Growth & Prices

Renewables Softened Blow from Intense Texas Heat Wave 0623

Wind + Solar Overtakes Gas for EU’s Electricity 0223

Renewables Supplied 88% of Portugal’s Electricity Use in January 0223

Renewables Projected to Be 1/4 of US Electricity Generation. Really Soon 0123

Renewables Will Overtake Coal by Early 2025, Int'l Energy Agency Says 1222

New Record Renewable Energy Production in South Australia, More to Come 1222

Alberta Is on Track to Meet its 2030 Renewable Energy Goal Ahead of Schedule 1222

Europe’s Energy Risks Go Beyond Gas 1122

Clean Energy Transition Gains Speed, despite Global Tumult 1022

Clean Energy Has a Tipping Point. 87 Countries Have Reached It. 1022

Coal Crunch Hastens Indian Metal Makers’ Switch to Green Energy 0822

Wind, Solar Provide 67% of New US Electric Generating Capacity in Q1-2 2022 - 0822

Renewable Energy Provides Relief from Rising Power Prices 0722

Renewable Electricity Growth, per BP 0722

As Texas Saw Record Electricity Demand, Wind and Solar Delivered 0622

The New US Record in Renewable Electric Generation 0622

China’s Renewable Energy Fleet Is Growing Too Fast for Its Grid 0622

The US’s New Record in Renewables 0622

China Is on Track to Double Its Solar Panel Installations from Last Year’s Record 0522

How Australia Is Transforming Grids Away from Coal Power 0522

Supply Chain Delays, Steel Costs Are Stalling Renewable Energy Growth 0522

China Triples Solar Investments as Clean Energy Push Accelerates 0522

The World Added a Record Amount of Renewable Energy in 2021 - 0522

Sluggish Renewables Growth Threatens Bangladesh’s Clean-Energy Goals 0422 - 774 MW renewables now, only 2% of the overall mix

California Ran on Nearly 100% Clean Energy on April 3, 2022 - 0422

China Will Hit 2030 Climate Goal Early, Says State-Linked Think Tank 0422

Wind and Solar Hit a Record 10% of Global Electricity Generation in 2021 - 0322

China Could Hit 2030 Renewable Target by 2025 on Local Ambitions 0322

Amazon Led Companies Buying over 30 GigaWatts of Renewable Energy in 2021 - 0322

Germany Brings Forward Goal of 100% Renewable Power to 2035 - 0222

China Researcher Sees Wind and Solar Easily Beating Xi’s Goal 0222

Texas Leads US in Clean Energy, Almost in Spite of Itself 0222

Rising Costs May Erase Years of Renewables Progress 1221

China’s Push for Rooftop Solar and Rural Wind Boosts Producers 1021

Pacificorp’s IRP Includes 6.7 GW Storage, 5.6 GW Solar, Plus Fossil Fuels 0921

Clean Energy Interest Soars in NSW as States Resist Rules to Prop Up Coal 0821

NextEra Adds 1.84 GW Renewables and Storage to over 15 GW Backlog in Q2 - 0721

Most New Wind and Solar Projects Will Be Cheaper than Coal 0621

Xcel Procures Wind, Solar and Storage for 1.7 to 3.0 ¢ / kWh in Colorado 0621

Global Renewable Energy Industry Grew at Fastest Rate since 1999 Last Year 0521

California Just Hit 95% Renewable Electricity.  Other States Are Following. 0421

100% Clean Power?  U.S. May Be Halfway There 0421 vs. 2005 business-as-usual projection.  In reality, 40-41% in 2020.

New York City’s Most Polluting Fossil Fuel Plants Can Retire by 2030, Thanks to Renewables, Storage 0321

77–80% of New US Power Capacity Came from Solar & Wind in 2020 - 0221

In Clean Energy Milestone, US Renewables Pulled Ahead of Coal in 2020 - 0221

China Blows Past Clean Energy Record with Wind Capacity Jump 0121

Wind, Solar to Be 70% of New US Electric MW in 2021.  Batteries Gain Momentum. 0121


Trump's Unplanned Gift to Biden - Clean Energy on the Rise 1220

Renewable Power Grows Strongly, Despite the Pandemic 1120

Renewables Cut Australia's Emissions More than Covid, Energy Analysis Finds 1120

Aggressive Push to 100% Renewable Energy Could Save Americans Billions 1020

Wind and Solar Produced 10% of Global Electricity in 1st Half of 2020 0820

Europe’s Coal Heartland Is the Hottest Market for Green Power 0620

Global New Clean Energy Investment Totaled $282 Billion Last Year 0620

UK Electricity Was Coal-Free for 1st Month Ever 0620

U.S. Renewables Outstrip Coal for 1st Time Since 19th Century 0520

U.K. Grid Struggles as Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels 0520

In a 1st, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S. 0520

Renewable Energy Topped Coal in US for 40 Days Straight 0520

Renewables Are the Only Winners in Historic Decline in Energy Demand 0420

India’s Virus Lockdown Sees Clean Energy Gain at Coal’s Expense 0420

Oil Companies Are Collapsing, but Wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing 0420

UK Households to Be Paid for Daytime Green Electricity Use during Lockdown 0420

Utility-Scale Renewables Top Coal in US Electricity Generation for Entire Q1 2020 - 0420

Renewables Make Up over Half of Germany’s Power Mix 0420

Renewables Hit a Transmission Wall in Saturated Upper Midwest Grid 1219

UK Renewables Generated More Power than Fossil Fuels for 1st Quarter Ever 1019

Google Just Made the Largest Ever Corporate Purchase of Renewable Energy 0919

Global Renewable Energy Has Quadrupled over Past Decade 0919

Renewable Electricity Beat Out Coal in the US for the 1st Time in April 0619

America's Renewable Electricity Capacity Is Now Greater than Coal’s 0619

'Coal Is on the Way Out'- Fossil Fuels Now Pricier than Solar or Wind 0319

4 Nations Lead the World with 100% Green Energy 0319

Renewables Generated a Record 65% of Germany’s Electricity Last Week 0319

China's 2018 Renewable Power Capacity Up 12% on Year 0119

Renewables Restore Power to 1,000s of Households during Australian Heat Wave 0119

Renewables Could Surpass Fossil Fuels in Britain by 2020 - 0119

India Plans to Add 500 GW of Renewable Energy Capacity within 10 Years 0119

China Launches Subsidy-Free Solar, Wind Power after Project Costs Fall 0119


2 US Electric Utilities Promise to Go 100% Carbon-Free, Say It’s Cheaper 1218

Costa Rica Went over 300 Days on Renewable Electricity Alone 1218

Even in Indiana, New Renewables Are Cheaper than Existing Coal Plants 1018

Solar, Wind Made Up At Least 20% Of Electric Generation In 10 States Last Year 1018
led by Iowa 37%, Kansas 36%, Oklahoma 32%, South Dakota 30%

Why Republican Leaders Love Renewable Energy 0918 - It’s cheaper than the cheapest fossil fuel electricity in 65-70% of the US.  Good for rural areas, which are Republican.

This Island Nation Is Making the Fastest-Ever Shift to Renewables 0718

Costa Rica Is Moving toward Carbon Neutrality Faster than Any Other Country 0718

A Year after Paris Pullout, U.S. Companies Are Driving a Renewables Boom 0618

Europe Is Building More Wind and Solar — without Any Subsidies 0518

Renewable Energy Now Employs 10.3 Million People Globally 0518

Apple Now Runs on 100% Green Energy; Here’s How It Got There 0418

Portugal Was Powered 100% by Renewable Energy in March 0418

Global Energy Giants Forced to Adapt to Rise of Renewables 0318

As Price Drops, Renewable Energy Surges to 2nd Place in Minnesota 0318

UK Enjoyed ‘Greenest Year for Electricity Ever' in 2017 - 1217

South Australia Goes All Out on Renewables, despite Federal Focus on Coal 1017

Despite Trump, American Companies Are Still Investing in Renewable Energy 1017

This Summer Was UK’s Greenest Ever for Energy, Says National Grid 0917

Renewables to Provide Bulk of Finland's Energy Next Year 0917

Germany Produced Record 35% of Power from Renewables in 1st Half 0717

As Solar and Wind Prices Fall, Coal’s Future is Fading Fast, BNEF Says 0617

Global Energy Use Stumbles for 3rd year - BP 0617

Non-Hydro Renewables Provided a Record 10% of U.S. Power in March 0617

Renewables Provide More than 1/2 of UK Electricity for 1st Time 0617

'Spectacular' Drop in Renewable Energy Costs Leads to Record Global Boost 0617

India, Once a Coal Goliath, Is Fast Turning Green 0617

Renewables Grow to 17% of Electricity Mix in Australia 0517

Renewable Energy Powers Jobs for Almost 10 Million People 0517

2/3 of Canada’s Electricity Now Comes from Renewable Energy 0517

Saudis to Seek Bids for 700-MegaWatt Wind and Solar Projects 0417

World Clean Power Is Up, Costs Are Down 0417

CAISO Sets 1-Day Record, Serving 56.7% of Demand with Renewable Energy 0317

Clean Energy Is Now as Big as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the US 0317

Almost 90% of New Power in Europe from Renewable Sources in 2016 - 0217

The Irreversible Momentum of Clean Energy 0117 by Barack Obama, in Science

Costa Rica's Grid Used 98% Renewable Energy in 2016 - 0117

   Note: In the USA, on average, levelized costs are much lower, for at least onshore wind and PV solar, than shown above. 

2016 and earlier

Christmas Day 2016 Sets New UK Record for Renewable Energy Use 1216

The Week Portugal Ran on Renewables 1216

UK Hits Clean Energy Milestone - 50% of Electricity from Low Carbon Sources 1216

Latin America Is Set to Become a Leader in Alternative Energy 1216

Half of UK Electricity Comes from Low-Carbon Sources for 1st Time Ever 1116

Renewable Energy Capacity Overtakes Coal 1016

Scotland Exceeds Emission Cut Targets – 6 Years Early 0616

Renewable Energy Surges to Record Levels around the World 0516

Virtually All New US Electric Capacity Added in Q1 2016 Was Renewable – FERC 0516

Portugal Runs for 4 Days Straight on Renewable Energy Alone 0516

Global Renewables Grew at Fastest Rate on Record in 2015 - 0416

Kauai Co-op Integrates over 70% Solar, 90% Renewables 4 Times in January 0216

Costa Rica at 99% Renewable.  Are Others on the Same Path? 1215

Renewable Energy Made Up 1/2 of World's New Power Plants in 2014 - IEA 1115

Renewable Energy Outstrips Coal for 1st Time in UK Electricity Mix 0915

Renewables Outpace Nuclear in 45% of World Economies by Population 0715

Record Growth in Renewable Power, But Few Gains in Heat and Transport 0615

China ‘Deserves More Credit’ for Renewable Energy Effort - IEA 0615

How Renewable Energy in South Africa Is Quietly Stealing a March on Coal 0615

Wal-Mart Makes Big Renewable Push with Utilities 0515

Renewable Energy Surge Revives Europe's Power Trade 0415

New Renewables Broke Through 100 GW Barrier in 2014 - 0315

Once Extravagant, Renewable Power Plans Go Cheap 0315

Italy’s Electricity Down 3.4%.  33% Renewable 0114

US Renewable Energy Use Soared in 2012 - 0713

Renewable Energy Will Overtake Natural Gas by 2016 - 0613

2012 Was a Big Year for American Renewables 1212

Big Increase in Output of Scottish Renewables 0612

US Renewable Energy Production Surpasses Nuclear 0711 

Renewables Outgrew Fossil Fuels in 2008 - 0509

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