $760 Billion for Climate-Friendly Initiatives 0120

House Democrats Tee Up Sweeping Climate Bill 0120 - non-carbon portfolio standard for electricity (to 100% by 2050), higher mpg for vehicles, tougher restrictions on methane releases, climate bank to fund emission reductions

Congressional Leaders at UN Climate Summit- ‘We’re Still In’ 1219

In Florida and Elsewhere, GOP Pressured over Climate Change 1119

Democrats' Daunting Task - Multiple Climate Bills 1119

Bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus Grows to 8 Members 1119 - GOP: Braun, Graham, Murkowski, Romney; Dem: Coons, Bennett, Shaheen; I - King; later Rubio of GOP

Senators on Climate Change - “We Look a Bit like Neanderthals” 1119 - Mitt Romney quote

Former Exxon Scientists Tell Congress of Its Climate Research before Exxon Turned to Denial 1019

A Republican and Democrat Form a Climate Caucus.  What Can They Get Done? 1019

Why Democrats Forced a Failed Climate Vote in the Senate 1019

Sen. Mike Braun Aims to Bring GOP 'in the Game' with Bipartisan Climate Caucus 0919

The Green New Deal Is Cheaper than Climate Change 0919

Some in GOP Take New Tone on Climate Change, Mostly behind Closed Doors 0819

Mitt Romney - Climate Change Is Happening, Humans a Significant Contributor 0819

Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear 0819

Cory Booker Wants to Pay Many More Farmers to Practice Carbon Farming 0819

Florida GOP Rep Seeks Carbon Tax to Reduce Pollution 0719

House Democrats Offer an Alternative to the Green New Deal 0719

US Senators Target 50% Renewable Electricity by 2035, Zero-Carbon by 2050 - 0619

Car Makers Battle Oil & Gas Industry for Electric Vehicle Tax Credits 0619

Climate Change Could Harm Your Wealth and Health, Warns Key Democrat 0619

These Senators Are Going after the Biggest Climate Villains in Washington 0619

Did Senate Republicans Just Get Serious about Agriculture and Climate Change? 0519

U.S. House Tax Panel Mulls Carbon Fee at 1st Climate Hearing in 12 Years 0519

In a Switch, Some Republicans Cite Climate Change as Driving Their Policies 0419

Idaho GOP Rep. Mike Simpson - I’ll Fight Climate Change if I Want to 0519

House Passes Bill to Force U.S. to Stay in Paris Climate Agreement 0519

GOP Ready to ‘Cross the Rubicon' on Climate — Sen. Graham 0419

Climate Change Looms over Trump Infrastructure Meeting with Democrats 0419

Senate Democrats Form Special Committee on Climate Change 0319

Republicans Ignore Trump as He Undermines Them on Climate 0319

Romney Helps GOP Look for New Path on Climate Change 0319

Solving Climate Change the American Way 0319 - op ed by by former Congressman John Delaney (D-MD)

Murkowski, Manchin Call for ‘Responsible Solutions' to Climate Change 0319

Senate Democrats introduce 'Green New Deal' Alternative 0219

Some GOP Lawmakers Are Thawing on Climate Change 0219

Carbon Capture Gets Another Boost from Washington 0219

Massachusetts GOP Gov. Baker Urges Congress to Address Climate Change 0219

What Green New Deal Is and What It Means for Climate Change 0219

Carbon Tax Backers Grapple with 'Green New Deal' 0119

Bipartisan Bill Taxes CO2 and Gives the Money Back to You 1118 - 5 sponsors in the US House.  Up to 10 (3 GOP) by the time Senators Flake and Coons introduce an almost identical bill in the Senate in December.

Climate Is Changing - Cut Carbon by Innovation - Sen. Barasso (GOP), Wyoming 1218

Once Democrats Take Charge of the House, Addressing Climate Change Will Become Top Priority Again 1118

Nebraska Sen. Sasse Says Conversation Needed on Climate Change Solutions 1118

A Democrat Ran on Climate Change in a Republican Stronghold—and Won 1118

Science Candidates Prevail in US Mid-Term Elections 1118

Some Republicans in Close Races Change Their Climate Change Tunes, Slightly 1118

Environmental Concerns Threaten to Upend Florida Elections 1018

Democrats Go All-in on Clean Energy 1018

NC Republicans Move from ‘No’ to a ‘Reality’ on Climate Change 1018

America Spends over $20 Billion per Year on Fossil Fuel Subsidies 0718 

GOP Lawmaker Proposes Carbon Tax 0718

Climate Change Is Finally Getting Political Cred with Republicans 0718

Republicans Are Finally Talking About a Carbon Tax.  Not in a Good Way. 0718

House Republican Will Introduce $23 Carbon Tax Next Week 0718

3 More Republicans Join Climate Change Caucus 0518 - House caucus now at 39 GOP and 39 Democrats.
    October update: now 45 and 45.

Bipartisan Bill Would Authorize U.S. EPA to Ratchet Down HFCs 0218

GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski Says It’s Time to Take Climate Change Seriously 0218

106 Lawmakers Urge Trump to Restore Climate Change in National Security Strategy 0118

A Bunch of House Republicans Accept Warming.  Is It Real? 0118

Murkowski Introduces Bill to Study Ocean Acidification 1217

U.S. Renewable Energy Industry Relieved, as Republicans Keep Tax Credits 1217

Doug Jones’ Win Breaks Alabama’s Record of Electing Climate Change Deniers 1217

Tax Reform Losers, from Biofuels to Coal, to Get 2nd Chance 1217

Alaska’s Senator Murkowski Wants to Fight Climate Change and Drill for Oil Too 1117

GAO Report Calls on Trump to Act on Climate Change 1017

Friendly Policies Keep US Oil and Coal Afloat Far More than We Thought 1017

McCain Resumes His Quest for Climate Change Action 0917

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham Endorses 'Price on Carbon' to Fight Climate Change 0917

After Hurricanes, Climate Change Resurfaces in Washington 0917

U.S. House Votes to Block Climate Rules, Using Critical Budget Bill 0917

More GOP Lawmakers Bucking Their Party on Climate Change 0817

How Congress Is Cementing Trump's Anti-Climate Orders into Law 0717

9 Reasons Global Warming Is Great, According to a Texas Republican 0717

Mr. Smith Goes to Greenland 0717

House Republicans OK Measure Asking Military to Study Climate Change 0617

Congress to Pruitt - We’re Not Cutting EPA Budget to Trump’s Levels 0617

GOP Congressman Is Forging Ahead on Climate Action 0617

Senate Keeps an Obama-Era Methane Control Rule 0517

Modest Climate Change Bill Draws Sponsors From Both Sides of the Aisle 0517

EPA, Clean Energy Spared Trump's Ax in $1.1 Trillion Budget Deal 0517

100% Clean Energy Bill Launched by Senators to Phase Out Fossil Fuels by 2050 - 0417

Congressional Republicans Who Care about Climate Change End Denial 0417 - In House, 19 GOP & 19 Dems in Climate Solutions Caucus.  Also, 17 GOP Reps make resolution for meaningful and responsible action on clilmate change.
    Update, 23 of each GOP & Dems by June 17, 2017.

This Time, Congress Is Not Helping Trump Destroy the Planet - Methane Regs 0417

Republican Green Groups Seek to Temper Trump on Climate Change 0317

17 US House Republicans Back Resolution Urging Action on Warming 0317

Crowd Boos as Virginia Lawmaker Says 'Rich People' Like Clean Air 0217

Trump Plan to Scrap Paris Climate Change Pact Faces Skepticism from Corporations, GOP Moderates 0217

Bernie Sanders to Scott Pruitt - ‘Why is the climate changing?’ 0117

2016 Articles and earlier

Eyeing Democratic Majority, Senators Rethink Climate Strategy 0816

Conservative to Fund Republicans Who Back Climate Change Action 0616

Clean Energy Group Backs Republican in Florida Race 0616

Why the GOP Is Trying to Stop the Pentagon's Climate Plan 0616

House Backs Symbolic Measures to Oppose Oil Fee, Carbon Tax 0616

Supporters Laud 'Momentum' for Carbon Tax, despite House Vote 0616

What Charles Koch Really Thinks about Climate Change 0616

Congressional Budget Office Warns of Climate Change's Budget Impact 0616

These Republican Lawmakers Turn to Climate Action to Help Keep Their Seats 0416

Republicans Still Hunting a Way Forward on Landmark Climate Deal 0116

Experts Predict Renewable Investment Boom, as Congress Renews Tax Credits 1215

Paris Climate Accord Is a Big, Big Deal (2.8¢/kWh Wind & 4.2¢ Solar) 1215 - GOP stands alone worldwide in denialism.

Wind & Solar Tax Credits to Continue 5 Years, Crude Oil Export Ban to End 1215

U.S. Senators Vow to Block Climate Aid, Scrutinize Paris Deal 1115

Congressmen Call on SEC to Investigate Exxon's Climate Disclosures 1115

Ayotte Leads New Senate Republican Energy & Environment Working Group 1015

GOP Moves to Block Power Plant Plan 1015

Bringing Republicans to the Climate Change Table 1015

Changed Climate In Washington 0915

Pope's Climate Push Hits Wall in Congress 0915

Bipartisan Bill Would Reduce US Greenhouse Gases Causing 40% of Global Warming 0915

Key to Politically Appropriate Climate Policy Is Not Cost; It's Lobbying 0915

Senate Democrats’ Climate Change Bill Aimed Not at Success Now, but in 2016 - 0915

Republicans Break Ranks with GOP Leaders in Call for Climate Change Action 0915

Conservation Groups' Ad Campaign Targets 4 GOP Senators 0915

Giant Coal Company Bankruptcy Reveals Secret Ties to Climate Denial, GOP Dark Money Groups 0815

GOP Needs Alternative Climate Policy 0815

New Mexico Dems Call for Tough New Methane Rule 0715

GOP Senators Vow to Block U.S. from Complying with Global Climate Deal 0715

Republican Senator Wants Schools to Teach Natural Causes of Climate Change 0715

GOP Uses Spending Bills to Move against EPA Rules 0615

In Trade Debate, Climate Concerns Roar Back to House Floor 0615

Paul Ryan Adds Amendment to Trade Bill to Block Climate Deals 0615

GOP Pledges to ‘Rein In' Obama on EPA Rules, Global Warming 0515

Senators Challenge FEMA Requiring State Climate Change Plans for Disaster Relief 0515

Inhofe Staff Quashes Rumors of Senator Inhofe's Change of Heart 0415

Constituents Worry More about Climate Change than Their GOP Senators Do 0415

EPA Blasts GOP’s Bill to Change Climate Rule 0415

Republicans Warn World That Obama CO2 Cuts Plan Could Be Undone 0315

Republicans Seek to Push Climate Change off National Security Agenda 0315

NASA Chief to Sen. Cruz - We Can’t Get to Space if Cape Kennedy Is Under Water. 0315

12-Year-Olds Are Schooling Republican Senators on Climate Change 0315

Keystone Veto Override Fails 0315

Could a Failed Keystone XL Amendment Upend the Paris Climate Talks? 0215

House Passes Keystone Bill, Despite Obama’s Opposition 0215

15 Republican Senators Vote Humans Play Some Role in Climate Change 0215

Senate Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill Despite Obama Veto Promise 0115

House Panel Agrees to Prioritize Climate Change 0115

Denial of Senate 0115

5 GOP Science ‘Believers' in the New Congress 0115

In 83 Speeches, Senator Whitehouse Pushes for Climate Change Action 1214

Drought, Heat and Ice - 2015 Could Be Tipping Point on Climate 1214

How Congress Snuck Changes to US Environmental Policy into New Budget Bill 1214

GOP Gains Put Nuclear Power Back on the Table 1214

House Republican Plans to Introduce Pro-Climate-Science Bill 1214

Senate Defeats Bill on Keystone XL Pipeline in Narrow Vote 1114

Trading Oil for Coal 1114

Republican Wave Unlikely to Wash Away Obama's Major Rules 1114

GOP Election Rout Delivers Blow to U.S. Leadership Role on Climate Change 1114

Republican Mid-Term Gains Endanger Environmental Progress 1114

Keystone Approval Sought by Republicans Daring Obama Veto 1114

Scott Brown Denies That Man-Made Climate Change Is Scientifically Proven 0814

Many Republicans Privately Support Action On Climate 0814

On Climate Change, Democrats Appeal to GOP’s Fiscal Conservatism 0814

GOP Rejects Grim White House Climate Change Report 0514

Filibuster Change Clears Path for Obama Climate Regulations 1113

A 2015 Climate Treaty?  Don't Bother, Congress Says 1113

Backers Begin Multi-Pronged Push for Draft Bill Limiting EPA Rules 1013

Federal Boost for Farms' Renewable Energy in Doubt 1013

White House 'War on Coal' Is No Slam Dunk for GOP in 2014 - 0913

Evangelical Scientists' Letter to Congress on Climate Change 0713

House GOP Plans Mega-Hearing on Climate Change 0813

Top 10 States in Federal Disaster Aid Elect Climate Deniers to Congress 0813

Rep. Dingell to Obama: Clean Air Act Isn't Right for Greenhouse Gas Rules 0813 

House Votes to Thwart EPA Move on ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ 0813 

Congress’ Climate Skeptics Could Snarl GOP’s Strategy 0713 

Democrats’ Recess Game Plan: Push Climate Message 0713 

‘Social Cost of Carbon’ Battle Hits House Floor 0713 

Republicans Propose Limiting Obama Climate Plan in Budget 0713 

House Republicans Ready Attack on Obama's ‘Social Cost of Carbon’ 0713 

Boehner Slams "Absolutely Crazy" Obama Climate Plan 0613

Moderate Democrats, Facing Hard Midterms, Treat Climate Plan Carefully 0613

Rand Paul Preaches Sustainability 0513

Former Republican Climate Change Leaders Steer Clear of the Issue 0313

Republican Climate Skeptics Face Uphill Re-Election 1012

Sen. Alexander on Climate Change 1009

House Global Warming Bill 0608

Courts, semi-judicial agencies, etc.

The Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling Is Going to Be Very, Very Expensive 0622

Supreme Court Limits EPA’s Power to Combat Climate Change 0622

FERC 1st-Ready, 1st-Served Interconnection Rules Spur New Generation, Storage 0622

Supreme Court Allows Greenhouse Gas Cost Estimates 0522

Exxon Must Go to Trial over Alleged Climate Crimes, Court Rules 0522

Fossil Fuels vs Our Future - Young Montanans Wage Historic Climate Fight 0322

FERC to Consider Greenhouse Gas Emissions, EJ for New Natural Gas Pipelines 0322

Appellate Court Rules Biden Can Consider Climate Damage in Policy-Making 0322

FERC to Consider Climate Change in Assessing New Pipelines 0222

Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil Lease Plan Voided by U.S. Judge 0122

It Will Take More than Biden’s Economic Plan to Meet Climate Goal 1221

Supreme Court to Review EPA's Ability to Regulate Greenhouse Gases 1021

Big Oil Is Going All-Out to Fight Climate Rules in Build Back Better 1021

Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill 1021

Judge Scraps Red State Lawsuit over Biden Carbon Metric 0821

How the U.S. Could Slash Climate Pollution by 2030 - 0821

Court Blocks a Vast Alaskan Drilling Project, Citing Climate Dangers 0821

With Global Warming Getting Worse, Urgent Action Is Needed - Scientists 0821

Federal Judge Says Biden Cannot Pause New Leases for Drilling on Public Lands 0621

FERC Makes Major Shift on Pipeline CO2 Emissions 0321

Biden Administration Wants Financial Sector to Face Up to Climate Risk 0321

Judge Rules Montana Coal Mine's Climate Costs Matter 0221

Charting a Path towards Net-Zero - US Leadership in CO2 Removal Is Important 0221 - several bills

Carbon Capture Coalition Statement on the Reintroduction of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act 0221 - direct pay of the 45Q tax credit for CO2 removal

Court Voids a ‘Tortured’ Trump Climate Rollback 0121

Fed Creates Climate Committee - ‘Enormously Big Deal’ 0121

FERC Takes ‘Landmark Action' on Carbon Pricing 1020

Conservative Utah Leaders Voice Support for Climate Action 1020

Trump Can’t Weaken California’s Carbon Market, Federal Judge Rules 0720

Court Strikes Down Trump Administration's Methane Rollback 0720

9th Circuit Throws Out Youth Climate Case 0120 - Majority said plaintiffs must make case to political braches and electorate.  Dissent said "It is as if an asteroid were barreling toward Earth and the government decided to shut down our only defenses.  Seeking to quash this suit, the government bluntly insists that it has the absolute and unreviewable power to destroy the Nation."

What Does Climate Change Have to Do with Socialism? 0819 - Koch brothers and some libertarians see climate change as an excuse, a liberal plot to enlarge government.  It also hurts their bottom lines, as they made (and make) their money from fossil fuels.

Lawsuit Moves Forward Saying ExxonMobil Ignored Climate Change Risks 0519

Trump’s FERC Chairman - Climate Change Is Real.  We Must Cut CO2 Emissions. 0419

US Judge Halts 100s of Drilling Projects in Key New Climate Change Ruling 0319

Kansas State University to Get Half of Campus Energy from Wind Farm 1118

Supreme Court Won't Block Children's Climate Change Lawsuit 1118

U.S. Government, but Not Trump, Can Be Sued over Climate - Judge 1018

Former Trump Adviser Opens GOP Climate Shop 0718 - GOP needs a policy to fight climate change.

US Judge Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuits against Big Oil 0618

There's No Power Grid Emergency Requiring a Coal Bailout, FERC Regulators Say Unanimously 0618

Judge to EPA - You Are Legally Required to Turn Over Pruitt's Documentary Evidence for Climate Denial 0618

Wyoming Judge Rules Oil and Gas Firms Need Not Comply with Methane Emissions Rule 0418

Pennsylvania Superior Court Rules that Fracking Natural Gas from a Neighboring Property Is Trespassing 0418

U.S. Judge Dismisses Exxon Lawsuit to Stop Climate Change Probes 0318

Judge - Trump Admin. Must Consider Climate Change in Major Drilling and Mining Lease Plan 0318

Climate Science on Trial as High-Profile US Case Takes On Fossil Fuel Industry 0318

Trump Administration Just Failed to Stop a Climate Lawsuit by 21 Kids 0318

Michael Bloomberg Says President Trump Can Be a 'Great Leader' if He Accepts Climate Deal 0318

Former Trump Aide Calls Paris Climate Accord ‘a Good Republican Agreement’ 0218

Environmental Activists Are Suing Governments over Climate Change and Winning 0218

Judge Orders Trump’s DoE to Implement Climate-Change Rules for Appliances 0218

Federal Regulators Reject Trump Coal Rescue Plan 0118

Organizations and Businesses Ask Congress for 100% Renewable Energy Goal 1217

Bipartisan Group of 8 Former FERC Commissioners Rejects Energy Secretary’s Bid to Help Coal Plants 1017

Obama Environmental Chief Says Trump Rollbacks Won't Wash 1017

Court Tosses Obama-Era HFC Climate Rule That Trump Had Defended 0817

Court Tells EPA to Enforce Obama Methane Pollution Rule 0717

Court Rejects Trump Administration Move to Delay Methane Regulation 0717

'Bring on More Renewables,’ Departing FERC Regulator Says, as Grid Study Looms 0617

California, New York et al. Just Sued to Protect Obama’s Final Energy Rules 0617

Weather Channel Site Goes Apocalyptic after Trump Paris Accord Speech 0617

Greens Sue Trump for Delaying Obama Methane Rule 0617

EPA Should Not Be Allowed to Dodge Clean Power Plan Ruling, Cities and States Tell Court 0417

Donald Trump Makes Top Republican Fear Environmental Future 0117

A Trump Team Member Just Compared Climate Science to Flat-Earth Theory 1216

The Climate Myths Guiding Trump’s EPA Team 1216

Leaked Transition Team Memo Outlines Trump’s Catastrophic Energy Agenda 1216

Gore Says U.S. Climate Curbs on Track, Hopes Trump Will Surprise 1216

Military Leaders Urge Trump to See Climate as a Security Threat 1116

EPA Emerges from Clean Power Plan Court Hearing with the Edge 0916

Scientists Know Climate Change Is a Threat.  Politicians Need to Realize It, Too. 0916

Military Experts Say Climate Change Poses 'Significant Risk' to Security 0916

Climate Change May Be Doubted by Some, but Now It’s the Law 0816

Here’s What a Conservative Climate-Action Agenda Would Look Like 0716

Science Organizations Again Urge Congress to Take Climate Change Seriously 0616

450 Groups Urge Congress to Reject TPP over Environmental Concerns 0616

Supreme Court Refuses to Block EPA’s Controls on Toxic Mercury 0316

What Scalia’s Death Means For Climate Change 0216

US Chamber of Commerce Official - Businesses Will Flee Climate Deal 0216

Ethanol Mandate, a Boon to Iowa Alone, Faces Rising Resistance 0116

Supreme Court Backs FERC in Demand Response Power Saving Rule 0116

These Arguments Convinced a Libertarian to Support Aggressive Climate Action 0515

What Do Conservative Policy Intellectuals Think about Climate Change? 0515

More & More Conservative Thinkers Back Carbon Tax.  Will Politicians Follow? 0515

Why the Koch Brothers’ War against Clean Energy Is Still Failing 0515

Latest Climate Change Battle May Center on Food Pyramid 0115

McKibben Steps Down as Head of Climate Group 1214

George Shultz Defies GOP in Embrace of Climate Adaptation 1214

Climate Change Is Priority for Black and Hispanic Voters 1114

Republican EPA Chiefs to Congress - Act on Climate 0614

Tom Steyer Starts Big-Spending Plan to Defeat Climate-Denier Candidates 0514

Approving Keystone XL Could Be Biggest Mistake of Obama Presidency - Mann 0114

Tea Party’s Green Faction Fights for Solar in Red States 1113

Tea Party Republicans Are Biggest Climate Change Deniers, Pew Poll Finds 1113

Kerry Tells Pacific Island States Climate Science Is Alarming and Irrefutable 0913

Gravity exists.  The Earth is round.  Climate change is happening 0813

Republican Case for Climate Action 0813 - op-ed by 4 EPA Administrators for Republican Presidents

Old Secretary of State George Schulz on Climate Change 0713

Carbon Program Backlash in Australia, EU Bode Ill for US Climate Change Efforts 0713

Young Conservative Climate Campaign Launched in Midwest 0713

Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change 0513

On Climate, GOP Turns from Concern to Denial 0413

Gore Blasts Obama for Caving in to Carbon Lobby 0611


Biden Announces Major Aid Package to Help Egypt Transition to Clean Energy 1122

Biden Orders Emergency Steps to Boost U.S. Solar Production 0622

Biden Plans Solar Manufacturing Push to End Project Slowdown 0622

Biden Signs Earth Day Order to Protect Old-Growth Forests 0422

Biden Restores Climate to Landmark Environmental Law, Reversing Trump 0422

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Renewables 0422

Biden Orders Federal Vehicles and Buildings to Use Renewable Energy by 2050 - 1221

Biden Announces Oil Release from Strategic Petroleum Reserve 1121

Biden Submits Treaty Phasing Out HFC Super-Pollutants for Senate Approval 1121

Biden Unveils Multi-pronged Assault on Planet-Warming Methane 1121

Biden Wants the Sun to Provide Nearly Half of US Electricity by 2050 - 0921

Politics of the World’s Urgently Needed Methane Emission Cuts Aren’t Simple 0821

UN Climate Report Raises Pressure on Biden to Seize a Rare Moment 0821

Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Would Cut Emissions and Save 317,000 Lives 0721

'We Have to Act and Act Fast.'  Biden Says Climate Change Is Driving Wildfires and Historic Heat Wave 0621

Biden Proposes over $16 Billion in Clean Energy Infrastructure, Climate Spending 0621

Biden Order on Climate Financial Risk Reaches Deep into the Economy 0521

Biden Wants to Slash Emissions, for a Very Different America 0421

US Vows to Cut Emissions 50-52% from 2005, by 2030 - 0421

President Biden Calls on Congress to Fund Carbon Removal in New Budget 0421

Biden’s Push for Electric Cars - $174 Billion, 10 Years and a Bit of Luck 0321

US Wants the EU to Delay Imposing Trade Penalties on Carbon-Intensive Imports, but Is Considering Imposing Its Own 0321

Carbon Tax Sidelined in Biden’s Push on Climate, Taxes 0321

Biden Faces ‘Moment of Truth’ as He Weighs Key U.S. Climate Promise 0321

Biden Expected to Seek 50% Carbon Cut by 2030 - 0321

Biden Wants to End HFC Climate Threat from Grocery Store Freezers 0221

Trump’s Environmental Policies Killed 1,000s of People 0221 - 80,000 from air pollution, > 150,000 from covid-19

Biden's 'Restoration' Presidency Begins to Restore the Climate 0221

Biden Moves to Dial Down America’s Soaring Methane Emissions 0121

Why Biden Is Buying 645,000 New Electric Cars 0121

Biden Administration Freezes Federal Fossil Fuel Leases and Permits 0121

Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline and Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement 0121

Trump Articles 2017-2021

Biden Says US Needs to Defeat Climate Change as He Introduces Team, Priorities 1220

5 Easy Things Biden Can Do on Climate, Plus 2 He Can’t 1220

Deal-Makers and Fighters Make Up Biden’s New Climate Team 1220

How Biden Will Impact the Future of Energy 1120

What the Janet Yellen Pick for Treasury Means for Climate Policy 1120

Biden Prioritizes Climate Crisis by Naming John Kerry Special Climate Envoy 1120

Why the Oil Industry Doesn't Fear Biden 1120

The 10 Climate Executive Actions Biden Will Take on Day 1 - 1120

Biden and Utilities Split on When They Can Go Carbon-Free 1120

Trump Questions Climate Science during California Wildfire Briefing 0920

Trump Rollback of Mileage Standards Guts Climate Change Push 0320

Trump Makes U-Turn on Fuel Economy Standards 1119

Trump Serves Notice to Quit Paris Climate Agreement 1119

Mike Pence Repeatedly Refuses to Say Climate Crisis Is a Threat to US 0619

Next President Could Declare Climate Emergency, GOP Fears 0119

Trump Says Climate Change Not a Hoax, but Says ‘It'll Change Back' 1018

Trump’s Proposed Clean Car Rollback Will Cost the U.S. $457 Billion 0818 - like a 57¢ per gallon gasoline tax by 2040

Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power 0718

Trump's Trade War Could Prompt Future Tariffs on U.S. CO2 - 0318

Trump’s Policies Are Costing 10,000 Jobs in America’s Solar Power Industry 0218

Donald Trump Says US Could Re-Enter Paris Climate Deal 0118

Trump’s New Solar Tariff to Protect US Manufacturers Will Hurt Installers 0118

Trump Tweets that ‘Cold' East Coast ‘Could Use a Little Bit of' Global Warming 1217

Trump Is Pushing Coal Abroad 1217

Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Rule on Building for Sea-Level Rise 0817

U.S. Submits Formal Notice of Withdrawal from Paris Climate Pact 0817

Energy Rhetoric Irrelevant in World of $50 Oil 0817

Trump Says ‘Something Could Happen' on Climate Accord 0717

This Is How the U.S.’s New Global Isolation on Climate Change Looks 0617

US Opts Out of G7 Pledge Committing to Paris Climate Accord 0617

Trump ‘Does Believe in Climate Change', Says US Ambassador to UN 0617

Trump - I Was Elected to Represent Pittsburgh, not Paris.  Pittsburgh - We’re with Paris. 0617

Trump on Paris Accord - 'We're Getting Out’ 0617

U.S. Will Lose Jobs if It Quits Paris Climate Deal 0317

Trump Puts Renewable Energy Critic in Charge of Renewable Energy Office 0517

Trump's Climate Cuts Could Result in Half-Billion Extra Tons of CO2 in the Air 0417

Republican Cracks Emerge in Trump's Coal-Heavy Energy Plan 0417

Trump Plan to Slash EPA Budget Goes Even Deeper, New Memo Shows 0417

How Trump's Moves on Coal Will Affect the Industry 0317

Planned Rollback of Climate Rules Unlikely to Achieve All Trump’s Goals 0317

Trump Dramatically Changes US Approach to Climate Change 0317

Trump Repeal of Climate Rules Means U.S. Paris Target Now May Be Out of Reach 0317 - But maybe not,  We’re already 56% of the way there, in 55% of the time so far.

Trump Plan to Shelve MPG Rules Invites Fight with California 0317

Trump Seeks Input from U.S. Energy Companies on Paris Climate Pact 0317

Top Trump Advisers Are Split on Paris Agreement on Climate Change 0317

Solar Squabble Shows How a Trump Trade War with China Could Backfire 0217

Trump Would Face Legal Battle for Dumping Paris Treaty — CRS 0217

Making Sense of President Trump’s Energy Plan 0117

Barack Obama Puts $500 Million in Green Climate Fund, to Protect Paris Deal 0117

The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy 0117 - by Barack Obama, in Science

Obama Articles 2013 and earlier

Obama Bans New Oil, Gas Drilling off Alaska, Part of Atlantic Coast 1216

To Avoid Worst Climate Impacts, Obama Says ‘We’re really in a race against time.’ 1016

Obama Appeals for Climate Investment in Valedictory UN Speech 0916

Obama, China Ratify Paris Climate Agreement 0916

Obama's New Clean Electricity Goal for North America - 50% by 2025 - 0616

Obama Administration Touts Energy Efficiency as a Climate Side Bet 0316

Obama Calls for Proactive Drought Strategy.  What Would That Look like? 0316

U.S. and Canada Announce Common Goals on Climate, Energy and the Arctic 0316

Obama's $4.1 Trillion Plan Aims for ‘Climate Smart' Economy 0216

Obama Addresses Climate Change 0216

Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax 0216

How Obama Inserted the “War on Coal” Into the 2016 Race 0116

Obama Calls Climate Action an Economic Success Story, in His Final State of the Union Address 0116

Fossil Fuel Leases Should Charge for Climate Change, Says President 0116

Using Pocket Vetoes, Obama Rebuffs GOP Attempt to Kill Clean Power Plan 1215

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline 1115

Obama Will Decide on Keystone Pipeline during His Term 1115

Is Keystone Dead? 1115 - Sponsor TransCanada asks pipeline decision be deferred.

Obama, Gates Announce Clean Energy Research Investment by 20 Nations & 28 Investors 1115

Pope Francis Backs Urgent Climate Change Action, Lauds Obama's Climate Plan 0915

Obama Makes Urgent Appeal in Alaska for Climate Change Action 0815

Obama Hits Koch Brothers for Opposing Solar Power 0815

New Obama Climate Push - Let Them Make Power 0815

Obama’s Signature Africa Energy Program Seeks Firmer Footing 0715

Barack Obama's Climate Change Initiative- $4 Billion for Clean Energy 0615

These 10 Billion Tons of Coal Could Erase Obama's Climate Change Progress 0515

Report - U.S. Can Make Good on Climate Pledge — Barely 0515

Obama Recasts Climate Change as a More Far-Reaching Peril 0515

Next President Will Have Huge impact on Climate Policy, without Congress 0515

Obama Visits Everglades to Call for Action on Climate Change 0415

Obama Tells Us What's to Come on Climate, Drought 0415

Obama Presents Climate Change as Hazard to Your Health 0415

US Pledges a 26-28% Carbon Emissions Cut by 2025 - 0315

President Obama Vetoes Keystone Bill; GOP Plans Override Vote 0215

LBJ's Carbon Dioxide Warning 50 Years Ago 0215

Obama Draws Line on Climate, Says U.S. Will Lead the World 0115

Obama's State of the Union Address Could Ramp Up Climate Fight with Republicans 0115

Solar, Nuclear, Climate Progress Possible on Obama India Visit 0115

White House - Obama Would Veto Keystone Bill 0115

Keystone ‘Not Even Nominal Benefit' to US Consumers, Obama Says 1214

Obama Wants Kids to Learn About Global Warming 1214

Barack Obama Tells G20 a Global Climate Change Deal Is Possible and Vital 1114

China, U.S. Agree to Limit Greenhouse Gases 1114

President Obama Declares Climate Change Defining Threat of the Century 0914

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty 0814

Climate Change Deniers ‘Serious Threat’ to Future, Obama Says 0614

Keystone Decision Seen as Climate Change Test for Obama Abroad 0813

Obama's Call for Climate Action Reflects Foreign, Not US, Worries 0613

Obama Puts Legacy at Stake with Clean Air Act 0613

Obama Frames Climate Change as Make-or-Break Voting Issue 0613

Obama Bypasses Congress with Ambitious Climate Change Plan 0613 

Obama Might Actually Be the Environmental President 0513

Obama Gives Congress Climate Change Ultimatum 0213 

In Short Run, Obama Can Bypass Congress on Climate 0213 

Obama Re-Election Solidifies GHG Action 1112

Obama to Pledge US Emission Cuts at Copenhagen 1109

Obama Climate Speech 0909

The Executive Branch

2021-2024 Articles

Biden Administration Moves to Speed Up Permits for Clean Energy 0524

New US Climate Rules for Pollution Cuts ‘Probably Terminal’ for Coal-Fired Plants 0524

Biden Toughens Emissions Limits from Cars and Light Trucks 0324 - but not as much as its original proposal.  EV sales have slowed.

Lowering EVs’ MPG-Equivalents Could Force Automakers to Sell Fewer SUVs 0224

Biden’s Climate Law Fines Oil Companies for Methane Pollution, Bill Comes Due 0224

Kerry Says US Election Will Have Major Impact on Global Climate Fight 0124

As Summers Grow Ever Hotter, OSHA Appears Ready to Protect Workers. 0124

White House Directs Agencies to Account for Climate Change in Budgets 0923

Stifling Heat Spells Misery in Schools with No Air Conditioning 0823

White House Cautiously Opens Door to Blocking Sun’s Rays to Cool Earth 0723

US Government Is Awarding $1.7 Billion to Buy Electric and Low-Emission Buses 0623

Remaking the US Pollution Fight, by Valuing Future Benefits 0523

White House Unveils a New Climate Fix - Building Codes and Energy Retrofits 0523

Companies Flock to Biden’s Climate Tax Breaks, Driving Up Cost 0523

Over-Relying on CO2-Removal Technology Is ‘Dangerous’ - John Kerry 0423

Biden Treasury’s Rules for IRA Make Electric Vehicle Credits Elusive 0323

Washing Machines and Fridges Could Be Much Cheaper to Power by 2027 - 0223

White House Aims to Reflect the Environment in Economic Data 0123

Biden’s Green Energy Bank Races to Leverage $394 Billion to Scale Cleantech 0123

Biden Administration Moves to Tighten Limits on Deadly PM2.5 Air Pollution 0123

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The Tricky Business of Putting a Dollar Value on a Human Life 1222

Biden Administration Moves to Replace Compact Fluorescent Lights with LEDs 1222

More US Kids to Ride in ‘Clean’ School Buses, Mostly Electric 1022

Tariffs Threaten to Undermine Global Shift to Clean Energy 1022

Kerry Announces US Backing for African Methane-Abatement Drive 0922

USDA More than Triples Funding for ‘Climate Smart’ Agriculture 0922

U.S. Solar Faces New Barriers after Year of ‘Crisis’ 0822

Biden Administration to Set Rules of the Road for Charging Electric Vehicles 0622

Biden Administration to Cut Costs for Wind and Solar Energy Projects 0622

Biden Administration Begins $3 Billion Plan for Electric Car Batteries 0522

U.S. Earmarks $504 Million to Back World’s Largest Hydrogen Hub 0422

Plugging Old U.S. Oil and Gas Wells to Boost Green Jobs, Curb Emissions 0422

Biden Flips the Switch on Trump's Incandescent Light Bulb Plan 0422

US Interior Department to Resume Oil and Gas Leasing, Charge Higher Fees 0422

Biden Administration Launches $6 Billion Nuclear Plant Bailout 0422

Biden Will Allow Summertime Sales of Higher-Ethanol Gasoline 0422

US's GSA to Impose 1st National Carbon Standard for Concrete 0322

Automakers Side with EPA in Court Case over Car Emission Rules 0322

Industry Calls Biden Tariff Probe a ‘Disaster’ for Solar 0322

The SEC Will Propose a Historic Climate Disclosure Rule.  Here's What to Know. 0322

US Blocks Illegal Imports of Climate Damaging Refrigerants with New Rules 0322

Could Russian Sanctions Hobble U.S. Clean Energy Push? 0222

As Climate Change Costs Mount, Biden Seeks to Price Damages 0222

Biden to Allow California to Set Climate Limits on Cars, Influence Rest of US 0222

US Army Plans Microgrids, Electric Vehicle Fleet in 1st Climate Strategy 0222

Biden Administration Unveils Plan to Build a EV Charger Network 0222

States to Get $1.15 Billion from Feds to Plug Abandoned Wells Leaking Methane 0122

Economists Implore Biden to Get Social Cost of Carbon Number Right 0122 - The administration’s initial estimate, released last year—$62 per metric ton of CO2 by 2030—is way too low.

Delays in Undoing Trump’s War on Efficient Appliances, Lights, Furnaces 0122

White House Rolls Out $7.5 Billion Electric Vehicle Charging Plan 1221

New US Energy Standards Would Reverse Trump’s War on Lightbulbs 1221

Oil & Gas Companies Should Pay More to Drill on Public Lands - Interior Dep’t 1121

US Auctions Off Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Drilling Leases after Climate Talks 1121 - Court ordered the Biden administration to do what it wanted not to do.  The story is not over.

U.S. ‘Won’t Have Coal’ by 2030, John Kerry Predicts in Glasgow 1121

Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms along Nearly the Entire US Coastline 1021

Biden Administration to Restore Climate Criteria to Landmark Environmental Law 1021

DOE Stirs Up Climate Fight over Building Codes 0921

Biden Launches Plan to Address ‘Silent Killer’ - Extreme Heat 0921

Solar Could Provide 40% of US Electricity by 2035 - 0921 - USDoE analysis

Biden Administration Aims to Cut Costs for Solar, Wind Projects on Public Land 0821

Biden Looks at Climate Change Risks to Financial Markets 0921

OSHA Refuses to Step In as Workers Languish in Extreme Heat 0821

John Kerry on the Stakes of the Next U.N. Climate-Change Conference 0821

Biden Administration Moves to Reverse Trump-Era Showerhead Rule 0721

Biden Administration Backs Oil Sands Pipeline Project 0621

Biden Reappoints Top Climate Assessment Scientist Who Trump Removed 0521

Biden Targets Energy Star Standards, Heat Pumps, Federal Building Emissions 0521

Biden Admin Proposes Phasing Out HFC Refrigerants 0521

John Kerry Warns - ‘Even If We Get to Net Zero, We Need Carbon Removal’ 0421

Transportation Department to Let States Set Own Tailpipe Emission Rules 0421

Kerry Says Private Sector Will Ensure No Future President Undoes Biden’s Work on Climate Change 0421

Electric School Buses in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan 0421

In Asia, John Kerry Urges Bold Action on Climate to Avoid Global ‘Suicide Pact’ 0421

Biden Reversing Harmful Efficiency Rule 0421

Reversing Trump, Interior Department Moves Swiftly on Climate Change 0321

John Kerry Has a Warning for Big Oil 0321 - Embrace clean energy or get left behind.  You don't want to be sitting there with a lot of stranded assets.

Climate Chief Gina McCarthy on Mobilizing “Armies of People” to Cut Emissions 0321

Biden Hikes Social Cost of Carbon, Changing How U.S. Tackles Global Warming 0221

John Kerry, Biden’s UN Climate Envoy, Likens Global Inaction to a ‘Mutual Suicide Pact’ 0221

Kerry Vows Aggressive Climate Steps as U.S. Rejoins Paris 0221

Biden Creates New Climate Adviser Role at NASA 0221

Biden Climate Team Says It Underestimated Trump's Damage 0121

2017-2021 Articles

John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Czar, Talks About Saving the Planet 1220

How to Better Tackle Climate Change - John Kerry 1120 - Price carbon.

Trump Administration Undervalues Cost of Carbon by 7x 1120

Trump’s FERC Chief Was ‘Demoted for My Independence’ on Climate Change 1120 - allowing electric-grid operators to implement carbon pricing set up by states

What Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Mean for Global Warming 0920

Trump Boosts Deregulation by Undervaluing Cost of Climate Change - GAO 0720

Trump’s Path to Weaker Fuel Efficiency Rules May Lead to a Dead End 0220

Fuel Economy Rollback Plan Would Cost Consumers, Analysis Says 0120

White House Update of Key Environmental Law Would Exclude Climate Change 0120

After 3 Years, Lawsuit, Trump Publishes Efficiency Standards for Big Equipment 0120

U.S. Suspends More Oil & Gas Leases over What Could Be a Widespread Problem 1119

White House to Relax Energy Efficiency Rules for Light Bulbs 0919

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Says Humans Help Cause Climate Change 0719

National Climate Assessment Contradicts EPA Chief’s Claims That Climate Change Impacts Are Decades Away 0419

As White House Questions Climate Change, U.S. Military Is Planning for It 0419

The Rollback That U.S. Automakers Don't Want 0319

White House Plan to Counter Climate Science Reports ‘Will Erode Our National Security,’ 58 Former Officials Warn 0319

White House Prepares to Scrutinize Intelligence Agencies’ Finding That Climate Change Threatens National Security 0219

Trump Rollbacks for Fossil Fuel Industries Carry Steep Cost 0119

Weather Service Promotes National Climate Assessment 1118

The Trump Administration Has Entered Stage 5 Climate Denial 1018

Trump Administration Shrugs Off Warnings in U.N. Climate Report 1018

Trump Administration Sees a 7° Rise in Global Temperatures by 2100 - 0918

Dire Climate Change Warnings Cut from Trump Power-Plant Proposal 0918

Janet Yellen Calls for US Carbon Tax to Curb Climate Change 0618

NASA Chief Changed His Mind about Climate Change because He ‘Read a Lot’ 0618

NASA Chief Signals Reprieve for Endangered Climate Missions 0618

Vietnam in Test of What Happens When the U.S. Abandons Climate Diplomacy 0518

Trump Administration Joins Fossil Fuel Companies in Climate Fight vs Cities 0518

National Parks Report on Climate Change Finally Released, Uncensored 0518

NASA’s Jim Bridenstein Agrees Humans Are Responsible for Climate Change 0518

Trump Plans to Fight California Car Rules With Twice-Failed Strategy 0518

U.S. Energy Secretary Calls Reducing Fossil Fuel Use “Immoral” 0318

Intelligence Agencies Warn of Climate Risks in Worldwide Threat Assessment 0218

Feds Shelve Required Plans to Put Updates to Appliance Standards 1217

Trump Will Suspend a Rule to Limit a Pollutant Far Worse than CO2 - 1217

Trump’s NOAA Nominee Agrees Man Is Main Cause of Climate Change 1117

How Trump White House Wound Up Releasing Dire Climate Report 1117

Trump Cabinet Calls on Denmark to Help Boost Offshore Wind Output 1017

Trump Pick for Top Environment Post - CO2 Is ‘the Gas of Life' 1017

U.S. Tax Reform Would Leave Renewable Energy Out in the Cold 1017

U.S. Cuts to Energy Star Could Spell Trouble for Canadian Climate Plan 1017

Feds (FERC) Say It's “Inappropriate" to Calculate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Controversial Florida Pipeline 0917

U.S. Energy Secretary Asks Oil Industry to Study Carbon Capture Technology 0917

Rex Tillerson Says U.S. Could Stay In Paris Climate Accord 0917

Failure to Set Cost of Carbon Hampers Trump’s Effort to Expand Fossil Fuel Use 0817

U.S. Energy Department Study Says More Coal, Nuclear Needed to Secure Grid 0817 - one of many takes on the same study - like a Rohrscach test

Draft National Climate Assessment Finds Drastic Climate Change Impact on US 0817

Obama Emissions Rules Could Yield $300 Billion Annually by 2030 - 0817

Fears Rise for US Climate Report as Trump Officials Take Reins 0817

Wind, Solar Do Not Harm Power Grid Reliability - Draft U.S. Study 0717

Acting US Ambassador to China Quits over Trump Climate Decision 0617

Trump's Intel Agencies Tell Congress Climate Change Threatens National Security 0517

Tillerson, at Arctic Meeting, Signs Document Affirming Need for Climate Change Action 0517

Will Methane Reductions Continue under Trump? 0417

How President Trump Will Change What You Drive 0417

Made in America - Trump Embracing Offshore Wind? 0417

Don’t Tread on ENERGY STAR 0317 - Trump proposes to eliminate funding for ENERGY STAR.

Trump’s Defense Secretary Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge 0317

Pruitt’s CO2 Comments Prompt Voicemail Jam, Rebuke from Scientists 0317

EPA Head Scott Pruitt Denies that CO2 Causes Global Warming 0317

White House - the Clean Power Plan Is Gone, and There's No 'Replace' 0317

Vehicle Standards Are Energy Efficiency at Its Best – Too Valuable to Roll Back 0317

Aggressive Cuts to Obama-Era Green Rules to Start Soon - EPA Head 0217

Scott Pruitt, Longtime EPA Adversary, Confirmed to Lead Agency 0217

Food Security, Forests at Risk Under Trump’s USDA 0217

Republicans Try a New Tack on Climate Change 0217

Trump’s Regulations Freeze Halts 4 Rules to Promote More Energy Efficiently 0117

Trump Nominee Pledges to Shield NOAA Climate Scientists from Intimidation, Censorship 0117

All References to Climate Change Deleted From the White House Website 0117

Interior Nominee Zinke Doubles Down on Coal 0117

New Studies Show Rex Tillerson Is Wrong about Climate Risks 0117

John Kerry Says Clean Energy Will Yield Job Growth, Survival 0117

White House Urges Research on Geo-Engineering to Combat Global Warming 0117

2016 Articles and earlier

Rick Perry, Trump's Energy Pick, on Climate Change - 'One Contrived Phony Mess’ 1216

Rex Tillerson Views Climate Change as Just an ‘Engineering Problem’ 1216

Why Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson Is the Most Pro-Climate Trump Nominee 1216

White House Releases Climate Change Plan Before Trump Takes Office 1116

'Overwhelming Majority' Back US Climate Action - Sec. State John Kerry 1116

Rule Would Boost Solar and Wind Energy on Public Lands 1116

U.S. to Unveil, in Morocco, a Path to Decarbonize by 2050 - 1016

U.S. Government Just Made Its Biggest Clean Energy Purchase Ever 1016

Obama Requires US Government to Factor Climate into National Security Policy 0916

Sweeping Plan to Use Mojave for Solar, Wind Development Wins OK 0916

From Now On, Every Government Agency Must Consider Climate Change 0816

Obama’s Plan to Line US Roads with Electric Vehicle Chargers 0716

These Fuel Economy Regulations Mean You May Soon Buy an Electric Car 0716

Could Obama’s Signature Fuel Efficiency Standards Stall? 0716

DOE Program Aims for 100% Solar Penetration on the Distribution System 0516
    How non-traditional tools like smart inverters, energy storage, 2-way power flows, and dynamic reactive power sources match up against traditional tools like larger conductors, modified circuit impedances, and new transformers.  Making solar dispatchable.  Grants in 3 rounds, to utility-outsider combinations, look for cost-effective and scalable solutions.

Where Are Climate Goals in EIA Energy Outlook?  It’s Complicated 0516

Department of Energy Program Aims to Bump Solar Costs Even Lower 0516

Cheap Federal Coal Supports Largest U.S. Producers 0316

Mining Companies Pay Far Less than They Should for Taxpayer-Owned Coal 0316

Obama Seeks Tighter Rules on Methane Emissions from Oil, Gas Drillers 0316

Federal Coal Sales Moratorium Shakes Industry Stronghold 0216

BLM Rule to Cut Back Methane Waste Draws Quick Fire 0116

Biofuels Will Power Navy’s Next Deployment 0116

U.S. Government Agencies to Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions 41.8% by 2025 - 1115

Defense Department to Congress - Global Warming Is a Security Threat Now 0715

White House Solar Plan Aims at Low- and Middle-Income People 0715

U.S., Mexico, Canada to Collaborate on Climate Adaptation 0515

Obama Tackles Agriculture’s Role in Climate Change - Why That’s a Big Deal 0415

Obama Announces Solar Job Training Initiative, Meets with Utah Officials 0415

FEMA to States - No Climate Planning, No Money - 0315

Obama Orders Cuts in Federal Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0315

Obama Administration Wants More Renewables, Tighter Pollution Controls on Public Lands 0315

John Kerry Slams Climate Skeptics and Fossil Fuels, But Sidesteps Keystone 0315

Obama 2016 Budget to Help States Cut Emissions Faster, After $300 Billion in Extreme Weather and Fire Costs 0215

Urgency Grows for Obama’s Regulatory Agenda 1114

Obama’s Coming Climate Rules Onslaught 1114

Obama Pushes Green Standards for Everything But the Kitchen Sink 0814

Presidential Candidates

2020 Election Articles

Biden Calls for Major Investments into Carbon Removal Tech 1120

Biden's Novel Approach to Climate Change Could Side-Step a Divided Congress 1120

Biden-Linked Team Rolls Out Climate Plan 1120

Biden Victory Positions America for a 180° Turn on Climate Change 1120

Biden Wants to End Gas Car Sales.  He Hasn't Said When. 1020

Biden - Banning Fossil Fuels in 10 Years ‘Not Possible' 1020

Joe Biden’s Campaign Answers 6 Key Climate Change Plan Questions 1020

How Biden Would Use Trade Agreements to Fight Global Warming 1020

How Joe Biden Could Reorient Foreign Policy around ClimateChange 1020

How Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Climate Plan Would Change America after Trump’s Big Oil Presidency 1020

Biden Nets 350’s Progressive Climate Endorsement 0920

Biden Calls Trump's Climate Denial, Disdain for Science & Facts Unconscionable 0920

Biden’s Climate Plan Shows that Net Zero is Now Mainstream 0820

3 Unexpected Ways Joe Biden Plans to Tackle Climate Change 0720 - precision agriculture, micro-mobility, 5Q broadband

Is Biden's 100% Clean Electricity Plan Doable? 0720

Biden’s $2 Trillion Climate Plan Aims to Reframe Debate 0720

The Plan to Unite Biden and Bernie Voters on Climate Is Finally Here 0720 - 100% carbon-free  electricity by 2035, net-zero new buildings by 2030, all school buses electric by 2025, 500,000 EV charging stations

Biden Says He's Open to 'Expanding' His Climate Plan to Win Over Young Voters 0420

The 2 Super Tuesday Democrat Survivors on Climate Change Action 0320

Presidential Hopeful Mike Bloomberg Touts Carbon-Cutting Agenda At U.N. Talks 1219

Elizabeth Warren's Blue New Deal is a Green New Deal for the Ocean 1219

‘I Keep My Promises’- Joe Biden Uses Climate Crisis to Appeal to Rural Voters 1219

Pete Buttigieg, Polling High in Iowa, Targets Farmers with Climate Message 1119

Why Climate Change Is a Winning Issue in Landlocked Iowa 1119 - floods, rising rainfall, heat waves - farm impact

With a Nudge from Trump, 2020 Democrats Return to Climate Change 1119

Pete Buttigieg Wants the US to Be Carbon-Neutral by the Time He’s 68 - 0919

Climate Town Hall - Several Democratic Candidates Embrace a Carbon Tax 0919

Andrew Yang’s Plan to Tackle Climate Change, Explained 0819 - decarbonized in stages by 2050, substantial role for thorium, move to higher ground, etc.

Bernie Sanders’s ‘Green New Deal’ - a $16 Trillion Climate Plan 0819

In Iowa, Candidates Talk about Farming and Climate Change like Never Before 0819

Debate’s Attempt to Divide Candidates on Climate Change Finds Unity Instead 0819

CNN Announces Climate Town Hall with 2020 Democrats 0719

Candidates Warn Fed That Climate Change Could Spark a Financial Crisis 0719

The 2020 Candidates' Climate Change Positions and Accomplishments 0619

Watch Out, Big Oil.  Jay Inslee Proposes a Greenhouse Gas Fee 0619

Biden & Warren Join inslee & O’Rourke with Aggressive Climate Action Plans 0619

Climate Change Takes Center Stage as Biden and Warren Release Plans 0619

The Most Interesting Answers on Climate Change by 2020 Presidential Hopefuls 0619

Jay Inslee Calls for Accepting ‘Historic Levels’ of Refugees amid Climate Crisis 0519

Our Military Can Help Lead the Fight in Combating Climate Change - Elizabeth Warren 0519

Joe Biden Would Be a Disaster for Climate Change - Opinion 0519 - Obama’s Clean Power Plan & CAFE MPG standards are OK.  But “all of the above” - natural gas and fracking - are not.

Jay Inslee Promised Serious Climate Policy and He Is Delivering 0519

Why Beto’s Climate Plan Is So Surprising 0519

Democratic Contenders Lay Out Climate Visions 0419

Jay Inslee, 2020 Presidential Candidate, on Climate - 'We need to blow the bugle.’ 0219

Next President Could Declare Climate Emergency, GOP Fears 0119

Democrats Go All-in on Clean Energy 1018

2016 Election Articles

Trump Says ‘Nobody Really Knows’ if Climate Change Is Real 1216

Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State? 1216

Trump Tabs Another Climate Denier, This Time for Interior 1216

Leonardo DiCaprio, Trump Talk Climate Change 1216

Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denialist, to Lead E.P.A. 1216

Climate Activists Now Hope Trump Was Just Joking about That China Thing 1116

Trump to Scrap NASA Climate Research, in Crackdown on ‘Politicized Science’ 1116

Trump Admits ‘Some Connectivity' between Climate Change and Human Activity 1116

Trump Insider - New Administration Won't Attack Renewable Energy 1116

Coal and Oil Revival?  6 Ways Trump Could Shift Energy Policy 1116

Trump Win Boosts Coal, Hits Renewable Stocks 1116

Trump Victory Deals Blow to Global Fight Against Climate Change 1116

Trump Win Raises Questions About UN Climate Deal 1116

The Ambitious Clinton Climate Plan Nobody Is Talking About 1016

Leaked Clinton Emails Reveal Thorny Politics of Climate Action 1016

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton Strongly Linked Hurricane Matthew to Climate Change 1016

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore Reunite, Campaigning on Climate Change 1016

Trump’s Energy & Environment Team Leans Heavily on Industry Lobbyists 0916

Could Climate Change Help Clinton Win Millennials? 0916

Climate Change Finally Came Up at the 1st Presidential Debate, but ... 0916

Gary Johnson Wants to Ignore Climate Change, because the Sun Will Destroy the Earth One Day 0916

On Climate Policy, Trump and Clinton Could Not Be More Different 0916

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Calls for Climate State of Emergency 0816

Jill Stein Just Went Way Overboard on Sea Level Rise 0816

Climate Action a Core ‘Pillar' of Clinton's Economic Message 0816

Republican EPA Chiefs Endorse Clinton, Bash Trump 0816

What Trump Gets Wrong about Energy in America 0816

Clinton Campaign Studying Alternative to U.S. Ethanol Mandate 0816

Climate Change Divide Bursts to Forefront in Presidential Campaign 0816

Clean Energy Groups See Opportunities in Clinton's Jobs Plan 0716

Most Republicans Who Care about Climate Change Skip the Convention 0716

Coal Gets Leading Role in GOP's Energy Platform 0716

Mike Pence’s Loose Grip on Reality Is Almost as Bad as Trump’s 0716

Hillary Clinton Could Run on Strongest Climate Change Platform Ever 0716

Democratic Platform Forsakes ‘All of the Above,' Not Miners 0716

Democrats' Climate Change Conundrum 0716 - On close vote, platform stays away from carbon tax, fracking ban.

Hillary Clinton’s Ambitious Climate Change Plan Avoids Carbon Tax 0716

Why Won't Clinton Support a Carbon Tax?  Fear of Trump. 0616

Even George W. Bush's Environment Chief Says Trump's Energy Plan Is Bonkers 0616

Donald Trump Once Backed Urgent Climate Action.  Wait, What? 0616

How Bernie Sanders Made Hillary Clinton into a Greener Candidate 0616

Sanders Knocks Trump (and the Media) over Climate Change 0616

NRDC Action Fund Backs Hillary Clinton, in Its 1st Presidential Endorsement 0516

Trump Tells California ‘There Is No Drought’ 0516

5 Things That Made No Sense In Trump’s Big Energy Speech 0516

Trump Calls for ‘Complete American Energy Independence’ 0516

Skeptical Trump Says He Would Renegotiate Global Climate Deal 0516

Meet Donald Trump's New Energy Adviser 0516

The Science of President Trump 0316

Marco Rubio Spouts Every Type of Climate Denial 0316

Bernie Sanders Highlights Climate Change during Minnesota Stop 0216

Top US Scientists Have Some Questions for Tonight's Debate 0216

Clinton Rolls Out Energy Efficiency Plan 0216

Jeb Bush Pins Hopes on ‘Someone in a Garage' to Tackle Climate Change 0116

Republicans Still Hunting a Way Forward on Landmark Climate Deal 0116

Ethanol Lobby Losing Clout in Iowa Caucuses 0116

Republican Presidential Candidates Go Their Own Way on Climate Change 1215

Cruz Says He Would Withdraw U.S. from Paris Climate Accord if Elected 1215

Most GOP Candidates Flunk Climate Science - AP Fact Check 1115

Top Pollsters Agree.  Climate Change Is a Winning Issue for Democrats 1115

Green Group LCV Endorses Hillary Clinton, and Feels the Bern 1115

Climate Change Ad to Air During Republican Debate 1015

How Climate Change Became a National Security Problem 1015

Democratic Presidential Debate Reveals Climate Change Chasm with GOP 1015

Bringing Republicans to the Climate Change Table 1015

Democrats Compete over Climate Change 1015

Donald Trump Takes Campaign against Wind Farms to UK Supreme Court 1015

Jeb Bush Goes Heavy on Fossil Fuels 0915

Fiorina Acknowledges Warming, but Blasts Obama's Prescriptions 0915

'America Is Not a Planet' - Republicans Resist Climate Change Action at Debate - 0915

GOP Needs Alternative Climate Policy 0815

Climate Science Denier Presidential Hopefuls Can Forget Winning the Latino Vote 0815

Donors with Fossil Fuel Ties Support Republican Hopefuls with $62 Million 0815

Obama Policy Could Force Robust Climate Discussion From 2016 Candidates 0815

Hillary Clinton Promises to Build on Obama Climate Plan 0815

Ted Cruz Expresses ‘Full Out Denial' of Global Warming during Forum 0815

Friends of the Earth Endorses Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Bid 0815

Jeb Bush Says Humans Contribute to Climate Change 0715

GOP Leaders Shift Subtly on Warming, as Democrats Talk Boldly 0715

Hillary Clinton's Climate Change Plan ‘Just Plain Silly', Says Expert Jim Hansen 0715

Hillary Clinton Unveils Climate Change Policy 0715

GOP Presidential Candidate Believes in Climate Change, But Not in Fixing It 0715

Jeb Bush Calls for an End to Energy Subsidies 0715

Jeb Bush Avoids Criticizing Pope, Acknowledges Global Warming Threat 0615

Hillary Would Charge New Fees for Fossil Fuel Extraction 0615

Jeb Bush Joins Republican Backlash against Pope on Climate Change 0615

That Time When Lindsey Graham Was Almost All-in on Climate Change 0615

Sen. Rubio Doubts Manmade Global Warming, Says Climate Is Always Changing 0415 - out of step with his constituents

Jeb Bush Came So Close to Acknowledging Climate Change Today 0415

8 Things You Need to Know about Hillary Clinton and Climate Change 0415

Marco Rubio Once Believed Climate Science.  Now He's Running for President. 0415

Rand Paul’s Risky Bet on Climate Change 0215

At Least 2 GOP Presidential Contenders Accept Climate Science.  That Matters. 0115

Chris Christie Veers Right on Climate Change as 2016 Approaches 0914

Hillary Clinton Talks Climate Change, Gas and Exports 0914

States: Politics (to Harm Climate)

Florida GOP Has Added ‘Climate Change' to Its Vocabulary and to Legislation 0220

Idaho Governor - Climate Change Is Real, and It Must Be Reversed 0119

California Bill Seeks Ban on Fossil-Fueled Vehicles by 2040 - 0118

Blue Wave Seen as a Rebuke to Trump's Climate Views 1117

Climate and Energy Becoming Focal Points in State Political Races 0917

As Irma Closes In, Miami’s Republican Mayor Blasts Trump for Ignoring Climate Change 0917

California Sues Donald Trump Again.  Your Car’s MPG Might Be the Reason. 0917

Montana Governor Says Ignoring Climate Change Is 'Shortsighted And Dangerous' 0817

2 GOP Governors Urge Perry to Help Keep U.S. in Paris Climate Pact 0517

EPA Should Not Be Allowed to Dodge Clean Power Plan Ruling, Cities and States Tell Court 0417

Washington Voters Reject Carbon Tax Initiative 1116

20 States Ask Supreme Court to Block EPA’s Mercury Air Pollution Rule 0216

In the Heart of Coal Country, Calls for Carbon Trading 0116

U.S. States, Cities Seek to Defend Obama's Carbon Rule in Court 1115

Coal States - EPA Moved Our Goal Posts 0815

Outrage over EPA Emissions Regulations Fades, as States Find Fixes 0715

World Is on a Collision Course with Fossil Fuels, Gov. Jerry Brown Says 0715

The Tide Is Turning Against ALEC In The Renewable Energy Battle 0615

Oklahoma Governor Rules out State Plan for EPA Carbon Pollution Regulations 0415

Scott Walker Appointee Suggests Volcanoes as Real Cause of Global Warming 0415

China Sees Through Its Coal-Fired Haze What Alabama Cannot 0315

Florida Governor Denies Environmental Agency Banned Term ‘Climate Change’ 0315

Renegade Regulators Group Takes Aim at EPA Advisers, Regs 0115

Mississippi Groups Attack CO2 Limits 0115

California Governor Brown’s Plan - Divest from Coal to Fight Global Warming 1214

ALEC Looks to Shred EPA Regulations 1214

Wyoming PSC Chairman - EPA's CO2 Rules Unrealistic 1114

Greens Grow into Electoral Powerhouse 1014

Florida Politicians Battle Rhetoric, as Seas Rise amid Warming Worries 1014

A Kansas Twister - Wind Energy Politics Complicate Governor’s Race 0914

Greens Take 2014 Fight to States 0914

Tom Steyer Considers Taking on Democratic Candidates 0814

One Democrat's Gamble on Climate Change 0814

Charlie Crist Delivers Perfect Response to Rick Scott on Climate Change 0714

States Against EPA’s Carbon Pollution Rule Would Gain Most 0714

Evangelicals in Florida Turn, Call on Gov. Scott to Act on Climate Change 0514

In California, Climate Issues Moved to Fore by Governor 0514

Miller Pushes Senate Opponents on Climate Change 0514

Election Day 2013 - Fossil Fuels Take Hits from Virginia to Washington State 1113

EPA Supporter Edges 'War on Coal' Candidate to Be Virginia Governor 1113

In Sunny Arizona, a Battle Over Solar Power 1013

Mayors Leading an Urban Revolution 1013

Governors Agree to Disagree on Climate, Focus on Energy Strategies 0613

Missouri GOP Leaders Challenge EPA on Coal & Climate 0613

Climate Is a Hot Topic in the Kansas Legislature 0313 

Climate Change Hit Republican States Hardest 1112

ALEC Targets State RPS Repeals 1112

ALEC Exposed 0711

Governors Endorse Action on Climate 1009

State & Local Actions (to Help Climate)

Colorado May Create Last-Resort Insurance for High Wildfire Risk Homes 1222

New York Adopts Cap and Trade as a Pillar of Climate Action 1222

California Reduces Subsidies for Homes with Rooftop Solar 1222

California Climate Plan Scraps New Gas Plants, Expands Fossil Fuel Carbon Capture 1122

As Rio Grande Shrinks, El Paso Plans for Uncertain Water Future 1022

N.Y. Echoes California as It Eyes 100% Clean Car Rules 1022

California Gives PG&E $1.4-Billion Loan to Keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Open 0922

Washington State to Ban Sales of New Gas Cars by 2035, Following California 0822

California to Cover Canal with Solar Panels, to Counter Drought, Climate Change 0822

California Votes to Ban New Gasoline Car Sales by 2035 - 0822

Massachusetts Just Passed a Massive Climate and Clean Energy Bill 0822

California Sets Ambitious Offshore Wind Power Goal 0822

New York Plans 22 Renewable Energy Plants to Reach Climate Goals 0622

California Adopts Emergency Water-Use Rules as Drought Worsens 0522

California Reveals Its Plan to Phase Out New Gasoline-Powered Cars by 2035 - 0522

Washington State to Require Electric Heating in Building Code Update 0422

Florida Governor Vetoes Solar Crackdown 0422

Los Angeles to Electrify City’s Entire 10,000-Vehicle Fleet 0422

Boston to Replace School Buses with Electric Ones by 2030 - 0422

Electric Buses, E-Bikes and Clean Trucks in Colorado Plan to Clear Its Dirty Air 0322

Drought-Struck California Wants to Pay Farmers to Cut Plantings 0322

North Carolina Will Fall Short on 2025, 2030 Climate Goals, Says EDF Study 0322

Washington State Sets Target to End Gasoline Car Sales by 2030 - 0322

Wyoming Bills Would Shift CO2 Storage Liability to State and Force Carbon Capture 0222

Gov. Youngkin Aims to Remove Virginia from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative 0122

New York to Double Energy Storage Target to at Least 6 GW by 2030 - 0122

How 6 States Could Transform the U.S. Trucking Industry 0122 - From California standards, manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks must increase their zero-emission truck sales in those 6 states to 30-50% by 2030, and 40-75% by 2035.

N.Y.C.’s Gas Ban Takes Fight against Climate Change to the Kitchen 1221

California to Change Net Metering from Retail to Wholesale Pricing 1221

Can New York Really Get to 100% Clean Energy by 2040? 1121

Ann Arbor, Michigan Offers New Model for 100% Clean Power 1121

Ithaca to Be 1st US City to Decarbonize Every Single Building 1121

Los Angeles Aims to Be 1st Major Carbon-Free U.S. City 1021

Florida Is Ditching Palm Trees to Fight the Climate Crisis 1021

Oregon Has a New Plan for Cutting Climate Pollution 1021

Landmark Illinois Climate Bill Passes, in Boon for Nuclear, Renewables 0921

L.A. Approves 100% Clean Energy by 2035, a Decade Ahead of Prior Goal 0921

Pennsylvania’s Carbon-Pricing Plan at Last Regulatory Hurdle 0921 - join RGGI for electricity

California’s Plan to Make New Buildings Greener Will Raise Costs 0821

Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy Appears to Be Growing in NC 0821

Washington’s Whatcom County Is 1st in US to Ban New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure 0721

Connecticut Legislators Set 1 GW Energy Storage Target for End of 2030 - 0621

Washington State Finally Passes a Cap on Carbon Emissions 0421

Louisiana's Governor Wants the Oil And Gas State to Go Carbon Neutral 0521

California Proposal Embraces All-Electric Buildings but Stops Short of Gas Ban 0521

Hawaii to Become the 1st State to Declare Climate Emergency 0421

Washington Joins Oregon, California, B.C. in Passing Low-Carbon Fuel Standard 0421

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee Signs 'Landmark' Climate Act 0421

Governor Baker Signs Landmark Massachusetts Climate Bill into Law 0321

Nearly Half of Pennsylvania Government Electricity to Be Solar Powered by 2023 - 0321

Maryland Senate Passes Climate Act by Wide Margin 0321

Puget Sound Energy Plan Sets Conflict over Gas 0321

Natural Gas Battle over Climate Change Is Boiling Over on the Home Front 0221 - kitchen, water and space heating

New York Outlines Path to Reach Storage, Renewables Goals 0121

Massachusetts Becomes the Next State to Set a Ban on Gasoline Cars 0121

Philadelphia Aims to Be Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 0121

N.Y. Announces Offshore Wind 'Game-Changer' for Renewables 0121

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Vetoes Sweeping Climate Change Bill 0121

Deal on Massachusetts Climate Change Bill with 40% Renewable kWh by 2030 - 0121

Massachusetts to Require All New Cars Sold to Be Electric by 2035 - 1220

Plan by Eastern States to Cap Tailpipe Emissions Gets Off to a Slow Start 1220

Many U.S. States Are Behind on Their Own Climate Milestones 1220

Arizona’s Net-Zero Plan Unites Democrats and Republicans 1120

Nevada Voters Seal Renewable Energy Goals in Their State Constitution 1120

Gov. Whitmer’s Executive Order Aims for Carbon-Neutral Michigan by 2050 - 0920

California Plans to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars in 15 Years 0920

States, Cities, Businesses Are Making Progress on a Climate-Friendly Future 0920

Montana Climate Change Plan Urges Carbon Neutrality by 2050 - 0920

California Locks in Vehicle Emission Deals with Major Automakers 0820

Northeast US Climate Initiative, RGGI, Has Made Children Healthier 0720

15 States Take Historic Action on Transportation Pollution 0720

More than a Dozen States Unite to Boost Electric Trucks 0720

Conference of Mayors Resolution Urges Fossil Fuel Divestiture 0720

California Targets 500,000 Electric Trucks by 2040 - 0620

New Jersey Is 1st State to Put the Climate Crisis in Its K-12 Curriculum 0620

States Sue to Block Trump from Weakening Fuel Economy Rules 0520

Virginia Becomes the 1st Southern State with a Goal of Carbon-Free Energy 0420

Oregon Governor Brown Issues Sweeping Climate Executive Order 0320

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Major Renewable Energy Legislation 0220 - electricity: join Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap & trade market and go 100% renewable by 2045; block new fossil-fuel generators; 5,200 MW of offshore wind; battery incentives.  It could raise home bills $23 a month, but the cost of doing nothing is staggering.

New Jersey Outlines Sweeping Plans to Achieve 100% Clean Energy by 2050 - 0120

Miami Aims for Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 0120

Renewable Portfolio Standards are an important part of the US electricity landscape.

     They require significant amounts of renewable energy, as shown in an earlier diagram, below.  Most of that renewable energy has come from wind.  Note that Oklahoma and Indiana added goals since then, while West Virginia converted its goal into a standard.

2017-2018 Articles

24 States Want to Keep America’s Broken Climate Promise 1219

California to Stop Buying from Automakers That Backed Trump on Emissions 1119

California, 22 States Sue Trump Administration, to Set Fuel-Efficiency Standards 1119

Northeast States Take 1st Step in Effort to Reduce Transportation Emissions 1019

Pennsylvania Is Joining a Multi-State Effort to Price Carbon Emissions 1019

Virginia Gov. Northam Orders 100% Carbon-Free Power by 2050 - 0919

California to Fight Trump Revoking Its Clean-Air Rules Authority 0919

4 Big Automakers Strike a Deal With California, Rejecting Trump Pollution Rule 0719

New York's Climate Plan Will Drive Big Changes, if It Works 0719

New York Awards Offshore Wind Contracts in Bid to Reduce Emissions 0719

24 Governors Call on Trump to Halt Rollback on Rules for Clean Cars 0719

New York Commits to Carbon-Free Electricity by 2040 and Energy by 2050 - 0619

New York City Declares Climate Emergency 0619

Illinois Is Taking Another Step Away from Its Dirtiest Electricity Source 0619

Virginia Beach Wants to Require Developers to Factor in Sea Level Rise for New Projects 0519

Republican-Led Maryland Commits to Sweeping Clean Energy Standards 0519

L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s ‘Green New Deal’ Would Phase Out Gas-Fueled Cars 0419

Colorado Dem Lawmakers Tackle Climate Change with No GOP Backers 0519

L.A. Takes Climate Change fight to the Streets, by Pouring Cooler Pavement 0419

New York City Sets Ambitious Climate Rules for Its Biggest Emitters - Buildings 0419

New Colorado Oil & Gas Rules Emphasize Safety & Environment over Production 0419

Legislature's Energy Plan - a Coal-Free Washington by 2025 - 0419

Puerto Rico Passes 100% Renewable Energy Bill as It Aims for Storm Resilience 0319

Amid 19-Year Drought, States Sign Deal to Conserve Colorado River Water 0319

Governor Sisolak Announces Nevada Is Joining US Climate Alliance 0319

As Seas Rise, Hawaii Considers Perils and Opportunities of Managed Retreat 0319

Massachusetts House Speaker Introduces $1 Billion Green Infrastructure Plan 0219

4 More Dem Governors Join Alliance to Uphold Paris Climate Goals 0219

Puerto Rico Energy Plan Calls For Huge Solar And Storage Investments 0219

New Governors Target Climate Change from Day 1 in Great Lakes Region 0119

Gov. Wolf Targets Slashing Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gas Pollution 80% by 2050 - 0119

9 Northeast States, Soon 11 or 12, Vow to Cut Transportation Emissions 1218 - cap & trade for fuel distributors

New D.C. Law Mandates 100% Renewable Power by 2032 - 1218

New York Sets 3 GW Storage Target, Doubles Efficiency Goals for Utilities 1218

New York Gov. Cuomo Pledges 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2040 - 1218

California Requires New City Buses to Be Electric by 2029 - 1218

Ballot Measures Aimed at Climate Change, Fossil Fuels Fall Short 1118

Governors Could Drive the Next Wave of Climate Change Action 1118

Puerto Rico Moves to Run on Completely Green Energy by 2050 - 1018

How Fighting Climate Change Will Raise California Gas Prices Even Higher 1018

Cleveland Sets 100% Renewable Electricity Goal 0918 - It joins some 80 other US cities and towns, such as Atlanta, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg Florida, Columbia SC, Spokane, and Norman Oklahoma.

California, New Mexico Sue over Trump Methane Pollution Rollback 0918

Maryland Is Taking the EPA to Court over Air Pollution from Upwind States 0918

17 Bipartisan Governors Vow to Fight Climate Change—and President Trump 0918

California Gov. Brown Signs 100% Zero-Carbon Electricity Bill 0918

Massachusetts Can Legally Limit CO2 Emissions from Power Plants, Court Rules 0918

California Lawmakers Set Goal for Carbon-Free Electricity by 2045 - 0818

California Moves to Safeguard Vehicle Emissions Rules from Trump Rollback 0818

11 States Sue Trump Administration over Hydrofluorocarbons Used in Cooling 0618

Atlanta Charts a Path to 100% Renewable Electricity 0618

Colorado Should Set Its Own Emission Standards 0618

Massachusetts Senate Votes to Put a Price on Carbon, with National Grid Support 0618 - It goes to the House now.  It punts choice of tax or cap & trade (and details of either) to the Governor.  Tool to meet -40% (1990 base) by 2030 and 80% by 2050.  Starts for transport, business, and residential in consecutive years.  State’s largest utility strongly supports it, plans electrification of transport and home heating (heat pumps), continued decarbonization of electricity, etc.

Hawaii Just Passed a Law to Make the State Carbon Neutral by 2045 - 0618

Missouri Utility’s Ambitious Wind Energy Plan Facing Pushback 0518

‘Impossible to Ignore’ - Why Alaska Is Crafting a Plan to Fight Climate Change 0518

California to Become 1st US State Mandating Solar on New Homes 0518

17 States Sue EPA Over Auto Emissions Standards Rollback 0518

Pittsburgh Powers Up Small Electric Vehicle Fleet with Solar Charging Stations 0418

New Jersey Takes a Big Step Toward Renewable (and Nuclear) Energy 0418 - 50% by 2030, + keep 3 of 4 nukes

New Jersey to Join Clean Car Initiative, as EPA Eases Fuel-Economy Standards 0418

California Bans Climate-Warming HFCs in New Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration 0318

36 Vermont Towns to Take Up Climate Change Resolution 0318

Washington Carbon Tax Clears Hurdle, Heads for State Senate Vote 0218

Idaho Senate Committee Keeps All Climate Change References In New Science Standards 0218

100s of US Mayors Collectively Oppose Trump Reversal of Clean Power Plan 0218

Portland, 1st U.S. City to Ban Fossil Fuel Expansion Offers Roadmap for Others 0218

Vermont Lawmakers Forge Ahead with Carbon Tax Plan 0218

9 States Buck Trump Administration, Move toward Price on Carbon Pollution 0118

New Jersey to Rejoin East Coast Carbon Market, Virginia May Be Next 0118

California Governor Pushes for 5 Million Zero-Emission Cars 0118

Colorado Governor Releases Its Plan for 1 Million Electric Vehicles by 2030 - 0118

Can Gov. Inslee Deliver America's 1st Carbon Tax? 0118

9 Northeast States Accelerate Carbon Pollution Reduction 1217

California and North Carolina Did It.  Can Minnesota Government Go Green? 1217

4 Takeaways from a Gathering of Mayors on Climate Change 1217 - 45 mayors commit to 26-28% less CO2 by 2025

Boston Begins Effort to Become Carbon Neutral by 2050 - 1117

Atlanta Passes Infrastructure Ordinance to Support EV Charging 1117

Florida Gov. Scott’s Funding Request to Address Sea Level Rise Is a Turnaround 1117

Virginia Launches Plan to Join East Coast Carbon Market, Cut Emissions 30% - 1117

Gov. Jerry Brown and EU Leaders Agree to Work to Combat Climate Change 1117

Miami Voters Just Sent Their Climate-Change-Denying Governor a Message 1117

Alaska Governor Signs Order on Climate Change Strategy 1017

Alaska Orders Review of All North Slope Oil Wells after Spill Linked to Permafrost 1017

12 Cities Plan for Emissions-Free Neighborhoods 1017

4 a.m. Chats Persuaded Miami’s Republican Mayor to Care about Sea-Level Rise 1017

Western Governors Take the Lead on Climate Change 0917

14 States - We’re on Track to Meet Paris Climate Goals, Despite Trump 0917

Austin Energy Targets 65% Renewables by 2027 - 0817

US Cities Starting to Expand Transportation Options for Low-Income Residents 0817

Orlando Commits to 100% Renewable Energy City-Wide by 2050 - 0817

50% Rise in Renewable Energy Needed to Meet Ambitious State Standards 0717

California Legislature Extends State's Carbon Cap-and-Trade Program 0717

Court Says Californians Will Keep Paying to Fight Climate Change 0617

US Mayors Back 100% Renewable Energy, Vow to Fill Climate Leadership Void 0617

New Best Friends - GOP Governors and Renewables 0617

Nevada Reinstates Key Solar Energy Policy 0617

Even Republican Mayors Are Rejecting Trump’s Energy Policies 0617

4 Cities Lead Fight against Climate Change in the Trump Era 0617

Hawaii Becomes 1st State to Pass Law Committing to Paris Climate Accord 0617

Bucking Trump, These Cities, States & Companies Commit to Paris Pact Reports 0617

Carbon Cap Rule in Washington State Faces Legal Challenge 0517

California Climate Program Has Struggled.  Why the Billion-Dollar Rebound? 0517

Why Some Republicans Are Warming to Climate Action 0517

Gov. McAuliffe - Virginia Will Regulate Carbon Emissions; ‘The Threat of Climate Change Is Real' 0517

Local Conservation Officials in Vermont Push Lawmakers for Carbon Tax 0417

New York, Other States Take on Trump over Energy Efficiency 0417

California Adopts Strictest Methane Rule in the U.S. 0317

Trump Plan to Shelve MPG Rules Invites Fight with California 0317

Carbon Tax Floated as Possible Replacement to Inslee's 'Clean Air Rule’ 0317

Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Cars to Defy Trump 0317

California Bill Aims for 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 - 0217 - electricity only

Will Oregon Regulate Carbon Emissions? 0217

After Veto Override, Maryland Renewable Energy and Maybe Electric Bills to Rise 0217

Mass. Legislators Propose 100% Renewable Energy Mandate 0117

On Climate Change, Even States in Forefront Are Falling Short 0117

Wyoming Bill Would Prevent Utilities From Using Clean Energy 0117

Cities Unite to Seek 'Record Breaking' Electric Fleet 0117

Benefits of State Renewable Energy Policies Far Outweigh Costs 0117

2016 Articles and earlier

States Will Lead on Climate Change in the Trump Era 1216

Ohio Governor Kasich Breaks with GOP, Keeps Renewable Energy Standards 1216

MA DEP Releases Rules to Curb Emissions under Global Warming Solutions Act 1216

Don’t Freak Out about the Future of Clean Energy under Trump 1116
    Note 29 RPS standards, CA & RGGI cap & trade, falling solar & wind prices, etc.

States May Drive U.S. Climate Policy under Trump 1116

California's Electric-Car Rebates Jump for Lower-Income Buyers, Vanish for High Earners 1016

New England Says No to Natural Gas, Yes to Renewables 1016

How Gov. Scott Quietly Stole Florida's Future 1016

California - Taking the Economic Temperature 10 Years after A.B. 32 - 0916

Massachusetts State Report Recommends 600 MW Energy Storage Target 0916

California Governor Signs Law Regulating Cow, Landfill Emissions 0916

Most States on Track to Meet Emissions Targets They Call Burden 0916

Washington State Limits Carbon Pollution from Large Sources 0916

California Assembly Approves Climate Change Law 0816 - 40% GHG reduction by 2030, from 1990

Who Owns the Wind?  We Do, Wyoming Says; It's Taxing Those Who Use It. 0816

Dairy Groups Blast Methane Reductions - Cows Expel Gas so They Don’t Explode 0816

California Issues 1st-in-U.S. Compliance Plan 0716

Massachusetts' Ambitious Clean Energy Bill Jolts Offshore Wind Prospects 0816

NY Approves Plan for 50% Renewable Electricty by 2030 - 0816

Nuclear Subsidies Are Key Part of New York’s Clean-Energy Plan 0716

New York Bill Would Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 - 0516 - Description is a stretch.

Washington to Force State’s Biggest Carbon Polluters to Cut Emissions 0616

In Iowa, a Bipartisan Push to Become Leader in Wind Energy 0616

Red States Are Leading the Way in Renewable Energy 0516

San Francisco to Become 1st City to Require Solar Panels on New Buildings 0416

Oregon Governor Signs Landmark Anti-Coal Bill Into Law 0316

Seattle Mayor Wants to Cut Vehicle Emissions, Add Electric Cars 0316

Oregon Passes Bill to Boost Renewables, Exit from Coal 0316

Washington Puts Gov. Inslee's Carbon Rules on Hold 0216

Washington Lawmakers Consider Putting a Price on Carbon 0216

San Diego Vows to Move Entirely to Renewable Energy in 20 Years 1215

New York Gov. Cuomo to Increase Renewable Electricity to 50% by 2030 - 1115

Despite Risks, Governor Cuomo Bets on Solar Power to Lift Buffalo 1015

Massachusetts Mulls an Economy-Wide Price on Carbon 1015

States Begin to Comply with Clean Power Plan, Even While Planning to Sue 1015

New York City Stores Must Keep Doors Closed if Air-Conditioning Is On 1015

California’s New Climate Change Law to Spur Renewables, Efficiency Standards 1015 - Governor signs bill outlined below.

California Air Board Aims to Cut Methane, Black Carbon, Refrigerant Emissions 1015

California Lawmakers Pass 50% Renewable Energy Standard, Efficiency Package 0915

Chinese Cities Pledge Early Carbon Emissions Peak under Deal with U.S. 0915

Alabama Adds Evolution Requirement, Climate Study for Schools 0915

California Passes Bill to Divest Largest Pension Funds from Coal 0915

$2.2 Billion from CA Cap & Trade Begins Flowing, to Rail, Housing, Clean Cars, etc. 0815

Outrage over EPA Emissions Regulations Fades, as States Find Fixes 0715

Maryland Utilities Ordered to Boost Energy-Saving Efforts 0715 to > 2% of annual use, like Massachusetts & Rhode Island

States Cut Power Plant CO2 Emissions Ahead of New EPA Rule 0715 - 42 of 50 states cut CO2 since 2008.  States that cut more than 20% include Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina & Tennessee; 7 northeast states, and Iowa & South Dakota.  In the southeast states, a switch to natural gas was key.  In the last 2, a switch to wind.

Nevada’s New Regulations Pave the Way for Solar Energy 0715

New York Formalizes Ban on Fracking, Ending 7-Year Review 0615

Report Details Clean Energy Path for West Virginia 0615

California Moves to Restrict Water Pumping by pre-1914 Rights Holders 0615

Kentucky May Accidentally Comply With EPA's Clean Power Plan 0515

Climate Change Could Overwhelm California, Obama Adviser Says 0515

Washington Governor Declares Drought Emergency 0515

Vermont Energy Bill Shifts Focus to Renewables, Electricity 0515

California’s New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target Far Exceeds US Target 0415

Burlington, Vermont Goes All Renewable.  Keep Wood in the Mix? 0415

Beyond Almonds - a Rogue's Gallery of Guzzlers In California's Drought 0415

Mayor Unveils 'Ambitious' Plan to Make Los Angeles Greener 0415

Gov. Brown Orders California's 1st Mandatory Water Restrictions 0415

These Florida Republicans Are Busy Protecting Their Coasts from Sea Level Rise 0315

Fort Collins, Colorado Vows to Be Carbon Neutral, Defying Partisan Politics 0315

Georgetown, Texas Goes All In on Renewable Energy 0315

Exelon Seeks Low-Carbon Standard to Aid its Illinois Reactors 0215

Why States Rejecting EPA's Clean Power Plan Could Face Bigger Rate Hikes 0215

West Virginia Moves to Repeal Renewable Mandate 0115

West Virgina State School Board Reverts to Original Climate Change Standards 0115

California Gov. Brown's Renewable Energy Plan Could Boost Solar, Wind Industries 0115

Jerry Brown Seeks New Green Regulations in Historic 4th Term 0115

States Work to Meet New Renewable Energy Standards 0115

Building Toward a Goal of Reducing 80% Emissions in New York City 1214

Washington Gov. Inslee - Make Big Polluters Pay for Transportation Projects 1214

Changes Needed to Meet Vermont’s Renewable Energy Goals 1214

California Could Boost Renewable Energy Mandate Past 33% by 2020 - 1214

Regulators - Michigan Energy Saving Programs Work 1114

Florida Approves Plan to Gut Energy Efficiency, End Solar Power Rebates 1114

Climate Plan Faces Test in Montana Coal Country 0914

New York Requires Agencies to Consider Extreme Weather 0914

We’re Watching You, Wisconsin Public Service Commission 0914

Texas Proposes Rewriting School Textbooks to Deny Manmade Climate Change 0914

Blue and Red States Going Green on Energy Policy 0914

Oregon Blocks Another Coal Export Terminal Plan – Will Feds Help? 0814

Climate Change Debate Is Settled in Europe, but Lively in Kansas 0814

Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clock 0814

Bad News for Big Coal - Oregon Rejects Proposed Export Terminal 0814

Texas Law Lets Developers Ban Solar Panels While Subdivisions Are Growing 0814

Columbia Gorge Commission Sounds Alarm on Coal, Oil Transport 0814

As Oysters Die, Climate Policy Goes on the Stump 0814

A Dozen States File Suit Against New Coal Rules 0814

South Carolina Legislature Gives 2 Thumbs Up to Wind Energy 0614

Texas Says Judge is Wrong to Say It Must Protect Atmosphere 1013

9th Circuit Upholds California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard 0913

Debate on Science Textbooks in Texas Heats Up Again 0913

Connecticut Plugs into Multi-State Push for More Electric Cars 1013

Kansas, Kentucky and Others Will Teach Climate-Change Science 0713

Group Opposes Nebraska PPD Spending on Wind, Efficiency 0513 

California's Sweeping GHG Curbs 1208

EPA Actions

Trump 2017-2020 Articles

EPA Finalizes 1st-Ever Airplane Greenhouse Gas Regulations 1220

E.P.A. to Lift Obama-Era Controls on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas 0820

EPA Staff Warned that MPG Rollbacks Had Flaws.  Trump Officials Ignored Them. 0520

E.P.A. to Roll Back Regulations on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas 0819

Trump EPA Finalizes Rollback of Obama’s Clean Power Plan 0619

Trump Replacement for Obama Climate Plan Worse than Doing Nothing 0119

EPA Rolls Back Coal Rule despite Climate Change Warnings 1218

States Begged EPA to Stop Cross-State Coal Plant Pollution.  It Refused. 0918

Cost of New E.P.A. Coal Rules Is Up to 1,400 More Deaths a Year 0818

Trump Administration Proposes Rule to Relax Carbon Limits on Power Plants 0818

Fuzzy Math Could Doom Trump’s Attack on Obama Climate Rule 0818

EPA Allows Use of Larger Amounts of Climate-Friendly Coolants 0818

EPA Reverses Course, Will Enforce Stricter Pollution Limits for Glider Trucks 0718

Trump Replacement for Obama Climate Plan Moves Forward 0718

Scott Pruitt, Trump's Embattled EPA Chief, Resigns amid Ethics Scandals 0718

EPA Used Disavowed Research to Justify Putting Dirtier Slider Trucks on the Road 0518

Here’s What Scott Pruitt Freezing Fuel Economy Standards Would Do 0518

Google Joins Apple in Condemning the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan 0418

The Myth of Scott Pruitt’s Rollback 0418
    Changing regulations takes 2-4 years, but EPA is short-staffed to do it.  Then, there’s the court appeals.

Why EPA’s Effort to Weaken Fuel Efficiency Standards Could be Trump’s Most Climate-Damaging Move Yet 0418

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Says Climate Change Could Benefit Humans 0218

Trump’s EPA Starts Process for Replacing Clean Power Plan 1217

EPA Proposes Reversing Stricter Pollution Rules for Heavy-Duty Trucks with Older Engines 1117

Even Trump’s EPA Says Obama’s Climate Plan Would Save 1,000s of Lives a Year 1117

Clean Power Replacement Worse than Nothing, Costs over 3,500 Lives and  $33 Billion Yearly 1017

New EPA Document Has Sharply Lower Estimate of Climate Change Cost 1017

The Myth That ‘Business’ Hated Obama’s Clean Power Plan 1017

EPA’s Pruitt Announces Withdrawal of Clean Power Plan 1017

EPA's Climate Rule Withdrawal Will Include Big Changes to Cost Calculations 1017

Trump Faces Next Climate Hurdle - Endangerment Finding 0917

Trump May Replace Obama's Big Climate Rule — Not Just Repeal It 0917

Industry to EPA - We Want Clean Power Plan ‘Fixed, Not Just Gone' 0817

Court Rejects Trump Administration Move to Delay Methane Regulation 0717

Energy CEOs Tell Pruitt They Want Carbon Regulation 0617

U.S. EPA Extends Delay of Oil, Gas Rules to 2 Years 0617

Is Trump White House Blinking over California’s Clean Air Rules? 0617 - EPA to grant standard waiver for cleaner cars.

EPA Halts Obama-Era Rule on Methane Pollution 0517

E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board 0517

EPA Purges Pages That Highlight Climate Change From Its Website 0417

This Time, Congress Is Not Helping Trump Destroy the Planet - Methane Regs 0417

EPA Halts Inquiry into Oil and Gas Industry Methane Emissions 0317

Scott Pruitt Is Seen Cutting the E.P.A. With a Scalpel, Not a Cleaver 0217

EPA under Scott Pruitt Could Add Billions to U.S. Health Care Costs 0117

EPA Affirms Vehicle Standards, Despite Automaker Misinformation 0117

 Obama 2009-2016 Articles

Reversing Course, E.P.A. Says Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water 1216

Obama Administration Will Keep Tough Fuel Economy Standards in Place 1116

EPA Sets New Biofuel Targets, Which Could End Up on Trump’s Chopping Block 1116

EPA Aims to Finish Climate Rules; Decisions Fall to Trump 1116

Most States on Track to Meet Emissions Targets They Call Burden 0916

EPA Emerges from Clean Power Plan Court Hearing with the Edge 0916

EPA Clears the Way for Greenhouse Gas Rules on U.S. Airlines 0716

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Obama Mercury Air Pollution Rule 0616

EPA Begins Crackdown on Methane Emissions 0516

EPA’s Case for Climate Action – Improve Public Health 0516

EPA Doubles Down on Mercury Rule; More Litigation Likely 0416

Obama Administration Defends Climate Rule as ‘Eminently Reasonable’ 0316

EPA Asks Volkswagen to Make Electric Cars in U.S. 0216

Move to Cleaner Power Is Proceeding, regardless of Supreme Court’s Ruling 0216

Supreme Court Halts Clean Power Plan 0216

Obama's Climate Change Rule Stays Alive in Courts, for Now 0116

EPA Proposes Tougher Downwind Pollution Rule 1115

Environmentalists, Energy Companies Lobby on Coming Methane Rule 1015

U.S. Announces New Moves to Limit Super Greenhouse Gases 1015

EPA Hears Widely Different Views on Methane Emission Threat 0915

E.P.A. Announces New Rules to Cut Methane Emissions 0815

Mighty Optimistic Wind Estimate Fuels EPA’s CO2 Rule 0815

EPA (Obama) Orders Steeper CO2 Cuts from Existing Power Plants 0815

North Texas Methane Emissions Underestimated 50% by EPA 0715

Supreme Court Mercury Ruling Won’t Stop Climate Rules - EPA 0615

Coal Industry Scores a Win, but Fate of Plants Still in Air 0615

Supreme Court - EPA Should Have Considered Costs to Start Mercury Rule 0615

Decisions on Climate Change Will Affect Economic Future of US - EPA Official 0615

Inaction on Climate Change Would Cost Billions, Major EPA Study Finds 0615

US Plans New Truck Emission Rules 0615

Court Rejects, as Premature, Bid to Block EPA CO2 Power Plant Standards 0615

U.S. EPA Moves toward Regulating Aircraft Emissions 0615

Report - U.S. Can Make Good on Climate Pledge — Barely 0515

Kentucky May Accidentally Comply With EPA's Clean Power Plan 0515

EPA Carbon Emissions Plan Could Save 3,000 Lives per Year 0515

States Give Senate an Earful on EPA Greenhouse Gas Plan 0315

What if States Just Say ‘No’ to Climate Rule? 0315

EPA Just Ripped California's Big Renewable Energy Plan 0215

EPA’s McCarthy Defends Carbon Capture Technologies to House Energy Panels 0215

EPA Considers Delaying Carbon Deadline After Utilities Object 0215

Ameren (St. Louis+ Electric Utility) Report Outlines Issues with Carbon Rules 0215

EPA Keystone Review Links Oil Sands to Carbon Emission Jump 0215

Could Forests Help States Offset Coal Plant Emissions under EPA Rule?  Probably Not 0115

EPA Delays Regulations on Cutting Carbon at Coal Power Plants 0115

Mercury Challenge Could Undermine Industry’s Attack on EPA Climate Rule 1214

National Grid Joins 200 Companies to Support EPA’s Carbon Regulations 1214

EPA Flooded with Climate Rule Comments 1214

EPA Power Plant Mercury Rule Gets U.S. Supreme Court Review 1114

EPA Rejects Texas Clean-Air Plan, Orders Pollution Upgrades on Big Coal Plants 1114

Obama’s Coming Climate Rules Onslaught 1114

NERC Urges Delay in Obama Carbon Rules to Shield Electric Grid 1114

States Suing to Stop CO2 Cuts Prep For Them Anyway 0914

EPA May Force Drillers to Cut Methane Leaks, Chief Says 0914

Proponents, Opponents Stage Rallies Over EPA’s Proposed Rules 0814

EPA Climate Rule Economically Feasible, Study Says 0714

States Against EPA’s Carbon Pollution Rule Would Gain Most 0714

EPA Climate Rule, % CO2  Reduction by State 0614

Supreme Court Rules the EPA Can Regulate CO2Emissions 0614

For First Time, E.P.A. Proposes Reducing Ethanol Requirement for Gas Mix 1113

Legislative Glitch Could Doom Rules for Existing Power Plants 1013

Challenges Await Plan to Reduce Emissions 0913

EPA Moves to Limit Emissions of Future Coal- and Gas-Fired Power Plants 0913

EPA to Revise New Power Plant CO2  Rule, Require CCS for Coal 0913

EPA Orders Air Pollution Controls for Fracked Gas Wells 0813

EPA Sends Climate Rule to White House 0713 

Obama Readies Power Plant CO2  Emissions Limits 0613

How Green Groups Make the EPA Issue New Rules 0613 

Coal Mines’ Methane Curbs Fall Victim to EPA Budget Cuts 0513 

EPA Criticizes Environmental Review of Keystone XL Pipeline 0413 

EPA Will Delay Rule Limiting Carbon Emissions at New Power Plants 0413 

EPA Issues Power Plant Mercury Rules 1211

EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases Public Health Threat 1209 

EPA's Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding 1209 - PDF, 284 pp

EPA Proposes BACT for GHGs 0909

EPA Declares GHGs a Health Hazard 0409 

EPA to Regulate GHGs Under Clean Air Act 0309

Bush 2001-2009 Article

Massachusetts et al. v. EPA et al. - Supreme Court 0407 - PDF, 66 pp
The EPA is required to regulate pollution from cars and trucks if it found that they endangered public health or welfare.

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