Droughts Elsewhere

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Taps and Reservoirs Run Dry, as Moroccan Drought Hits Farmers 1020

South Africa’s New Drought Is a National Emergency, for 2nd Time in 2 Years 0320

Drought Devastates Food, Power Supplies in Zambia and Zimbabwe 1219

Victoria Falls Dries to a Trickle after Worst Drought in a Century 1219

South Africa Rations Water to Save Dwindling Supplies 1019

Flight to the Future, in Somaliland 0919 - worsening droughts mean most farm country will no longer support crops.  Farmers flee to cities and out of country.

Researchers Warn of ‘Unexpected Implications' as Climate Risks Converge 0719
    U to 40% of rain in East Africa comes from evaporation of irrigation water in India, for example.

Taps Run Dry for Half of Zimbabwe’s Capital City, Affecting Millions 0719

Why the Next Climate Change Disaster Could Be in Somalia 1218

Cape Town 'Day Zero' Pushed Back to 2019, as Dams Fill Up in South Africa 0418

Hotter, Drier, Hungrier - How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest 0318

More Frequent Drought in Somalia Breeds Conflict over Fertile Land 0318

Drought Inflicts Mounting Losses to Crops in South Africa's Western Cape 0318

Water Crisis Intensifies in Cape Town 0118

Cape Town Rations Water before Reservoirs Hit Zero 1017

Solar Grid Keeps Harvests High, Hospitals Lit in Parched Rural Zimbabwe 0917

After Months of Water Rationing, Nairobi May Run Dry 0717

South Africa's Western Cape Declares Drought Disaster 0517
    Region suffers 2-year drought, water shortage worst in 113 years,

As Drought Sweeps Kenya, Herders Invade Farms 0317

Congo Risks 50% Power Drop, due to Low Rainfall, Record Low Congo River 0317

Farmers in Sudan Battle Climate Change and Hunger, as Desert Creeps Closer 1216

HotSpots H2O - Africa’s Water Challenges 1116

As Drought Grips South Africa, a Conflict over Water and Coal 0516 - its most extreme drought since 1900

Drought-Hit Ethiopia Needs Money for Seeds, as Rains Begin 0316

As Mozambique's Rivers Dry Up, Hopes of a Harvest Evaporate Too 0216

Drought May Affect 49 Million in Southern Africa 0216

Dry Ivory Coast Weather May Cut Season’s Mid-Crop, Farmers Say 0216

Drought-Stricken Zimbabwe Declares State of Disaster 0216

South Africa Suffers Driest Year on Record in 2015 - 0116

In Ethiopia, Millions Face Weather-Related Food Shortages, Aid Group Says 1215

South Africa to Name 2 More Provinces as Drought Disaster Areas 1115

Zimbabwe’s Mega Zambezi Dam Project Could Flounder as Climate Changes 1115

Ethiopia, a Nation of Farmers, Strains under Severe Drought 1015

Zambian President Blames Global Warming for Worst Power Crisis 0915

70 Million Nigerians Affected by Desertification, Drought 0915

As Droughts Worsen, Joined-Up Adaptations Build Resilience in Arid Kenya 0915

As Drought Destroys Maize, Zimbabwe Tries Out New Staples 0915

Fleeing Drought, Climate Migrants Press Zimbabwe's Fertile East 0815

Middle East Faces Water Shortages for the Next 25 Years 0815

Number of Ethiopians Needing Food Aid Surges to 4.5 Million, after Failed Rains 0815

Zimbabweans Go Hungry, as Drought Hammers Southern Africa 0515

El Niño Could Bring Drought and Famine in West Africa 0515

Drought, Expanding Deserts and ‘Food for Jihad' Drive Mali's Conflict 0415

Africa Faces Water Crisis Despite Discovery of Huge Aquifers 1013

Angola Government in Denial over Impact of Severe Drought 1013

Rejuvenating Rains Don't Come to Namibian Desert 0813  

Sahel Region Set for Rise in Climate Refugees 0813

Drought Worsens Child Malnutrition in Cameroon 0713 

Shrinking Aquifers in Drought-Stricken Areas 0613

Sulfate Aerosol Pollution from the North (US+) Major Factor Decades of African Drought 0613 

Commercial Farms, Climate Shifts Dry Tanzanian River Basin 0613 

West Africa Struggles to Fill a Sahel Climate Gap about Future 0513

Climate Change Hits Zimbabwe Agriculture 1012 

More Frequent Droughts Likely in Eastern Africa 0111 

East Africa Reels from 6-Year Drought 1209

Kenya Drought Leaves 10 Million Hungry 0109 

2013 photos: Egypt farm along the Nile was irrigated

Angola, October 2013

Latin America

Study Finds Human Influence in Amazon's 3rd 1-in-100 Year Drought since 2005 - 0817

Brazil Races against Time to Save Drought-Hit City, Dying Crops 0217

Record Heat and Drought Seen in Amazon during 2015-16 El Niño 0117

As Brazil's Largest City Struggles With Drought, Residents Are Leaving 1115

New NASA Data Shows Brazil's Drought Deeper than Thought 1015

Drought Drives Water Shortage to Critical Stage in Sao Paulo, Brazil 0815

Update on São Paulo Drought - Out of Fire, into Frying Pan 0515

Sao Paulo’s Reservoirs Feel Pinch of Failed Wet Season 0315

Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil’s Largest City 0215

Brazil's Most Populous Region Facing Worst Drought in 80 Years 0115

São Paulo’s Water Crisis - Reservoir Hogs 1214

Drought-Hit Sao Paulo May 'Get Water from Mud’ 1114

Water War Amid Brazil Drought Leads to Fight Over Puddles 1114

Biggest Brazil Metro Area Desperate for Water 1114

Election-Year Water Crisis Taking a Toll on Brazil's Economy 1114

Amazon Rainforest Losing Ability to Regulate Climate 1014

Drying Amazon Could Be Major Carbon Concern 1014

Rain-Making Amazon Forest Shrinks, So São Paulo Is Running Out of Water 1014

Water Crisis Squeezes São Paulo State 1014

São Paulo Running Out of Water Unless Reserve Tapped Now 1014

Brazil Drought Crisis Deepens in São Paulo 1014 - Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte) too.

Drought Plagues Brazil’s Richest Metropolis 1014

Brazil Drought Crisis Leads to Rationing and Tensions 0914

What's Next for Brazil's Cerrado, Deforested Focus of Booming Agriculture? 0514

Farmers Seeking Heat Relief Signal Brazil Climate Peril 0414

Drought Could Drain More Than Brazil's Coffee Crop 0214

Failed Rainy Season Gives 12 Million São Paulo Residents a Critical Water Crisis 0214

Rainforest Absorption of CO2 Becoming Erratic 0114

How the Old Amazon May Help Explain the New 0413

Brutal 2013 Drought Lingers in Brazil 0413 

Severe Amazon Droughts Linked to Climate Change 0113 

Brazil Faces Electricity Shortage from Drought 0113


Venice Canals Run Dry amid fears Italy Faces Another Drought 0223

Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade 0822

63% of Land in the EU and UK Is Now Experiencing Drought 0822

Source of River Thames Dries Out ‘for 1st Time’ during Drought 0822

England Records Driest July in 87 Years, amid Sizzling Heat Wave 0822

Europe’s Big Dry 0722

Drought Tightens Grip on Northern Italy 0722

Spain, Portugal Dryness Unprecedented in 1,200 Years 0722

Italy Declares State of Emergency on Impact from Drought 0722

Europe Faces a Future of Extreme Droughts 0422

Recent European Droughts ‘Worst in 2,000 Years' 0321

Extreme Droughts in Central Europe Are Likely to Increase 7-Fold 0820

Sunniest Spring on Record Raises U.K. Drought Risk 0520

100-Year Drought Hits Poor EU Region Already Reeling from Virus 0520

Germany’s Most Important River Is Drying Out 0420

Czechs Fear Historic Drought Is Threatening Harvest, Water Supplies 0420

German Forest Fire Risk Spikes amid High Temperatures, Drought 0419

Germany Adapts from Its Year of Record Drought 0319

Calls for Farm Support Intensify, as Europe Struggles with Heat Wave, Drought 0718

Drought-Hit Rome to Avoid Water Rationing - City Utility 0717

Heat and Drought Feed Wildfires in Italy, Threaten Beaches near Rome 0717

One of Worst Droughts in Decades Devastates South Europe Crops 0717

Olive Oil Prices Set to Rise Sharply after Andalusia Drought 0814

Half of Britain in Drought, Worst in 36 Years 0412

Warming Brings Mediterranean Droughts Oftener 1011

Soils of UK and Europe Drying Out 0511

Australia & New Zealand


Other & Multiple Countries

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