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Climate Change Pushes Animals Closer to Humans, for Potential Catastrophes 0524

Climate Change to Boost Lyme Disease Cases in NE and MW U.S. by Over 35% - 0424

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Spreading in Europe, due to Climate Crisis 0424

Novartis Seeks Malaria Patients in New Places as Climate Shifts 0424

Atmospheric Rivers in California Create a Perfect Storm of Public Health Risks 0224

Climate Change Behind Africa Cholera Surge, Says Africa CDC 0124

Where Malaria Is Spreading 1023

Pakistan Is the Epicenter of a Global Wave of Climate Health Threats 0923 - malaria follows flooding

Dengue Fever Cases Surge as Temperatures Rise 0823

Climate Change May Worsen Spread of West Nile Virus 0823

Climate Change Likely to Increase US Malaria Cases 0723

Peru Battles Record Dengue Outbreak, in a Warning for a Warming World 0523

Cholera Cases Spike amid Extreme Weather, Conflict 0423

Over 50% of Kids in US Virgin Islands Have Had Dengue Fever 0423

Climate Change Spurring Surge in Dengue, Chikungunya 0423

Climate Change May Drive Fungi to Harm Our Bodies 0223

In Temperate Nepal, Climate Change Paves Way for Tropical Dengue Fever 1022

New Tick Diseases Brought Here by Climate Change Are Difficult to Diagnose 0622

As Animals Migrate due to Climate Change, 1,000s of New Viruses Will Hop from Wildlife to Humans.  Mitigation Won’t Stop Them. 0622

Climate Crisis May Fuel Future Pandemics 0422 - Zoonotic diseases, such as covid, transferred from animal to humans, increase as interactions rise with humans

expanding their habitat.

As Australia’s Climate Changes, a Tropical Disease Advances 0422

North Carolina Hurricanes Linked to More Gastrointestinal Illness among Poor 0322

What to Expect from the World’s 6th Mass Extinction 0122 - more pandemics

Climate Change Could Let Valley Fever Spread across More of Western U.S. 0122

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Brain-Eating Amoeba Moving North across America.  Climate Change at Work? 1020

Global Warming Could Make Viruses Harder to Kill 0920

A Heat Wave, the Coronavirus - Double Spikes of Risk Hit Communities 0720

Scientists Thought Summer Heat Would Slow COVID-19.  It Hasn’t.  Why? 0720

How a Warming Climate Could Affect the Spread of Diseases like COVID-19 - 0420

Climate Change Could Push Ebola into Untouched Regions 1019

Diseases like West Nile, EEE and Flesh-Eating Bacteria Are Flourishing due to Climate Change 1019

    Chronic kidney disease too, featuring kidney stones

As the Climate Shifts, Central America Confronts a Deadly Dengue Outbreak 0819

Untreatable Form of Lyme Disease Could Hit 2 Million Americans by 2020 - 0419

Europe at Risk from Spread of Tropical Insect-Borne Diseases 0419

Climate Change Could Expose 1 Billion More People to Mosquito-Borne Diseases 0319

Climate Change Could Increase Food-borne Illness, by Energizing Flies 0219

Higher Average Temperatures Linked to Chikungunya Risk in India 0918

How Climate Change May Be Contributing to Spread of West Nile Virus 0918

Tropical Disease Outbreaks Are Growing Threat in Europe, as Temperatures Rise 0818

Keeping Global Warming to 1.5° Could Spare Millions Pain of Dengue Fever 0518

A Warming Climate May Produce More Drug-Resistant Infections 0518 -   2-4% more for 10°C warmer

Mosquito Season Could Grow Longer and More Unhealthy, Especially in Miami 0518

Mosquito- and Tick-Borne Diseases Are Rising in the U.S. 0518

Why You Need to Know about Mice, Ticks, Warm Weather and Lyme Disease 0617

Diseases Hidden in Ice are Waking Up 0517

Drought Dramatically Worsens Deadly West Nile Virus Epidemics in U.S. 0217

Warming Climate May Limit Lyme Disease's Spread in Parts of the U.S. 0117

El Niño on a Warming Planet May Have Sparked the Zika Epidemic 1216

As Earth Warms, Possible Diseases in Permafrost Become a Bigger Worry 1016 - anthrax, via reindeer

Global Warming Linked to Rise in Waterborne Illnesses 0816

Scientists Tease Out Climate Change’s Role in Zika Spread 0816

          Brazil’s drought -> (open) home water storage -> mosquito breeding grounds

Climate Change Will Make Us Sicker and Make Our Food Less Nutritious 0416

More Heat Means More Diarrhea 0316

Climate Change May Have Helped Spread Zika Virus 0216

Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Live in Almost Half of US Counties 0116

Dengue Fever Cases in Hawaii Spike over the Holidays 1215

Dengue Epidemics Linked to High Temperatures in Southeast Asia 1015

Dengue Cases in India at 5-Year High 0915

The New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Warming Helps Mosquito & Tick Disease Carriers, Poison Ivy, Ragweed Flourish 0815

Stomach Bugs Increasing at a Coast near You?  Thank Climate Change. 0815

Mosquitoes Could Bring UK Deadly Tropical Diseases as Warming Kicks In 0315

Plague Resurgence Follows Destruction of Forests 0315

Climate Change Poised to Make Infectious Disease Outbreaks More Frequent 0215

Climate Change Could Bring More Disease, Crop Damage, Fires to Colorado 0215

Deadly Japanese Encephalitis Surges in Northeast India 0115

Lyme Disease Is Spreading 0715

habitat suitable for Lyme disease tick.   

2014 Articles and earlier

UN Researchers Say Dengue Fever Could Spread to Europe 1214

Risk of Dengue Increases Due to Climate Change, City Growth 1214

Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change 1214

More Than Ebola, Other Tropical Diseases Pose Growing Threat to U.S. 1114

Climate-Driven Migration Increasing Disease (Lalaazar) Burden in Ethiopia 1114

West Nile Virus Cases Surging in California's Bay Area 1014

India Dengue Fever Cases 300 x Higher than Officially Reported 1014

West Nile Virus Infections Slam California 0914

Could Climate Change Cause Deadly Epidemics? 0814

Is Climate Change Key to Spread of Ebola? 0814

UK Cities Becoming Mosquito-Friendly Habitats 0514

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue 0414

Climate Clues as Dengue Fever Spreads in US 1113

Climate May Play a Role in the Distribution and Prevalence of Blindness 1113

Thailand Suffers Worst Dengue Epidemic in More Than 20 Years 1013

India Battles Dengue Fever Outbreak 1013

Dengue Fever Present in Florida at a Pretty Serious Level 0913

Ragweed Thrives with Climate Change 0913

West Nile Virus Season to Last Longer as Climate Changes 0913

Predicting India's Vector-borne Diseases in Climate Change Era 0913

Infectious Disease Could Become More Common in a Warmer World 0813

Brain-Eating Amoeba Case Linked to Warm Water 0813

Rise of Bloodsucking Insects You Can't Just Swat Away 0713

West Nile Virus Outbreaks Will Flare Up, Experts Say 0713

In the Eye of the Tiger (Mosquito) 0613

Tropical Diseases Have Come to America 0613

Fever Hits Thousands in Parched West Farm Region 0513

Deadly Spread of Diarrhea Linked to Longer Droughts in Africa 0413

Ocean Heat Can Predict Malaria Outbreaks in India 0313

Warmer Winters Spawn Stronger Flu Outbreaks 0113

Record West Nile Virus Outbreak Follows Record Summer Heat 0812

Climate Change May Boost Frog Disease Chytridiomycosis 0812

Climate Change Called Greatest Health Challenge 0509

Dramatic Rise in Malaria, Dengue Fever 1108

Warming Oceans Breed Tropical Bacteria in Northern Europe 0712

Cutting Rain Forest Doubles Malaria 0610

General & Multiple

Climate Change Is Increasing the Risk of Infectious Diseases Worldwide 0223

A Deadly, Overlooked Consequence of Climate Change - Disease 0123

Climate Change Is Forcing Wildlife to Move North, Bringing Their Diseases 0123

Climate Impacts Have Worsened Vast Range of Human Diseases 0822

Climate Change Is Having Widespread Health Impacts 0919

Climate Change Could Raise Risk of Deadly Fungal Infections in Humans 0719

U.S. Medical Groups Warn Candidates That Climate Change Is a 'Health Emergency' 0619

Cascading Health Risks from the Changing Climate 1118

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health 1018

Mosquitoes Carrying Zika, Other Deadly Viruses Could Breed in 75% of US 0917

Climate Change Is Already Making People Sicker 0917

These Infections Are Likely to Get Worse as Climate Changes 0817

American's Health Hurt By Global Warming, Doctors Say 0317

Critical Condition - Health Experts Sound the Climate Alarm 0217

EPA’s Case for Climate Action – Improve Public Health 0516

The New War on Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases 0815

Climate Change Threatens 50 Years of Progress in Global Health 0615

Climate Change Set to Take Major Toll on Economy, Children's Health 0515

Climate Change a Risk to Australians’ Health 0415

Iowa Scientists Point to Health Effects of Climate Change 1014

Cutting Carbon Emissions Would Have Almost Immediate Health Benefits 0914

6 Ways Climate Change is Making Us Sick 0914

Tackling Climate Change Presents a 'Golden Opportunity' For Public Health 0914

WHO - Climate Change Is Major Threat to Human Health 0814

Climate Change's Health Toll - We Can Save Millions of Lives, Even Now 0814

UN Experts Call for Action to Mitigate Climate-Related Health Risks 0814

Health Benefits of Reducing Emissions Outweigh Costs Involved 0814

Warming Report Sees Violent, Sicker, Poorer Future 1113

Climate Becoming a Health Priority 0813

Expert Brings Public Health into Climate Change 0813

How Will Global Warming Affect the Spread of Disease? 0813

Australia Faces Increased Risk of Disease from Climate Change 0813

As Arctic Ice Melts, Disease Spreads 0613

Climate Change May Bring More and New Diseases 0313

Climate Change Action Averts Health Crisis 1109

Rapid Climate Change Risks Health of Billions 1109 

Climate-Driven Health Catastrophe Ahead 0909

Climate Change Called Greatest Health Challenge 0509

Warming Spreads 12 Deadly Diseases 1008: Avian influenza, babesiosis, cholera, ebola, intestinal & external parasites, Lyme disease, plague, red tides, Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis, and yellow fever.

More Tropical Diseases 0496

Animal & Plant

Non-Infectious & Health Problems

Exposure to Extreme Heat and Pollution May Double Risk of Deadly Heart Attack 0723

Doctors Treating Spike of Arizona Patients Burned by Falling on the 180° Ground 0723

Heat Can Kill on the Job, and These Workers Are Dying 0723

Emergency Rooms Swamped, as Record Heat Above 100°F Wilts US South 0723

Extreme Heat Will Drive Up US Health Care Costs by $1 Billion Each Summer 0723

How to Tell the Difference among Heat Stress, Exhaustion, and Stroke 0723

Italian Hospitals Report Sharp Rise in Emergency Cases, as Rome Hits 41.8°C 0723

Hazardous Air Quality from Wildfire Smoke Takes a Toll on Outdoor Workers 0623

Smoke Brings a Warning - There’s No Escaping Climate’s Health Threat 0623

Wildfire Smoke Blots Sun and Prompts Health Alerts across the Northeast U.S. 0623

EPA Report Details the Ways Climate Change Endangers Children 0423

Deadly Waterborne Bacteria Are Surging due to Climate Change 0323

How the Climate Crisis Is Fueling Spread of Brain-Eating Amoeba 0922

Climate Change Is Making Pollen Season Even Worse across the U.S. 0322

Health Risks to Children Mount as Temperatures Rise 0122

As Temperatures Rise, So Does Risk of Kidney Disease 0122

Why Aren’t More Companies Saving Money by Reducing Methane Emissions? 0521

The Life-Altering Effects Heat Is Having on American Children 0221

Pediatricians See Climate Change Impacts, from Asthma to Premature Births 0221

Achoo!  Climate Change Is Lengthening Pollen Season in U.S. 0221

Wildfires Are Getting Worse.  So Is the Deadly Smoke They Bring with Them 1219

Australian Fires Pushed Sydney's Air Quality 12 x Above 'Hazardous' Levels 1219

Indonesian Wildfires Created Respiratory Problems for Nearly 1 Million People 0919

Medications Can Raise Heat Stroke Risk.  How Can Doctors Do as Earth Warms? 0819

Wildfire Smoke Is Here to Stay 0619

Sudden Uptick in Chronic Kidney Disease due to More Extreme Heat? 0519

Millions More Americans Breathing Dirty Air as Planet Warms 0419

This Is How Climate Change Takes a Toll on the Heart 0319

Due to Wildfires, California Now Has the Most Polluted Cities in the World 1118

How Climate Change Will Affect Your Health 1018

Puerto Rico Struggles with Jump in Asthma Cases Post-Maria 0618

How Surging Wildfire Smoke Is Affecting Climate and Health 0518

'Allergy Explosion' across Much of the US Linked to Climate Change 0518

Rising CO2 Emissions May Increase Global Iron Deficiency Risk 0517

Doctor - to Fight Asthma, Fight Global Warming 0317

Hot Days in Early Pregnancy May Be Potential Risk for Congenital Heart Defects 0117

Climate Change to Increase Hay Fever 0816

Climate Change Is Bad for Your Kidneys 0616 - Cause = dehydration, which is more common as temperatures rise

EPA’s Case for Climate Action – Improve Public Health 0516

Elevated CO2 Levels Directly Affect Human Cognition 1015

Climate Change May Speed Spread of Asthma 0415

Obama Presents Climate Change as Hazard to Your Health 0415

Hay Fever Season Becoming Longer, More Intense with Climate Change 0215

Another Reason to Fear Climate Change - You May Get Worms 0115

Beijing's Air Pollution Is Shaving Up To 16 Years Off Chinese People's Lives 0114

Cold Kills More than Heat, CDC Says; Other Researchers Say Maybe Not 0814

Hotter Summers Mean More Health Risks In Urban Heat Islands 1013

Central Valley Farm Workers Still Vulnerable to Heat-Related Illness 0713

Wildfire Smoke a Rising Health Concern with Climate Change 0613


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