(Voluntary Markets, e.g.,

Corporations plant trees to offset Air Travel.)


Will a Carbon Market Happen? 0524

Can Forests Be More Profitable than Beef? 0524 - a question for the Amazon region

Tree Plantations Try to Offset Our Carbon Pollution. Here’s the Problem. 1023 - emphasis on lack of additionality, would have happened anyway.  Also tree species in plantations are wrong for most or all of the plantation land types.

Canada’s Explosive Wildfires Have Damaged a Forest Carbon Offset Project 0623

Ancient Amazon Charcoal Seen as Next Big Thing in Carbon Markets 0623

Chevron’s Carbon Offsets Are Mostly Junk and Some May Harm 0523

Deforestation Inc. - How 'Green' Firms Prevent Climate Action 0323

Finance Is Failing the World’s Best Defense against Climate Change 0223

A $39 Trillion Investor Alliance Gives Warning on Carbon Offsets 0223

Investor Group Bans Carbon Removal from CO2 Reduction Plans 0123

Africa Has a Major New Carbon Market Initiative 0123

More than 90% of Rainforest Carbon Offsets by Biggest Provider Are Worthless 0123

Capturing Carbon with Giant Algae Ponds in the Middle of the Desert 1122

Selling a Cleaner, Affordable Cooking Fuel, Ethanol, for Kenyan Homes 1122

Multi-Million $ Forest Regeneration Carbon Credits Yielded Fewer Trees 1122

Why the $100 per Ton Target for Carbon Removal May Be ‘Pure Fantasy' 1022

Airlines Are Misleading Flyers with Carbon-Neutral Claims 1022

Wildfires Are Destroying California's Forest Carbon Credit Reserves 0822

Cleaning Up Airline Travel Is Going to Be Really Expensive 0622

Let’s Not Pretend Planting Trees Is a Permanent Climate Solution 0622

In an Increasingly Warmer World, Trees Are Not a Climate Change Cure-All 0522

Companies Can Soon Start Paying the Bahamas to Store Carbon in the Ocean 0522

Qantas Places Burden of Cleaning Up Aviation on Sustainable Fuel 0322

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets for Your Air Travel? 0122

CoP26 Finally Set Rules on Carbon Markets. What Does It Mean? 1121

We Need a Bigger Planet to Fix the Climate with Trees 1121

Net Zero Commitments from Companies in Hard-to-Fix Sectors 1021

Will Russia’s Forests Be an Asset or an Obstacle in Climate Fight? 0721

Planting Trees “Doesn't Make Any Sense" in Fight against Climate Change 0721

Only 4-5% of Corn Belt Farmers Are Planting Crops to Store Carbon 0621

5 Things to Know about the Global Race to Net Zero 0621

The Fastest Ways Aviation Could Cut Emissions 0521

One of Canada’s Biggest Carbon Sinks Is Circling the Drain 0521

Shipping Now Faces the Highest Price on Carbon for Any Global Industry 0521

A Climate “Solution” Actually Adds Millions of Tons of CO2 to the Atmosphere 0421

Delta to Spend $30 Million to Offset Most of Its 2020 Impact on Climate 0321

Businesses Aim to Pull Greenhouse Gases from the Air 0121

United Airlines Turns to CO2 Removal Technology to Offset Emissions 1220

Are Carbon Markets for Farmers Worth the Hype? 0920

Why ‘Carbon Offsets’ Don’t Do All That They Promise 0820

Is Carbon Farming a Climate Boon or Boondoggle? 0620

Is Carbon Sequestration on Farms Actually Working to Fight Climate Change? 0420

Spanish Oil & Gas Company Vows to Become a Net-Zero Carbon Emitter 1219

If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire? 0819

Stripe Inc. Says Offsets Aren’t Enough; It’s Time to Pay for Negative Emissions 0819

Scientists Zero in on Trees as a Surprisingly Large Source of Methane 0619

Why Carbon Credits for Forest Preservation may Be Worse than Nothing 0519

Lyft - “We are now a fully carbon-neutral company.” 0918

Grasslands May Be More Reliable Carbon Sinks than Forests in California 0718

This “Carbon Removal Marketplace” Will Make Buying Offsets Easier 0618

Hawaii Just Passed a Law to Make the State Carbon Neutral by 2045 - 0618

Climate Scientists Unlock Secrets of ‘Blue Carbon’ 0118

California - Taking the Economic Temperature 10 Years after A.B. 32 - 0916

Rice Growers on the Front Lines of U.S. Carbon Markets 0116

Forest Dieback Could Undermine U.S. Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions 1115

Rice Farmers Now Eligible for Carbon Offset Payments 0615

Could Forests Help States Offset Coal Plant Emissions under EPA Rule? Probably Not 0115

U.N. Carbon Offset Market to Be 'in a Coma' for Years 1113

Environmentalists Look to Carbon Markets to Slow Grassland Conversion 1113

California Air Rules Allow Business to Pay Someone Else to Slash Emissions 0813

Mangrove Conservation Is Economic 0812

Carbon Credit Scam 0812

How Much Carbon Does a Tropical Tree Sequester? 0710 - The average tropical tree will sequester ~25 kg, or 55 lbs, of carbon per year.  A hectare 

Climate Bill Impact on Agriculture Gets Clearer 1209

Services of Coral Reefs, Forests Worth Trillions 1109

Carbon Offset Markets to Grow 4x by 2015 - 1109

Storing Carbon in Forest Soils 0308

Global Warming & Agriculture 0307

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