100s of Deaths across Canada, Pacific Northwest, amid Unrelenting Heat Wave 0721

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Emerging across the Globe 0520  Focus on wet-bulb temperatures, with 35°C or hotter bringing death soon.  For details and interactive world map, see "Too Hot & Humid" section of my Bio-Impacts webpage.

Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out 6 Billion People 0919 - "As much as a decade ago, a climate symposium organized to discuss the implications of a 4°C warmer world concluded, 'Less than a billion people will survive.'  Here Schellnhuber is quoted as saying: 'At 4[°]C Earth’s... carrying capacity estimates are below 1 billion people.'  His words were echoed by professor Kevin Anderson of the U.K.’s Tyndall Centre for Climate Change: 'Only about 10% of the planet’s population would survive at 4 C.”’"

Record 2019 Heat Wave Linked to Climate Change Killed 1,500 People in France 0919

Climate Crisis Already Causing Deaths and Childhood Stunting 0719

Lost Cities and Climate Change 0719 - Cahokia, Huns, 14th century Europe, late Roman empire

Climate Change Causing Premature Deaths in Europe 0619

Climate Change Is Aggravating the Suffering in Yemen 1118

Climate Change Could Double Deaths from Wildfire Smoke 0918

Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll in Puerto Rico Rises to 2,975 - 0818

Adding Up the Cost of Climate Change in Lost Lives 0818

Rising Temperatures Linked to Increased Suicide Rates 0718

Many Killed in Forest Fires near Athens 0718

Study Hikes Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria Death Toll to 4,645 - 0518

Tougher Climate Policies Could Save a Stunning 150 Million Lives 0318

Weather Disasters to Impact 2 out of 3 Europeans by 2100, Study Says 0817 - 152,000 [heat] deaths a year from weather disasters in Europe by 2100, versus 3,000 a year from 1981 to 2010.

Suicides of Nearly 60,000 Indian Farmers Linked to Climate Change 0717

Food Scarcity due to Climate Change Could Cause 500,000 Deaths by 2050 - 0316

Half Million Die in Decade of Disasters in Asia Pacific 1015

How Climate Change Might Kill People 0715 - More deaths from heat outnumber fewer deaths from cold.  Increased temperature variability increases mortality.

Pakistan Heat Wave - Death Toll over 800 in Sindh 0615

Heat Wave in Pakistan's Sindh Province Leaves 120 Dead 0615

The Deadly Combination of Heat and Humidity 0615

     Map estimates are from WHO, via John Holdren (see Overviews page).

     Table estmates (a decade later) are from from DARA, November 2012, available above under Costs.  400,000 climate-related deaths in 2010 and 632,000 climate-related deaths in 2030.

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