Losing Forests

Re-Wilding Is Key to Averting Mass Extinctions and Reducing Carbon Emissions 1120

China's Forest Carbon Uptake ‘Underestimated' 1020

Healthy Mangroves Can Protect against Climate Change 1219

'Green Gold' Tree Offers Brazil Deforestation Hope 1019

Empress Trees Are Already World’s Most Efficient Carbon Capture Technology 0819
    11 to 80 x the CO2 / acre / year as other trees

Planting ‘Billions of Trees’ Isn’t Going to Stop Climate Change 0719 - one of many blowback articles on the tree-palnting study

Tree Planting ‘Has Mind-Blowing Potential' to Tackle Climate Crisis 0719

Canada Forests Haven’t Absorbed More Carbon than They Released since 2001 - 0519
Forests Scramble to Absorb Carbon, as Emissions Continue to Increase 0319

Young Forests Have a Huge Climate Impact 0219

Massive Worldwide Reforestation Would Cancel Out a Decade of CO2 Emissions 0219

Natural Climate Solutions, Including Farm Conservation, Can Reduce Global Warming 1118

Natural Climate Solutions Could Cancel Out 1/5 of U.S. Emissions 1118

Urban Trees Can Store Almost as Much Carbon as Tropical Rainforests 0618

Sweeping New Estimate of How Much Humans Have Transformed Earth 1217

The Largest Ever Tropical Reforestation Is Planting 73 Million Trees 1017 - Brazil

Nature Is One of the Most Under-Appreciated Tools for Reining in Carbon 1017

Why the Way We Manage the Carbon Bio-Flux Matters 1017

Estonia Cuts Carbon Emissions by Replanting Bogs 0817

Stop Hoping We Can Fix Climate Change by Using Bioenergy Forests, Scientists Warn 0517

Focus on Carbon Removal a ‘High-Stakes Gamble’ 0517

Drylands Greener with Forests than Previously Thought 0517

Global Greening May Soak Up Less CO2 than Projected 0317

White House Releases Climate Change Plan Before Trump Takes Office 1116

Morocco Plants Millions of Trees along Roads to Fight Climate Change 1116

Global ‘Greening' Has Slowed Rise of CO2 in the Atmosphere 1116

African Mangrove & Wetlands Project - Win for the Climate and the People? 1116

India Plants 50 Million Trees in 1 Day, Smashing World Record 0716

Negative Emissions Key to Meeting 2°C Threshold 0716 - bio-energy with carbon capture and storage.  Just cutting emissions under the Paris agreement may not be enough to keep global warming from blasting past 2°C. - NCAR study

Pay Forest Owners to Not Cut Down Trees, to Slow Deforestation Cheaply 0716

Thanks to Climate Change, the Arctic Is Turning Green 0616

Norway Becomes 1st Nation to Ban Deforestation.  How Will That Work? 0616

Warming Could Boost Carbon Storage in Alaska Forests 0616

Forests Re-Grown on Cleared Latin American Lands Key for Climate, Land Rights 0516

Teak Absorbs Max CO2 from Air, Helps Check Global Warming 0416

These Tiny Mangroves Hold Vast Stores of Carbon 0316

China's Forest Conservation Program Shows Proof of Success 0316

Trees Deal with Climate Change Better than Expected 0316

Massive Tree Farms, Soil Carbon Sequestration May Be Really Bad Climate Ideas 0216
    Darkening soils and forests, from carbon sequestration, especially biochar, increases solar radiation absorbed.
$60 trillion ($30 trillion?) price tag to cut 50 ppm via rock dust / gravel is a lot of money (but less than warming damages?).
Dedicating soils to carbon sequestration may (probably not) make them unavailable for farming.
Problems with farming the oceans to sequester carbon via algae.

Rainforest Regrowth Boosts Carbon Capture 0216

Paris Climate Goals Mean Emissions Need to Drop Below Zero 1215

Crop Dusters Seed Mangroves by Air, to Save Louisiana Wetlands 0815

UK to Build World’s 1st Power Plant with Negative Emissions 0815 - wood pellets with CCS

Vietnam Ready to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 0815

Brazil Beef Industry Pledges Are Cutting Amazon Deforestation 0515

Sri Lanka 1st Nation to Protect All Mangrove Forests 0515

China's 'Green Great Wall' Takes the Prize for Planting the Most Trees 0415

Despite Deforestation, the World Is Turning Greener 0315

Best Technology to Save the World Is Trees, Biochar and More Soil Carbon 0215

 Emissions 0115

Could Forests Help States Offset Coal Plant Emissions under EPA Rule?  Probably Not 0115

Going Green - Pakistan to Get $39 Million to Preserve Forests 1214

Restored Forests Breathe Life Into Efforts Against Climate Change 1214

Time Is Right for Global Focus on Forest Land Rights 0914

With Warming, Eastern Forests Inhale More CO2 than They Exhale 0514

Guatemala’s Ambitious Project to Capture 1.8 Million Tons of Carbon 1113

In Carbon Sequestration, Money Grows on Trees 1213

Carbon Cycle Gets More Extreme as Climate Changes 0813

Study Questions Nature’s Ability to ‘Self-Correct’ Climate: Soil vs Above-Ground Carbon 0813  

Desert 'Carbon Farming' to Curb CO2  0813  

Australian Plants Soaking Up Carbon Pollution 0213

NASA Map Reveals Tropical Forest Carbon Storage 0511

Forest Loss Slows as Asian Nations Plant Trees 0211

How Much Carbon Does a Tropical Tree Sequester? 0710 

Nobel Laureate Says Plant Trees in Africa 0909

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