Nuclear Energy



‘Artificial Sun’ Lasts 48 Seconds at 100,000,000°, for New Nuclear Fusion Record 0424

Scientists Just Set Another Nuclear Fusion Record 0224

Rising Temperatures Are Wreaking Havoc Year-Round 0823 - One effect is less cooling for nuclear power plants (Rhone River example in France).  Power plant efficiency of heat conversion falls as the temperature of the heat sink (here, a river) rises.  Also, sometimes cooling water bodies are placed under restriction, to prevent the worst tempoerature effects on river life.

U.S. Lab Says It Repeated Fusion Energy Feat — with Higher Yield 0823

Mini Reactor Cost Surge Threatens Nuclear’s Next Big Thing 0623

The Pathway to 90% Clean Electricity Is Mostly Clear. The Last 10%, Not So Much 0922

Nuclear Power Could Be the Future of Expedition Cruises 0622

Mini Nuclear Reactors Have an Outsized Waste Problem 0522

U.K. Startup’s ‘Big Friendly Gun’ Achieves Fusion Breakthrough 0422

Eye-Watering Energy Prices Spark a Nuclear Power Rethink 0322

US Lab Hits Milestone on Long Road to Fusion Power 0122

The Dubious Track Record of ‘New’ Nuclear Technology 1121

Nuclear Power Won’t Save The World.  It Won’t Even Help. 1121 - Solar + storage is SO much cheaper than nuclear, even new versions.  So is wind + storage.  Old issues too - nuclear waste storage, etc.

Nuclear Fusion Edges toward the Mainstream 1021

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to Build New Kind of Nuclear Reactor in Wyoming 0621 - sodium-cooled fast reactor with molten salt-based energy storage

Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work’ 0920 - Tight tokamak, using high-temperature superconductors, makes it the size of a tennis court, instead of a soccer field.

Some Cities Snub Plan to Save Nuclear Power with Mini Reactors 0920

Nuclear Is Getting Hammered by Green Power and the Pandemic 0520

When It Comes to Nuclear Power, Could Smaller Be Better? 0220

How Going Small May Fuel Nuclear Power's Comeback 0619

Decline in Nuclear Power Threatens Global Climate Goals, IEA Says 0519

High Temperature Superconductors Bring Nuclear Fusion to Grid in 15 Years? 0318

Betting on the Need, Scientists Work on Lighter, Cleaner Nuclear Energy 1214 - emphasis on “new” more efficient and safer designs.  Molten salt ractors are highlighted.  They contain uranium (or thorium) fuel dissolved in liquid salt - at far lower pressures than traditional Light Water Reactors.  This makes it possible to use almost all of the fuel’s energy, instead of only 5% in traditional LWRs.  The resulting nuclear waste is only 2.5% as much as a LWR.  A molten salt reactor can “burn” current spent fuel, most of it now stored in casks on-site, in the US awaiting geological storage.  Several designs, including molten salt are “walk-away safe.”  If a leak happens, they stop the chain reaction and cool off - with no external intervention.


Curtain Lowers on Nuke Plant Just North of from New York City 0420

3 Mile Island Nuclear Plant to Close 0519

Nuclear Power Is Odd Bedfellow in 2020 Dems, as Voters Seek Climate Change Solutions 0419

Fearing Climate Change, Experts Warn U.S. Nuclear Industry Faces Collapse 0718

Georgia Power Says Vogtle Is Worth It, Despite Updated $22 Billion Price Tag 1117

U.S. Offers Vogtle Nuclear Plant $3.7 Billion in Loan Guarantees 0917

3 Mile Island Nuke to Close 40 Years after Accident 0517

Energy Efficiency Could Offset Indian Point Shutdown 0217

Shutdown of Michigan Nuclear Plant Not Sounding Climate Alarms 0117

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, near NYC, to Close by 2021 - 0117

US Keeps Replacing Nuclear Power Plants with Coal or Gas 1116

Nuclear Subsidies Are Key Part of New York’s Clean-Energy Plan 0716

California Is about to Close Its Last Nuclear Plant.  Is That Really a Good Idea? 0616 - 14 closures from 2013 thru 2025

Pacific G&E Says Clean Energy Will Replace Power from Its Last Nuclear Plant 0616

Court Upholds On-Site Storage of Nuclear Waste at Power Plants 0616

Exelon to Shut Nuclear Plants, as Legislation Hopes Fade 0616

Nuclear Plants Seek and Gain Support as Clean Energy Sources 0516

Exelon Presses for Help with Nukes at State, Federal Levels 0516

Troubled Indian Point Reactor Will Reopen in Summer 0516

U.S. Acts to Spur Development of High-Tech Reactors 0116

Entergy to Close FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant on Lake Ontario 1115

Entergy Plans to Shut Down Pilgrim Nuclear Plant by June 2019 - 1015

Prefab Nuclear Plants Prove Just as Expensive 0715

Long-Delayed Nuclear Plant in Tennessee Nears Completion 0515

New Era for Nuclear Power? 0415

Sen. Reid's Retirement Removes Obstacle to Yucca Nuclear Waste Site 0415

Senator Alexander - U.S. Must Avoid Losing All Nuclear Power Generation 0215

Cost Pressure Intensifies for Southern Co. Nuclear Plant 0115

New Life for Nuclear Repository 1114

Power Plants Seek to Extend Life of Nuclear Reactors for Decades 1014

Yucca Mountain as a Nuclear Waste Site Is Now Deemed Safe 1014

Millstone Nuclear to Use and Discharge Warmer Water than Allowed Before 1014

Carbon Tax & Nuclear Power - Hansen 1014 - PDF

TVA Makes $4.5 Billion Bet on Nuclear Resurgence 0914

Nuclear Waste Is Allowed Above Ground Indefinitely 0814

Missouri’s Ameren Still Interested in Nuclear, Despite Natural Gas's Ascendance 0814

Brash Startup Hits Accelerator in Market for Small Nuclear Reactors 0514

Nuclear Startups Reimagine Atomic Energy 0514

Luminant to End License Work for New North Texas Reactors 1113

South’s New Power Push - Natural Gas and Tiny Nukes 1013

US Nuclear Power in Decline 0913

Vermont Nuclear Plant Shutdown Shows Changing Energy Market 0813

Duke Energy Cancels Proposed Levy County Nuke 0813

Nuclear Energy Too Expensive to Compete 0713                   

US Moves to Abandon Costly Reactor Fuel Plant 0613

US Nuclear Plant Shutdowns with Cheap Natural Gas 0613 

Fracked Off - Nuke Renaissance On Hold 0613

As Price of Nuclear Energy Drops, a Wisconsin Plant Retires 0513 

Nuclear Energy in US Loses Momentum Amid Economic Head Winds 0313 

Southeast US Leaders Souring on Nuclear Power Costs 0313

US Nuclear Waste Storage Gets New Life 0213

Duke Plans to Shut Reactor in Favor of Gas 0213

Cost of Yucca Mountain Waste Site Soars 0808


India’s Nuclear Industry Pours Its Wastes into a River of Death and Disease 1215

Japan to Consider Ocean Disposal of Nuclear Waste 1215

The World Really Could Go Nuclear 0915

World Nuclear Capacity Set to Grow 45% by 2035 - 0915

New Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station May Be Further Delayed 0915

Here's How Many of Japan's Idle Nuclear Plants Are Likely to Reopen 0915

Japan’s Nuclear Revival Won’t Lower Carbon Emissions Enough 0815

Japan Restarts 1st Nuclear Reactor since Fukushima Disaster 0815

Why the French Are Losing Enthusiasm for Nuclear 0615

Japan Pushes Ahead with Plans to Reopen Nuclear Reactors 0315

Wind Power Beats Nuclear Again in China & Hydro in the U.S. for the 1st Time 0315

Rise in Wildfires May Resurrect Chernobyl's Radiation 0215

Modi’s Clean-Energy Goals Face Funding, Political Hurdles 0115

Obama, India’s Modi Claim Breakthrough on Nuclear Liability Issue 0115

No Prospect of Relief from Constant UK Nuclear Headache 0115

Nuclear Power Could Lead China to Self-Sufficiency and Near-Zero Emissions 0115

China Renews Atomic Ambition With 5 Reactors Planned in 2015 0115

5 Old Japanese Reactors Head for Decommissioning Scrap Heap 0115

Ukraine Turns Off Reactor at Its Most Powerful Nuclear Plant after 'Accident' 1214

OK Given to Restart Nuclear Plant in Japan 1114

UK Cleared to Heavily Subsidize $39B Nuclear Plant 1014

India Turns to Nuclear, as Energy Crisis Deepens 0914

China Fast-Tracks Uranium-Free Thorium Nuclear Plants, to Combat Smog 0314

Nuclear Power Is Cheapest Way for Poland to Cut Emissions 1113

Russia Floats Plan for Nuclear Power Plants at Sea 1013

Expensive Hinkley Point C Is Pivotal for UK Nuclear Industry’s Future 1013

Impasse Over Liability Clause in Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal 1013

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Attend Anti-Nuclear Events in Tokyo 1013

South Korea Charges 100 with Corruption Over Nuclear Scandal 1013

Without Nuclear Power, Japan CO2 Emissions Rise 1013

Japan on Gas, Coal Power Building Spree to Fill Nuclear Void 1013

China’s Nuclear Plants See Powerful Growth 0913

Brazil Cools on Nuclear Power Plans, Favors Wind 0913

UK’s Liberal Democrats Vote Backs Nuclear Power Plants 0913

Japan Disaster, Economic Crisis Prompt IAEA to Cut Nuclear Growth Projection 0913

Public Opposition Defuses China's Nuclear Plans 0813

In North Asia, a Growing Crisis of Confidence in Nuclear Power 0813

India Depends on a Nuclear Future 0613

UK Nuclear Plans Come Unstuck 0213

Japan to Phase Out Nuclear Power 0912 

Fukushima Meltdown Hastens Decline of Nuclear Power 0512 

Germany to Abandon Nuclear Power by 2022 0511

Asia Goes Nuclear 0806

Promethean Perils of Nuclear Power in China 1214

Germany Shuts Down Half of Its 6 Remaining Nuclear Plants 1221

China is Home to World's 1st Small Modular Nuclear Reactor 1221

Europe Revisits Nuclear Power as Climate Deadlines Loom 1121

France to Invest in Small Nuclear Reactors and Green Energy Projects 1021

Czech Researchers Develop Nuclear Heating Plant Using Spent Fuel 0421

Climate Could Pay the Price as Europe's Nuclear Plants Age 1220

China to Dominate Nuclear, as Beijing Bets on Homegrown Reactors 0620

Spain Plans to Close All Nuclear Plants by 2035 - 0219

China’s Losing Its Taste for Nuclear Power.  That’s Bad News. 1218

Abandoning UK Nuclear Power Plans ‘Would Push Up Carbon Emissions' 0918

Cheaper Green Power in Britain Could Put Nuclear in the Shade 0718

UK Nuclear Power Stations Could Be Forced to Close after Brexit 0217

Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Radiation at Highest Level since 2011 Meltdown 0217

Japan Cancels Failed $9 Billion Monju Nuclear Reactor 1216

French Nuclear Power in ‘Worst Situation Ever', Says Former EDF Director 1116

Vietnam Abandons Plan for 1st Nuclear Power Plants 1116

Hinkley Point C Faces £7.2 Billion Cleanup Bill at End of Nuclear Plant's Life 0916

Mini-Nuclear Reactors Could Be Operating in the UK by 2030 - 0916

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Not Essential - Think Tank 0816

If Wind & Solar Power Are Cheaper & Quicker, Do We Really Need Hinkley Point? 0816

China Halts Work on $15 Billion Nuclear Waste Project after Protests 0816

Hinkley Nuclear Plant Faces UK Delay 0716

Nuclear New-Build Not Fast Enough to Curb Global Warming 0616

Sweden, in Turnaround, Agrees to Continue Nuclear Power 0616

China to Develop Floating Nuclear Power Plants 0416

Britain to Ship Record Amount of Nuclear Waste to U.S. 0316

Westinghouse Expects to Sign India Reactor Deal in June 0316

China's Debut Westinghouse Reactor Delayed until June 2017 - 0316

Japan Court Clears Way to Restart Kansai Electric Nuclear Plants 1215

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